Normal Son to MF in 5 Days



Normal Son to a MF in 5 nights

I wanted to narrate this interesting incident on this platform. Note that this is fictitious, and it is only in my mind and not put to action.

I had been a normal son to my mom till about a year back. It was those incest stories on Literotica that gave me a new perspective about mom. I never knew incest even existed till then. But these stories not only convinced me that it exists but also gave me the confidence that I can make it happen too.

A little bit about my mom – quite good and young looking for a 42 year old slightly on the plumper side. As is a common feature down south, she was also blessed with a wonderful pair of choochies (titties) and a big Ass. My guess is she was a 42DD cup sized and good 34 & 36 below.

I hadn’t noticed all these until those beautiful stories. Now that I had noticed this, she became my imagination for masturbation. I had fucked her in the pussy, in the ass, in the mouth, she has licked me, given me a blow job, rimmed me etc. for masturbation purposes. But I am yet to lay my hands on her.

My first tryst with her came at one of our houses where we were living as a tenant. We weren’t well off enough to buy a house then. I was around 18 and she was 42 then. The house had a living room and one bed room. As was the fashion in those days, there were no attached bathrooms. The bathrooms were behind the living room and there was a door in the living room to get to the bathrooms. One good thing was there was plenty of space outside the bathrooms typically used for changing clothes. We also had washing machine etc. in that space.

Mom always had the habit of coming out of the bathroom and changing her clothes there. We men in the house would typically come out and change in the bedroom. For a long time I didn’t realize that there was a small window on top of the living room and there was a glass pane there. The window was never closed and the rotating pane was always kept in such a way that it is parallel to the ground. So I could see a little reflection of what is happening in the back room.

Once I looked up while having coffee and saw a very light reflection of my mom changing clothes. It was not very clear and I could have a fair sight of it till her cleavage and a little below that. But couldn’t get a hold of her nipples. That fired me up badly and I got desperate to have a good look at that.

So, I tried a different idea. I had a small mirror which I had kept on a stand in the edge of the living room near the door. Next day I had kept it in such an angle that I could clearly see from where I sit for my coffee a reflection of where mom would change her clothes.

My first attempt wasn’t very successful since I couldn’t get the correct angle. My next one was successful, after incorporating the learning from the first one. I was nervous when she came out of the bathroom. She had covered herself in a towel while coming out. She didn’t mind the open door since she knew I was the only one there and I won’t be coming inside. Little did she know about the mirror. She came out and kept all her change clothes on the bench there and she took her towel off.

I was thrilled. Thrilled is an understatement, I was elated, ecstatic when I caught the first glimpse of her tItties. I could see them hanging like a little Kanchenchunga. She was massive there and very fair. The total sight was a little less than 30 seconds. She came, took her towel off and lifted her titties to wipe any excess water off that and took her bra, placed it under those beautiful bosoms and wore it. While this was just a 30 second viewing, it stayed in my mind forever.

The unbelievable beauty of my mother and my perversion. We all know forbidden fruit tastes the best. I was very happy and I executed this plan precisely the next few times and it worked.

Now on to the main story. We had a wedding in the family and I had a few relatives coming home to stay with us. While everyone thinks that it will be a hindrance to have them I thought it was a good time to seduce my mom. I had calculated that they will be home for 7 days and most of us will squeeze ourselves in the living room to sleep.

I wanted to take that opportunity. My father could never sleep down with us and we were pretty sure that he will occupy the bedroom with few other old men of the family. We youngsters and ladies for sure were going to sleep in the living room. We had arranged our beds so randomly that there was no real shape in that. Some were sleeping above my head and some below. Different angles. But there was one constant in all those 7 nights that my mother would sleep next to me.

Night 1:

I had arranged for the beds the way I have explained above. My mother, my aunts and I were in a straight line while we had our grand mom perpendicular and above us. No one below us luckily as nobody would want to be at our feet. They are all people from the village and have the habit of sleeping early. Our beds were köle escort ready and most of them were dozing off due to the travel tiredness. I slept next to my mom who was next to the wall. Basically we both were in the corner.

