Old Man, The Sea And His Daughter Day 03



Day 3 Last day in New Orleans:

Michelle asked me, “Daddy do you mind if I sleep in my stateroom with Candi tonight?

I quickly answered, “No honey, I could use a break.”

The rest of our walk we just held hands and breathe in the salt air. I smiled with Zoe and Inga on my mind. Are they still awake and should I find out?

As we boarded the ship walking to our staterooms, Michelle turned and hugged me whispered into my ear, “I love you so much Daddy. Thank you I had a lovely night.”

She reached up and tenderly brushed her lips against mine and lingered parting her mouth as her tongue crept into my waiting lips. Our embrace lasted for just a few moments but felt as if nothing else existed.

Candi kissed me on the cheek saying her good night and smiled telling me as we continued her walk toward Michelle’s cabin, “Good night and yes I will take very good care of our little angel tonight.”

I watched as they entered and closed the door. A nightcap would be nice to end this night, so I headed to the bar.

Much to my surprise, the closer I got to the bar, the more noise I heard. As the door swung open and I entered Zoe said, “Welcome to the party Ed! Can I get you a drink?” I nodded yes as I scanned the room seeing the entire crew was there and from the looks of it, and been parting for quite a while. Zoe handed me a Jack-n-coke, my usual, as she pulled me into the fray. Turning to face me, and immediately started swaying along with the music.

I took a gulp of my drink and looked at the sexy body in front of me and glanced over my shoulder, seeing no one close, I tossed my glass and reached to pull Zoe into my body. As we danced, we began to grope each other. She reached up to the buttons on my shirt and ripped them off as if her intent was to rape me. One of the sailors, not sure which one said, “Now the party really begins!”

No sooner has he yelled out those words the crew went wild tearing, pulling yanking their clothing off and in seconds, everyone was nude. There were people from other ships, shore people and all were getting a good old-fashioned buzz on. Zoe had taken her top and skirt off dancing in her bra and panties. Her breasts were swaying back and forth, up and down almost hypnotizing me to where I could not look away.

She commented, “I am showing you mine, how about showing me yours?”

Without giving a thought, I unfastened my pants, stepping out of them as they hit the floor and suddenly Inga placed another drink into my hand. Moving past me and standing behind Zoe, she reached around Zoe and cupped her tits lifting and squeezing as if to tempt me to bury my face into the huge cleavage. Zoe’s tits were clearly natural and had to be an E-cup standing out from her narrow waist with no noticeable sag. There could be no wonder her shirts had always looked a size or two to small.

Inga said, “What do think of these beautiful mountains? I personally love them and when we are fucking, I can’t help tying them up and abusing these big nipples.”

“Who would not want to titty-fuck them? I would love to cover them with cum and even better have you lick my cum off of her!” I said.

Inga suggested we go to their cabin and see what happens. As we walked out of the bar, I noticed that everyone had gone into full party mode. Women being double-teamed, a few more woman-on-woman and yes a few of the men were clearly plating boy –on- boy, (clearly not my thing).

When we reached their cabin, and the door opened, Zoe walked over to the closet and opened it to show the “Saint Andrew’s Cross”. Going into the back of the closet, she brought out a few different whips, cattails, and paddles. I felt right at home. Inga looked at me and said, “Would you like to have the honor of tying the slut on the cross or do you want me to, Master? Feeling right at home, I stepped toward Zoe who had already placed her hands into the restraints awaiting her Dom to complete the process. After her hands were strapped in, I leaned down biting her neck on down to her e-cup tits biting hard on them to stimulate and tease. I licked my way down even farther to her pussy, but instead of kissing or licking, I slapped her pussy lips hard, sending shivers up her body and coming out of her mouth as a long low moan. Zoe came. Forcing her legs apart, I quickly closed the straps around her ankles. I stood and walked to a chair and sat down telling Inga to pour us a drink and to sit on my lap when she brought our drinks.

