Ocean’s Edge: The Tides Ch. 8 “The Plot Unfolds”



“How do you feel, Angie,” I asked when I felt she was sufficiently aware. I woke up before either of them.  I put my hand on Angie’s thigh and gently slid it up her body, trying not to tickle her.  I felt no different about having my sister in bed next to me.  I felt no different knowing that I had sex with her the night before and came inside her pussy.  It was a restrained sort of love I was prohibited from showing until that ad showed up on my computer.She turned around to face me and looked into my eyes.“What comes next, Frank?”She didn’t express or show regret about the day before.“Next, we carry on like we always have, Angie.  Maybe a peck on the lips lasts a second longer.  Maybe a hug is what we do when we’re unable to get any closer.  If we’ve all had a few drinks and feel a bit frisky, I can drag you to the bedroom the same time as I drag Brandie there.  You’re still my sister.  I’ll love you in a way I could never love Brandie.  I’ll love my wife in a way that I could never love you.  They’re both intense and immeasurable,” I whispered to her.It was a rare time in our lives when I saw that happy expression on her face.  Just as I was admiring it, Brandie wrapped her arms around my sister.“Hello sweetheart,” Angie said to my wife.“Hi,” she said in her morning raspy voice.“Would you ladies like some breakfast in bed?” I asked.Brandie rose up on her elbow so I could see her over my sister. “What would you think of ending this vacation, getting breakfast on the way home and continuing what we started at home?”“I like that idea,” Angie chimed in.Considering we could do everything at home that we could do here, except run naked outside and get blowjobs by the pool.“Shall we shower first and head home?”Everyone agreed and we spent the morning showering and packing everything up.  When we were ready, we said goodbye to the house that changed our lives and walked outside after locking the door.  As we walked down the path in the center of the yard, I noticed my car was missing. “What the fuck, man!?  Where is my car?” I said loudly.We only saw Angie’s car which was parked where mine was.  We looked around to see if it was simply moved but didn’t see it sitting on either end of the street.  Angie had made her way to her car and brought back a note that was slipped under the wiper.“Sorry for not telling you, but we had to move your car.  It’s safe and sound in the garage and the key is inside a fake rock next to the door on the side of the house.”“Well, that seems a bit impersonal,” I said after reading the note they left.I went into the garage and got my car out.  I half expected another surprise when I walked in, but my car was the only thing inside that garage.  Brandie tossed our things in the back seat, and we took off towards a diner near our house with Angie in tow. Our discussion at breakfast was tame and dull compared to the discussion of carnal discovery we had the day before.  We all shared knowing glances as we looked around the room at all the prudes who repressed themselves so much, they could never know what we then knew.  We ate our breakfast, hastily paid the bill and headed home.When we got there, I grabbed the bags and locked up the car as Brandie went to get the mail.  I met Angie at the door and let her in as I waited for my wife.  I watched her flip through magazines, coupon books and envelopes until she focused on a single one.  The smile on her face made me curious.“Look what we gaziantep kızıl escort have here,” she said, waving the envelope in the air. I took the envelope out of her hand and saw that it came from Sarah.“It’s probably a ‘post services provided’ comment card,” I said before joining Brandie in the house.We met Angie in our living room after we put our stuff away in our room.  I wondered how we would act now that we were in the real world again.  I felt awkward just walking into the room.  Despite the awkwardness, I still sat next to my sister. “Now that we’re back to reality, do you have any second thoughts or regrets?” I started off asking.“Absolutely not,” she said, removing her shirt in a flash.  “You said we would continue this at home.  We’re at home and I want more!”Leave it to Angie to dispel and awkward situation.  I leaned over, grabbed my sister and pulled her onto me.  Just as I was about to get handsy, Brandie interrupted the fun. “Excuse me!” she announced, “This isn’t how we do this, babes.”She stood in the middle of the room and removed her clothes almost as fast as Angie removed her top.  Angie dismounted me and stripped her pants off and tossed them to the side.  