Nova , Sabine Pt. 02


Recap: Nova was kidnapped by Sabine and said to be a servant to the commander.

Note: Some BDSM. Sex more towards the end.


Finally arriving, masked figures walked with them some in trees as well. Walking through the gates, they stopped, Nova and Ethan dismounted and the horse was taken away. Their wrists were untied and they stood in front of the crowd. Sabine began to speak in their native language, gesturing to Ethan she explain what was his fate here.

She gestured to Nova, her instructions were very short and Sabine clearly got a stir out of her community. Nova was very curious. She saw her sister and almost yelled out to her but remembered Sabine’s directions earlier.

Ethan was taken by a group, Nova led by one servant, through many tunnels leading to a chamber, a big bed was in the middle, a few doors to her left and right. “She will be in shortly, I’m Keely, I am Commander’s personal servant but not in the way you will be ,so no worries, I’ll be here for you as well I think- she paused thinking- well unless Dorine will be…I don’t know, we have heard a lot about you Nova, I hope you choose to stay for our Commander, just yell if you need anything I’m down the two halls the tunnel on the right and the third opening.” Nova thanked her and she left.

Nova went to the bed she stiffly sat on the edge, she ran her hand through the fur pelt she leaned down and smelled it, ‘Sabine’ she thought. She smiled to herself it all seemed too real. Nova stood at the sound of Sabine’s voice. “Keely, Dorine, kitchen please!” She couldn’t make out their words…Nova looked around the room unaware of Sabine’s gaze.

She had lost her armour and wore what she would for bed, Nova stood unsure of herself staring back at Sabine in the doorway. Sabine moved toward Nova, she held her face and kissed her passionately. Holding her close she asked if Nova were okay. “Yeah…just a little nervous and unsure about everything, but very happy to be with you.”

Sabine smiled. “Me too.” Letting go and sitting on the bed she smiled and contained her excitement Nova had never seen her like this she was always stern and straight faced.

“Okay what do you want to do first? Are you hungry?”

Nova thought. “Could I see my sister?”

“Of course.”

Sabine explained rules bursa sınırsız escort and what she expected out of the two servants for the next week. Sabine dressed in more layers but no armour, they walked to a hut with two women outside of it, they greeted their commander, Akila came out and welcomed them in.

Nova hugged her, Akila hesitated then closely hugged her sister. They sat. “You’re here..ugh I knew this day were coming but it’s so soon… and I ask you both how you became partners?”

Nova explained everything as Akila listened attentively. Before leaving Akila gave Nova a real hug.

Sabine showed Nova around and introduced her to the important people. She took great interest in the teachers of both the mind and body. They got back to the commander’s hut both servants were busy at dinner.

Sabine started helping Dorine moved away immediately, Keely clearly less submissive “Commander…Commander you really don’t have to help.”

“I know.”

“But…no other commander has helped.”

“I’m aware of that as well…we have been over this.”

“Yes ma’am.” Keely said moving away and traveling down a different hall.

“And don’t call me ma’am!” Nova liked seeing Sabine in different settings, she asked if she could help at all. “Ummm yeah you can make the bed and just clean up a bit, should be done very quickly.”


Nova traveled back to the chamber, Keely sat on the edge of the bed slumped over with her head in her hands, her face against the pelt blanket. Nova accidentally make the drape move, Keely shot up on her feet. “Oh it’s just you, Nova I’m sorry.”

“About what?”

“I um I love Sabine, ever since I met her…I’m not going to compete with you but it’s just really hard knowing that she chooses you over her servants unlike most commander’s. And she never lets us just do our work for her she always has to help, I never know why but it makes me so mad!” Nova didn’t know what to do.

“Keely I honestly don’t know what to say or do… I can talk to her??”

“No! She must never know… I almost wish I could leave but I was born here there isn’t another place.”

Sabine came back. “Keely I need you-Sabine notice her blotchy face–are you okay?”

“Yes Commander I’m fine.”

Sabine came closer. bursa üniversiteli escort “I’m fine!” Keely snapped as she stepped back.

“Remember who you are speaking to…I’m here if you need to talk okay?”

“Yes ma’am sorry..thank you as always, do you need me to run and errand?”

