Nasty Little Sister Ch. 03


Big Tits

By now, it was almost noon- just three hours since Kelly found me in the kitchen trying to search out something to eat for breakfast and gave me her Quid Pro Quo ultimatum. Now, as we lay together in her bed, recovering from our explosive dual orgasms, I thought back to the last three hours and the revelation that my little sister probably had the hots for me as long as I’d had the hots for her. All that time peeking at her and stealing her panties….. I could have had the real thing if I’d only paid attention to Kelly more than I did.

“I was just thinking,” Kelly said as she rolled over toward me, “we should make a list of all the nasty things we’d like to do with each other. We can call it our nasty fantasy wish list. Who knows when we’ll get a chance like this again soon, Big Brother. You know, we’ll be home together for at least three more weeks.”

“Kelly,” I replied, sarcastically, as I grinned at her, “what you really need is some basic sex education first. Every girl your age should already know how to give a good hand job, how to suck a man correctly, swallow cum…. things like that. Then we can work up to the nasty stuff once you’re proficient with those basic skills.” I chuckled to myself at my wisdom.

Kelly elbowed me hard in the side of my chest. “You sound like one of my stuffy old professors at school, Kyle.”

“Okay, okay!” I exclaimed as I rubbed my side and laughed. “How about if we make a list of the top five nasty things each of us would like to do and we’ll spend the Christmas break working on them?”

“Oh, Yes!” Kelly giggled. “When can we start?”

“Well, if you’re really serious about it, we might as well start now since Mom and Dad will be gone all day.” I answered. “Get some paper and something to write with,” I suggested, “we’ll make our nasty wish list and see how many we can start on today.”

Kelly looked at me in disbelief. “Really?” She asked. “You’re not teasing me?”

“Sure!” I replied. “But, we need some rules, first.”

“Rules?” Kelly inquired.

“Well,” I thought, “like….. we both have to agree with what goes on the list. And, you can’t make fun of what someone wants to do. Plus, there’ll be no backing out, Kelly. Once it’s on the list, we have to make an attempt to really do it. We’ll take turns listing stuff – you can go first, then I’ll go, and so on.”

“Kyle,” she said, as she looked at me with a scowl, “that all sounds so official.”

“Maybe so,” I replied, “but, the rules will keep you from chickening out!”

“Like hell!” Kelly exclaimed. “So you think I’m gonna to be the one chickening out? What makes you think that? You don’t know what I’m going to put on the list, Big Brother. I bet you chicken out first.”

“Yeah, we’ll see, Kelly. Don’t forget who the scared little virgin is.” I said, laughing.

“Just because I’m a virgin doesn’t mean I’m a chicken.” Kelly said as she crinkled her nose at me. “Don’t forget who’s been waiting for whom all this time, Big Brother.” Kelly smiled at me, knowing she’d gotten the upper hand.

“So,” Kelly asked after a short pause, “can these wishes be fantasies, too? Something we’d like to do, or see or try, and the other one has to help make it happen?”

“I think that’s fair.” I agreed. “I can think of a few fantasies you might be able to help me with.”

“Sounds good.” Kelly said as she jumped off the bed, in her light blue panties. Very un-lady like, she bent over to look down into her book bag. I couldn’t help but stare at her cute little ass, wrapped in her panties. It was such an amazing sight – her wet panties weren’t doing much to cover her at all, and from the back, I could see the flesh color of her shaved pussy through the wet material and one edge of her panties was trying to creep up between her pussy lips. Kelly looked back over her shoulder and saw me staring at her ass. Then grinning and shuffling her feet apart, she stuck her butt out at me.

I could only stare at her. The view I had couldn’t have been any better if I’d planned it and posed her myself. Kelly’s panty covered pussy, clearly on display to me from behind, was framed perfectly between her legs. And, as she dug down into her book bag to get one of her class notebooks and a pencil, she wagged her ass at me seductively, trying to act as if she was doing it unintentionally.

Finally turning around, she walked up next to the bed and stood there. “You really get off on looking at me in my underwear, don’t you?” Kelly asked, peering down at my cock, which was starting to get hard again.

“Panties.” I corrected her. “I prefer to call them panties.”

“Tell me,” my sister inquired, as she watched my cock grow in length, “if you had a choice, would you rather see me in my panties or completely naked?”

