It was 4 am; the rush of the witching hour was over in ER. We were exhausted and yet still hyped from the adrenaline coursing through our system from yet another life saving experience just a few minutes ago.

“God, I am so wired!” Kirby says to me.

“I know what you mean. That was awesome work you did.”

“Oh please. I loved how you told that young pup to step out of the way and let you insert that tube. Asshole.”

“I’ll probably get fired for it.”

“Maybe just raked over the coals.” Kirby turned to me, a hand on mine. I smiled at her, she smiled back. Our eyes locked. And we stayed that way, the smiles slowly relaxing but our eyes searching, boring into each other’s, communicating without words.

I broke the spell. “Come with me.” I took the hand that was squeezing mine and pulled her into a vacant room. Leaving the lights off, I spun Kirby against the wall and pressed my mouth over hers. She resisted at first but with my hands traveling all over her nurse uniform, squeezing and stroking and with my lips parting and the tongue sliding out, Kirby could not resist long.

She bursa escort opened to me. Her arms explored me just as urgently as I was she. Buttons were undone; skirts pulled home, panties were rubbed until we were trembling and weak-kneed.

“Get up on the bed.” I told her.

I followed but turned on top of her, pulling her skirt up onto her belly and pushed at the fabric of her panties. They were wet. I tore my own blouse open, pushed the cup down over a 34c breast. My nipples are large and very sensitive. I cupped my breast and teased the erect nipple over Kirby’s wet crotch. The sensation was awesome.

I moaned when Kirby began to explore me from behind. Her fingers slid under the material and into my wet snatch. I gasped as she inserted a second. We knew we couldn’t stay hidden for long.

“God Kirby I wish I could take the time to explore you.”

“Shutup and make me cum you bitch!”

I stopped teasing my stiff nipple over wet panties and reached down to pull them to one side. Her dusty blonde pubic hairs begged for exploration and my mouth eagerly sought out the bursa escort bayan wet folds of her sex. While I sucked and licked and probed, Kirby was fingering my wet hole madly, her free hand sliding over my backside and down my legs.

“Hurry Shannon, suck my clit!”

I found the surprisingly large button and sucked it eagerly. Kirby twisted and squirmed under me. She had pulled her wet fingers out of snatch and I felt her push my panties even further away. Suddenly she was wiggling a finger it my ass and I nearly cried out loud with pleasure and surprise.

“Hurry Shannon, make me cum.”

I pushed two of my own fingers into her gaping wet hole while I flicked my tongue wildly over her clit, alternating with some sucking. It seemed liked ages but finally Kirby froze and pushed her hips up into my face. I was amazed at the amount of sex flow that came out of her. It washed over my fingers and I lapped it up like a cat.

“Come here baby, cum on my mouth.” She pulled my hips back and I sat up a little and she brought me down onto her waiting bursa merkez escort mouth. She was an expert and her tongue teased and excited me. She tried to reach around and find my anus again but she couldn’t bury her finger like she had before.

I didn’t care; her oral manipulations of my sex was driving me wild and I literally bounced on her chin.

I heard her muffle something about being quiet and I realized I had been getting a little vocal. Squeezing my own tits till they hurt, I finally came, the orgasm almost painful in its intensity. Kirby suckled softly after that, gently flicks of her tongue on my tingling folds and clit till I regained composure and dismounted the bed.

We giggled at the state of each other. Our clothes were all open and torn from their proper places. Our chins glistened with each other’s sex juice. We kissed and licked for a bit and then made a rush to get composed. As we finally left the room, I had to reach out and pull the hem of Kirby’s skirt out of the back of her panties. We both giggled out loud this time and a passing doctor shot us a glance and then a quirky smile. I’m sure we were just awash with a sexual glow and he nearly ran into a gurney looking back at us, which only got us giggling again.

From down the hall I heard someone call my name and I went back to work but not before squeezing Kirby’s hand and whispering “My place, after work.”

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