Oedipus Denied

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My name is Ruben, and for the majority of my high school career, my life was a living hell. This was due in no small part to a nasty piece of work called Dean. Dean was in the year above me and for some reason, out of all the kids in my school, he made his sole purpose at school to bully and humiliate me. Maybe it was because I’m Hispanic, maybe it was because I wasn’t into sports, I have no idea, but bully me he did.

The torture continued for years and years until finally 6 months ago I started my senior year and Dean left school for good. That would be the last I heard of Dean, or so I thought. As it turns out Dean went straight from high school to working at his dads car dealership, this wouldn’t have mattered to me had it not been for the fact that my mom also works there.

My mom and I live alone; my Dad left us when I was 14. I guess before I go any further I should get this out of the way; I want to fuck my mom. I know, I know, it’s screwed up but there it is. My attraction to her had begun around the time my farther left us. It started with me fantasising about her body, then I began trying to sneak peeks of her bathing and getting dressed, even going so far as to unscrew the air vent in my room so that I could see into my mom’s room!

One day a few months back I stole a pair of my mom’s used lace panties from the wash and jerked off into them in my room. I decided to keep them, thinking my mom would assume she’d lost them. But then a week or so later my mom had a day of work and used it to tidy the house, including my room. When I got home her cum crusted underwear were missing from beneath my mattress. Mom never mentioned it but I assumed that she now knew that I was attracted to her.

If you saw my mom you’d probably understand why! My mom is a short hot blooded Latina MILF to put it bluntly. She has DD tits and a big beautiful ass you could get lost in, with stunning brown eyes, raven black hair and golden brown skin. Why my dad ever left her and her curves I will never understand!

Anyway, where was I…Oh yes, the car dealership.

My mom is Dean’s dad’s personal secretary, and as such is now spending an awful lot of time around Dean. According to a friend of mine who also works there, Dean is basically given free rein to do what he likes, which mostly involves flirting with the female employees.

Lately however, my friend tells me, he has been harassing my mom since he found out I was her son. My friend tells me that on multiple occasions he has seen Dean grabbing my mom’s ass and making inappropriate comments. When I asked why she hadn’t told Dean’s dad about this, my friend said he presumed it was because she was scared of getting fired.

My mom never told me about of any of this, maybe she was embarrassed, maybe she didn’t want me to get upset, I don’t know…and whilst I was angry at Dean for harassing my mom, I was also slightly jealous of him for getting to squeeze her big ass…

All of this brings us up the present, or last Friday to be exact. My mom came home from work like usual after I had gotten back from school but she seemed off today, instead of her normal bubbly and positive attitude she seemed subdued.

I immediately sensed something was up and asked her what had happened (I’m not a monster; just because I want to fuck my mom doesn’t mean I don’t still love her!).

“It’s uhh…it’s just work honey…” she said, pausing, “I assume you know that Dean, the boy who bullied you works at the dealership with me?”

I told her I did.

“Well, Dean’s father has asked me if I can do him a favour. You see he’s leaving town on a business trip Saturday and his house is being fumigated whilst he’s gone. And so Dean will need somewhere to stay Saturday night after work, his dad asked if he could stay here.”

I was horrified at the thought of my tormenter being here in my own home, the one place I had always felt safe from him!

“Mom are you serious!? You know what how that asshole treated me, can’t someone else have him?”

“No. No one else would take him, to be honest most of the people at the dealership hate him. But I couldn’t say no honey, I’m his dad’s personal assistant, I could lose my job.”

“Mom please!” I begged.

“No, enough! Dean is staying here and that’s final, I will not discuss this any further.” My mom snapped at me.

And that was the end of the discussion, my mom went and got changed out of her work clothes and a sat feeling terrified of the coming Saturday with Dean.

I woke up Saturday morning and my first thoughts were of worry about Deans impending visit. I was so scared and anxious that I didn’t even spy on my mom getting dressed in the morning as I usually do, and my mom left for work at 7.

I spent the day trying and failing to distract myself on the computer, until at around 4pm I heard my mom’s car pull up in the drive. I looked out of my window and saw my mom get out of her car, wearing her work uniform. God she looked hot, wearing a mid-length black skirt with stockings and suspenders underneath, on her top she wore a tight tuzla escort red shirt that clung tightly to her wonderfully large boobs, with a thick belt wrapped around her waist, accentuating her shapely hourglass figure.

