My Wife Shares Me W/Family Ch. 04



The night after our group sex in our tent, the guys came back from fishing and we had a great fish fry. Aunt Janet and the other women had everything ready and waiting to fry dinner. In between sips of beer and bites of fish, Damon rehashed for us their day.

“Jason probably landed the biggest one,” Damon smiled, “But I caught the most.”

Nikki brought her plate of fish and sat down next to me, closer than what was really needed. I looked at her and smiled, visions forever burnt into my mind of her perfectly tanned ass and her bouncy tits.

“What you guys talking about?” she asked. She wore her usual camping attire of a tube top and really short shorts; it didn’t matter who you were, you were always going to stare.

“Just our day out on the boat,” her brother Jackson, or Jacks, replied. “What did you guys do? Lie around all day, work on your tan?”

Aunt Janet sat down across from us, next to her son. “Some of us went to town. The young girls stayed back.” She’d barely looked at me since their return. Janet was in her mid-40’s, Nikki had gotten her good looks from her mom. Janet was as tall with the matching long legs, but the obvious difference was her hips. Birthing hips, I believe they’re called, after having three kids. She had wide hips, which made her have a wide ass. She was by no means big, I’d guess 135 or 140 pounds, with a nice set of 36B’s.

“Did you girls keep Tony entertained, or was he bored to death?” Janet asked.

My girlfriend Jessica couldn’t help but laugh. “He lasted about 20 minutes before he blew us off. Too much girlie talk I guess.”

I patted her on her thigh, my fingers creeping up towards her crotch. “The tortures you put me through.” Right after we’d finished, the girls went to shower, hoping to rinse off the scent of sex. I had wanted to join at least one of them, but being a women’s bathroom open to all campers, I couldn’t sneak in.

After dinner, I got into a game of beanbag toss, or cornhole. My partner ended up being Nikki, against her mom and her cousin Brian. Janet was on my side, with Brian and Nikki 30 feet away from us.

“Take it easy on us Tony,” Aunt Janet smiled. Looking at her was like looking at an older Nikki, my perverted mind wondered with erotic thoughts.

Putting my beer down, I smiled back. “I’ll see what I can do.” We’d always had a cordial relationship since Jessica brought me around to family functions, after we’d been together a few months. I liked her and I knew she liked me, in a nephew/aunt sort of way of course.

Alternating our throws, I ended up with two bags in the hole and one on the board; she had none. “Way to go Tony, let’s skunk these fools.” Nikki said bouncing around. Her stunning boobs jiggled with her movement. Brian watched along.

I grabbed my beer and stood out of the way as the other two threw. Janet stood beside me as we watched. “That is not what I had in mind, mister.” She smiled through a faked grimace. I playfully wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her closer to me.

“Don’t worry, my aim only approves with the more I drink.” Brian had put two on the board; we were up 5-2. Janet’s aim was still off, but I’d only managed to put one on. Jessica crept up from behind me with a cold beer for me. She very noticeably snaked her hand up my thigh and over my crotch, knocking into my cock.

“Now you take it easy on Aunt Janet, I don’t want you to hurt her.” She was drunk. I laughed uncontrollably as she fought to stand. She gave me a wet kiss before she left. While I was getting frisked, my eyes were on Janet the whole time. Her eyes had been glued to Jessica’s hand and my crotch. My laughter broke her out of her trance.

As the game progressed, and I’d drunk a few more beers, we were up 18-9. Brian and Nikki were throwing, Aunt Janet wrapped her arm around my waist. I was a few inches taller than her, so I looked down and smiled. I put my arm around her shoulders and gave her a friendly squeeze.

“Now, I want a rematch tomorrow, with a better partner!” Janet laughed. Her right hand had begun on my waist, but began sliding down to my hip. I didn’t think anything of it, not wanting my over sexed ego to take an innocent gesture and turning it into something it was not.

“Yeah well Aunt Janet, I can’t teach you that the point of this game is to get these bags,” Brian showed her a blue cornhole bag, “to stay onto that board.” Nikki laughed and pushed her cousin. Nikki put one in the hole giving us 21.