“Hard to say.” I answered. “Both, I guess. I do get really turned on when I see you in your panties or catch a glimpse of them when you’re dressed. But, it’s been a fantasy of mine for a long time to see you naked – I mean….. up close and naked.”

“I’ve bursa otele gelen escort never minded you seeing me naked, Kyle.” Kelly replied. “I used to pray you’d come in my room each night after Mom and Dad went to sleep…. I’d pretend to be asleep while you looked at my vagina.”

“Kyle,” she added, as she spread her legs a little and tugged the waistband of the light blue panties up so the crotch panel was pulled up tightly into her, “you don’t mind talking about this kind of stuff, do you?”

“Talking about what?” I replied.

“My panties and my vagina, Kyle.” Kelly answered. “I want to know what really turns you on.”

So while Kelly stood in front of me with the notebook and pencil in her hand, I told her all the different ways I got off on her panties. I told her how I always try to get a peek up her skirts and even up the legs of her shorts, and how I’d love it if she would flash me a glimpse of her panties when she saw me looking. We talked about how I used to scour her room for worn panties, and when she asked me how many times I’d masturbated with her panties, I told her I wasn’t sure – probably hundreds of times.

“Well,” she said after a few minutes, “like I told you this morning, I knew you were taking my panties, but I really had no idea you were so into them. It’s kind of flattering,” she continued, “to know you’re so turned on by the smell of my vagina, Kyle. It’s pretty nasty, but, it turns me on.”

Then she smiled and looked at me, saying, “We have to be careful around Mom and Dad, though. Believe it or not, over the summer Mom actually said something to me about keeping myself covered in front of you and Dad.”

I nodded my head in agreement since I knew it would be disastrous if my parents found out I’d been stealing and jerking off with Kelly’s panties. But, as I nodded my head, Kelly started swaying her hips from side to side in front of me, very slowly – like she was trying to tempt me or dance seductively for me. My eyes were totally locked on that little piece of blue silkiness between her legs.

“Can you see my vagina through my panties when I pull them up like this?” Kelly asked.

Kelly stepped closer to the bed, spread her feet out a little more and thrust her pelvis out at me. “Kyle?” She said softly. “Look down here.” Kelly said as her free hand moved down to the gusset of her panties, gliding lightly over her lips and then deeper down – way between her legs. “It’s all wet down here, Kyle….”

Kelly’s fingers were pushing the material of her panties in between her pussy lips. I could see the glistening wetness on her fingers and on the silky blue material. I was mesmerized by what she was doing; half masturbating and half exhibiting herself.

“Can you see my vagina through my panties?” Kelly asked again. Her voice was low and her face was flushed. I got the distinct impression she was embarrassed, but she continued rubbing herself as she looked at me.

I nodded my head in complete rapture as I watched her hand. She spread her feet another few inches apart and pressed the palm of her hand against her mound. My cock was straining now, watching the little show she was putting on.

“I told you I’ve been keeping myself shaved, didn’t’ I?” Kelly said, much softer now – almost whispering. “I did it so you’d be able to see my vagina without any hair in the way.”

I looked up into Kelly’s eyes and she had a very serious look on her face. “Would you mind saying that….. just once? Tell me you can see my vagina.”

My cock was completely hard and it was throbbing again. My little sister was standing in front of me with her panties pulled up into her pussy lips and she kept repeating the word ‘Vagina’. This was so fucking hot. Kelly was so fucking hot.

“Kelly,” I answered, as I swung my legs over the edge of the bed and sat facing her, “the way your panties are pulled up like that, I can almost see your vagina. But, I can’t see it clearly yet, little sister. If you want me to see your vagina, you’re going to have to come closer and let me pull your panties down. Then I’ll be able to see it much better.” It was my turn to tease her, now. I knew she wanted me to look – especially with the way she kept saying ‘vagina’ and the tone of her voice.

Kelly’s eyes were almost glazed over. She was totally quiet as she took the step or two to come right up to the edge of the bed, straddling my legs as they hung over. As she looked down on me, I reached for my cock and tugged on it a few times while I looked at her panties. She smiled as I masturbated myself and I smiled back.

“I could look at you like this for hours.” I said, quietly. “I’d love to have you stand in front of me with just your panties on and stroke myself while I look at you. Then I’d pull your panties down slowly – just a little at a time while I jerked off. I’d make you stand there so long, Kelly…… making you expose yourself to me while I stroked my cock, and when I was escort bayan ready to cum, I’d stand up and shoot my cum all over your hairless vagina and then I’d probably finger you until you came. That would be nasty, eh?”

