Oh Mom



I am a mature young man, Tom aged 18 yrs. I live with my mom alone together in our farm house which is few miles away from city. I can’t forget that day when dad shows us the door of our home. From that day we live in our farm house.

Mom is a hard worker and provides well for us. She works in a private firm. At 36 she still looked amazing tall for a female at 5’8″ with medium-length brown hair. Her cup size is 36D. Overall my mom is smoking hot.

I woke up one spring morning, with the sun shining into my room. It was early still, which was good, because it really meant that winter was on its way out. It was getting warmer. Most of the snow was gone as I looked out the window while dressing. Then I ambled downstairs to the kitchen.

I moved up behind mom at the stove and leaned down and bussed her neck. She looked up at me and smiled.

“Good morning, sweetheart.” Mom said.

“Very Good morning, mother.”

“Want some coffee, babe?”

“That sounds wonderful.” I told her.

“What are your plans today, Christopher?” she asked.

“Well, nothing special mom but some routine work in farm” I replied.

She served me my breakfast and asked, “Do you want some help? I am wide open this week”.

“That would be great mom, it’ll do you some good to get out and you know how much I love spending time with my favorite lady.”

“I love you so much, Honey. You are the best son that a mother could have.” She said fiercely.

After finishing our work in farm, we ate our lunches and lay back on a blanket enjoying the mild spring day sunshine.

Mom looked over at me, “Dear, are you lonely out here?”

“What do you mean, Mom? I am not alone, I’m with you.”

“No, honey, what I mean is don’t you miss having a girlfriend around. I mean you’ve been stuck out here on the ‘back-forty’ with me for nearly six months now.” She replied.

“Nah, it was never like that, mom”.

“Mother, are you lonely?” I asked her.

She shyly looked down at the ground, “Sometimes I miss the male ‘companionship’ if you know what I mean.”

She looked over at me and smiled, and reached her hand over and caressed my unshaven cheek and asked me to shave at list once in a week.

She leaned over closer to me and then slowly brought her sweet lips to mine and lightly kissed me on the mouth, and then we rode back to the house, quiet in our own thoughts, but enjoying the closeness of being together.

As soon as we reached home mom shot back. “My feet are sore and tired after all day in the saddle with boots on.”

So I lift her in my arms and we lead to her bedroom. I spent fifteen minutes rubbing her feet and then moved up each leg to her calves. She groaned and sank deeper into the bed.

My eyes moved from long legs to my mother’s face. She was smiling, her eyes sparkling in the light of the fire as she looked at my face.

“Come here, darling, come here, my darling.” She said huskily.

I moved up beside her, looking down on the most beautiful woman that I had ever seen.

“I love you, Mom, I love you.” bursa üniversiteli escort I said.

“I know you do, honey, now kiss me.” She replied softly.

And then we slept there in each others arms. But next morning I woke up early.

Mom wasn’t up yet, but that was hardly surprising. I found the ingredients for an omelet and cooked that up with a stack of toast, jam on the side, and a small pot of tea. I piled all of it onto a breakfast tray and headed back upstairs.

I crawled onto the bed beside Mom. The sheet was at her waist and the strap of her nightgown down off her shoulder, half exposing her breast. It was so beautiful. I could clearly see her large, rose colored nipple. I pulled myself together and wafted the toast under her nose. Mom stirred a little, shifting, her hand falling across my thigh. My cock throbbed when she brushed it. Then her hand was resting right on it. Oh Jesus. It took all I had to not cum right there. I couldn’t believe what I was doing, but I bent and softly stroked Mom’s bared breast. She moaned in her sleep. I could swear she was stroking me now. As Mom snapped awake, I leapt off the bed in fear.

I fetched the tray and leaned over to place it across her leg, then moved back. Just being that close to her made me tingle. What the hell was wrong with me? It was my mother lying there.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Mom asked.

“I, uh…”

“Come here, sit beside me.” Mom laughed. “My toast doesn’t have jelly, my tea isn’t poured.”

At a loss for an excuse to get out of there, I sat on the bed beside her, trembling.

In my state I had a little trouble pouring the hot water into the mug. I dipped the tea bag, then took a piece of toast and knifed some jelly onto it, dropping a blob of jelly over the edge. “I’ll get that,” Mom said. She ran a couple fingers along my thigh, scooping the jelly from my pants. Mom stuck the fingers in her mouth and sucked the jelly off. Jesus!

Mom finished her breakfast and drew me even closer. Slowly we came together, our lips softly connecting, wet, sticking together; warmth flooded my mouth as I tasted my mother’s lips with mine. A wave of love and longing washed through me, through my heart and to the depths of my very soul. God, how I loved and desired this woman – my mother.

All of the sudden the moths of pent up passion and lust struck both of us simultaneously, our lips swirled together, tongues searching, probing as we kissed each other. My hands reached around my mother and I clasped her to me as I kissed her. I stroked her back, her neck, the sides of her face, her soft hair as I made love to her mouth with mine.

She whimpered and moaned as we kissed her hands feverishly stroking and rubbing my chest and face. We kissed, and kissed, and kissed each other.

I held her twin mounds in both hands, mouth swinging above her nipples, blowing down hot air. Mom was tense as a wire. When I was satisfied I’d teased her enough, I captured a nipple, sucked it deeply, and nipped her with my teeth. escort bayan Mom’s body heaved, forcing itself at me.

“Bite me, bite my nipple, my love!” she groaned as she arched her chest to my searching mouth.

I took her nipple in my lips and rolled it back and forth feeling it swell as I nipped it with my teeth.