While Inga sat on my lap, I played with her B-cup breasts with one hand, as I teased her clit with the other. My cock had been pushing against her outer thigh. She slowly stroked it by her tantalizing movements raising and lowering her ass on my lap. We verbally teased Zoe by telling her how good it felt by teasing each other and how we were going take our time as to how we would abuse her taking turns on the punishment to her restrained body. Inga stood and went back to the closet and retrieved a vibrating nilüfer escort egg and inserted it into Zoe’s wet dripping cunt. Then she quickly handed me the remote. Turning the egg on to the lowest setting caused Zoe to moan a little more than she had been. Inga knelt between my legs and instantly inserted my throbbing manhood into her warm, wet, hungry mouth. I turned the egg all the way to high, and set the remote on the table.

As Inga sucked my cock, the egg in Zoe vibrated her to orgasm repeatedly; I wondered how it could be any better than this. Inga asked me if I would allow her to rim my asshole again, naturally, I said, “yes, but give me a second.” I stood and walked toward Zoe on the cross; I tweaked her clit and brought screams of pleasure and pain. I grabbed a cat-o-nine tails and swung from the floor up, onto her pussy making sure to include a stroke across her now swollen and deeply colored purple clit. As I dished light slaps across Zoe’s shaking body, Inga crawled in behind me, using her amazing tongue to trace around my shithole as her hands pried the cheeks apart.

Welts were glowing red against the tanned body in front of me as I kept slapping and smacking the slut on the cross. Zoe had cum so many times that a puddle had formed on the floor beneath , her legs forced apart and no matter how hard she wanted to close them; I knew only if I could allow her to. Instead, I told Inga to clean the puddle, as she started to stand, I pushed her down and said, “Lick it up like the slave cunt you are!” Inga gladly did so as she had been told. We spent the rest of the morning fucking and abusing the submissive slut Zoe and I enjoyed watching Inga eat, lick, finger, slap and other forms of punishment on to her beautiful friend. Before I left, I removed Zoe from the cross, fucked her mouth, and shoved a large dido up her fire red pussy and a 4-inch butt plug into her ass with instructions to leave the plug in all day. She simply smiled and said, “Yes sir is there anything else you want me to do?” My reply was, “Have the cross taken to my stateroom without my daughter seeing it.” Inga and Zoe agreed as I left them tangled together on the bed.

When I got back to my stateroom, there was no sign of Micelle. I jumped into the shower and washed the sex smell off, then pulled on my swimming trunks along with a polo shirt and headed to the dining room for some lunch to build up my stamina. Michelle and Candi were sitting at a table talking. I asked if I could join them and received a smile and a chair.

We talked about our plans and the fun we had had so far, what was to come and how nice the weather was, just small talk as it were. After lunch, I suggested we go to the top deck and sun ourselves. We went up and found some loungers, kicked back to catch the sun. We were in port so we had to keep our bathing suits on. The girls went forward and was looking out at the city and talking. I caught a nap. When I woke, there were three sailors holding mops and talking about the two hot ass bitches up front. I kept quite as they continued talking about how one was gay and had no interest in men but the little one had a fucking body to kill for. I smiled and said, “excuse me guys, that is my daughter you are talking about.” I continued, “Yes she is a hot little cunt, and if you want to fuck her, then you can if she will let you, but you must do it up here and all three of you can play with her as long as I am able to watch.”

These young men jumped at the chance for the new meat. I pretended to return to napping as they walked toward the two girls’ one of the guys told Cindi about Inga and Zoe, how they loved to eat pussy so Cindi jumped up and went to find them.

Mean while Michelle still lying on her tummy was chatting with them and laughing. One of them asked if she needed some suntan lotion and if so he would gladly apply it for her. She glanced over her shoulder at me and I smiled and nodded approval. The taller of the three reached over and picked up the lotion and poured some into his hands and rubbed them together warning the oil handed it to a second one which followed the same steps. They began at her lower legs and slowly moved up and when they found the bottom of her tiny bikini, they paused not sure as to go around or remove it. She just untied it, tossed it to the side and they proceeded to massage her pear-shaped ass. The third one was a little more aggressive. He started massaging from the shoulders down. When the six hands reached the middle of her back, the aggressive one said, “Now the front.” Michelle flipped onto her back.

When she turned onto her back, the two little patches that covered her nothing of her breasts stayed on the lounger and her 19-year-old C-cup tits pointed straight up with nipples standing almost a quarter-inch peak. I could hear the sailors gasping for air.