Kelly lightly touched herself as I spoke. She appeared to be in some kind of dream state – at a place between fantasy and reality. So, softly, almost whispering, I said, “Once I pull your panties down, you’ll be completely exposed to me. It’s not like when I was peeking at you through a door, little sister.”

“But, that’s what you want, isn’t it?” I asked. “You want me to see your vagina. You want me to see how you shaved it. You want me to look at your sex, don’t you?”

Kelly didn’t answer me, and I was counting on that.

“I’m warning you right now, Kelly.” I said in a stern tone. “If you don’t stop me soon, I’ll pull your panties down and I’ll see everything. You won’t have any where to hide, I hope you know that.” I said, trying to drag this out as long as I could, hoping the anticipation would make her go crazy.

“Think of what your friends would say if they knew you were standing in front of your big brother about to let him pull your panties down and see your bare vagina….. your sex, Kelly…… your pussy. You’re about to let your brother see you completely naked. You realize that, and that’s what you want. Right?” I asked.

“Uh huh.” Kelly finally whispered.

“And you’re going to remain still and let me look. Isn’t that right?” I teased.

Kelly’s eyes opened for a second and she looked down at me with a blush on her face. “Yes.” She answered.

“Good.” I replied. “We’re on the same page, then. But,” I added, “there’s a catch. If I do this for you, I want you to do something in return for me. Quid Pro Quo, right?”

My little sister nodded her head. The blush from her face spread to her chest and I watched her begin to fidget while she stood there.

“I want to see you touch yourself.” I continued. “Just to prove to me that you want me to look at your naked vagina, I want you to touch yourself while I watch. Are you ready?”

Kelly was breathing shallow now and her hips were slowly gyrating as she stood in front of me, still touching herself outside her panties. The tone of my voice was soft, but I tried to speak dominantly, and it seemed like she was eating it up. I’d never seen Kelly like this, I’d never seen her so easy to coax – so submissive.

I didn’t wait for my little sister to reply. I reached up to take the notebook and pencil out of her hand and set them on the bed next to me. “This is your last chance to change your mind.” I warned her. Surely, she had to expect in just a few moments I would begin to lower her panties until her shaved pussy was revealed to me and then she’d be required to touch herself.

When she didn’t say or do anything, I reached over to grasp the hand she was using to lightly stroke herself. I raised her fingers to my nose and I sniffed them, smelling her female juices and then finally putting her fingers in my mouth to suck them. When I’d cleaned her fingers, I told her to put her hands to her side and not to move them. Then, slowly, I moved both my hands to the waistband of her panties.

As she looked down at me, I let my hands roam around to the back of her ass, feeling the soft, silky material of her panties as I fondled her. Leaving one hand on her bottom and moving one hand to the soft triangle in the front, I moved both hands directly between her thighs and pressed them up against her pussy.

“Oh,” I moaned, “are you enjoying being my submissive little sister? You must be, because you’re so warm and wet down here. I can’t wait to pull your panties down and see my sister’s vagina up close, and, I’m going to take those panties, Kelly – I’ve even got a plastic baggie to put them in so they’ll still be wet for me tonight when I’m lying in bed jacking off with them.

She was quivering with anticipation. I’d made her stand there for so long now, telling her what I was going to do and giving her an ample amount of time to let her imagination run away with her. I simply couldn’t wait any longer – my poor cock was hard and throbbing, even though I had a huge cum not so long ago.

I hooked my fingers into the waistband of her panties and looked up at her. “I’m gonna do it now, Kelly, and I want you to be a good girl and stand there perfectly still and let me pull your panties down and see your vagina. When I tell you, I want you to start rubbing your clit and make yourself cum while I watch.”

As I finished talking, I began to pull her panties down. I kept myself from ripping them down her legs, or, from pulling the front down so I could see her pussy. Instead, I moved slowly, creeping them down her hips; maybe a half inch every thirty seconds. Each time I lowered them, I looked up to gauge her reaction. The first few times, I couldn’t see much change, but, as her panties got low enough to where she knew the top of her mudanya escort slit was going to show, she began to breath faster and deeper.

