No More Charity


No More Charity


Sandy Paris

This story is the continuation of a lesbian romance between Faith and Hope. There is also an interracial romance (with no sex described) between two secondary characters, if that offends you, please move on. All characters are fictitious, over eighteen and all sex is consensual.

The story so far: Faith called to collect her mother, Valerie, from her office, where she meets and falls in love with Hope, her Mum’s PA. Hope is just out of a relationship with a guy and in a new town without many friends. Faith takes Hope under her wing, always hoping that she has a chance. Meantime, Valerie develops a new relationship with a female doctor, Ellen, who moves in with her. Hope realises that she has fallen in love with Faith and their relationship developed so that they too, now share the house with Valerie and Ellen, who are busy planning their wedding.

Thanks to Maonaigh for checking this over, however, all errors are mine and mine alone.

I look forward to reading any comments.

I stared at myself in the bathroom mirror as I was brushing my teeth. It had been a long evening finalising the wedding plans. It was now only three weeks away but it all seemed to be in place despite Mum’s panic and Ellen’s nerves. It made me think, about weddings, really made me think.

I was sitting on the bed with my arms wrapped around my legs when Hope burst through the door with her million-dollar smile and cheerful disposition. “Hi, Honey, I’ll just be a minute.”

It was five minutes later when she bounced onto the bed and stared at me with those eyes that danced. “Hope, how do you like living here?”

I saw the instant look of fear on her face, the eyes suddenly lost their sparkle. “Why, what? I love living here with you guys. Your mum’s great and Ellen’s lovely and I love you. What’s wrong Faith? Tell me that you’re not having second thoughts?” She was worried.

I grinned, “No, no I love you. I want to know how you feel about living here with them and if we should have our own place?”

She instantly looked relieved. “This house is great, big, beautiful, homely, warm and there are plenty of places to be alone if that’s what you want. This room, our room is heavenly, bigger than most of the places I’ve ever lived. I get what you mean about just the two of us but I’m not sure that would be better. I’m nervous now; please tell me, is something worrying you?”

“I’ve been thinking about things, us and …” I was stuck, so I gave myself a shake, “Look, a few months ago you were straight and now you’re not. Are you sure about us?”

“Yes, very sure. I love you. I’m not straight, that seems certain – I haven’t looked at another woman and had any sort of thoughts, so I can’t describe myself as a lesbian. Maybe bisexual but I don’t like any of those labels. I like ‘I’m Faith’s girlfriend’ as a label.”

“What would you say if I asked you to marry me? I know this is sudden and that you may need time to think this through but …”

The look of surprise on her face was incredible. “You’re right; this is out of the blue. But, I’d say yes, I’d definitely say yes. Are you serious?”

“Yes, it came to me when I got in here; I started to think about weddings and getting married, what it would mean? I asked myself, ‘Would I want that?’ It would mean that we would be together and I do want that. I know that I want you, now and always. I don’t have a ring for you – wait, actually, I do. I have this dress ring and it would do for now, until I could get you a proper one.” I looked at Hope with hope.

She smiled at me. “You’re serious aren’t you?”

“Yes, very and very sure.”

“Beyond my… Oh yes, yes please.” She grabbed me and the kiss was a confirmation of her words. I melted, this was what I wanted and so it seemed, did she.

“Come with me.”

I tapped on Mum’s bedroom door; there was a rustle of fabric before I heard, “Come in.”

“Sorry to bother you.” I pulled Hope behind me and we sat on the bed facing them. “I’ve just asked Hope to marry me.”

Ellen stared for a moment and then grabbed Hope and embraced her. My Mum just stared at me, then she gathered herself. “You proposed? I don’t think that I ever expected that but you really do love her, she’s changed you.” She grabbed me, kissed me then turned and hugged Hope.

Ellen took my hand. “What brought this on?”

“The talk tonight and looking at myself in the bathroom mirror. I don’t think I’ve ever seen two people who look as happy as you two or as well matched. I feel the same way about Hope that you two feel about each other. I have ever since that day I first laid eyes on her.”

There was ten minutes of chat before I dragged Hope away again and when we reached our bed she pushed me backwards. “We have a lot to talk about but tonight I have only one question – want to fuck me?” I nodded my head and she replied, “Good answer.”

