Neighborhood Dad Ch. 05



Thank you to all who have stuck with this story so far.

It is amazing to me that so many people have read my chapters and given me nice comments.

Chapter Five

A few days after Halloween, I was sitting at my computer working when the phone rang.


“Henry? This is Neal Goins over at the high school.”

“The school? Is something wrong with Paige? Is she okay?”

“What? Oh, no no no. She’s fine. That’s not why I’m calling.”

“Oh. Whew, you scared me.” What I was thinking was, “You could’ve led with ‘Paige is fine.’”

I was a little preoccupied and missed the start of the next sentence.

“… and she’s planning to move in with her and look after her. So what do you say? Can you help me out?”

I was really lost now.

“Help you out how?”

“With the team, of course.”

That really didn’t clear things up for me.

“Say again?”

After a few more stumbling sentences back and forth, I finally got the gist of the story. Coach Taylor, who was over the girls’ varsity basketball team, was moving back to her hometown because her mother had a stroke.

Practice already had begun, and the new season would get underway in two weeks, and Neal was looking for a new head coach.

“Why not get the JV coach to step up to varsity?”

“Have you met him? He’s only a year out of college. He’s a little young to be taking over a JV team, much less a varsity squad.”

Then he added, “Plus, he’s 23 years old. I really can’t afford to have a horny young man hanging around 17- and 18-year-old girls. Can you imagine what kind of scandal that could create?”

I pictured Randi and thought that I could indeed imagine a scandal with a young woman.

“Listen, you coached these kids growing up, and you come to all the games. There’s nobody that knows these girls like you do.”

Yeah, one of them even saw my naked ass a few days ago, I thought.

“I can’t offer you much of a salary. Say $2,500, maybe as high as $3,000 if I explain to the school board that it’s an emergency.”

“The pay isn’t the problem,” I said. “It’s the scheduling I’m a little worried about. I take a five-day business trip every January. Big show, can’t miss it.”

“We’ll work around that. Reschedule a game or two if we have to. We do it all the time for bad weather.”

“My work goes into overdrive in March. What if the playoffs are going on?”

“The playoffs are in February. The only way we’d still be alive in March is if we went to the state title game, and nobody is expecting you to do that coming in cold off the street.”

“Okay, bayan escort Neal. I’ll take the offer. Let me get off this call so I can tell my assistant coach I won’t be with the youth league this season.”

I wasn’t sure how my daughter would take it, having her dad suddenly be her coach again. I hadn’t done that since she started high school.

It turned out I had nothing to fear. Paige and Lori both were excited at the news and gave me a big hug that evening.

The next afternoon I showed up at East for my first varsity practice.

Neal was right — I did know everyone on the team. Most of them came to the house from time to time, and I did see every game last season.

Tessa was easily the smallest at about 5-foot-2, but very tenacious on defense.

Autumn could dribble the ball and get into the paint at will.

Lori could shoot outside or drive the lane.

My daughter Paige was 5-foot-8, a great size for a wing player, but she was often expected to go inside and battle with bigger girls. I’d worked a lot with her on tips and tricks to get her shot off in traffic.

Kim and Crystal usually came in off the bench, but they were just as good as the starters. Kim was a great shooter, but a little bit prissy and didn’t like physical play. Crystal was just the opposite: scrappy and hard-working but couldn’t make a shot outside 10 feet.

The only player on the team who wasn’t at the Halloween sleepover was the center, Carrie.

At 6-foot-1, Carrie was easily the tallest girl on the team. While that height made her important at basketball, it also made her socially awkward. She tended to walk with her shoulders slumped and her head bowed down to seem shorter. She wasn’t fat in the least, but she had wide hips and muscular arms, but seemed very self-conscious about her size.

There were three other players on the team, but they were young and not ready to take on big roles with the team.

As the practice began, I explained why I was there and what I expected of any team I coached. I asked them to demonstrate some of the offensive plays they had practiced and then went to work tweaking their technique.

During conditioning drills, I stepped off to the side of the court and watched as they jogged laps around the gym.

Carrie had large breasts that couldn’t be fully contained, no matter how stout a sports bra she wore. Every impact of her feet sent those tits wobbling. It was like the opening shot of Baywatch with Pamela Anderson bouncing along the sand.

