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“Look I’m just saying that I’m really busy right now.” Heather spoke the words over the phone to her insistent Father who asked his daughter to make some time for a friend of his who was working in town for a week or so. “Fine, have him call me and maybe I’ll have him over for dinner one night.” And with that she bade her Father good bye and hung-up.

Entertaining what was probably some old guy from her Father’s four-wheel drive club was not exactly Heather’s idea of a good time, especially now that her divorce from her husband was final. Her two children were in school and Heather was now trying to re-build her career as a substitute teacher. But on the other hand her Father really didn’t ask that much of her, what could one dinner hurt?

Chris called her later the next day. He introduced himself, explained that he was in town over-seeing an city-wide electrical system upgrade the city had been planning for a long while. He sounded a lot younger than most of her Father’s friends and she invited him over for dinner early the following evening before he started work.

The next day seemed to drag on forever finally though her friend picked-up her and Heather was free to get ready for the evening. She hurriedly showered than stood there looking at herself naked in the mirror. “Not half-bad” she thought. She was 33 and even though she’d had two children she had managed to keep most of her youthful figure and her 36C breasts were still (nearly) where they belonged. She looked lower on her body at her pussy and the long hair covering her love hole, she debated about shaving, something she hadn’t done since her husband had left two long years before but relented, what was she thinking? She wasn’t going to have sex with this guy. After all she was a single Mom, and she had no time for a love life, least of all not with some guy who was only here for a short time. With that she selected a tasteful dress, put her hair up then made her way to the kitchen to make dinner.

Right at six o’clock she heard the doorbell to her condo ring, looking out the window prior to opening the door she saw a man about her age, dressed in clean Levi’s and a button-up shirt. In her driveway she saw a large Ford work truck with some name and a logo on its door. This guy wasn’t anything at all like she had expected and she quickly opened the door.

Chris introduced himself then handed Heather a small bouquet of flowers. Heather couldn’t get over how he knew her Father. Chris explained that he’d always loved off-roading and had enjoyed many trips with her Father and the club they both belonged to. Heather was impressed to finally meet a guy her age that wasn’t head-over-heels in love with sports, strip clubs or drinking, bust she refused to get her hopes up.

The two of them shared a very pleasant dinner; Chris explained that the project he was working on was more like babysitting then work. Basically diyarbakır escort he was over-seeing two crews as they did upgrades through the area. Much of the time he spent sitting in his truck, surfing the internet, reading or planning-out up-coming work. All too soon Chris realized he needed to get going, Heather walked him to the door and the two made hasty arrangements to meet the next day for lunch. Without thinking Heather leaned-in to give Chris a quick peck, which he didn’t avoid and instead returned with a passionate kiss on the lips. With that Heather closed the door then leaned-up against it embarrassed but also feeling lighter than air, a feeling she hadn’t felt since she was in high school!

Much later that night Heather laid in bed, idly thinking about Chris sitting in his truck bored, without realizing it she fingered her pussy under her nightshirt and through her cotton panties, soaking them with her juices. She hadn’t been this turned-on in years and wasted no time in removing her damp panties and with one hand played with her clit while her other hand played with her nipples under the thick shirt. Soon she was climaxing imagining Chris was there with her. She drifted-off to sleep, panties on the floor, nightshirt disheveled and a smile on her face, for the first time in a long time!

The next morning slutty Heather was put away and Heather the Soccer Mom busied herself with getting her children ready for and off to school, running around in her sweats and driving her Chevy Tahoe she had almost forgotten about her lunch date. She was at the store when she realized the time; hurriedly she paid for her groceries and rushed home. A short while later she once again found herself dripping in front of the mirror in her bathroom looking at herself, only this time she decided the forest had to go. She shaved her pussy for the first time in at least two years then ran the razor along her legs just for good measure. This time though she went with a more risqué outfit, black skirt which ended a little north of her knees. She added black stockings with a garter belt and a tight top which showed-off her ample cleavage. Almost as an after-thought as she was leaving her house she made arrangements for her children to be picked-up by a neighbor, giving her some line about having a late dental appointment.

Heather began to have second thoughts on her way to the restaurant where they were supposed to meet. Just as she was about to call Chris and cancel her cell phone rang, it was Chris. He apologized but stated that he had worked very late the previous night due to some un-foreseen problems and because of that he had only gotten a couple of hours sleep. On account of that he asked if she’d mind meeting at his Hotel room and ordering-in lunch from a local deli. Heather hesitated for a moment, after all she didn’t want to give her new friend the wrong idea however then she decided to (for once) just live in the moment and not only agreed to meet him at the Hotel, she insisted on picking-up lunch on the way.