And there in the passenger seat, sure enough sat Dean. Dean is a muscular 6 foot white jock type, who was head of the football team when he was still at school with me. As my mom bent to pick up her handbag I saw his eyes lingering on her ass.

‘What an asshole!’ I thought, not realising my hypocrisy as I too admired my mom’s shapely behind…

I went downstairs to greet my mom and avoided looking into Deans eyes as he came into my house.

“Hey mom, how was your day?” I asked

“Good thanks, what about you.”

“Ok, I just played on my computer.”

“Fucking faggot” Dean muttered under his breath.

I immediately felt intimidated and as tiny and vulnerable as I had when at school with Dean, I looked at my mom for help, but she just laughed and brushed it off!

“Now boys, play nice. I’m going to change out of these work clothes, Ruben why don’t you put the TV on or something?”

With that my mom left to go upstairs, with both me and Dean staring at her ass swaying side to side as she did so.

“What do you want to watch?” I asked, turning on the TV.

“I don’t fucking care, Ruben.” Dean said in a mock Spanish accent, he had always taken pleasure in mocking my Hispanic name and calling me racist slurs.

I gulped in fear and turned on the TV to some sports channel, hoping Dean would like it. Dean wasn’t paying any attention to the TV though, he was too busy staring at the stairs where my mom had been a moment ago. After a moment he turned to me and said;

“You ever realise your mom’s a fucking MILF, faggot?”

I cleared my throat awkwardly, “What..N..no of course not that’s disgusting.” I said clearly lying, but fortunately Dean wasn’t really paying attention anyway.

‘Thank God,’ I thought, ‘the last thing I need is Dean telling everyone that I want to fuck my mom!’

The two of us sat in awkward silence for a few more minutes until we heard my mom starting to come down the stairs. We both turned to face her and looked up the stairs to see my hot mom.

My mouth nearly dropped to the floor when I saw what she was wearing, sure it was sexy and normally I wouldn’t complain, but why the hell was she dressed like this now when Dean was here!?

My mom was wearing a small white tank top that looked about two sizes two too small for her and clung insanely tightly to her massive tits, which bulged out both the top and the sides! I also noticed that she wasn’t wearing a bra; this was very unlike my mom. As for her bottom she wore a tiny pair of white cargo shorts, that barley covered her big brown ass cheeks, coming down to just above the bottom of her ass.

‘Were the hell did she even get them from!’ I thought, ‘I’ve never even seen her in those shorts before now.’

Dean stared, his mouth hanging visibly open at my mom’s massive tits as they swayed and jiggled in her tight little top as she made her way down the stairs, when she reached the bottom she looked and Dean and smiled, completely ignoring me.

This drove me crazy, I’d been pining after Mom for years and I was pretty sure she now knew it after the panties, and yet here she was cock teasing my old school bully right in front of me! What the fuck!

“You boys having fun?” she said, adjusting her tank top in order to display even more of her cleavage.

Dean licked his lips and smiled, “I am now!”

“Oh stop it you!” mom smiled.

What the hell was going on, my mom was actively flirting with this asshole who’d been harassing her at work for months, and not only that; she was doing it in front of her son!

Dean turned to me and smirked.

“If I’d known your mom was such a MILF maybe I wouldn’t have beaten you up so much in school!” he said mockingly.

My mom giggled and blushed, I looked at her in disgust and pleaded for her to help me with my eyes, but she didn’t respond.

Dean decided to push it and see just how far he could go by grabbing me and putting me in a headlock.

“Then again, you are a weak little bitch so maybe I still would have!”

I froze in terror and almost squealed in fear; I looked to my mom, begging her to stop this.

But she just brushed it off.

“Alright, alright enough now. Save the horseplay for outside the house boys ok?”

“Sure thing Ms Carrera I’m sorry.” Said Dean, letting me free.

“It’s fine.” Smiled my mom, “And please, call me Kiara.”

“Sure thing Kiara.” Dean said, smirking as I rubbed my sore neck.

I couldn’t believe it my mom was flirting with Dean, the asshole who’d tortured her son for years! And not only that, but I had to watch, feeling jealous of the attention that my sexy mom was giving this asshole!

Later in the evening the three of us were in the kitchen, with me and Dean sat at the table waiting for my mom to serve up dinner. Dean sat across from me, pendik escort staring at me with contempt as he had done so many times before at school, I really don’t know why he hates me so much!

