Newfound Joy

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Thomas Ingalls sat in his room on Thursday having a great jerk off session. On his screen was Emily Anderson, a fantastic MILF in a POV video taking it up the ass. Thomas felt proud of his 12 inch cock though the 18 year old was still a virgin.

Thus spanking his monkey was the only way he got his much-needed relief. He checked his clock, seeing in was 7:34. Soon his mom would be getting up to tell him to get ready for school.

Meanwhile, Michelle Ingalls was in the living room, looking over some bank statements. As owner of Golden Peaks apartments, she had to really step up his financial situation.

It had been two years since her husband had skipped town with one of their residents and now she stood the risk of losing the business. Sighing, she got up and checked her watch. The bus would be arriving any minute.

She thus went upstairs to tell her son to get ready. What she found though shocked her. Tommy sat on his bed, furiously pumping his swollen penis with everything he had, watching porn on his computer.

But what really caught her eye was the woman on screen. Full and firm breasts bouncing in pace with the hard and rapid fuck she was taking. Her dark red hair lay scattered, sometimes covering her face as she was fucked harder and harder.

Tommy’s next words confirmed her worst fears.

“Oh fuck Mom!” he grunted so as not to be heard, “you feel so good on my cock!”

Michelle watched as he began to cum, thick and white jets of fresh sperm rocketing from his dick onto a towel as he shook and spasm. “Yes Mom! Take my fucking load!”

Melissa found herself getting wet as he came for almost 5 minutes, his cock not even going limp as the video ended, the actress having taken another heavy load into her pussy.

As Tommy got up, Michelle hurriedly and quietly snuck into her room as Tommy walked into the bathroom to take a shower.

“My own son…?” Michelle asked herself as she heard the water turn on, “he dreams of fucking me?”

Once she knew he was showering, she went into his room and turned his computer. There was the video he had been watching, Big Tit Redhead takes Little Boy’s Big Cock POV.

Even Michelle could see the resemblance, gorgeous 34K knockers as opposed to her own 36N. Her hair was the same color and their body types were almost identical.

She was shocked also to see that the male model was so young but the cock sprouting from his crotch seemed to be about the length of half of her forearm. Another woman, a busty blonde lay beside him, sporting the huge balls hanging from his hard dick.

Hearing the bathroom door open, she quickly closed the computer page and set about getting him some clothes as he walked in, towel around his waist.

“Good morning Mom,” he greeted her, “how’d you sleep?”

“Just fine darling,” Michelle quickly answered, trying to get the quiver from her voice, “and you?”

“Perfectly,” he replied, his cute smile spreading to her.

After she saw him off to school, Michelle headed upstairs and went to her dresser. Rummaging through some clothes, she found her prized purple rubber dildo.

“Oh Tommy…” she whispered, “look how horny you’ve made Mommy…”


Tommy walked home from school with a good feeling. Though some of his classmates found it odd, he rather loved being home with just he and his mother. From here, he could see her working in her garden.

His father had never been too interested in his life even before the divorce. But he and his mother had always been close. It wasn’t until he was around 5 he first developed feelings for her.

Strong feelings…

Deep feelings…

Ones not too prevalent among mother and son.

But no matter how much he tried, he couldn’t shake them. One day while he was online, he searched, “Is incest wrong?”

The first page that came up was Anderson Industries, an entire organization benefitted to the preservation and foundation of more incestuous relationships.

What Tommy read blew his mind, seeing homemade and professionally made porn of real families who had seen the light. Boys and girls of all ages finally were able to experience sexual freedom.

He just wished he could experience the same thing.

“Hey faggot!!” a mean voice shouted, “where you going? Home to play dress up with your mommy?”

Rico Driscoll was in Tommy’s class and had bullied him for almost 3 years.

“I don’t have any money Rico,” Tommy said softly, anxiously trying to find a way past him.

“Who said anything about money? I’m thinking more along the lines of that fine ass MILF you have at home.”

Tommy felt anger inside of him. “Don’t say anything about my mother!”

“Or else what?” Rico taunted, “she’s got a juicy ass. Just ripe to shove my cock in.”


Rico fell to the ground, Tommy’s fist stinging from the punch.

“Tommy Henry Ingalls!” Michelle shouted as she ran up, “just what is going on here?!?!”

“H-he was talking about you Mom. Mean things.”

Michelle escort bayan softened her expression and looked down at the whimpering boy on the ground, his lip fat and red from her son.

