Office Holiday Party Ch. 03


Friday morning was another perfect sunny and hot day. A few clouds dotted the sky, but a constant light breeze provided relief. As promised, Brittany knocked on Jill’s open door right when she got into the office. The alluring brunette was in a tight-fitting shirt dress with deep pink and white stripes that accented her porcelain skin, as the email invitation had encouraged employees to dress casually for the summer outing. Underneath, she wore a black push-up bra and a tiny black thong in anticipation of Jill’s planned activities. Her tan sandal wedge heels completed the look and gave her a few extra inches as well.

Jill motioned for Brittany to close the door behind her, and her slut quickly complied. Brittany was surprised to see Jill wearing glasses instead of her contacts and a denim shirt with short sleeves that showed ample cleavage, as the older blonde was almost always impeccably dressed in business attire. As she approached Jill’s desk and stood in front of it, Brittany also noticed that her mistress was in tan cargo shorts and Coach flats as opposed to her usual pencil skirt and heels.

“Good morning, Mistress.”

“Good morning, slut. Are you wearing panties?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Show me.”

Brittany bunched up her shirt dress and revealed the tiny black triangle of fabric covering her mound, already feeling a drip of arousal.

“Good, give them to me.”

The brunette slid off her black thong and handed it to Jill, who motioned for her to come around the desk. Once she came around, Jill took the discarded underwear and placed it in her drawer.


“Is there a problem?” Jill asked.

“I’m just nervous about flashing someone at the picnic later,” Brittany replied.

“Well, I guess you’ll just have to be careful and make sure to hold your dress down, won’t you?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

Jill stuffed a couple of fingers into her slut’s already moist slit, loving the feel of Brittany’s warm hole wrapped tightly around them.

“Ugh,” Brittany moaned, feeling Jill’s cold digits invading her snatch.

The older woman removed her hand and licked off the wetness, savoring the musky taste. “Now sit down, and we’ll go over the plan.”

Brittany sat.

“Once the buses arrive at the picnic grounds, there will be burgers and food and drinks for lunch. Around 1:30, the CEO will give a little talk, after which we’ll have a few free hours for bags, canoeing, and general mingling. I want you to find Christina around 2:00. Make sure no one else is around, and let her know that I want to see her by the canoe area. Got it?”

Brittany nodded. “Yes Mistress, but how are you going to-“

Jill cut her off. “Don’t worry about that. Just do your job, and I’ll handle the rest. Then wait outside the canoe building until I tell you to come in. Understood?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

It turned out that Jill was pretty good at snooping around. Using the login and password that Ben had provided her, she’d been able to log into Christina’s work laptop remotely. Once accessed, it had taken a few hours for her to find anything useful, but Jill finally hit the jackpot when she found Christina’s Tinder registration email. Luckily, Christina seemed to use the same password for a lot of her logins, and while Jill didn’t have access to the girl’s phone, she was able to sign into Christina’s Tinder account via the website.

At first, she was disappointed after finding out that the app didn’t allow sending photos, as her plan had hinged on getting incriminating pictures of Christina, as she had once done with Phoebe and Brittany. However, after reading through a few message threads, Jill quickly discovered something far better. Their innocent-looking intern had been whoring herself out for drugs, offering to meet up with a few matches for weed and Molly. A few quick screenshots later, and Jill was ready to recruit her new slut at the summer outing.

If my VP of Marketing job didn’t pay so well, maybe I’d have a pretty good career as a private eye, she smirked to herself.

“Good, then go get some work done. I’ll see you on the first bus at 11:00. I’ll save you a seat next to me.”

A couple of hours passed, and Brittany went to the bathroom to pee around 10:45, making sure to clean herself up well after having been chastised a couple of times early on by her mistress. She made her way downstairs and climbed aboard the first bus as instructed. Brittany walked down the aisle until she spotted Jill all the way in the back row. The last row of seats across from them was unoccupied, as a bunch of folding chairs and other supplies were stacked on top of the seat.

It was loud on the bus with everyone talking and laughing, excited to get out of work early on a Friday. Already, all the employees aboard were getting rowdy with drinks in hand. As the bus pulled out and began the drive to the campgrounds just outside the city, Jill reviewed the plan with her slut. “Do you remember what you’re supposed to do?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“I bursa escort bayan can’t hear you,” Jill said. Their coworkers were now talking loudly as the alcohol began taking effect.