She threw herself down on the bed, peeled off her nightdress and lay naked with her arms outstretched and bursa eskort her legs wide open, “Come on then, I need those lips on me and then I’m going to return the favour.” She grabbed my hand and pulled me on top of her as I struggled to get my T-shirt off.

There was a whirl of hands and suddenly I found myself kissing the most beautiful girl in the world. It was good, but it didn’t last, somehow I’d been manoeuvred and now found myself with a nipple between my lips.

I pulled gently on that nipple, which caused a soft groan of pleasure. I felt her stroke my belly as her hand slid between my legs. I worked on the one nipple with my lips and used the fingers of my other hand on the other nipple. Hope slid her fingers inside of me and it all got hazy and wonderful. I climbed high towards the clouds until she stopped. I was shocked. “As wonderful as what you’re doing is, I need more but I don’t want to stop so we’re going to switch around.”

It all sounded vaguely odd to me until she spun around and planted her lips onto my lower ones and lowered hers onto my face. Tongues worked their magic, I inhaled her scent and all of that made me come. As I thrashed she closed her thighs on either side of my head as she came as well.

It had taken no time, but I was spent and rolled onto my side as Hope moved to face me. “That was pretty good for a quickie.”

“Good seems a bit … it was better than just good, but my brain is fried. I’ve just been brought to a climax by my fiancée.”

Hope dissolved into a fit of giggles. “Yes, you have. That sounds so strange, but I do like it.” There was silence for a few minutes. “I’m glad you kept up our friendship and waited for me to realise that I was an idiot. I love you with everything … I never want anyone else and being in this house with your Mum and Ellen is just … super.”

“I’ve told you before, the minute I laid eyes on you I was in love and knew that I wanted you. Getting married was not something I gave much thought to before now but I know with a stunning certainty, that’s what I want. With you, I love you.”

Wedding day

I pulled my robe on over my underwear and slipped along the corridor. Hope answered my knock and I stepped through the door looking at her. My goodness, she was stunning, the dress hugged her curves, her hair was beautiful and I wanted to run my hands through it so badly. I resisted the urge and asked, “Hi love, are you okay?”

“Yes, I missed you last night, but Ellen and I were up chatting until late. It was a fun evening, except you weren’t here. How’s your mum?”

“Nervous and excited.”

Ellen appeared in the doorway of the bathroom. “Hello, Faith. Is something wrong? Is Valerie okay?”

“Hi, she’s fine and looking good. I wanted a quick word with you if that’s okay?” It was then that I saw her properly, long white silk dress, short slit at the front, bare arms, a hint of cleavage, pearls and her hair in those distinctive braids. For just a moment I’m sure that my heart stopped, she was truly beautiful.

I took both of her hands in mine. “My Mum has been fairly happy over the years, but since she met you I see a new woman – she’s taller, brighter and more light-hearted. She loves you, Ellen, and I see how you feel about her. Please take care of her.”

“Thank you, Faith. I hope that we’ll take good care of each other.”

“I also wanted to say that my life has been blessed since you came into it, I care for you very much and I’m delighted that you’ll be a part of it for a long time to come. I love you.”

Tears were forming, but I used my thumbs to wipe them away from her eyes, kissed her cheek and shushed her. I kissed Hope and slipped back to our room.

“Is she okay?”

“Yes Mum, she’s good, less nervous than you and she looks stunning. I can’t wait to see the two of you side by side.” Mum’s dress was not as close-fitting but was also white silk with three-quarter sleeves and a mesh panel across the chest. My dress was shorter but similar in design. I thought I looked pretty good.

“Now, ring please.” I slipped Mum’s engagement ring onto my right hand and handed her a posy of pink roses.


Hope and I followed the two of them down the aisle and they walked two feet apart, trying hard not to look at each other. They pretty much succeeded until they got to the Registrar. I was right, I doubt if I’d ever set eyes on such a beautiful couple.

As soon as it was done and the kisses were exchanged, they turned to us and held out their hands. Hope and I slipped their engagement rings back on, along-side their identical, very shiny, wedding bands.


The photographs took a while and by the time they were done, it felt as if we’d had to force out the smiles. I was very happy but eager to move things along. The hotel staff had moved some of the seating and the tables looked magnificent.

After the meal, I stood up to thank everyone for coming and said a few words about my Mum. A colleague of Ellen’s spoke about her and then she stood bursa bayan escort up to reply.