“Yes I need Aisling to visit the queen only if she wishes.” Keely left with a nod.

Sabine had finished dinner early, Nova stayed for the conversations. Nova came in to Sabine soaking in a hot bath, she quietly came around sand sat behind her, throwing her legs over her shoulders Sabine jumped a bit. “Hi.” Nova whispered.

She began undoing Sabine’s braids, she ran her fingers through her long dirty blonde hair. “Undress for me.” Sabine said quietly. Nova let go of the half done braid… she came around the pool of water so Sabine could see her.

Nova untied her pants, letting them pool around her bare feet, she untied and unbuttoned her shirt, she looked up at Sabine through her eyelashes, she slowly shimmied her shirt off, Sabine relaxed, her head leaning back a bit watching the younger woman’s every move. Then her panties she was sure to turn a little to the side so Sabine could see her round ass..

Nova lost her bra tossing it away, her perfect breast bounced and shook with the movements, she hooked her thumbs in the sides of her underwear she slowly worked them down her thighs, she ended by her underwear around her lower knees crouched down, knees wide displaying her vagina fully…Sabine smirked, Nova stood completely naked under Sabine’s gaze.

“What now?”

“Mmm call me mistress or ma’am.”

“What are my orders now mistress?” Nova blushed.

Sabine smirked and looked very pleased. “Come here.” Nova came close, Sabine held out her hand Nova took it, Sabine pulled her in. Nova was now straddling her newly found mistress’s thighs.

“Nova when I was speaking to your father, did you understand anything that is expected of you for this week?”

‘Really she wants to bring up my father, now?’ “Not really.”

Sabine waited with an arched eyebrow. “Oh sorry, not really mistress.”

“Good girl. I want you as a lover but also as a play thing, I will cause you pain and pleasure anyway bursa anal yapan escort that I want. I’d love to tie you to my bed and have my way with you…” Nova’s lips tingled her stomach had butterflies, Nova’s mind raced.

“Mistress..I’m willing to try anything, but I do not trust other people touching me.”

“Very well then..we can talk and set rules another time, yes? Right now I’d like to introduce you to some pain, unless you are too tired.”

Nova still dripping wet from the bath water was now bent over the bed, her wrists and ankles tied keeping her in place. Sabine came back in, she put a blindfold on her, with only a few minutes in to her new dark world Nova could feel her other senses heighten.

Sabine spoke calm and slow “Nova, I’m putting clamps on your nipples.” Nova tried to prepare herself, she felt Sabine’s warm hand under her body between the animal pelt.

Sabine’s skilled fingers began to toy with her lover’s nipples, the feeling was strange but enjoyable she never knew they could be stimulated like this, Nova moaned at the attention she was receiving.

Before she knew it she was sent into a wake of pain. She felt her entire chest and upper back being swallowed up with heat. She wanted Sabine, right there anyway her Mistress wanted.

She could hear Sabine’s footsteps..’She’s at my butt.’ Nova nearly screamed when she felt Sabine’s tongue between her butt cheeks. Sabine sat back to admire Nova in this position, everything exposed and on display for her.

The pool of hair down to the small of Nova’s back, over her plump cheeks. To her perfect engorged lips glistening in the dim candle light. Sabine traced a finger over Nova’s cheek down below and over one lip, this sent shivers through Nova’s body.

Sabine shoved a finger into Nova’s sopping slit. Nova squealed at the force, she began moaning, her hips moving against Sabine’s movements. Sabine removed her hand, she examined the slim on her finger, she sucked on it. “Nova I have an instrument for punishments as well as pain, I’m going to use it on you, no matter how much you cry or yell out I won’t stop until I want to,understood?”

“Uh yes mistress”

“Don’t worry this is only us trying things out.”

Nova didn’t know if that was suppose to make her feel better or not. Nova waited and waited she relaxed a bit. ‘Smack!’ Nova was sent into a world of pain each blow of the fine leather, each bringing new tears streaming down her face. Yet she never made a sound other than her winces and gasps. Nova knew her cheeks had to be bleeding by now, she rubbed her face on the drenched fur thinking ‘What did I get myself into?!’

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