She turned around and shook her ass at me.“Would you take my panties off?” she asked like an innocent little girl.“Yeah, babe, take your sister’s panties off!”Hearing my wife say that reminded me of all the stories we ever read online.  The things we saw written in black and white were being acted out in our own home.  Hearing my wife say those words to me as my sister’s ass was inches from my face.  I hooked my thumbs into her panties and pulled them down.  Brandie approached my sister and pulled her into a tight embrace.“I’d like to fuck my husband before I feast on you,” she told Angie. “Want to give him a double blowjob?” my sister asked, looking back at me.Brandie nodded and Angie slowly dropped to her knees, pushing my wife’s panties down as she did.  She put her face between my wife’s legs and gave her a couple licks before waddling over to me.  They both knelt in front of me.“Angie, you’re being more adventurous than I thought you would,” I said as she took my cock in her hand. “At least more than I thought you would in such a short time.”“Frank, I’ve watched a lot of porn and read a lot of romance novels.  Do you know what I practice?  None of it!” she told me as she licked my shaft from balls to tip. “I’ve had probably the most vanilla sex life you could imagine a person could have.”She took me in her mouth and bobbed her head up and down a few times before putting my wife’s hand on my cock.“I’ve had fantasies my entire life.  I’ve set off violent explosions inside my body thinking of fucking you, even if the images merely flashed in my head.  I’ve had to keep that secret away from everyone!  It seems like we both absolutely come from the same pot.”Brandie took me into her mouth as Angie continued her emotional discovery.“I’ve loved you my entire life.  I’ve had a crush on your beautiful wife since you first brought her home.  These are secrets I never thought I could tell you without altering our traditional relationship forever.  So, if you don’t mind, I have a lot of energy to give to you.”I put my hands up in surrender. “You’ll get no argument from me!”She smiled at me and held eye contact until her mouth found my cock again.  Both my girls were gaziantep köle escort making love to my dick with their mouths, and I was in heaven.  It was truly a unique situation I never thought I would experience. We spent hours fucking in the living room.  Any way you could imagine, it happened.  We ended up on the floor, lying on blankets while we snacked on chips, watching a movie.  Angie seemed to have gotten her fill as she would only roll over once in a while and kiss my cheek.  Brandie would do the same.  Sometimes both would kiss me at the same time and giggle as they realized they were both thinking the same thing.For lunch, we all got dressed and went out to eat.  We brought the letter Sarah sent us.  We went to the local pub and sat near the bar.  I opened the envelope and read it to myself before setting it on the table in shock.“What is it?” Angie asked.“It seems we have another appointment with Sarah next week,” I said as I pushed the sheet of paper to my wife.  “I keep underestimating them, but they would like to do a face-to-face post-vacation interview.”We spent the rest of the time at lunch filling in all the gaps with Angie.  We did that because Sarah requested that Angie join us for our interview.  By the time we were done, Angie had more questions than answers and we spent the rest of the night at home talking about the past, the vacation, the present and our possible futures.  We were up until very early in the morning talking about everything.  Just before bed, she said something that stuck with me.“I’m glad I’m here with both of you tonight.  I’d like to just sleep next to you tonight, if that’s okay.”We assured her that sleeping with us didn’t always mean sex.  It could mean sex way less often than just holding each other as they fell asleep.  I told her that our family bond now meant more to us than ever before.  I watched her go through a range of emotions as we went through the entire story and gushed over what she meant to us.“I wish I could go back in time and have this discussion so many years ago.  In everything that’s happened, it’s legitimately my only regret,” Angie said.That night, we talked more about everything and drifted off to sleep before the talk was done.  We spent two days going over everything and, of course, having sex.  There were places Angie didn’t want to go quite yet, but we knew we had time. Fast forward a week later…We took a single car to the vacation house, and we walked up the path in the center of the lawn hand in hand.  