“Not long now, little sister.” I said, looking up into her eyes. I stopped for a brief period of time and jacked my cock a few strokes just so she’d know how much it was turning me on to do this to her. She gasped when she saw precum starting to leak from the tip of my cock – her eyes got big and her lips parted as if she was in awe of what she was seeing.

I hadn’t planned to do anything like this, but when I saw her staring down at the precum leaking out of my cock head, I grasped her hips and forced her to take a step backwards. Then, as quick as I could, I stood up, put my left hand on her shoulder and pushed her down in front of me.

“On your knees, my submissive little cutie!” I said, sternly. “You’re the one that made my cock leak like this, so I think you need to clean it up.”

She looked up at me as I hovered over her holding my cock in my right hand. “Stick your tongue out, Kelly.” I said to my little sister.

She opened her mouth and extended her tongue out as she peered at me. Then slowly, I inched my cock to her tongue and placed the head of my cock right in front of her. “Watch.” I said, as I squeezed my cock. More precum appeared and when it was about to drip off, I smeared it on her tongue and told her to taste it.

“Taste it,” I whispered, “it’s your fault, Kelly. You got me so excited, you made my cum start to leak. Seeing my nasty little sister in her cute little panties and knowing you wanted to expose your vagina to me….. well, it’s too damn much.”

As she tasted my precum, I rubbed my cock on her face and then squeezed another drop of precum to the tip and told her to stick her tongue out again. One more time, I wiped my cock head on her tongue and told her to taste it. While she did, I thumped my cock on her cheek and grinned down at her.

“I ought to bend you over the bed and take your virginity right now.” I said. “It’s not fair to me, you know….. to have a little sister who’s as beautiful as you are and who wants me to see her naked. Now, open your mouth again.”

She opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue one more time. When she did, I squeezed out a huge drop of precum and told her to kiss my cock. My sister pursed her lips and kissed the tip of my rod, slathering my precum all across her mouth.

“Enough!” I gasped. “I’ve got to see you naked now. I can’t take this any longer!”

I reached down and helped her up. Then, sitting down I pulled her back in front of me and put my hand on her hips. “I have to be honest with you, Kelly, I don’t feel guilty about this at all. So, unless you’re gonna me to stop right now, I’m pulling your panties down and I’m going to get a nice, long, and close up look at your vagina.”

Kelly was absolutely quivering and shaking now. Her panties were half pulled down already and I knew if I lowered them anymore, I’d be able to see her pussy. “I was going to tease and torment you and take your panties down slowly to give you time to change your mind.” I told her. “But now, all that’s over and they’re gonna come down and you’re going to show your big brother what you have in there and you’re going to play with yourself for me and make yourself cum.”

Kelly nodded her head slightly, and when she did, I pulled her panties down to her knees and left them there. She took a quick intake of breath and reached out to steady herself on my shoulder. “Oh, fuck!” My little sister gasped.

Kelly’s pussy was perfect. Her outer lips were slightly parted and her clit was poking its little head out at the top of her slit. I glanced up at her face and saw she’d closed her eyes, but, I wanted her to see what I was going to do next, so I told her to open them. Then, I asked her to spread her feet apart and when she’d done it, I raised my hand and placed my finger at the crease between her lips and I held it there.

“You say you’re a virgin, huh?” I asked. Kelly nodded.

“I’ll need to confirm that.” I said, smiling up to her. “You won’t mind me doing a quick check will you?”

“No.” She replied softly.

“First, I want these panties.” I said as I leaned down to the end of the bed and picked up the baggie I’d brought up from the kitchen. Then, as I pulled her panties down her legs and she stepped out of them, I folded the light blue silkies and put them into the baggie and sealed it up carefully.

“Tonight while you’re in bed, you can think about me over in my room as I’m sniffing and sucking your panties while I stroke myself.” I tried to be as graphic as possible because I wanted her to get a good visual of how I was going to use her panties and judging from the expression on her face, she knew exactly what I was going to do.

“Come closer,” I instructed, “I want to see how wet you are inside and check your virginity.”

She shuffled forward and spread her feet without being told to do so. “You’ve got a beautiful vagina, Kelly.” I remarked as I ran my fingers up and down her crease. “I’ll be careful not to hurt your hymen….. at least for now. We’ll let my cock take care of that later. For right now, I just want to check and make sure your hymen in still in there and I want to see how wet and turned on you are.”

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