“Ahh, god, yes, baby, it feels so good, I love you, baby!” she cried.

Then Mom unbuttoned my shirt, kissing and licking my nearly hairless chest. While Mom gently kissed and sucked my nipples, I sucked her fingers, licking between them, kissing her hands, sucking her wrists, making her breath quicken. Mom ran her hands all over my chest, back and arms, kissing and licking everywhere. She seemed to be trying to devour me. Her full lips felt as if they were branding my skin. Her hands kept dipping lower, but always stopped at my belt.

I reached beneath her and unhooked her bra, then lifted it away. Mom’s breasts were even more beautiful up close and aroused. Her nipples were still a pale rose, but stood thickly and firmly from the heaving flesh.

Then I carefully laid her down on the comforter covering the king-sized bed. She pulled the covers back and let her robe drop to the floor. She knelt on the bed, nude, the soft light in the room dancing off of her skin.

I hooked my fingers in the waistband of my sweat pants and began to ease them down my slim hips. Her eyes widened slightly as my hairy crotch and jutting erect cock came into view.

“Oh, my god, baby, you are so big! I had no idea that your penis was so large.” She said softly.

I stepped out of the pants and moved over to the bed next to her. She patted the mattress and told me to lie down next to her.

She whispered, “Come here, honey, I want to explore you.”

I lay down next to her, my hips rolling and meeting hers igniting a spark of lust and passion as our bodies joined, hands roaming and touching, mouths and tongues kissing as our love brought us together.

My mother’s warm hands searched out and grasped my large cock. She ran her hand up and down the length of the thick shaft, over the foreskin covered head, and down to cup and gently roll my hair-covered balls in her delicate fingers. She kissed and sucked my tongue deep into her mouth as she fondled my heavy sex in her hands.

Mom lifted her ass so I could tug her nightgown down.

She looked at me, her eyes inches from mine, “Tom, I want to suck your big cock – I want to suck my son’s cock.”

“Oh, mom, yes, suck me, god, yes, suck my cock, Mother!” I groaned with lust and desire.

Mother kissed me once more on the lips and then trailed kisses down my hairy chest, stopping at each of my nipples as her raven-haired head moved down toward my groin.

Her hands encircled my thick organ and she began to kiss and lick up and down the shaft, squeezing and rolling my balls in her other hand. She kissed and nipped at my foreskin stretched over the plum-colored head of my cock.

She moaned, “I love your cock, baby, it’s so big, so escort bursa sexy, so erotic – I can’t believe that I had a part in making this beautiful dick.”

“Mmm, Mother, my god, yes, mmm, you made my cock didn’t you?” I whispered.

All of the sudden, this incredible warmth, wetness, almost like electricity engulfed my penis as my mother took my cock deep into her mouth and began sucking strongly. Her tongue swirled around the head and down around the shaft that fit in her mouth. Her hand jacked and stroked as her head moved up and down. Her saliva lubricated the shaft in her hand and ran down onto my balls.

I reached down and fondled mother’s heavy boobs, swaying as she sucked up and down on my penis. I pinched her nipples with my fingers, eliciting lustful groans from her.

My balls tightened, I knew what was going to happen. “Mother, Mom, I’m going to cum! God, I can’t hold it, Mom, I can’t hold it! I’m going to cum!” I groaned.

She lifted her head from my crotch momentarily, “Yes, darling, my love, yes, cum, god yes, give me your sperm, Baby!”

Mother moaned as she swallowed and sucked my juices. Her lips moved up and down my quivering shaft, her tongue swirling and capturing all of her son’s jism. She took my scrotum into her mouth, licking and sucking each ball, cleaning my sex with her tongue.

“Oh, my god, Mother, oh, Mother, god that felt so good! I love you, Mom, I love you! I love you, so much!” I managed to croak as I slumped back into her bed.

Then from somewhere I got the idea that it would feel good to have my penis between her legs. The top of my dick was now against her slit and as I slowly pumped my hips, I just hoped that mom wouldn’t stop me now, I wasn’t entirely sure what I’d do it she tried.

I want you so bad, I need to be inside you. We can’t just stop now, Mom.”

“Yes, darling, fuck me, fuck your mother, fuck me now, Tom!” she groaned as our chests came together.

After several minutes of caressing her ass and sliding my boner along her slippery slit, mom began to react. Her hips began slowly pumping against mine. As we continued, I began trying to find her opening. My lack of experience was apparent and, to my surprise, mom reached down and guided me with her hand.

Mom gasped when I fit inside her. I’d considered a condom, but didn’t want to break the moment. I moved slowly and it was a tight fit, but I managed to fit entirely inside. Mom’s mouth was open wide. Here I was the only man in my mother’s pussy except my father, in the past twenty years.

My cock palpitated inside Mom, I was resting against her, kissing her, letting her adjust. Her muscles grasped at me. Almost immediately Mom was thrusting her hips at me. Slowly I worked my hips at her. Mom’s nails clawed at my back.

She broke our kiss. “Please, honey, it feels so wonderful. Don’t hold back anymore, give it to me. Give it all to me!”

“I love you Mom.” I said, but now differently than the million times I’d said it before.

“God yes, Tom, fuck me, fuck your mother, fuck your mother!” she screamed.

“Mother, yes, yes, Mom, I’m fucking you…my hard cock is in your cunt, your wet cunt, my cock is in my mother’s wet cunt…uhh…uhhh.” I groaned as we fucked.

“Honey, God, can you go all night?” Mom breathed.

“I want to stay inside you, Mom.”

From that night, same nights came in my life almost everyday.

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