In about half an hour most of them had gone into a deep sleep as was evident from different tones of their snoring. I was nervous and excited. Like an innocent boy, I had hugged my mother around her midriff area which was normal for me. We both were under a single big blanket. Once everyone hit the snore track, I slowly raised my hands a bit above and was touching the bottom of Amma’s blouse.

There wasn’t much of a reaction from Amma since she was also falling into deep sleep. I got the guts to go a little above and touch her molai (titties). I was sleeping on my right hand and Amma was to my right sleeping on her back. I started to squeeze a bit slowly and steadily. She didn’t realize it till then. I used my fingers to tactfully remove her blouse hooks. That wasn’t very easy. But I managed to do it and touched the top portion of her breasts. It was a great feeling and my erection was at my peak.

After a few seconds of nibbling those tits, Amma suddenly woke up and fiercely pushed my hands down asking what the hell I was doing. I went near her ears and said very lightly “Amma kathadhe, kathina onakku dhan avamanam, pesama padu, naan seyyaradha seyya vidu. Onakkum sugama irukkum [Amma don’t shout, you will be the one in trouble. So just stay put and let me do whatever I wish to. You will also enjoy]”.

She just understood the gravity of the situation. It was not an innocent touching in sleep rather a well crafted idea to seduce her. She just thought for a while and decided to resist further by getting her hands close to her breasts and closing it and pushing my hand away.

I realized this was going to happen. The moment she pushed my hand down, I slowly put it back on her body, but this time on her waist and started moving it towards her huge ass. I gave a mild squeeze to her ass and she tried to push me away from there. With two hands what all could she cover? I could see a sense of resignation when I put a hand on her pussy mound and she tried to thwart that too.

By now she realized that she can’t keep fighting this battle with me and I slowly murmured “Thadukkama irundha mela mattum, romba try pannina, enga enga kai veppennu enakku theriyadhu [If you don’t resist I will stick to your top, else I don’t know where all my hands will wander]. She was taken aback by this bold talk of mine. Rather unexpected.

But now she has no other option, she cannot shout nor could she push me away. So she just laid on her back and allowed me to move forward with my plan. I used my left hand now to remove all hooks of her blouse. I was getting access to those two temples that I had been wanting to visit. It was amazing to touch those.

There was one more issue to be addressed, her bra. I made her turn on to her right so that with a loose blouse, I could put my hand and unhook her bra which I did efficiently. So she still had her blouse and bra on her body, but open to me. I started squeezing her right boobs with my left hand and moved to her left. I was beginning to get satiated with the squeezing and asked her to turn around on her left, which was facing me.

So I went a little down and started to take one of her titties in my mouth. That was again totally unexpected for her and her body started to react. That was exactly what I was waiting for. I took those nipples in my mouth, sucked them, pulled them from between my teeth, kissed the entire boobs and kept sucking at them as though there was no tomorrow. I moved from her left boob to right for which I had to lift my head up a bit.

I did that and that was when I realized a small change. I could her Amma groan and pull me more towards her tits. Her mouth was open and she had stopped resisting me completely. She started to enjoy my work on her boobs and it was quite evident.

We continued like that for an hour before we went to sleep. Amma had to properly put in her blouse and bra. I thought night 1 was fairly successful.

Next morning – we felt very shy to look at each other but tried our best to behave normally. I went and patted her ass once when she was in the kitchen and she didn’t react to that behavior.

Night 2:

I wanted to see if I could conquer her on night 2 again or if there was going to be any resistance at all. To my surprise, we didn’t change the way we put our bed and she had no comment to offer. She was fine to sleep next to me again and that gave me further confidence.

Today I didn’t have to wait much and started getting on Amma immediately after we switched off the lights. Amma didn’t say anything and let me just do my stuff. There was this occasional groans and moans but that’s about it. No resistance but nothing proactive either.

I did all that I did on day 1. But I köle escort bayan stayed within my bounds and didn’t venture below her titties. I realized that Amma was really enjoying this little tryst with me and was wanting more. So, the session got extended a bit more and we went to sleep around 1AM. That was a good 3 hours of action.