As I watched, her legs spread and I saw the gleam of the juices from her pussy. The three rubbing the oil into her görükle escort skin must have smelled her arousal. The two spreading cream on her bottom ran their hands right to the gateway of the steaming wet cunt. The third one was once again playing the trump card simply stood and pulled his throbbing prick from its protective covering and placed it from the top of her head to her succulently luscious lips, putting his mushroom head where when she stuck her tongue out there it was.

Immediately, she started wrapping her tongue around the head as much as possible, tasting his sweat and musk. One of the other two leaned in, sucked one nipple of her delightful breasts as his hand cupped it and the other hand tweaked the second tit. Now the third sailor was a bit shyer. He clearly was unsure what to do as he just kept rubbing her inner thighs watching the other two assaulting my little princess. When Michelle realized no one was touching her wet, tight love gap, she reached down and took the third mans hands and pulled him toward her body until she could get a hold of his hair and forced him face first into that wonderfully sweet cunt. Sailor 1 had moved around to her left side and rolled her head into his cock, pushing between her lips and moaning as the suction began. After a few moments, her body responded with a massive orgasm flooding the shy ones face with so much juice he could not catch all of it. When sailor number 1 could not stand it any longer he yelled, “I am coming” as his hips plunged deep into her throat, coating her tonsils with his fuck juice. The shy one finally stood and positioned himself between her legs and lifted her ass off the lounger and dropped into the cunt that it gobbled him all the way up to his balls throwing her ankles around and into his back as she slammed his cock and balls deep inside her as she fucked him. He did not know how to respond to this little pussy as it pulled and pushed, fucking him like no other had before. Number 3 had his choice, pussy or mouth; he seemed more skilled than the other two combined. First, she sucked his cock. When he had buried his cock to the balls in her mouth, making just a few long slow strokes, then pulled out with a plop. He rolled her back to her tummy, lifted her hips up and slowly slid his six-inch cock as deep as he could push, with Michelle pounding back into him, I heard a loud slap as he said, “Slow down, I want to enjoy this.”

She looked over to me and smiled.

I stood up and walked to the lounger and told the sailor to, “stop fucking her from behind instead put her on top so I can get in on the fun!” As he pulled out his face flushed with lust, but a smile broke across his lips from ear to ear as if he knew what was going to happen. When he had his cock buried deep into her pussy, he held her body still. I took the suntan oil and poured a lot into my hand, lot into her ass crack, grabbed my cock with the hand full of the oil, stroking it until oil dripped down my cock and balls. Placing my dick at her little brown star I leaned forward pushing slowly but firmly until the mushroom popped through her sphincter and she cried out, “OH SHIT. Daddy it hurts so much!”

I started telling her, “I will go slowly, but it is going to happen. I am going to own your ass, and if we do this right you will love it.” After giving her time to adjust to this new violation of her virgin hole, I inched inward stopping long enough to allow her to adjust until I reached the full length of my cock. The three of us lay still until Michelle started to move. I pulled back until the head of my shaft was the only part of me in her, and then pushed in ever so slowly as sailor number 3 started his slow exit in time with my entrance, we worked in unison when Michelle found what we were doing actually began to feel good she moaned, “faster fuck me faster! Fill my cunt fuck my ass! Oh Daddy pound me make me cummmmmmmmm! Oh God! I am cummmmming so hard; fuck momma never said it would be this fucking goooooood!” All of a sudden, sailor number 1 stepped back into the picture and stood with his cock in hand lifting her face causing her mouth to open, and he once again shoved his long cock back into her throat and she hungrily sucked his cock as we filled every orifice my little girl had.

First to cum was sailor number 3. He shot his load deep in her womb after a solid 15 minutes of pumping up into her. No telling how many orgasms she had during that period but I could feel her body shaking and quivering many times until she could not longer steady herself. Sailor number 1 came as he fucked deep into her throat, pulling out to fill her mouth and covering her face, dripping cum down onto his friend still lying under Michelle to help balance her. I, being the oldest was also the last to unload in my baby. I guess age does have its benefits with patients that younger men lack. When I shot my load, it seemed as if it would never end. As my cock softened, and withdrew, Michelle collapsed bursa escort into sailor number three, exhausted, utterly satisfied, in a heap of boneless flesh. After regaining my breath, I swept Michelle into my arms and carried her down to our stateroom, gently placed her on the bed, kissing and brushed away the sweat from her face and went to run a bath for my princess. I carried her to the whirlpool tub, climbed in, and sat down as I held her close allowing the warm bubbling water to caress our bodies her head against my chest.