She knew her gentle son would never hit anyone. But hearing him say why he did it made her feel warm. When she and her ex had been married, a man called her a bitch for accidentally stepping on his foot while they were at a club. Her spineless husband however had done nothing.

“Rico,” Michelle said, “you go right home and tell Chelsea about this. And don’t even think I won’t check later to make sure you did.”

Rico, his eyes full of tears, nodded and ran home.

“Come on Tommy,” she then said, “you have some more explaining to do yourself.”


After telling her the whole story in his room, Michelle was silent. She believed him and Rico’s mother backed up his story, saying Rico had been grounded for 2 weeks.

“Well honey,” she said, “Michelle must say that’s the nicest thing anyone had ever done for me.”

Tommy smiled. Despite the calm, the need in Michelle’s pussy was still strong. As they sat, her hand was absently stroking her son’s thigh.

Tommy had gone very quiet, as Michelle softly caressed his leg. Michelle peered down out of the corner of her eye, and saw the very satisfying bulge underneath his bulky shorts.

Michelle kept stroking – more with her fingertips now – and every few strokes, her hand moved a little further up, until the back of my fingers just touched his balls.

“I guess, you have better things to do than listen to your mom go on and on. I’d better leave.”

Tommy suddenly blurted “No mom! I really like talking with you. Please stay… please… don’t stop!”

Michelle sat frozen, as she looked down on his erection. She traced along the shaft with one finger, causing his pecker to twitch when she reached the underside of the head. Slowly, she began stroking it, with just her fingers.

“Honey,” Michelle said softly, her anxious breath matching her son’s, “I saw you this morning. And I heard what you said.”

“I’m sorry Mom. I just couldn’t help it…”

Suddenly she grabbed the shaft and gave a little squeeze, causing a small flood of pre-cum to ooze out. She lifted his penis with one hand, and caressed the head with the other. When Michelle moaned with pleasure, she covered her hand in his pre-cum and smeared it all over the glans. Three strokes later, he erupted…

Michelle felt Tommy’s penis twitch in her hand, and then he ejaculated. Fascinated, Michelle watched it erupt once-twice- three times, from the tip of his swollen glans, wondering what it would taste like. Michelle squeezed out the last drop and reluctantly released the still hard member.

“That was fantastic Mom,” he said as he caught his breathe and Michelle nodded, her hand coated in his sperm.

“Mom, can I cum on your boobs?” he asked after a long silence, looking down Michelle’s blouse whilst she was still jerking him off. His arousal had loosened his tongue and made him feel more confident.

“Okay honey,” Michelle smiled. It sounded like a fine idea, and besides, they were both reaching the point where they had admitted to themselves that this was a far from innocent exercise anymore and, furthermore, that this didn’t bother them!

Michelle lay on her back along her bed. Tommy knelt astride her stomach, his heavy balls dangling over her flat belly. The boy pumped his twelve-inch tool, the swollen purple head hovering above her nice plump tits.

Michelle licked her lips as she watched. She enjoyed it when stray drops of sperm hit her arm or even her thighs, but this was the first time Tommy would be aiming the flow onto her directly and deliberately.

“I’m going to finger myself,” Michelle pointed out.

“Go for it Mom, go for it,” panted Tommy, furiously jerking off, “I love watching you finger yourself.”

Michelle squealed internally, just learned he had watched her before as well. She then reached down under Tommy’s crotch down to her own groin, and she slid two fingers into her cunt to the knuckle.

“Mmmm, uuuh,” Michelle moaned, for the first time able to actually frig her juicy cunt in front of her son. She had thought of them as mutual-masturbation session but really this was the first time there had been anything mutual about it, although Michelle had climaxed sometimes just by her son feeling her tits up whilst she pulled his cock.

“Oh my God, I’m gonna cum,” Michelle grinned, working hard on her cunt, her climax rushing up within moments, “Oh God, oh yeah. Oh Tommy, Mommy is cumming…uuuuh!”

She squirmed erotically under Tommy, who continued whacking off whilst kneeling astride her.

“Me too Mom,” he grunted, “Me too…all over your lovely tits Mom….oh GOD!” He pumped his cock with his blurred fist and his sperm began to erupt. It lashed out in stringy wads that sprayed over Michelle’s tits like a warm geyser.

Still in the height tuzla genç escort of her own climax, Michelle moaned with absolute desire and lust, four fingers up her twat and looking down as her son ejected his cum over her chest.

“It’s a big load,” Tommy grinned, slowing down his wrist actions, his prick oozing out the last of his sperm which landed on his mother’s sperm-splattered tits.