“I don’t have many words to say, but I want to thank you all for coming here today to celebrate with Valerie and me. The two of us met by chance and something drew us together. I was comfortable being in love with another woman, but I was terrified that I’d fallen in love with someone of different skin colour to me. The thing is when I look at Valerie all I can see is a beautiful woman and she says the same about me. I was also nervous about the fact that Valerie had an adult daughter, who still lived at home. Again it was a needless worry because Faith welcomed me with open arms. She has found her partner in Hope, and now the four of us live together happily and Hope has become like a daughter to me. I want to thank the two of them for their roles today and for making me so happy. Please enjoy the day and thank you again for all of your good wishes.”

A band struck up some dance music and, as is tradition, Mum and Ellen took the floor for the first dance, then Hope and I joined them. Then it became a free for all.

I slipped away to change and joined the rest of my fellow band members. We replaced the wedding band and played a few numbers which the guests seemed to enjoy. Hope stood with a glass of wine watching me and I could feel the affection from her. After half-an-hour we handed back to the other band, I slipped back into my dress and went to find Hope and a drink.

“Well done, you were good. I’m proud of you and you look damn sexy in that short skirt, but not as good as in that dress. I want to make love to you later still wearing it, although I will need to remove your panties.”

“No you won’t, I’m not wearing any.”

Hope laughed. “I was thinking as I watched you play, I love you very much and it’s hard to believe that two years ago I thought that I was straight.”

“And I was beside myself with frustration because I thought that you were as well. Still, we’re here now and I love you. Want to dance?” She nodded and took my hand.

We danced in each other’s arms for a very long time, until it came time to wish the brides farewell. I managed to give them a personal goodbye, just before they threw the bouquets. It came as no surprise to me that Hope caught one of them.


I threw myself onto the bed and rolled onto my back. Hope stood at the side of the bed looking down at me. “I loved today and I got the bouquet, good job you want to marry me or I’d need to start looking.”

“Do not joke. I love you and I want the same relationship that those two have, but with you.” I paused, “Give me a minute and I’ll get this dress off.”

Hope fell to her knees and as she did so said, “I’ve been thinking about this all day.” She lifted the hem of my dress and pulled it up as far as my knees then slid her hands, one up the outside of each thigh. “Oh you bad girl, no knickers, I thought you were teasing me.”

I was turned on and ready for her. She slid her tongue along my crack. Somehow, each time it was magical, despite how many times she’d done it. She used long strokes, some kisses and the odd nibble, gentle, teasing. It turned me on so much and then she inserted a couple of fingers and I felt the orgasm starting in my toes and accelerate upwards at speed, it reached my clit and carried on to my head. I screamed as it overtook me. I started to come down a little, but Hope kept licking and it started again. Three times I came; at least I think I did. My brain was a bit scrambled and when I worked out that I hadn’t died of pleasure my eyes rested on a beautiful face as Hope bent down to kiss my lips and stroke my cheek. She pulled back a couple of inches and touched my nose, “That looked and felt good. It makes me happy. I love you.”

I was spent and looked up at her; make-up messed up, hair stuck to her face with sweat, and other liquids, but beautiful. She flopped down beside me. “I love you, I loved doing that.”

After a minute or so she rolled onto her side and propped her head on her hand. “I thought that sex with a guy was good, but it has nothing on what we have.” I smiled at her. “Now I’m getting out of this dress and maybe someone will wash my back in the shower.”

I stood and we helped each other out of those dresses. Hope got away from me as I got tangled up material. By the time I reached the shower, she was already soaking wet and rubbing her body very suggestively. That was helped by the fact that she still wore her bra, garter belt and stockings. I laughed; it was funny, but lewd as well.

I slowly peeled those garments from her and planted little kisses as I did so. We soaped each other, but it took a while. I slid to my knees and pushed her back against the wall. She flinched at the coolness of the tile but moaned with pleasure as I slid fingers inside her wet opening. “Oh, yes that is so nice. Faster, please,” she pleaded.

I was happy to oblige and worked faster, widening my fingers. I was so close to her I couldn’t take my eyes away from bursa ucuz escort that beautiful sight, her swollen lips, the water cascading down her torso, the twitching, contractions and relaxations. I nuzzled her with my tongue and she screamed as she came.

