My Wife’s Secret Needs



My wife and I have only been married for 3 years when her son from a previous marriage came back to live with us. He and his mother had lived together until he was ten but decided he wanted to live with his father on the west coast. Now at eighteen he was back. His father had remarried and things didn’t work out.

If only one thing in our house was true it was that Nora and I loved sex. That is why she and her first husband divorced. She is very sexual and loved having sex as often as possible and he just couldn’t keep up. She keeps herself in great shape and when that doesn’t work there is always surgery. Although she is 42 she doesn’t look a day over 30. She has an amazing flat stomach and medically enhanced 38D tits. Her ass is as tight as the day I met her and she loves to keep it that way. Her idea of sex usually starts by role playing. Nothing harsh just something to make it interesting along the way. Lately I have gotten more and more into it also drawing the role play out and making her earn the sexual release she desperately desires.

Jimmy had moved back in about a month ago and that had put a damper on our sexual activities. He is a good looking boy and I have caught him ogling his mother more than once. When I mentioned that fact to her she just smiled and asked me if I had a problem with it. “No, why should I?” Nora just laughed again and walked off.

It wasn’t unusual for Nora to be fixing coffee in the morning and for me to catch Jimmy standing in the doorway rubbing his cock watching his mother in her short gown. Nora rarely wears panties so I was sure when she bent over to get the coffee from the lower cabinet Jimmy was getting a good shot of his mother’s cunt.

Like I said Jimmy being around had slowed out role playing but after a month Nora couldn’t stand it anymore.

“Stan, tonight I want you to tie me up and make believe you are my master and I’m your slave. You can do anything you want except pain!”

“Anything? You want me to be in total, complete control!”

“Yes, I need to feel you in charge so I’m ready for anything!”

With that the roles were assigned and I knew what I had to do. About 10pm Nora and I told Jimmy that we were going to bed and would see him in the morning. That entire evening I had been watching Jimmy look over at his mother as if he could eat her alive and I didn’t blame him. Nora always looked even sexier when she got horny and after a month of very little sex she was as horny as I had ever seen her. Nora was sitting back on the couch and absently mindedly rubbing her pussy as Jimmy was stoking his rather large cock though his shorts. I pretended not to notice but it was hard to ignore since Nora was wearing a very short bathrobe with nothing under it and her nipples were as hard as rocks and sticking out a good quarter of an inch. I could tell she was so fucking horny that I could have jumped her right there and she wouldn’t mind.

Once we got to our bedroom I ordered her to strip and lay on her back. I secured her hands and feet to the bedpost and put on a movie that showed two men and one woman. I knew from experience that this would get her going. Also since she couldn’t touch herself I knew that in no time she would be begging to be fucked.

“OK, this is the way you wanted it. I don’t want to hear a sound out of you. Just watch your movie and think about Jimmy eating your bald little pussy!”

That make Nora’s eyes open wide!

“How did you know what I was thinking?”

“I told you not to speak! Porno Now shut up and watch.”

“But Stan, how did you know?”

“I could tell by the way you have been acting lately. Showing off your cunt to you son every time you had the chance. Rubbing you little pussy while he sat across the room and watched. You did everything but fuck yourself in front of him!”

With that Nora chuckled. “Are you mad?”

“No but tonight I’m in charge so do as I say or you won’t get fucked tonight!”

“Stan, where are you going?”

“Out! I’ll be back later.”

I left the bedroom but as I did I left the door cracked. Although Nora couldn’t see the door I knew anyone passing by could see Nora. I walked into the living room and peeked inside. I could see Jimmy watching TV and stroking what appeared to be a very large cock. I’m built fairly well at 8 inches but Jimmy appeared to have a 9 inch or better. As I passed the door I yelled at Jimmy that I had to go out for a little while but I would be back in about an hour. “Your mom is in bed if you want to say goodnight.”

With that I left the house and pulled out of the driveway. I pulled around the corner and parked the car. I eased my way through the back gate and saw Jimmy looking out the front window still stroking his hard cock. I guess he wanted to make sure I had gone before going to our bedroom.