A few minutes later Heather’s Tahoe made its way past rows of empty parking spots as she wound her way to the wing of the roadside hotel in the back. Chris had told her earlier that since he was gone all night and generally slept much of the day he requested a room where there wouldn’t be a lot of foot or vehicle traffic. Soon she saw the same work truck which had filled her driveway the evening before parked in an end spot. She parked her Tahoe next to it then looked-up to see Chris waving to her from the banister of the second story of the small hotel. Despite having a long night the previous night he was again dressed in a pair of crisp Levi’s and another button-up shirt. His hair had a hint of hair gel in it, though he stood there wearing a pair of sandals.

Heather made her way up the stairs to where Chris was waiting. Any thoughts she had of this being an innocent visit were soon washed away as she and Chris engaged in a passionate kiss which left their tongues exchanging pleasantries as the moved as one into the room Chris kicked the door closed behind them.

Heather took a look around the basic hotel room as the two ate their sandwiches and talked about nothing in particular. It was a nice room with large bed in the center, a small desk off to one side and a small refrigerator next to that. Chris had a lap top set-up on the desk streaming music from a 90’s rock station he liked on the Internet and a small back pack stowed beneath the desk.

There was no question about what was to come, as soon as they finished their lunch Chris swept their wrappers off the table and into a waiting trash can Heather stood-up and nervously straightened her purse on the small desk. She muttered something about maybe she ought to get going but as she turned around Chris was standing directly in front of her. Before she could say another word Chris pulled her close to him and kissed her with more passion then she’d ever thought possible, her hands instinctively caressed Chris’s back as his explored her tits, quickly popping them out the top of her blouse. He then broke their embrace long enough to push her against the wall then took one of her swollen nipples in his mouth while teasing the other with his free hand. Heather threw her head back in pleasure, not quite ready to allow herself to turn herself over to this man but in no way ready to stop it and return to her boring, Soccer Mom existence. With that Heather became an active participant now busying herself with un-buttoning Chris’s shirt and running her fingers through his chest hair. Soon Chris swept her up and playfully tossed her onto the bed on her back, he then made his way under her skirt, quickly removing and tossing her black thong panties across the room as he now began eating-out her pussy. This was a completely new experience for Heather as she had previously only been with her now ex-husband and he had never been willing to perform oral sex on her. Heather felt like a whole new world had been opened-up to her as Chris fucked her with his tongue Heather played with her nipples and became lost in the ecstasy of the moment, as her first orgasm of the day began washing over her.

Soon Chris’s pants joined Heather’s skirt, blouse and black lace bra on the floor as Heather now sat on the bed, on her knees sucking on Chris’s cock as he stood next to the bed, one hand playing with her hair, the other flicking her nipples. Soon Chris spun Heather around and ran his cock along the swollen lips of her pussy. Heather was only wearing the garter belt and black stockings, she had never been fucked doggy style before and the moment was making her feel very slutty…And she liked it! With that Chris eased his cock into her waiting pussy; going slow at first he took his time building-up a rhythm soon she was matching his thrusts. Chris had both hands on Heather’s hips guiding her sex into his, Heather had one hand working her clit harder than it had ever been worked before, soon she felt yet another orgasm beginning to wash over her this time though it shook her like she had never been shaken before. Heather had heard rumors of female ejaculation but didn’t really think it existed until that moment when she began spraying her juices all over Chris’s leg and the bed below. Completely spent she slipped off of Chris’s cock and rolled onto her back on the bed, Chris didn’t miss a beat as he tossed her stocking-clad legs over his shoulders and again slipped his cock into her now tired pussy. He knew it wouldn’t take long; they were both covered in sweat, the small air conditioner in the room doing its best to keep the room cool Chris marveled at the way Heather’s tits bounced as he rocked in and out of her pussy. Soon he felt his balls tighten as he pumped his seed into her pussy, not stopping until cum began trickling down her ass onto the floor.


Heather awoke some time later. Her head was spinning, it was dark, the drapes were pulled over the window in the room and the clock on the nightstand said it was almost 7PM. Had it been a dream? No, it was quite obvious she’d had sex and she was still wearing the stockings, garter belt and nothing else as the rough sheets slid along her naked torso, her clothes were still on the floor though Chris was nowhere in the room. She looked to the nightstand where her phone was and found a note resting on top of it, it was from Chris. He apologized but said that he’d needed to leave for work a little earlier tonight and that she had looked so angelic sleeping he hadn’t wanted to bother her. Heather collapsed back onto the bed, still clutching the note on her chest. As she drifted back to sleep she thought that she really needed to remember to call her Father and thank him for talking her into having dinner with one of his friends.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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