With an effort, I pulled my eyes away and focused on the others. escort bayan

Tessa was so petite. Short and slender. On her, average-sized breasts looked bigger. She was probably a B cup, but they fit her shape so nicely. Why, if she were nude standing in the surf with the sun glowing off her skin, she’d —

Christ, what was wrong with me? Tessa had been to my house several times. Why was I suddenly checking her out? Sure, she was just so adorably cute, but it’s not like she could be a lingerie model.

Not like Autumn and Kim.

How is it I never noticed how hot these two are? Autumn was maybe 5-5 with nicely rounded hips and perky breasts that were probably closer to a C than a B. Kim was about 5-7 with nice shaping; she also was the most girly one on the team and cleaned up nicely after the game.

Hmm, cleaning up after the game. Autumn and Kim in the showers, possibly soaping each other up. Rubbing their slippery tits together.

Jesus, what is wrong with me?

This is all Randi’s fault. I never had thoughts like this until she brought those gorgeous green eyes and perfect ass into my home.

Okay, maybe these girls weren’t my daughter like Paige, and maybe I hadn’t practically adopted them like I had Lori, but they were part of my extended family. These kinds of thoughts were unacceptable.

At the end of practice, the girls were ready to collapse, but I made them do a few cool-down stretches before heading off to the locker room.

Some of the girls were bending over to touch their toes. Despite all my previous protests against eyeballing the players, I couldn’t help but look them over, trying to decide who had the nicest butt.

Autumn and Kim had nice rears.

I was glad that I wasn’t wearing regular underwear, but a jock strap that kept my cock pulled down. Otherwise I would have had quite a bulge jutting out after staring at their fine asses.

Still, they weren’t quite to the level of the one on the end.

The shorts were pulled tight across these full, muscular cheeks, and the material was squeezed up between her thighs. I thought I could see a hint of her pouch before she rose back up.

Oh shit, it’s Lori.

Suddenly I felt a little sick on my stomach. I couldn’t believe that I was gaze-raping my daughter’s best friend.

“That’s enough, girls. Hit the showers.”

As bad as I felt about leering at Lori, there was no denying the reaction my body had. I was breathing a little faster and swelling down below was getting to the point that I was afraid someone might see.

When bayan escort gaziantep the girls left the floor for their locker room, I quickly strode into the boys’ locker room. The boys were practicing over at the fieldhouse and wouldn’t be bothering us this afternoon.

In the locker room, I couldn’t help but reach down and give the old Johnson a squeeze. It was painfully pushing against the jock strap.

Needing some relief, I slipped my hand inside my waistband and pulled my dick upright.

Instead of going down now that I was out of sight of the girls, my cock took advantage of the new position to stretch out to full length. The head was sticking out above the top of my shorts now.

Fuck me.

What was I going to do? Hide in here until it decided to go back down? Hopefully it would go back down, but what if it didn’t? My daughter was going to be waiting for me and wondering why I was taking so long.

I felt my cock strain in pleasure and realized that I was rubbing the head unconsciously.

With need overcoming my ability to reason, I stepped over to the bathroom stalls and went inside one.

I pulled my shorts and jock strap down and let my full length stretch out before me.

I massaged the stiffening shaft with my right hand as the left reached down to my hot, low-hanging balls.

Autumn and Kim moving around the court so gracefully, Carrie’s big tits bouncing as she ran.

I spit into my palm and began to really work the head with my right as the left slid up to pump the shaft.

Unbelievably, in only a minute or two, I was already feeling the pressure build as my nuts drew up higher.

I imagined watching Autumn and Kim and Carrie doing drills in the nude. Then just as I was about to reach the point of no return, my mental images returned to Lori bent over. Those thick, meaty buns. The slim gap of space at the top of her thighs leading to her sex bulging out the crotch of her shorts.

I began to erupt and quickly leaned forward to the wall behind the toilet. Blast after blast fired out from my cock and splashed into the bowl.

Even before I had finished spasming, the guilt poured in. How could I think of Lori like that? How could I think of any of them like that, but especially Lori?

No matter how much my rational mind protested, however, there was no denying the effect those girls had on my body — and one last tremor shook through me as a reminder.

Quickly, I cleaned myself off, flushed the toilet and went over to the sink to wash my hands. Before I left the room, I did a one-over, checking myself out in the mirror to make sure I wasn’t going out there with a mess sticking to me somewhere like Ben Stiller in There’s Something About Mary.

A few of the girls had already changed and left, but I returned to the court in surprisingly little time.

By the point that Paige exited the locker room, I felt almost back to normal.

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