“No more, please no more. Just hold me.” We hugged and I reached for the towels, wrapped her in two of them, put a third around myself and held her as I coaxed her towards the bed. We lay together and soon fell asleep.


My phone rang. “Faith, it’s Sheila Harding. Can you come over here? A man arrived to speak to Hope, there were raised voices. He was asked to leave and now she’s in tears and distressed.” Mrs Harding was the receptionist at the offices where my Mum and Hope worked

“I’ll be there in twenty minutes, sit with her please and tell her I’m on my way.” I had no idea what it was or who this guy could be, but if Mrs Harding had thought to call me, something was badly wrong.

Hope was in her office chair with her knees pulled up to her chest, the tears were flowing and she was shaking.

“It’s okay honey, I’m here. Let it go and when you’re ready I’ll listen.” It took another ten minutes, a handful of tissues and some water before she could speak.

“I’m so sorry. It’s him, Jimmy the bastard who walked out on me. He turned up and asked to speak to me. I had no idea who it was until I saw him. I didn’t want to speak to him in public, so I asked him in here. I thought he might be okay.”

“Okay, take your time.”

“He apologised and told me some shitty story. He said he realised that he’d fucked up and wanted to come back to me. I laughed and told him that the way he’d left there was no chance of that. He sneered at me, said some nasty things and told me that I was worthless. I don’t understand—-if he thought that why would he want me back?” She sniffled and paused before going on.

“I told him that I’d found someone else, that I was in love, happy and that I was engaged. He rabbited on and got really angry. Most of what he said was rambling and confused, the only thing that registered was that if he couldn’t have me, then no one would. I thought he was going to hit me, but there had been raised voices and someone had called security. They asked him to leave, but he was making all sorts of threats, horrible things, as he left.”

We spoke for half an hour and someone from HR turned up which helped to reassure Hope. I put my arm around her and we headed down in the lift. My car was parked on the opposite side of the road and as we walked towards it a guy, late twenties, built like a brick outhouse, actually ruggedly handsome, approached and started being abusive. I tried to shield Hope and turned towards him. I was fizzing with anger and snarled. “Fuck off and stay away. You left her and she doesn’t want you, she’s made that clear. So do yourself a favour and piss off. Leave her alone.”

I could see that he was raging with anger and he spat back. “And who the fuck are you, you snot-nosed little shit.”

“I’m the fiancée and I’ll treat her better than you ever did.”

“She can’t be one of them.” The look on his face was one of incredulity. “You both need a good man to sort you out!” he snarled. He raised his fist and came towards me.

“I’m warning you, back off.”

“Or you’ll do what?”

I kicked him in the balls. As I was aiming way beyond them, it connected well. He crumpled and we ran.

I spent the rest of the evening trying to reassure Hope. Eventually, she laughed at the sight of him on his knees. I held her until she fell asleep, but I lay awake because I knew this wasn’t over yet.

Hope and I took the following day off and talked about Jimmy and our future. She turned to me as we sat on the couch looking tired and worn, but she still melted my heart. Then she leaned forward and kissed me. It was what we both needed and it curled my toes it was so good. She suggesting going to bed, but we were also both hungry and decided to make a bowl of pasta.

We’d just finished and I was debating taking her to bed or doing the dishes when the doorbell went. Two police officers, and suddenly I knew that I was right, this wasn’t over yet.

Hope and I both made statements and as I explained to them, I was convinced that Jimmy was about to hit Hope so I got in first. They said that they could see my viewpoint, but they had further enquiries to make and would get back to us.

That put a bit of a damper on things and Hope was upset that I might be in trouble because of her. I did my best to reassure her and we cuddled her bed. She was worth it, beautiful, sexy, loving, smart and very funny. I loved being with her and somehow she’d managed to fit into this house and become such a part of my family that I couldn’t imagine life without her in it.

We got a message from Mum and Ellen to say that they were having fun in Barbados, had met a few of Ellen’s distant relatives and drunk rather a lot of rum punch. It made us both smile. I was pleased for them both and although we’d enjoyed having the house to ourselves, we missed them. My Mum was happier than I ever remember and Ellen was great fun to be around after getting over her nerves about moving in with us. Hope and Ellen got on well and they teamed up against Mum and me all the time. I could almost believe that they were related.

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