Night 3:

I was hoping for a big night. It wasn’t as big as I expected it to be, but nonetheless there was one breakthrough. After settling in our respective positions, Amma took the first step of taking her boobs out and thrusting it in my mouth. Quite proactive. Also, I noticed that she was wearing a front button nighty and realized that she was wearing no bra.

I continued my work on those beautiful mounds, licking sucking nibbling those nipples. I could see Amma close her eyes tightly and also squeezing both her legs. I realized that she was having something down there. I mean some reaction in her pussy. I still didn’t get enough guts to venture there. I slightly put my hand there over the nighty and she pushed my hand away, though not as vigorously. Night 3 was eventful with some breakthrough but not big enough

Night 4:

Night 4 was expected to be an eventful one. During the daytime I had just murmured in Amma’s ears to wear a saree. She got the clue and obliged. She was in a daily use, cotton saree when she came to sleep. I was quite eager to take this relationship forward.

The moment folks hit the snore track I came on to Amma and started with my cursory boob pressing ritual. I got rid of all the hooks and realized she wasn’t wearing a bra. I was quite thrilled that I kept kneading it like a dough pinching and pulling her nipples in between. After a few minutes I started suckling on her titties. Amma just pulled me closer to her and I could see the unsteadiness in her breathing. She was terribly excited.

I took that chance to explore her pussy. I slowly inserted my hands inside her saree. She tried to push my hand weakly. There was no strong resistance. I pulled the saree thrust inside the petty coat and slowly approached the petty coat naada. The moment I released that thread, Amma instinctively closed her legs. I also got a bit of guts to take that moment to kiss her lips.

It cooled her down a bit and I slowly ventured into her pussy. It wasn’t very hairy and Amma opened her legs to give a free access to my middle finger. I didn’t have much to do then considering she was already leaking and almost a puddle formed there. I inserted my finger slowly and Amma let out a groan.

For a minute I was scared if someone would wake up. But no such mishaps and I merrily started fingering her. After a few minutes I managed to get to her G Spot and nibbled it for a few minutes. Amma was convulsing and I realized she was having an orgasm.

That was quite a useful night personally since it help me break quite a few barriers and sort of my first fuck, though not with my dick but with my finger. I didn’t want to waste this opportunity and had to carefully work towards fucking her which I knew would take 3 more days to. I had to be patient.

Day 5:

Yes, it is Day 5 and not night 5. Folks were all preparing to go for the wedding rituals. Wedding was the next day, but all those other rituals were on this day. Everyone from the family had decked them up in the best of their clothes – saree jewelry etc. Amma was just radiating (maybe due to the climax I gave her the previous night). It was wonderful to see.

I got ready in my Dhoti and Kurta and we all went to the wedding. There were a few rooms for the bride and the groom and the relatives. We were essentially talking to all the guests and checking out for the missing ones in the rooms.

And that was when I had a private moment with Amma. She and I were checking the rooms and we suddenly found an empty one. Alas, I thought I had my opportunity here and I slyly locked the room so that nobody barges in. Amma realized that in a second and before she could do anything I was on to her and we were lip kissing each other. I also took the opportunity to open her blouse and started sucking on her titties. I couldn’t take that risk for a long time and had to shut off my act in 5 minutes and come out.

Yet, the forbidden act amid 100s of people waiting outside got us excited. We both were quite satisfied with whatever happened. We came out, had breakfast, spoke to a lot of relatives and waited till lunch. We had lunch and were wondering what to do.

I was in a mood to go home. Since we are locals we could afford to do that. My dad couldn’t move much and he decided to stay back in the marriage hall as did all our relatives. I had to go back home and I insisted going back to have an afternoon nap.

I slyly indicated it to Amma who also decided along with me to go back home and have a little nap and do some household chores and then get dressed and come for the evening reception. escort köle All our other relatives were happy to stay put since they had packed their evening clothes and other make up stuffs. The moment I realized that I got excited. I could sense that Amma was just as excited but was trying hard to contain that.