“YES, MISTRESS. Find Christina alone around two o’clock and get her to meet you by the canoe area.”

“Good,” Jill smiled. “Let’s have some fun then. After all, it’s almost the weekend.”

As she finished speaking, the blonde slid her hand up Brittany’s thigh, eliciting a lustful sigh from the brunette. Jill continued going up under her pink dress until her hand cupped her slut’s smooth mound, feeling the heat from her crotch. Slowly, she inserted one, two, and then three fingers inside her wet slit. Brittany let out a moan, but it didn’t matter, as it was so loud on the bus.

Jill began finger fucking her slut in earnest, thrusting her fingers in and out of her cunt. The vibrations from the bus going over potholes and speed bumps only served to intensify Brittany’s arousal, sending a constant buzz of sensations throughout her pussy.

Brittany grabbed the window with her right hand to brace herself, trapping Jill’s hand between her pale thighs. Her eyes were half-closed in lust, and the feeling of Jill’s supple, skilled fingers working their way in and out of her cunt felt sensational.

Suddenly, she felt Jill remove her fingers altogether, prompting Brittany to open her eyes. Jill had spotted one of their older coworkers, Pat, walking down the aisle of the bus toward them. By the way he was walking and the slight blush on his cheeks, Jill could tell that he was already buzzed. Brittany quickly adjusted her dress and closed her legs together.

“Hey Jill,” he grinned at her.

She smiled back. “Hi Pat.”

“And hey uh…Brittany.”

“Hi Pat.” Brittany forced out a smile, her cheeks flushed both from arousal and embarrassment at the thought of almost being caught. She could feel some of her juices leaking down her taint and onto the seat between her shut legs.

“Mind if I join you pretty ladies back here? Hoggin’ all the booze to yourselves, eh?” the balding man attempted to flirt.

“Sorry, no booze back here,” Jill gestured to the seat across the aisle. “Just stuff for grilling.”

Pat looked crestfallen.

Before he had time to reinitiate his drunken advances, Jill said, “I think Jake brought a case and has a few more beers up front.”

He looked divided for a moment, but his quest for another beer eventually won over. “Thanks Jill,” he said before turning around and walking back toward the front of the bus.

After a few seconds, once Jill was sure that Pat wasn’t coming back, she turned her attention back to Brittany. She moved her hand down to the brunette’s crotch, and Brittany spread her legs apart to allow Jill access. The blonde began toying at Brittany’s engorged clit with her middle finger. She rubbed at the hard nub in slow circles, driving Brittany crazy. As Jill began gradually increasing her pace and pressure, Brittany’s breath grew short as the pleasure mounted.

Brittany was no longer concerned with getting caught, as she now spread her legs wide open and thrust her exposed, shaved mound up against Jill’s hand. One leg was pushed up against Jill’s thigh, and the other was pressed tightly against the wall of the bus under the window. Luckily, Jill kept her head straight ahead, staying alert for any more would-be intrusions. Everyone was socializing and drinking, having a great time and oblivious to the debauchery happening in the back row.

Jill started rubbing at Brittany’s clit even more quickly now, her fingers flying. Little gasps escaped from Brittany’s lips, but the roar of the bus and the loud conversations all around masked them.

“Ayee!” The bus hit a speed bump, and Brittany yelped shrilly as the vibration shot through her pussy in sync with Jill’s rubbing.

Brittany squeezed her legs together as her climax continued to build, sweat dripping down her forehead. “M-Mistress, may I cum?”

Jill was feeling generous today, and the thought of soon adding another slut pleased her.

“Yes, go ahead my little slut. Enjoy your afternoon off. You can cum as much as you want today, no need to ask for the rest of the day.”

She continued her assault on Brittany’s clit. The entire mound as well as the inside of Brittany’s thighs were now wet, Jill’s fingers having spread the brunette’s juices all over. Jill applied more pressure, rubbing hard at Brittany’s nub in a constant attack. The tall brunette felt her orgasm building, her clit on fire and throbbing for release.

The bus sped up, rolling through a green light and driving over a big pothole. The resulting jolt of the seat up against Brittany’s crotch was too much for her to handle. The shock waves from the bump along with Jill’s furious rubbing led to an intense climax.

“Unghhh!” Brittany moaned.

Tremors raced throughout her entire body. Her back arched against the back of the bus seat as Jill kept rubbing at bursa bayan escort her now very sensitive clit. Her toes curled against the soles of her shoes, and for a moment Jill was concerned that someone would hear her even over the clamor on the bus.