Less than a minute later I saw Jimmy start down the hallway so I slipped into the house through the backdoor making sure I didn’t make any noise. I crept through the kitchen to the hallway entrance and looked around the corner. Jimmy was looking through the crack at the door at his mother. I didn’t blame him if I was in that position I would too.

I could tell Jimmy wanted more and I guess he thought it was now or never. I watched him slip into out bedroom without his mother seeing him. I eased my way down the hall and I could hear Nora moaning as she watched the two men on the screen fuck a beautiful big tittied woman.

By now Jimmy had released his hard cock from the confines of his shorts and was standing beside the bed stoking his monster. As I peered through the door I could see Nora as she finally realized she wasn’t alone.

“Oh fuck!!! Jimmy, what are you doing? How did you get in here?”

Jimmy didn’t respond. I guess he just didn’t know what to say. Just then Nora looked down and saw Jimmy’s huge cock pointed straight at her face. I knew Nora didn’t have the will power to refuse such a sizeable cock especially in her current state.

“Oh Jimmy…..Jimmy your cock. I didn’t know you were so grown up. Forgive me baby but your mama’s horny. Can you help me out? Come here baby. Let mama see that hunk of meat!”

Jimmy eased closer to his mother and put one knee on the bed while still slowly stoking his meat. He leaned over as his mother lifted her head from the pillow and opened her mouth to take in the head of her son’s dripping cock.

“Ahhhh…mom that feels so fucking good. Ahhhh….Ohhhhhh yea mama. Suck me….suck my cock mom!”

Jimmy eased up a little further to give his mother more and more of his cock. Nora lay back on the pillow and told Jimmy to get over her so she could have more. Jimmy dropped his pants so he could straddle his mother’s huge tits. Then he let go of his cock and leaned forward taking hold of the headboard of the bed dropping his cock into his mother’s open mouth. Nora squirmed around until she could get the head of her son’s cock back in Altyazılı Porno her mouth and started sucking as much of that meat into her mouth as she could.

“Oh fuck mom….yea ….suck me. Suck me mama!! I wanted you to suck my cock for so long. Ahhhh…. Yes…Keep sucking. You’re going to make me cum!!!!”

Jimmy was fucking his mother’s face as she struggled to keep his cock in her mouth. Since her hands and feet were still tied to the bed she squirmed and squirmed to keep from loosing her son’s cock.

“Oh yea mom! Suck it!! Take all of it!!! Suck my fucking cock mom! Ahhhhhhh fuck I’m cumminggg!!!!”

With that Jimmy let loose a huge load of cum that Nora had no possible way of swallowing. By now I had slipped into the bedroom and was standing at the end of the bed. I could see Nora’s cunt dripping juice as she was sucking her son’s cock and I could watch Jimmy’s ass clench tight as he was fucking his mother’s mouth and letting loose a torrent of cum.

Jimmy backed off letting his cock slip out of his mother’s mouth and letting it flop in between his mother’s tits.

“Oh fuck mom! That was great. I’m sorry for barging in but Stan told me to check on you.”

Nora’s eyes lit up as cum was running down her cheeks and neck. Nora kept looking at Jimmy then at his cock. I knew she wasn’t satisfied and was more cock hungry and horny than when her son came in. By now she didn’t care if she had been setup or not. She needed a cock and she didn’t care where is came from.

“That’s OK baby. You have a wonderful cock and if you can get it up again I know of another place you can put that piece of meat!”

“What about me? Don’t you want what I have to offer anymore?”

As soon as I spoke Jimmy snapped around landing beside his mother allowing Nora to look me straight in my eyes.

“I don’t want to hear a word from you. You told me I could do anything with you tonight that I wanted and this is just the beginning!”

Jimmy had a look of fear on his face and started to back away from me.

“Jimmy, don’t worry about it. I have known for a long time that you wanted to fuck you mother and that she wanted to fuck you. So if you don’t have any other plans for tonight how about we make both your dreams come true.”

