Oh, My Karin Ch. 02



The first month that Robbie wore the “Thimble” was incredibly frustrating…Although Karin was letting him cum about once every three days, the shot-glass shaped metal object now covering his dick was incredibly frustrating…

Part of this was because, of course Robbie was a compulsive masturbator…He’d see some girl with big hair, the kind he’d never have a conversation with, walking down the sidewalk by his firm, or have a few flirtatious words with the legal secretary of one of his partners, and then he’d run off to the firm public restroom, squirt a little pink soap from the sink into his palms.

He’d then dive into the stall, and wank, pausing impatiently as people came in and out of the lavatory, having irritatingly long conversations. Robbie’s closet was jammed with porn tapes and empty Astroglide containers…

Now Robbie was horny all the time…he was stupid enough to watch his favorite porn tape “Inspector Fellatio” once with the “Thimble” on, and realized the metal cap wasn’t actually big enough to hold his erection…

Robbie had had to shut off the tape and jump in the shower immediately. He now tried not to look at the teenyboppers at the mall, but he couldn’t help it. Sometimes Robbie tried to release by humping the “Thimble” against the bed at home…but it was just painful. Karin now had taken to inviting Robbie over more and more to dinner, and she was always wearing something terribly provocative.

Sometimes it was a tiny, clinging shirt, with a push up bra that bulged her cleavage. Now and then she would greet Robbie at the door in some sort of lingerie—a lace teddy or a Merry Widow complete with garters and spike heels. You’d think she wanted to get it on, with all that, but she had locked him into the damn belt!

“B-but why?” Robbie had asked Karin as she’d locked on the chastity belt. “I don’t jerk off that much, and I love you.” If she really was eager for Robbie to be horny, why the hell wouldn’t she let him sleep with her after nearly three years of dating and siz months of engagement?

“Robbie, I just want to know that you’re not easing your tensions elsewhere.” Karin responded, patting his metal crotch. ” When you jerk off and think of some other girl, or even think of me when you’re away from me, it’s like you’re cheating on me… Karin touched Robbie’s cheek.

“I know that I am still seeing other men, but I’m so used to regular sex! You’ve really not slept with that many real-time women, have you sweetie?”

Robbie shook his head, his neck scarlet. Robbie had been so astonished and pleased when Karin had agreed to go out with him the first time, and she was only his second girlfriend in about ten years.

Karin still tied Robbie down once or twice a week and played her “massaging” games on görükle escort his cock Rub, rub rub, stroke stroke…”This is how I like you, darling, ” she’d say, playing her fingers along the underside of Robbie’s straining cock, as he moaned and shook, stark naked with the cuffs behind him.

“See, you haven’t cum in what is it? Four days? No, I played with you Sunday, but we didn’t have time (giggle) for you to come. Six days! You haven’t cum, and look at your enthusiasm! It’s incredible!”

Robbie’s dick was soaked in pre-cum, and it was rather purple that day. His balls were incredibly swollen—sometimes he’d have to go home and ice his testicles after one of their marathon massages…he couldn’t rub it on his cock as Karin would’ve already locked on the belt!

And today, as he rang the doorbell, Robbie was thinking to himself…he’d heard Karin discussing a possible reduction in orgasms…a “behavior modification” program, she called it.

Karin smiled and hugged Robbie as she opened the door for him. . ” Oh, baby..have I got a surprise for you!” Oooh.

Karin’s Thimble–Book II

Karin hugged Robbie, pressing her boobs against him, giving him a long tongue kiss, and then pulled him into the apartment.. “Let’s shut the door, honey, I’m not really dressed.” A tall guy in the apartment across the hall came out to get his newspaper, and caught Karin’s eye.

Karin stepped back, and Robbie saw what she meant—she was wearing a violet bustier, her cleavage practically bursting out of it…this was usual of course when he came to see Karin. She didn’t seem upset that the guy across the hall noticed—She smiled at him

“Hey Greg…nice bathrobe.” The guy, a big dark haired guy, about three inches taller than Robbie, winked at her

“You like it, Karin? I got it went back to the Opp Shop, check out the back.” The guy turned around and Karen and Robbie read on the back of the fluffy white robe that it had belonged to “Caeser’s Palace”, and this written in gold letters. “This is Robbie, my fiancee, Greg.”

Karin nudged Robbie, and he nodded at the guy weakly. “Oh, yeah…right.”

Something made Greg chuckle, “Robert?” he asked, looking at Robbie. “No, Robin” replied Robbie uncomfortably.

Greg grinned. “Oh, Robin…that’s a guy’s name?” “It was my father’s” Robbie said hotly. “That figures.” Karin and Greg both began laughing, and and Greg took his paper back inside the house.

“What’s the Opp Shop, Karin, where did you go with him?” Robbie asked, as they came into the apartment. “Oh, it’s called the Opportunity Shop, and it’s a thrift store at the National Cathedral…Greg and I go shopping there sometimes…rich Episcopalians like you donate your stuff, and we proletarians benefit.” karacabey escort Karin laughed.

