Naive Sister

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Double Penetration

My name is Jason and I am twenty years old. I just returned home to my parent’s house from college. I was going to take it easy this summer and just kick back. My parents would be at work during the day and I only had my eighteen year old sister, Amy, to contend with. I love my sister but she can be a handful. She is quite smart but very naive for her age. I don’t know how she will cope when she gets out into the real world.

When I woke up that first morning home I was so horny. I was on my back in bed and naked. I began to stroke my cock hoping I would get off. My dick was so hard and I was nearly there when my bedroom door burst open.

“Jason, I…”

In ran my sister and her eyes went directly to my erect dick.

“I’m so sorry” she said and then she turned around and ran from my room.

Damn, I wish Amy would learn to knock. I put on a pair of shorts and a shirt and I walked down the hallway to my sister’s room. I was going to have to apologize for her seeing me like that. I also needed to tell her to knock first. The door was open into my sister’s room. There was Amy sitting on the edge of the bed.

“I’m sorry you saw that but you need to knock first,” I told her.

“Are you mad at me Jason?”

I told her I wasn’t mad. I have to admit that my young sister was quite cute. She had light brown hair to her shoulders. I know I shouldn’t look but my sister had a very hot body. I wonder why she had never gone out with other guys. Maybe it was because she was so backwards when it came to that sort of thing. I sat down on the bed next to my sister and we talked.

“I’m sorry Jason, I just never saw a naked man before.”

I could believe that. My parents didn’t know what to do about their daughter. She just seemed lost most of the time.

“Do they normally get that big?” She asked me.

How was I going to explain to Amy about me stroking my cock. Before I could say a thing, Amy spoke again.

“Let me see you naked Jason, please?”

I tried to explain to my sister that brothers and sisters shouldn’t be naked in front of each other. My sister çankaya escort wasn’t listening. Amy kept saying she wanted to see me naked. Against my better judgment I stood up and dropped my shorts to the floor. Amy looked close at my dick and then she did something I should have stopped. My sister reached out and took my cock in her one hand.

I should have pulled away but Amy started to massage my dick. I hadn’t had any sex for the last few months. I couldn’t bring myself to make her stop.

“I never saw a man’s thing before,” she said to me.

All I knew was that my cock was starting to get hard. That was when my sister leaned over and started to lick my dick. My body stiffened as well as my cock. I know I should have told her to stop but I couldn’t tell her no. Amy was licking my dick like a popsicle.

“Does that feel good, am I doing it right?” She asked.

Oh, it felt good alright. Like an idiot I told her that she should place her lips around my rod and do it that way. Amy didn’t miss a beat. She wrapped her mouth around me. I couldn’t remember the last time I had a blowjob. I placed a hand on the back of her head and Amy went up and down my shaft. I even started to thrust my cock down my sister’s throat. She actually was going right down to the root like it was nothing to her.

After a few minutes of that my bone was rock hard. Amy pulled away and looked up at my face. I must have been out of it.

“Will you make love to me, Jason?”

I could hardly believe my ears. I told my sister that brothers and sisters shouldn’t do that sort of thing. Amy didn’t want to hear that. She pulled away and stood up. My sister started to shed her clothes. I was soon staring at my sister’s incredible body. Amy had pear shaped breasts and I was looking directly at her pubic thatch. I know she was my sister but I was having a hard time controlling my urges.

Amy walked over to me an crawled up into my lap. My cock was pressed against her mound and her tits were right in my face. Amy placed her arms around my neck and she started to grind into my crotch. demetevler escort What do you do when your sister comes onto you like that? I guess I lost my self control right then. I pushed my hard cock against her pussy lips. I could feel my mushroom head right at her opening. Now was the time to stop but I didn’t.

The head of my cock slipped in past her folds. We just looked each other in the face. I didn’t stop and pull out. Instead my cock began to slide into my sister’s passage.

“It hurts but don’t stop,” she told me.

One thing was for sure, my sister was still a virgin. It took some minutes but I finally broke through. Once I did, I just rested my dick inside my sister’s pussy. I could feel Amy’s muscles gripping me hard. My sister started to bounce up and down on me. I didn’t help matters by me thrusting up into my sister. Here we were sitting on the bed with my cock buried inside my sister’s virgin hole.

I kept thinking I need to pull out before I would cum. That wouldn’t be a good thing, seeding my unprotected sister. I even started to kiss her pink nipples. That really got Amy wound up tight.

“You feel so good Jason, I like what you are doing.”

I just lost it that morning. What can I say? I was feeding my cock to my young sister and she was getting so worked up.

It got to the point where my balls were pinching. I needed to stop soon.

“Amy, I need to pull out,” I said.

No, don’t pull out Jason!”

Amy sat down hard on my dick and she held me tight with her arms around my neck. I got to the point where I could no longer hold back. I started squirting my hot seed into my sister’s body. Amy must have climaxed the same time I did. Her body was shaking as I kept blasting my sticky oils into her pussy. All I could think of was that this was a big mistake. I never stopped thrusting into my sister’s opening. I must have had a giant load to give her that morning.

It took some time but we both managed to cool down. Amy let go of me and she stood up. Her legs seemed wobbly as she told me she better get cleaned up. emek escort Off went my sister to the bathroom. I sat there stunned, to be honest. I knew I had made a big mistake. Amy did come back to the bedroom. My eyes went to her beautiful body. Amy got back onto the bed and we kissed.

“This is our secret Amy, Mom and Dad can never know about this.”

Amy told me she would never say a word. Just like that my sister moved down to my cock. She brought it to her mouth and she sucked me one more time. I didn’t think I had it in me to get hard again but I was wrong. My cock was soon standing straight up again.

“Can we do it again, Jason?” Amy asked.

What can I say, I had Amy lie back and I flipped over onto my sister. I guided my cock to her opening and I entered my sister one more time. Amy wrapped her legs around my back and I started to slide my cock in and out. I could still feel some of my cum lubricating my sister’s pussy. All I can say is I gave it to my sister even harder this time around.

Amy was practically screaming for me to feed her my cock. I would almost pull out and then slide all the way in as our mounds touched together. How long did we do it this second time? I have no idea. I lowered my face and I was biting on Amy’s hard nipples. All I know is that my sister needed fucked badly. Her pussy muscles had me in a vise like grip. I didn’t think I could do it but I gave my sister a second load of my cum.

I arched my back and it felt like I had turned on a hose. Amy’s eyes got big when she felt me explode inside her a second time. We did finish up and I rested my cock inside my sister’s hot pussy.

“I love you Jason, I want you to be my lover.” Amy told me.

The reality switch finally went on inside me. I gave my sister two loads of my baby cream and we hadn’t used any protection. I just hoped nothing drastic would happen. That summer ended up being one giant fuck fest between Amy and myself. We made love nearly every day. Amy seemed like she couldn’t get enough of my cock. To be honest, I couldn’t get enough of my sister either.

It was just days away from me returning to school. Amy says she want to come and visit me whenever she can. I know this is all going to end up wrong but I seemed to be addicted to my sister’s hot body. I already am thinking of my sister visiting me at school and we fuck once again.

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