We decided to go back home, just the two of us. We took an auto rickshaw from the marriage hall to home and in the rickshaw, I just held on to Amma’s hands and squeezed it slowly. We were eager about whatever was going to happen in the next couple of hours. She just kept her head on my shoulders and closed her eyes. It was not a long ride and we reached home in like 20 minutes.

I opened the door and went inside and Amma followed me. I came back and closed the door from inside and put all the latches. The moment Amma went inside the bedroom to change the clothes, I followed her. She just didn’t acknowledge my presence and was slowly removing her Saree.

I went behind her and hugged her from behind. She said nothing and dropped her Saree pallu down. Half the saree was on the floor while the other half stuck on to her waist. I started kissing the back of her neck and cheeks from behind. She stood like a statue and I couldn’t resist. I turned her around and started to kiss her lips slowly. She cooperated well and started sucking on my lower lips. We went about chewing each others’ lips for a few minutes before I bent down to kiss her neck.

I moved around her neck from front to the sides of it. I brought my tongue out and started to slowly lick the sides of her neck. I could see her get goosebumps. It was a great moment for both of us as I could feel her literally shiver with excitement. I didn’t lose sight of my next steps as I slowly unhooked her blouse and started to palm her tits from outside the bra. I could hear her moaning.

She was in cloud nine and that encouraged me to remove her bra. She was just in her petticoat and saree just tied to the hips. She was topless now and I had a very good look at those beautiful bosoms that were taking care of me all these nights. I just bent down and took on in my mouth. It was her right I took in my mouth while I was squeezing her left with my right hands. What a feeling it was.

I slowly brought her to the bed and carefully laid her down. I got on top of her to slowly suck her breasts like a child. I kept squeezing and kneading and chewing them. Amma was quite unsteady and started to breathe heavily.

Time to strip her nude. I pulled her saree down completely and untangled the tangles in the petticoat. Moans were getting a little louder but I was yet to see any kind of resistance and that gave me a whole lot of confidence. I stripped her completely and as a gentleman stripped myself too. We both were lying naked in bed and even I wasn’t very sure about the next step.

I started to kiss her mouth which I hadn’t done too well till then and we literally got lost in our lustful lip kiss. I was slowly coming back to senses in a minute or two. I decided to go ahead the same way I did in the bed with lights off.

So I took to her choochies first and slowly inserted one finger in her clit. She was very wet there and my fingers got engulfed. I started with the middle finger first and started the to and fro motion while chewing her nipples. She started to moan and I inserted two fingers inside. She started to absolutely squeak now. Her voice was so loud that I couldn’t imagine.

I slowly got on her and she cooperated by spreading her legs wide. I slowly inserted my dick and it went in rather easily considering the wetness. I was at the peak of my excitement and so was she. It didn’t take much for me to shoot my wad. A few humps and I was ready to ejaculate.

Thankfully my fingers had done wonders and she also came at pretty much the same time. Her first orgasm in I don’t know how many days months or years. She was quite thrilled, relieved and satisfied. We hugged each other for almost 15 mins and just relaxed on the bed. That was when we started to talk:

Amma: why me of all people

Me: You are my first love

Amma: Oh I can’t believe. How long? I thought boys fell in love with girls of their age

Me: Maybe some boys but not me. I had been in love with you only. You were everything to me, though I hadn’t really fantasized about you in this manner. I have had a thing for you ever since I turned into a grown up man

Amma: That’s a surprise

Me: I have more surprises

Amma: Like?

Me: I have watched you a few times changing clothes. I had used a mirror to exactly focus on your boobs

Amma: Oh my God, I can’t believe this

Me: That’s from my side, but why did you say okay to me?

Amma: Was I left with a choice?

Me: Of course, you could have changed your place on the second night and all these would have stopped abruptly

Amma: Yeah, but I didn’t want it to stop. I don’t know the reason, but I don’t think I would have liked to see the disappointment in your face. And honestly I also enjoyed our little meeting in the night.

You know I am very conservative, pious etc. but when it came to you, all that went out of the window. I don’t have any specific reason, but I wanted that smile on your face. You mean a lot to me

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