Jimmy relaxed and smiled. I could tell he was ready. I looked down and his cock was already getting hard again.

“OK Nora, just this once I going to let you choose. Which cock do you want first? Mine or your son’s.”

Nora smiled and looked over at her son’s already hard cock.


I was a little surprised but then again knowing Nora I should have guessed.

“Ok then, Jimmy untie your mother and lay on your back. Your mom is about to get her wish.”

Jimmy untied her hands as I untied her feet. He then lay on his back and his cock pointed straight up all 9 ½ inches of it. Nora rolled over on top of her son and took hold of his cock and eased it into her dripping snatch. She leaned over and Jimmy took hold of her 38D’s and started sucking like a baby. It took her a couple of minutes but eventually she had all of her son’s cock imbedded in her dripping pussy.

“Oh fuck yes baby. That feels wonderful. Ohhhh… Keep sucking your mama’s tits. Suck them just like you did when you were a baby. Oh what a big fucking cock you have. Ahhhhhh…. Give me that monster meat!!! Shove that big prick up your mama’s cunt baby!!”

I got up on the bed behind Nora and started licking Brazzers her asshole. I could see and smell the sex as Nora continued to try and get her son’s cock all the way into her dripping cunt. I reached down and stoked Jimmy’s cock as it was slowly sawing in and out of his mother’s cunt. I was licking Nora’s tiny puckered asshole as I continued to fondle Jimmy’s balls and stoke his fat cock.

“Ahhhhhh…. Yes Stan….Oh fuck that feels good!!! You like my big cock Stan?” Jimmy asked.

“Doesn’t feel too bad….but we’ll have to save that for later. I think you mother needs a good ass fucking right now!”

I squirted some Astroglide onto my cock and rubbed the head against Nora’s puckered asshole.

“Hold still Nora while I get you slicked up. You wanted both of us and your about to get your wish.”

Nora turned back towards me as she impaled herself on her son’s cock.

“Stan, I don’t know if I can take both of you. Jimmy’s cock is so fucking big and I already feel full!”

“To late now Nora dear! Your about to be filled to the brim and it’s too late to back out now!”

Jimmy and his mom stopped while I rubbed the head of my glistening dick up and down against Nora’s shit chute. I started to ease the head of my dick into Nora’s ass when I felt Nora start to spasm. She was already having an orgasm and we hadn’t even started fucking her good yet.

“Oh fuck Stan! You’re filling me up. I’ve never had so much cock in me at the same time. Oh fuck me you horny bastards. Both of you. I need to be fucked!!!!”

With that I started shoving more and more of my 8 inches into Nora’s bowels as Jimmy started sliding his cock in and out of her steamy cunt.


Jimmy and I got a rhythm fucking his mother’s cunt and asshole at the same time. I could feel Jimmy’s young hard cock sliding back and forth as I did my best to shove my cock deep in Nora’s ass.


“I can’t hold back mom! I gonna cum in your tight fucking cunt!!!!”

As soon as I felt Jimmy let loose I couldn’t contain my orgasm any longer. I shoved my cock as deep into Nora’s ass as I could get and let go of all the cum I had been storing up for the past month.


With that Nora fell over on top of her son and passed out. My dick slid out of her tight little asshole with a pop. Nora rolled over on her side and her son’s cock slid out of his mother’s cunt. I could see cum running out of Nora’s cunt and ass at the same time. Nora looked up at me and smiled.

“Ah fuck! That was incredible! I feel like I have been impaled on two poles. Is that all you two have for tonight or do you have something else in mind?”

“That depends on Jimmy. As for me I plan on getting some of your pussy before the night is over. How about you Jimmy. Are you ready to fuck you mother’s ass yet?”

“Give me a few minutes but the answer to your question is yes. I want my mother’s ass! I’m not near finished!”

“There you have it Nora.”

With that we decided to take a break so Nora could clean up while Jimmy and I took some time to recover. It was already after midnight but when it comes to pussy it’s never too late.


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