“When are you going to change that faggoty hair cut?” he said to me.

I went red and started stuttering.

“I..I…L..like my hair just how it is!” I said defiantly attempting to be brave.

“Shame you’re the only one!” Dean laughed, “It’s no wonder you’re still a virgin!”

I went bright red, how did he know, and more importantly, now my mom knew as well! I looked over at my mom holding back tears, begging her to help me, and was shocked to see that she was staring at Dean and smiling naughtily.

Was she enjoying this!? Did she like seeing her son humiliated? Was this punishment for stealing her panties? I didn’t know, but what I did know is that I wanted the ground to open up and swallow me whole, I’d never felt so humiliated in my life!

Dean looked at me squirming and turning red and smirked.

“Such a faggot…”

He turned around in the chair to stare at my mom, who was still looking at him smiling, when she realised Dean had saw her looking at him she blushed and turned back to the food. Dean sat staring at my mom’s big golden brown ass, bugling out of her tight little shorts, she bent down to get something out of the oven, causing her ass to pull the shorts even tighter around her ass, giving a clear outline of her panties and pussy.

“I could get used to this view!” Dean said brazenly.

I couldn’t believe how bolshie he was being, who the hell did he think he was. My mom smiled and turned to him blushing, clearly enjoying the attention she was receiving.

“Could you now!” she said, adjusting her tank top again to expose even more of her cleavage, “I guess you’ll have to come round for dinner again then.” She smiled.

I couldn’t believe my mom was being so flirty with Dean, for years I’d watched and admired her body, never having the courage to say anything, and here comes Dean with his rude remarks and my mom was all but throwing herself at him!

Mom brought the food over to the table and sat across from me next to Dean. Nobody said much whilst we ate, but throughout the meal I did catch Dean glancing at my mom’s tits bulging out the side of her top a few times.

Then about ten minutes into the meal, my mom suddenly sat bolt upright, her eyes wide.

“What’s wrong?!” I cried in surprise.

“Oh, nothing honey, nothing, just urghh, just had a bit of heartburn is all.”

Mom began to relax back into her seat, her eyes fluttering a little; I looked at Dean and saw he was smirking.

‘What the fucks going on?’ I thought.

I continued to eat and decided to sneak a peek at my mom’s fantastic tits a few minutes later, when, much to my surprise I saw her nipples where rock hard and pressing through her top!

‘What the fuck!’ I thought, and looked at Dean. Dean was smiling and wasn’t eating much; he also had one hand under the table.

‘Surely not…’ I thought ‘He can’t be…’

I had to know, and so I said I was going to get a drink and at the sink I pretended to knock a fork to the floor, not that I needed to, Mom and Dean were completely ignoring me at this point.

I slowly bent down and peeked under the table to see what was happening. To my dismay I saw my mom legs spread open, with Dean’s hand down her shorts, rubbing and thrusting as he massaged her clit and fingered her pussy!

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing; my sweet mom was being fingered by my asshole bully, after I had dreamt of doing this for years! I didn’t know which I felt more strongly; jealousy or humiliation! I stared intensely at my mom’s spread legs, wishing it was me between them, and my cock began to get hard.

I stood back up, and went back to the table and sat down, looking my mom straight in the eyes. She smiled at me as though nothing was going on and then her eyes began to flutter as she bit her bottom lip. She suddenly sat up in her seat, taking a sharp breath and biting down on her lip with her eyes closed, trying to hide her orgasm from me!

After a few seconds she relaxed, and Dean put his hand back on the table, not even bothering to wipe my mom’s pussy juice of his fingers, I looked at my mom blushing and said in a quiet voice;


“Oh…uhmm…yes. Must be this sauce, I don’t think I want anymore.” My mom said flustered, getting up. As she did so my eyes were immediately drawn to her shorts, where a slight wet patch had appeared on her crotch.

‘How could Mom do this to me.’ I thought, utterly humiliated.

Once we had cleared up from dinner, Mom said she was going to have a shower, in order, I presume, to cool down from the intense fingering my bully had just given her.

Me and Dean sat in silence watching TV whilst my mom had her shower, but I noticed that Dean, like me, had a bulge in his pants, clearly aroused by what had just occurred (although I couldn’t help but note how Dean’s bulge appeared to aydınlı escort be significantly bigger than my own).

We heard my mom coming down the stairs and both turned to look at her, she slowly descended the stairs wearing nothing but a towel! The towel was wrapped tightly around her body, and was only long enough to just barely cover the bottom of her tits and the top of her ass which bulged out the bottom.