She mumbled, “thank you daddy that was the best. I love you so mu….” She was asleep.

I lovingly washed her hair, her face, and then the rest of her beautifully worn out body. After a full hour and a half of soaking and holding her head above the water, I drained the tub. Picking her up from the oversized tub, I carried her to bed laid her down and curled behind her, and slept.

When I woke, it was starting to get dark out. I had wanted to go shopping but I was unsure if it was too late. I kissed my little angel as she slept, I chose to leave her sleeping and see if it was too late to do the shopping I wanted. I told Zoe that I would be back and to please have the chef prepare a nice meal for my daughter and I when upon my return. It was not as late as I thought, so I left the ship and went downtown.

The Adult Book and Toyshop was open as I walked around the lingerie section with the live models was quite tantalizing, I was shown multiple items and chose four along with a selection of spandex and lace dresses that left very little to the imagination. I then moved to the toy section and found what I wanted with ease. One of the gorgeous models offered to take a longer lunch if I wanted some company, but I declined and walked back to the ship. I went straight to the Stateroom and found Michelle still sleeping.

I called the dining room and said, “We will be down in one hour so please have our diner ready.” At that point, with lust in my heart I took off my clothes, pulled Michelle’s covers off and crawled in between her legs as I forced her to spread them as wide as I could, then I began to kiss her thighs, trailing my tongue up toward her ever-moistening lips. As I looked at that tinder delicacy, I saw the outer lips beginning to engorge with blood and as I spread them apart, I could see even more of her dainty, little thin lips begging for my attention. Pressing my tongue hard into that slit, I licked the sweet nectar out savoring her taste. She moaned and stretched her body as her eyes slowly opened, while her mouth formed an “O”. Moans emanating from deep down her throat, sounding ever so sexy. I enjoyed kissing, sucking, and licking that sweet cunt. When I inserted two fingers into her, and teased her clit with my thumb, she could no longer lay still. Writhing uncontrollably, she squeezed her tits with one tiny hand; with the other, she forced my face and tongue deeper into her exquisite womanhood. Her orgasm came in torrents and the wet spot on the sheets grew.

I started a shower for her to freshen up before diner but instead she pulled me into the running water with her she soaped my body and paid close attention to my flaccid cock. Using the soap and her fingers quickly brought to full erection and into her mouth. After just a few minutes of her warm wet lips I came.

While we were dressing, I handed her one of the lace and spandex dresses I had bought for her. When we arrived at the dining room, our table was ready.

This time Captain Malone greeted us and escorted us to the table. I noticed that Michelle had fixed her eyes on the apple-shaped ass of the prettiest Captain on the sea. The sway of each cheek seemed to require the water in the gulf to send waves toward the shore, if for no other reason, but to counter the Captains own wave. I noticed her breasts stood up and proud, smaller than Michelle’s but just as proud. The Captain explained, “We are weighing anchor at 8:00 in the morning. We are taking a detour toward the middle of the gulf for an extended seven days, so you may enjoy the experience of life at sea and our next port will be Corpus Christy Texas. Where will spend a day……” I became lost in her words as I noticed she had moved closer toward me and stood with her legs spread a little farther apart and clear aroma of her perfume wafted into my nose. Was she flirting with me? I placed my arm on the table and allowed my hand to droop over the edge. The Captain said, ‘the ship has an autopilot system and GPS to navigate on its own, and…..” She had eased forward and was pressing her inner thigh against my hand. I thought to myself this is going to be more fun than I originally imagined. The Captains words asking, “If there is anything you need, please feel free to come to the command house or ask any of the crew.” She turned and went to the bar looking a little flushed.

One of the young sailors from the morning fuck-fest, I think it was number three, came over and addressed me, “Sir, may I ask your lovely daughter if she would care to dance?”

I nodded my approval and Michelle said, “Yes, but only one and the rest are reserved for my Daddy. That is unless he enjoys watching me tease you?” All I could do was smile; squeeze her butt as she walked away.

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