Finally, after a few more seconds, Brittany’s body relaxed. Her head lay limp on the back of the seat as she recovered, her chest heaving from exertion. Jill smoothed over Brittany dress and then sucked her fingers clean of the juices that had gathered, savoring the salty yet sweet taste of her slut’s pussy nectar.

* * *

It wasn’t a long bus ride to the picnic grounds next to the river. Once they arrived and disembarked, Jill socialized with a few of the other execs. She had a couple of wine coolers and ate a hot dog, noticing both Carl, the CEO, and Pat, the VP from the bus, unabashedly watching as she slid the hot dog into her mouth. Brittany likewise chatted with some of the coworkers from her group as they grilled and ate, talking about some office gossip and the upcoming baseball game outing.

Eventually, it came time for Carl to address the gathered employees. He was a likable guy and threw out a few jokes here and there in between the usual talk of teamwork and how great of a job everyone was doing.

Jill spotted Christina among the crowd, barely listening to Carl’s speech as she stared down at her phone texting away. Christina was a petite blonde and wore a white blouse over a black tank top. Both shirts were short enough that they exposed a sliver of her midriff and tiny waist. Her skin was pale but definitely tanner than Brittany’s. She had on tiny jean shorts that showed a bit of the underside of her ass cheeks and some white sneakers. Overall, she was dressed on the sluttier side of casual for a company outing, and Jill couldn’t wait to find out how her pussy tasted.

Carl began wrapping up, and Jill grabbed her bag of special supplies and walked toward the canoe rental area. Now all she had to do was wait.

As instructed, Brittany waited patiently while Christina chatted with a couple of the other interns. Eventually, Christina broke away and went to the bathroom. When Christina stepped outside into the bright sun, Brittany made her approach.

“Hey Christina!”

“Oh, hi Brittany,” Christina smiled.

“Do you have a minute? Jill wanted to see you real quick.”

“Oh…um okay.” Christina’s thoughts raced. She was supposed to have submitted a presentation she was working on for Jill a couple of days ago, but she’d been too hung over to work on it, having gone out with her friends on multiple nights this past week. Jill had been extremely nice about giving her an extension until next Tuesday, but now Christina worried that maybe Jill was angry after all.

“I think she was over by the canoe area,” Brittany offered.

“Thanks, I’ll head over there now.” Christina walked down the dirt path that led toward the riverbank and canoe area. Before she made it down to the main canoe rental building, she spotted Jill waving to her off to the side of the path next to one of the smaller equipment shacks. Christina waved back and headed toward her.

“Hey Jill,” Christina said when she approached her. “Brittany said you were looking for me?”

“Yeah, just wanted to talk to you about something real quick,” Jill said sweetly. “Let’s step inside for a second.”


Christina thought it was strange to be meeting out here, but she stepped into the equipment shack. It was semi-dark in there, as rows of shelves with bright orange life vests blocked much of the light from only two overhead lights. Two large benches in the middle of the shelves provided seating areas during peak season. But for today’s private event, this building wasn’t need and was closed down. Jill closed the door behind them to make sure no one disturbed them.

“By the way, I’m sorry again about the delay on that presentation.” Christina tried to preempt whatever scolding that might’ve been coming.

“Are you?” Jill again said sweetly.

“Yes, really.”

“No, I don’t think you are.” Jill stated coldly. Her tone had completely changed, and it scared Christina a little.

“I-” Christina started to talk.

“Shut up, slut.”

Christina stopped speaking, her mouth still half-open in shock at what Jill had just said.

“I know you were out at the clubs late all week and coming in hungover. You’re not sorry. You’re a little slut, and you’re not going to get a job offer after you graduate if you keep this up.”

At a loss for words, Christina didn’t know how to reply.

“Do you really think I’m going to give a good recommendation for any recruiters that call me next year when you start applying for jobs? I’m going to tell him the truth, that you’re a lazy little slut who goes out with her friends and doesn’t get anything done at work.”

“I’m…I’m not a slut,” Christina retorted.

“Oh no?” Jill smiled and upped the bursa merkez escort ante. “Then how do explain whoring yourself out to guys on Tinder for drugs?”

Christina’s mouth dropped open in stunned silence.