“But, why are you going with him to thrift stores?” Robbie shook his head. “I mean, you are dating some guy, I know, but we ARE engaged…do you have to have all these friends? Do you like those gym-rat types, anyway? What do you have in common with him? Robbie felt like a nagging old woman.

Karin began playing with Robbie’s shirt. “Oh, you don’t want to go to a thrift store, Robbie…you have lots of money. I like it when you take me to Neiman Marcus…Greg’s a thrift-shop pal, that’s all…ROBIN.” Karin coughed.

“He and I got up early this morning and went to the Opportunity Shop and got some stuff—you like my top?” Robbie stared hungrily at the violet bustier.

“Then we went to the Steak and Egg Kitchen, that little place down the street, and had breakfast, that’s all.”

We got up, Robbie thought what’s she mean by that? Did they get up together, or in separate apartments? Should I ask? Karin was beginning to look irritated. She could always read Robbie’s mind.

She breathed deeply, and Robbie quaked, both thrilled by her heaving bosom, and fearful of the temper tantrum that might come. Last time she had a tantrum he’d had to buy her a diamond bracelet and wash her car as well.

“What’s the deal, Rob-Bin? Can’t I have friends?” Karin stopped playing with Robbie’s buttons..he’d really enjoyed feeling her fingers toying with his chest. “I mean, how are we going to spend the rest of our LIVES together—”

Robbie’s heart stopped—”if you are always mooching around at me?” Karin spun and walked to her window. “I mean, what’s the fuckin’ point?”

Don’t beg, Robbie thought. Last night in one of his rare nights with the guys, his friend Kevin had said “When she throws a fit, dude,just walk out.

Fuck her…she’ll come after you. You’re the youngest litigation partner at your firm, you make money, just tell her to chuck it, that’s what I tell Maurissa” But Maurissa was a pig next to Karin. “Karin please…”

Robbie wrung his hands and walked up behind her. “Don’t be that way…I just was asking. I mean, you know I am committed to this relationship, honey…I understand about the other guys, the guy friends, you need your freedom, and I let you put a chastity belt on me…how many guys allow that?” Karin turned around and looked at Robbie. “Oh, yeah…let’s take a look at that. Strip down.” She said.

Robbie obeyed, folding his clothes up neatly and putting them in a corner as his mom had taught him. He stood before Karin in only his chastity belt, that peculiar thing she called the “Thimble” and had a shot-glass shaped piece of metal around his cock, preventing his masturbation or any other mudanya escort action when he was alone.

Sure he could pee out of it, but that was all the action it allowed. Karin examined it, dropping to her knees. Robbie thought of something else she could be doing down there, but didn’t think for long, as his penis could not swell to a full erection inside the Thimble.

He felt the familiar pain as his dick pushed in vain against the hard metal…he’d almost had a seizure that morning, watching his sixteen year old neighbor, wearing a bikini and necking with the boyfriend on her front lawn. Karin tapped the tip of the Thimble with a long nail. This didn’t help.

Karin’s nails were incredibly provocative to Robbie’s penis…Sometimes Karin would let Robbie take the belt off and they’d go out into the street, and go shopping, she called it “Window-shopping” but constantly she’d tap his dick, and occasionally grab his bulge, poking it with her long nails through the pants.

Then in this oh-so subtle way…she’d comment on a piece of pottery in the window, a pair of shoes, some earrings on display at Commodore Jewelers…and he’d go right in like Pavlov’s dog, and buy it for her…and then when they were having dinner.

During dinner sometimes Karin would reach under the table and play with Robbie’s dick with her hands the nails unzipping his pants, and whisking out his dick, and fondling the penis head while she asked his opinions of the attractive young waitresses at the Café Deluxe. Occasionally, Karin foot-fondled his crotch, but generally, it was the hand, and the long, French nails.

“She’s cute isn’t she Robbie?” Karin would whisper in Robbie’s ear, pumping his dick just a little under the table, as an American University coed would come to take their order.

“Don’t you think she’s prettier than me?” This would go on throughout the movies, as well…and then when they got home, Robbie would be rarin’ to go, and Karin would tie him to the bed, spreadeagled, and gently play with his cock as he found a thousand ways to tell her that he thought she was prettier and lots sexier than any of the waitresses or store clerks they’d seen, or certainly Gwyneth Paltrow in the movies…

Oh yes…and those nails would just swirl up and down his erection….stroking and petting and rubbing and pinching. “Look at this vein, Robbie…is it pulsating for me, or Gwyneth, baby…?”

“I love you Karin, please, please take off the ropes and let me make love to you…please?”

“I don’t know about you, perv boy…make love indeed, real guys want to fuck, Rob-Bin.. but don’t you really like those hot chicks on ‘Friends’ or that bitch on the Drew Carey Show, you always watch it Rob-Bin…”

Then Karin would pretend to get miffed and walk away, with a last flick of her long nail on Robbie’s now purplish, soggy, well-veined erection.

“I’ll just leave that dickie for Jennifer Aniston to enjoy…Jennifer, Jennifer where are you?” the voice would float back to Robbie, as he lay there, humping the air in vain, or vein…ho ho.

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