Now You’re Daddy’s Ch. 2

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Britney felt her Daddy place the pillow under her ass and she asked him why.

“I gotta make sure I get you pregnant,” he informed her.

“Why do you want me to have baby Daddy?” she asked with her big, innocent eyes.

“Don’t you want your daddy’s baby?” he demanded to know, “since you’re the mommy of the family now… you have to make Daddy’s children.”

“Oh yes Daddy, but we can try some more tonight?” she eagerly wanted to know.

“If you suck on daddy’s cock,” he told her, smiling at his little girl.

Britney was eager indeed. She rolled over and sat up, then bent down and took his cock, that was still soaking with both of their juices into her mouth. She started to lick the head, he knew she was tasting her first cock. He smiled down at her, “Mmm honey, taste me, lick me good.”

She started to suck on the head like a lollipop, “Like this, Daddy?”

He couldn’t answer, so she took a little more into her mouth, lips starting to close around the shaft, she was sliding down the length, all the while sucking and licking all the while. She then began to bob her head, fucking him with her mouth.

“My little girl, the cocksucker,” he finally said aloud as her mouth began to work a little faster on him. He then stopped her and pulled her up from her position. He had other plans on where to cum.

“You have to stop baby, or you will get a warm drink!” he told her. She leaned forward to kiss him for the first time, pushing their mixed juices into his mouth. His lips latched onto hers, kissing her deeply and lovingly. tuzla eve gelen escort His mouth sucked her bottom lip into his mouth. He cupped her baby face in his hands, she still looked young for such a grown girl.

“Dance for me baby,” he instructed, “let’s see if you know how to work your body.”

Britney did as she was told, getting off the bed all naked and vulnerable. She started to shake her ass a little and then her firm little breasts danced to the unheard music. She thought about all those lonely nights she had wanted her daddy. She decided to find out just how long he had wanted her.

“You want your little girl daddy?”

“You know I do hon, and I’m going to have you every day, and during football games when you wear that sexy little uniform, it will remind me of tonight,” he growled with lust as she shook her little ass at him.

She stopped suddenly, quivering at the thought, “how are we going to do that Daddy?”

He leaned forward and grabbed her, then laid his tounge flat across her bald lips and licked straight up them, “behind the bleachers or in the cheerleader locker room.”

She cooed at the thought,”you make me soo wet!”

He smiled and pulled her back into bed with him, rubbing his hand on her clit. “When I watched you masturbate was it me you thought of?”

He knew! He had always known! Britney moaned as he slid his finger inside her, “God daddy, I would stick my fingers in my cunt, wanting it too be you! I want to have you and your baby in me, I want to tuzla otele gelen escort fuck you at the games Daddy, fuck you everywhere!”

“I’m going to fuck you in the park, in the pool, in the movies, in your gym class, in your school bathroom,” he said as he pulled her up on her hands and knees. He rubbed his cock over her ass and slit. She was dripping again. He plunged into her with one thrust. She moaned in delight as he began ramming his cock in and out of her cunt. He was wrong, she wasn’t torn apart completely, she still felt pretty tight.

“How long have you wanted me, Daddy,” Britney’s voice cried out.

“Years, baby, years, I have a lot of catching up to do,” he moaned as he slammed his cock in and out, his balls slapping her ass, “I’m going to cum in your cunt again baby, you like it when I make a baby in you?”

“YES Daddy, fuck me, please you are the only cock I ever want in my cunt!”

With that he stopped and flipped her around and laid back. He felt her riding his pole and moaned as she bucked above him. Her thoughts went back to a night long ago when she first saw her parents having sex. She had been so young but got so hot when she saw how hard Daddy could fuck. She told him all about it. He thrust his hips up to meet her as she talked so dirty to him. His daughter, his own little slut.

“If I would have known I would have come for you that night baby,” he groaned, “and sent your mom packing the same night.”

“Oh daddy I was soooo young! You would have shoved it tuzla sınırsız escort up my little cunt like you are now wouldn’t you?” she tormented him with her words as she contracted on his cock inside.

He couldn’t take her dirty little mouth, it was making him so hot. He pulled her legs wide apart and leaned up so that her clit was riding his cock. Thrusting into her. So deep that he dislodges some of his cum in her womb from before. This made Britney cum so hard, as he hit her to the full hilt and his dick rubbed her swollen clit.

“Fuck me, fill my womb, make me yours Daddy!”

Hearing her scream that she belonged to him caused him to fuck her harder than he thought possible. He looked down at her with lust filled eyes and thought ‘she’s mine.’ He thrust again and again into her, “My girl’s tight lil cunt.”

“Its for you Daddy! All for you, just like it always should be!” she whimpered as he stretched her insides.

“I’m going to cum,” he barley got out as he slammed hard into her womb. Britney raked her nails across his back. He shot hard and long in her cunt, bathing it’s walls in life giving seed. He felt Britney start to cum again herself, her pussy contracting and squeezing him hard.

“My little girl, committing loving incest, my own little whore,” he moaned as he finished cumming in her. He fell back on the bed and she collapsed on top of him. Softly crying out in pleasure. They laid there for a few moments, then he laughed, “Don’t you have a game tomorrow night?”

Britney laughed and told him, “Yes, but we can watch it under the bleachers!”

“Mmmm, as daddy and daughter fuck. I’ll get my little girl’s cunt all full of baby juice.”

She sighed and shifted a little on him, his cock still burrowed in her womb. He told her right before she fell asleep, “Baby, you’re going to get fucked a lot more than just the game tomorrow!”

To Be Continued…

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