Jill mocked and recited one of the messages she’d seen on Christina’s Tinder chats in a high pitched voice: “Hey Chad, I’m going to a festival next month and would love a few hits of Molly. I’ll let you fuck my tight little ass if you can hook us up.”

“H-how do you know about that?”

“It doesn’t matter.” Jill said coldly. “Forget about finding a job. Didn’t you get this intern position because your dad is one of the finance managers? Ted, right? How do you think he’d feel about this when I tell him his little daughter is a slut offering to fuck guys for drugs?”

“No! Please! Don’t tell anyone, especially not my dad.”

“Alright, I won’t.”

“R-really?” Christina asked, her lip trembling.

“Really, I won’t.” Jill smirked and knew she had her now. “As long as you do what I say.”

“What? What do you mean?”

“Take off your shirt,” Jill commanded.


“Do as you’re told,” Jill hissed. “I am your mistress now, do you understand? I own you, you little slut. You’re mine.”

“W-what?” Christina repeated, still in disbelief at what was happening.

“You will respond with ‘Yes, Mistress’ or ‘Yes, Jill’ when I speak to you. Got it?”

“Y-yes, Mistress.”

Jill liked the sound of Christina’s sweet, innocent little voice saying those words. “Good. Now take off your shirt.”

The petite blonde hesitated, unsure of what to do. Her fingers reached up to the top button and then stopped. She felt light-headed.

“I’m not going to ask you again.” Jill spoke calmly. “Do it now or I’ll go find your dad and have a little chat with him.”

“Yes, Jill.” Resigned to her fate, Christina began unbuttoning her blouse. Once finished, she slid her white shirt off and held it against her side.

“Now the tank top,” Jill ordered her.

Christina whimpered and slowly slid her black top off over her head, now holding both her shirts against her leg. She was now only in her white bra, the rest of her upper body completely exposed.

“Put those on the bench, then take off the bra too.”

The girl complied more quickly this time, which pleased Jill. Christina placed her clothes on the bench and then unclipped her bra, placing it on her growing pile of clothes. The slim figured blonde stood there awkwardly, folding her arms against her chest to cover up her little pink nipples. Jill had thought Christina had a nice chest, but she could now see that the girl was constantly in push-up bras. The petite girl had tiny tits, an A cup or at most, a B cup.

Jill laughed. “I bet you fool all the guys into thinking you have nice tits when really you look like you should still be in middle school.”

Christina sniffled as Jill struck at one of her biggest insecurities. Her ex had cheated on her freshman year of college with her D-cup roommate, and Christina had been wearing push-up bras ever since.

In a quick, smooth motion, Jill unbuttoned her denim shirt and took off her bra as well, revealing her large mammaries and big, pink areolas.

Christina stared at Jill’s huge, exposed breasts, and Jill motioned her to come over. “Come here and suck on some real tits.”

Christina walked over, and Jill grabbed her hair, guiding the younger girl’s head down toward her bosom. She positioned Christina’s head to her right breast, and almost instinctively, Christina opened her lips and began suckling at the older woman’s nipple.

“Mmm, that’s a good little slut.”

Christina could smell Jill’s perfume as she suckled at her tit. Her mind flashed back to when she’d first been initiated into her sorority. After coming home from a frat party incredibly drunk, she’d passed out on the couch in one of the common rooms only to find that one of her sorority sisters had undressed her. Christina had awoken to the older girl rubbing her hairy cunt against her semi-conscious face. She’d been too mortified to tell anyone what had happened and had tried her best to forget about it.

Jill pushed the other girl away, her nipple stiffening from the cool air inside the shack hitting her now wet areola.

“Take off the rest of your clothes,” Jill commanded.

Christina slid out of her sneakers and socks and stripped off her jean shorts, leaving her in just a small white thong. With her shoes off, she was even shorter, barely five feet tall. Jill salivated at the petite, near-naked blonde in front of her. Despite her small frame, Christina had a nice, perky ass barely covered by her white thong, and it was clear that she’d been spending time at the beach this summer with her lack of tan lines. Finally, the younger blonde slid off her thong, revealing her pink pussy, hairless except for a small landing strip on her mound.

Likewise, Jill removed her cargo shorts and panties, revealing a similar landing strip, though her cunt hair was a bit darker. She sat down on the bench and laid back, spreading her legs. Her slit was already wet in anticipation.

“Now come eat me. You’re going to make up being late on the presentation by making me cum.”

Christina’s cheeks reddened. “U-um…I-I don’t know how.”

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