Both mine and Dean’s mouths hung open in shock as we looked upstairs, and were treated with a clear view of my mom’s golden brown pussy lips and ass cheeks. I had seen my mom naked so many times whilst I watched her change and even masturbate, but I don’t think I’d ever been as turned on by her as I was now.

She walked over to the two us, smiling at our expressions and our stares at her tits which all were all but falling out the top of the towel.

“I’m going to bed now.” She said.

“Dean needs to stay in my room tonight. His dad said so; he has a medical condition that needs checking through the night.” She said, clearly lying.

“What medical condition!” I said appalled.

“None of your fucking business!” barked Dean getting up, making my mom smile.

By dick began to shrink in fear, “W..Where will he sleep.”

“On the camping bed. I set it up in my room this morning.”

“You should go to bed to. You have a lot of homework to do tomorrow.” Said my mom.

With that Mom left up the stairs, with Dean following close behind, staring straight at my mom’s ass and pussy.

“You better not be looking up my towel young man!” said my mom.

“Wouldn’t dream of it.” Said Dean, not moving his gaze from her pussy.

“I wasn’t talking to you.” My mom smiled. At this Dean laughed out loud, causing me to go bright red with shame.

So she did know why her panties were in my room, she knew I wanted to fuck her, and yet she still teased me and flirted with Dean all evening! I had no idea my mom could be so cold hearted!

I sat alone stewing in anger, jealousy embarrassment and humiliation, trying to make sense of what was happening, before deciding to just go to bed. I made my way upstairs and laid down on my bed, staring at the ceiling.

‘What the hell is Mom thinking having Dean sleep in there with her. I’m sure she hasn’t put up the camping bed…’ I thought.

I tried to put it out of my mind but couldn’t and eventually I just had to know what was happening. I stood on my bed and carefully removed the air vent cover on the wall that I had unscrewed ages ago to be able spy on my mom getting dressed in the next room.

I peeked through, and sure enough Dean was lying on the camping bed next to my mom’s double bed.

‘See, nothing to worry about. Mom’s just been teasing me to punish me for the panties is all; she isn’t actually going to fuck that asshole!’ I thought, sighing with relief.

I turned my attention to my mom, she was sat up in bed reading a book, and she was wearing a sexy lace nightgown that I hadn’t seen her wear since my dad left. The thin material clung tightly to my mom’s supple breasts, and I was so busy admiring how hot she looked that I didn’t even stop to consider that it was weird for her to be wearing this with Dean in the room.

I got back into bed, relieved that my mom hadn’t been a complete slut and fucked bully! I shut my eyes and began to drift off to sleep, dreaming of my mom’s big ass…

Just as I was falling into a deep sleep I was awoken by a noise coming from the air vent which I had forgot to replace. I slowly woke back up and strained to hear what it was, then I clearly heard my mom giggling whilst Dean said something I couldn’t quite make out.

I slowly stood up on my bed and looked through the air vent, being careful not to make a sound. I looked though and what I saw shook me to very core.

On her bed, Mom lay naked her golden skin aglow in the light of her bedside lamp, her big brown tits sitting loosely on her chest, her legs were spread apart and pulled up, whilst she used one hand to spread her pussy lips exposing her pink inside, and the other hand rubbed at her clit!

This was without a doubt the sexiest thing I have ever seen! I’d seen Mom nude before, I’d even seen her barely illuminated by moonlight as she used a dildo on the rare occasion that she masturbated, but to see her so exposed and so clearly like this…Wow! My cock was rock hard, and I wanted nothing more than to charge into her room right then and plunge it into that pretty little pink hole and suck on my mom’s tits…

I pulled my cock out of my pants and began to gently stroke it, completely forgetting that Dean was also in the room as well. This oversight was soon amended however, when at the foot of the bed, Dean appeared, watching as my mom exposed herself to him, stroking at his throbbing, long white cock!

At the sight of Deans cock my little brown erection all but vanished, I couldn’t believe the size of it. It was more than twice the size of mine and as thick as baseball bat! I’ve never measured my own cock, but if I had to guess, I’d say it’s about 3 inches long, making Deans at least 7-8 inches in length. I didn’t think it was possible for Dean to belittle me anymore than he had in the past, but at the sight of his cock, I realised how pathetically inferior my own was in comparison…

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