“Wow, that was fun,” Michelle said.

Tommy nodded and lay back. Michelle took her fingers out her cunt and lay on her side, facing Tommy, propped up on her elbow.

“You looked so hot frigging yourself Mom,” Tommy commented, looking to the side at his mother’s pretty, smiling face.

“You did too, son. I just loved seeing you stroke that juicy cock over me.”

“I liked seeing it Mom! You should do it more often.”

Michelle smiled. They orginally thought of this as for Tommy’s benefit, just his dear Mom helping him relieve the horny child instead of him doing it himself.

There was also the idea of giving him the thrill and novelty of feeling her tits. Now they had been doing this for six hours and there was no doubt feeling breasts was no longer a novelty for Tommy (although he still loved it!) and now it was clear that both were turned on by the situation to a great degree.

Michelle looked at her handsome young son’s face and leaned over, placing her lips to his. She’d meant it as an affectionate but maternal kiss but soon they were snogging lustilly.

Their tongues slid in and out of one another’s mouths, exploring each other’s gums and wrestling with the other’s tongue. They moaned inwardly with pleasure, Michelle’s tits squashed against her son’s chest, transferring the sperm that covered her breasts to his skin. After a minute they moved apart.

“This is fun Mom,” Tommy grinned, “You’re okay about it though?”

“Of course,” Michelle insisted, stroking her son’s hair, “I like it, we’re both having fun. As long as we don’t have actual…y’know, intercourse…then it’s not sex. And if it’s not sex then it’s not wrong. It’s just… having fun.”

Tommy smiled. Curiously, this was the first time she could remember using the word ‘sex’ with her son. They both agreed with this theory, that they were not really having sex, even though it was pretty much close enough to it! The limits as to how far they would go in their ‘games’ were being pushed back constantly.

“Let’s do this more often Mom,” Tommy said, “We can do loads of things as long as we don’t have actual sex. I can cum on you and all sorts of stuff and…”

“Calm down my hormone boy,” laughed Michelle, kissing the boy again, “let’s take it one day at a time.”


The next evening, they repeated the activity, Michelle fingering her twat whilst her son knelt over her, pumping his cock and spurting his frothing love-sauce over her tits. When they did it again before bed, Tommy hit his Mom in the face with one rather powerful burst of sperm. They both giggled.

They also decided to kissed more frequently. Sometimes it was during or after their mutual masturbation antics, but sometimes it was just when they were sitting around the house.

For example, watching TV in the evening, when the commercial break came on, they’d sometimes just snigger like naughty teenagers as they turned to each other and began to make out, their tongues sliding into one another’s mouths as he would occasionally rub her pussy in her purposely short outfit and she would jerk him off.

Tommy had claimed that he wanted ‘practice’ kissing for when he got a girlfriend, that he’d be ‘more confident’ at kissing if he could just practice with his Mom. Michelle accepted this reason for their hot incestuous French kissing even though she didn’t believe it in her heart anymore than Tommy did.

On Saturday morning, before breakfast, Tommy woke up in bed with a huge hard-on. He recalled with glee that week’s numerous incidents of spurting his cum on his mother’s tits. It had felt fantastic and, like his Mom, he still felt his anxiety about doing such things with his own Mom was minimal. He stroked his prick and wondered if his mother was awake.

Luckily she was, and she knocked on Tommy’s door a moment later. “Come in Mom,” Tommy smiled, kicking the duvet off his bed so that his naked young body was exposed.

“Morning honey,” Michelle chirped as she entered the room. She was nude too, having guessed what her son would be in the mood for.

“I need to jerk-off Mom,” Tommy announced without shame, “Would you care to help?”

“I’m sure I can honey,” Michelle giggled. She hopped up onto the bed next to her son and leaned over him, clamping her lips to his. They kissed gently, passionately but not rampantly.

Then Michelle knelt up again, smiled pleasantly at her horny 18 year old son and reached down to grasp his thick shaft. She stroked it lightly, her legs parted and her cunt pointing towards Tommy.

She reached down and began stroking her clit, moaning softly, tuzla kendi evi olan escort rubbing her clit at the same rate she frigged her son. Tommy was fascinated at the sight of his Mom’s fingers working around her cunt.

When she normally fingered herself these last few days it had been while Tommy was kneeling over her, jerking off on her tits. Her cunt would be under and behind him so this was the first time he’d actually been able to see her fingering herself.

