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Twisting on my spot on the floor I set my palette down on the floor out of the way. The cloud I’d been painting done. Behind me music was playing softly. Mark and his two main leads were practicing their dance. I shifted over on the floor to the next set of clouds.


I pop my head up, the bun on the back of my head bobbing, and look over at Mark.

“Dance with Isabella for a second. I need to see something.”

I glance over at the pair who were dancing. Isabella, is smiles slightly out of breath. The guy beside her is glaring at Mark, his face doesn’t change as he swings his gaze in my direction. Setting aside my brush I stand up and walk over. The guys sharp eyes stay on me as I close the distance.

“If my paint dries before I finish your clouds, don’t complain they look like shit.”

Mark snorts. “Your paint will be fine.”

I turn to Isabella, and she gives me a small smile as she steps in and potions herself.

“On three.” I say.

She nods.


“Two three.”

We begin to move, its easy. She follows me with out hesitation.

“Okay, now with Harper. Let him lead you Nolan.”

We pause in our dancing, and Isabella slips away as Harper saunters over. He isn’t glaring anymore, but his carefully blank face screams he’s unhappy about this. Maintaining eye contact, I step closer and place a hand on his shoulder, another one his hip. He’s firm but thin. His grey blue eyes blink at me.

“On three.” I say again.

“One two three.”

He’s rough at first, clearly thinking I was going to resist him but I don’t. I let him lead me across the stage. He is mildly surprised, as I let him spin me his height is equal to my own, but I watch as he lifts himself slightly to insure I don’t bump him. He is good, very aware of his partner but then everything changes. I come out of the spin and he hesitates and because he hesitates the dance comes çanakkale escort to a forced stop.

Turning to Mark, I shake my head.

“He hesitates, forcing her to lead or crash to a halt.”

With out bothering to wait for Mark to say anything. I turn and go back to my clouds. I can hear Mark verbally pushing Isabella and Harper back together. Guiding them, making sure everything goes smoothly now that he knows what and where the problem is.

An hour later, clouds done and spread out evenly to dry. I rinse off my palette and return to the stage to pack up my things.

“Hey, we are leaving too. Come have something to eat and drink with us.”

I shake my head, and roll my brushes up.

“Just one drink.”

I glance over my shoulder as I stand up. I look at Mark, then Isabella and Harper. Isabella is smiling as she talks and Harper seems more relaxed. No more scowls. I looks back at Mark.

“Are you sure?”

“Go put your stuff in your truck and meet us outside. I’m parked in B lot.”

He turns with out waiting for my answer.

“Nolan says he’ll come!”

“Great!” Isabella shouts. Harper just nods a couple times.

I put my paint brushes into my bag, along with my palette and a few pieces of paper. I make my way to my van, and dump everything in the back, lock it up and walk around the outside of the building to get to B parking lot. Mark and the others are waiting by his car, chatting and laughing. A cigarette dangles from Marks mouth. I cross the lot and settle in beside Mark. He smiles at me and I casually reach up and flick the cigarette from his mouth. It flies off into the semi darkness. Marks face goes from surprised to annoyed. Isabella gasps then giggles.

“aahhh, I keep forgetting you do that.” Mark grumbles.

He bumps me as he walks by to climb into his car. Isabella climbs in the half open front door into the passenger seat. çeşme escort I turn and climb into the seat behind her, Harper already on the other side of the car.

I wake up to the sound of hurried foot steps followed by a crash. I sit up on my couch just in time to watch Harper stumble down the stairs. Hair spiked in different directions, face puffy from sleep. He glances around him, taking in his surroundings. Doing a double take on a painting before skimming over the couch and taking in the rest of my apartment. Blinking and confused he just stands there.

“Third door from the kitchen.”

His entire body jerks, as he looks around trying to pinpoint where my voice came from. I wait, letting him find me on his own. When his eyes settle on my I lift my hand in a small wave.

“The door to the bathroom is the third one from the kitchen, second one is the door out.”

He squints, blinks twice and lets out a heavy breath. I watch as he sags on the spot, first his shoulders, and then the rest of him as he plunks himself down on the stairs but first.

A wake now, I swing my legs off the couch and stand up. I fold the blanket and toss it over the back of the couch and head across my living room, pausing at a couple painting to test if they were dry before reaching my destination.

“Coffee?” I ask.

I shuffle around my kitchen, pulling out a water bottle and drinking half of it before Harper replies.

“Do you have cream?”


“Then please.”

I move over to the coffee press and scoop out some coffee from a near by tin. Then check the kettle on the stove to see if it has enough water, It does. So I just flick on the burner.

I turn around to find Harper sitting on a stool by the counter. His forehead directly on the counter, arms dangling straight down at his side. I gulp down some more water, and study his mop of messy brown hair. He had gotten diyarbakır escort drunk last night, completely smashed. Couldn’t stand up, couldn’t even function enough so I could get his address and send him home in a taxi. Isabella had left on her own, and Mark got a call as I’d been about to shove them together in Marks car. So I brought him home with me.

“Can you eat?”

I watch as his head moves a combination of up and down and side to side. I laugh and he peeks up at me face pouting but scowling. Cute.

“Do you have any Advil?”

I snatch a bottle off the top of the fridge and set it down in front of his face. I pour part of my water bottle into a cup and set it next to it. Behind me the kettle starts to hiss, I spin around and pull it off the burner. Turn off the burner and pour water into the coffee press. I give it a small stir before pulling down two mugs. Then duck into the bathroom.

When I come out, Harper is pushing down the plunger on the press. Thinking he’s got it, I walk to the kitchen and pull out the cream setting it next to him. I pull down the sugar for myself.

“How much in yours?”

Water bottle lifted to drink I pause, gulp and lower it.

“Two sugar roughly three cream.”

He nods, and I hear him stirring a second later with a spoon. His bare feet slap the floor as he turns to let me see my mug.

“This okay?”

I walk over and peek down at it. Looks the right colour. So i just nod, pick it up and drink. Its perfect.


Coffee in hand I go back to the fridge and start pulling out eggs.

“I have bread. Toast should be okay on your stomach.”

I hear him sip his coffee and hiss.

“Hot hot.”

Amused I glance over at him. My breath suddenly catching in my throat at the sight of him rumpled from sleep, mug in hand. His face scrunched up from burning his mouth. Shit. He peeks over at me, above his mug an offended expression on his face as he blows on his coffee. Double shit, this guys adorable.

I pull out the bread for him and point in the direction of the toaster before starting on my own breakfast. Four eggs, a couple slices of ham, toast and jam on one slice.

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