I could honestly say that the three of us had never been happier.  When we arrived at the door, I went to ring the bell, but the door opened, and Sarah stood in the entrance with a large smile on her face.“That’s the one who came to my house,” Angie whispered.“Welcome back, guys!” she said excitedly. I could hear a bunch of voices coming from inside the house as if there was a party happening. “Thank you for coming.  We have a great day planned for you, we’re so glad you came!  Come on in, you know your way around,” she said with a giggle.We walked in and went to the living room where everyone seemed to be gathered.  The three of us looked around at everyone and nobody seemed familiar until I spotted Charlotte and her two kids.  Brandie was pointing them out to my sister when Chloe loudly announced her excitement that Brandie was there.“Brandie!” she yelled, charging at gaziantep kumral escort my wife with her arms spread wide.  She was genuinely excited to see Brandie again.My wife walked past us, with her arms also spread out wide.  I watched her and Chloe come together in the middle of the room in a close embrace.“Who is that?” Angie asked me.“That’s Chloe.  She played the role as the niece in our vacation.  She took a strong liking to Brandie.  She’s definitely a cute one.”“Who are all these other people?” she asked.“I don’t know.  Maybe they’re people who’ve also taken this vacation before.”Charlotte approached me and seemed happy to see me.  I introduced her to my sister.“Angie, this is Charlotte.  She played you until you arrived.”Old and new Angie briefly hugged each other and exchanged pleasantries.“I hope I did a good job portraying you!” Charlotte said. “It would have been easier had we met beforehand.  I probably didn’t do you justice.”Angie pulled her close. “You did an amazing job!  We spent days together after our vacation embracing our new lifestyle.  It would not have been possible without you being as much like me as you did.”Angie and Charlotte went off to talk while Brandie and Chloe caught up.  Angie was full of life, moving her hands all around as she was no doubt explaining everything that went on after they left.“Who are all these people?” I asked Sarah. “We’ll go over that soon.  In the meantime, feel free to get a drink!  There are snacks in the kitchen, too.  I’m sure you can find your way around.  I did go out and get a drink from the bar on the patio.  I also noticed that the entire house was as it appeared the very first time we showed up.  Everything that resembled Angie’s house was completely removed.I spent time with Angie and Brandie, listening to them discuss our new life with Charlotte and Chloe.  As I walked away, Angie caught up with me.“If these people all took part in a vacation like you did, and they’re all here now, is there going to be some kind of massive orgy happening later?” she said with a measure of fear in her voice.“I’m certain that’s not the case here, Angie.  We all share a common mindset, but that mindset still commands privacy.  What we do is for us.  It’s intimate and not designed to be shared with others.  We’re not swingers.”Angie let out a quick breath of relief. “That’s good to know.  A week ago, I would not have guessed this to be my new life, but I agree, I don’t want to share the experience with anyone else.  At least not on a physical level.”I took her hand in mine and gave it a gentle squeeze. “Won’t happen.”I turned to look at her and give her a reassuring look when I found her blissfully staring at me. “Want to go upstairs?” I asked.“So bad,” she whispered.“I’ll meet you in the master bedroom,” I told her as I squeezed her hand again.Angie walked up the stairs and I made my way over to Brandie.“I’m going to meet my sister upstairs.  Are you okay with that?”She had a shit-eating grin on her face as she grabbed my shirt and pulled me closer. “Only if you fuck me good and hard later, my love.  I think it’s time you spent a moment alone together.”“You can count on that,” I told her as I kissed her softly.I wormed my way through the crowd and headed upstairs.  I walked into the bedroom and didn’t see Angie.  I made my way into the bathroom where Angie was sitting on the vanity with her skirt hiked up to her waist.  Her panties were perfectly folded next to her on the sink. “Ciao amore mio,” she whispered as I walked in.I stood between her open legs and kissed her lips softly at first.  It moved into a more passionate kiss as her hands fumbled with my pants and I began to lift her shirt.  With my pants at my knees, she took my cock in her hands and softly rubbed it, bringing it from mostly to fully hard. 

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