It was a charming sight, his Mom soon easing two fingers into her cunt.

“That looks good,” he breathed, “Finger yourself faster Mom, it’s turning me on.”

“It’s turning me on too,” sighed Michelle, her pink vaginal lips wet and slippery. Her arousal was heightened by the awe and delight in her son’s eyes as he watched her. Her fist pumped Tommy’s throbbing cock at a steady rate.

A few minutes later, Tommy reached out and placed his hand on his Mom’s thigh as she knelt next to him. He ran his fingers up and down her thigh, squeezing the firm limb a few times. He then gently ran his fingertips of her taut lower abdomen, so close to where her fingers were busy sliding in and out of her cunt.

“Let me do it Mom,” he said, after gaining finally gaining the courage, “I want to finger you. You jerk me off Mom, so it’s only fair I return the favor.”

Normally Michelle would have had to think about this, wondering whether it would be ‘okay’ and if she ought to go this extra step. They had gone so far since the innocent activity of Michelle just letting Tommy play with her boobs, right on through him jerking himself on whilst fondling her tits through to now, with them both naked, Michelle fingering her cunt whilst jerking off her son.

Both she and Tommy were still desperately trying to avoid things from getting to the point of being incestous. Michelle’s arousal levels were sky-high though and she cared little for such things now.

“Okay honey,” she panted, “Go for it.” She took her fingers out her cunt and parted her thighs, her twat within easy reach of Tommy. He moved his finger down between her legs and to her cunt, the tips of his digits reaching her furry pubic-mound. He lightly ran his fingers through it, then down to the shiny little clit just beyond where her pubic hair thinned out. He rubbed it, noticing the smile of joy on his mother’s face.

“Rub Mommy’s clit honey,” Michelle urged him, still pumping the boy’s proud tool. For a few minutes Tommy rubbed his mother’s clitoris before he moved down to the pink slit that lead into the womb from which he’d come from eighteen years before-hand. He gently pushed his forefinger and index-finger into it, sliding them easily into the hot wet canal.

“Oh h-honey, fuck… that’s good,” Michelle gasped, this the first time that anyone else had, in a long long time, entered her cunt with their fingers or, indeed, any other bodily appendage! “Finger Mommy Tommy, yes, pleasure me just like I’m frigging you honey.”

“Your wanking me good Mom, I’ll blow my load soon. I want to make you cum though.”

“You will honey…you will…work those fingers in and out of me…that’s it…faster…oh GOD!” Michelle gasped, her climax taking her by surprise, “Oh yeah, yeah….Tommy HONEY. Finger me!”

She pushed her crotch into her son’s fingers, the digits up her twat to the knuckle. Her humongous boobs jiggled as she jerked and writhed in ecstacy, her eyes fluttering.

“Oh honey, I’m cumming, yeah. Yeah.”

“Me too Mom, keep jerking me off…uuuuh!” Tommy cried. His Mom was furiuosly frigging his cock with her clenched fingers round his shaft. His cock began spurting his cum across his belly, Michelle watching with lust as her son’s balls were emptied in a geyser of hot cum.

She jerked him off until his sperm was spent, his sauce sprayed across his belly and chest. Tommy continued frigging his mother’s cunt until her simultaneous orgasm had finished.

“That was fantastic honey,” Michelle grinned, taking her hand from her son’s prick. “It sure was Mom,” Tommy agreed, taking his slick fingers out of his mother’s cunt, “Wow! It’s so much fun when we can please each other. You’ve just been frigging me up until now but I think I should do it to you. It’s a good way of relieving both our libidos and stuff.”

“That’s right honey,” Michelle said, yawning with fatigue, “Phew, I’m tired.” She lay alongside Tommy, giving him a loving kiss. Then they lay next to each other, on their backs, shoulders touching. It was a while before they had the energy to get up for breakfast.


After a morning of chores, they went up to Michelle’s bedroom for more fun before lunch. They were quickly divested of their clothes. “Mom?” began Tommy as he stood their, nude with his long prick thrust out.

“Yes sweetie?” smiled Michelle, elegantly stepping onto the bed . “Can I finger you again?”

“Sure. You did a good job of it earlier, it was nice. You’re really getting the hand of it.”

“How about if I do you seperately? You can just lie back and I’ll work on you.”

“That sounds find honey. Then I’ll…spank your monkey,” Michelle giggled.

The redhead mother lay on her back and spread her legs, feeling comfortable at revealing herself intimately to her son. Tommy got on the bed and knelt between his mother’s legs.

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