“That could be the winner!” she exclaimed. Suddenly I felt her mom’s hand slide down to my ass. Now, not to brag, but I’ve got a decent body. No 6 pack or a hard stomach, but I’m in good physical shape, with strong, broad shoulders from many years of lifting weights. I’d like to think my butt was nice, Aunt Janet was just going for her opinion.

I didn’t want to move suddenly and spook her from whatever she was trying to accomplish. But when her hand started moving around my buttocks, I knew this wasn’t like her. Maybe she just wanted to cop a feel, Porno but it was turning me on. I pulled her closer to me, her right breast pressed into my chest.

Brian missed on his remaining throws. “Maybe next time you can take me, Aunt Janet,” I purred into her ear, while I gave her a quick hug. I let my words float; she could take them for what it was worth.

We all moved down to the beach for a fire. Before I went there, I had to put Jessica to bed. She was about to pass out from drinking too much, but before she did, I wanted to make sure she was tucked in.

“Want some company?” Cara asked with a grin. “I told Damon I’d be down by the water in a second.”

“All you’re giving me is a few seconds? You must have me confused for someone else,” I replied. We were on each other instantly. Our hands mingled on the other’s body, our lips met and fought. Her humongous breasts heaved against my chest, my hard cock poked at her.

“What’s got you ready to go?” Cara asked pulling down my shorts. I wasn’t completely hard yet, but I was close. I took off her shirt and dove for her cleavage, burying myself in her big melons. I kissed both breasts, squeezing one with one hand while my other was grabbing her big ass.

“Your Aunt Janet was playing with my butt.” I got Cara’s bra off with one hand. When her nipples were exposed, my mouth attached to one immediately. I used both hands to lift up her 40DDD tits, always amazed at how big they were. When I wasn’t licking one nipple, I was pinching it gently, Cara loved it.

“MMmmmmm, yes, that woman is full of surprises,” Cara said. She forced her lips back onto mine and then she kissed my neck before she went down to her knees. “I’ll make you forget about her.” I was in her mouth a second later. She worked eagerly, bobbing on my thick cock.

“You two wanna keep it down over there? I’m trying to pass out,” Jessica said with a smile. In the dark I could see her playing with herself. The last thing she really wanted was for us to be quiet.

“Your sister is giving me fantastic head,” I replied. Cara’s hand was fondling my balls as her tongue danced around my cock head.

“Want Tony to blow you while I blow him?” Cara asked her sister. We were standing at the foot of the air mattress.

Jessica quickly replied, “No, I’m almost done anyways. I’ll get some tomorrow.”

I wanted to go down on Cara, and was about to suggest it when someone walked up to our tent. To my amazement, Cara didn’t stop sucking me. Apparently only I was in a panic.

“Hey you guys, Damon’s on his way up looking for Cara.” It was Nikki. Apparently the two seconds was real, he wanted to know where his sexy wife was.

“Goddammit!” Cara growled. “I really wanted a good fucking tonight.” She quickly found her bra, putting it back on along with her shirt. She turned to give me one last kiss saying, “We’ll finish that another time. Soon I’m hoping.”

She barely got outside our tent before Damon appeared. I heard them converse before they took off towards the beach. With my dick still hard, I wasn’t going anywhere.

“I guess she left that for me,” smiled Nikki, whom had her shorts off before she was in our tent. I picked her up easily into my arms and set her onto my stiff cock. “Hi Thumper, did you miss me?”

She purred as my cock head entered her, her long legs wrapping around my waist. “Ohhhhh yeah, baby. I’ve never done it this way before.” My hands held her perfect ass, as I slowly tried to take her deeper, but she was really tight.

“Give it a minute, it’ll fit, here,” Nikki said. “Play with these while you wait.” She pulled her tube top down so I could have her 32D tits. I hungrily ate her nipples, one and then the other. Suddenly I felt her wetness envelop me.

“Mmmmmmm, baby give it to me,” she said. I raised her lean body and impaled her in a good rhythm. Her breasts swayed with us, the nipples rubbing against my chest. When I pulled her tight to me, her breasts felt good rubbing against me.

From the first time I’d entered her, Nikki’s pussy was like none that I’d ever fucked. It was tight as hell, but that could have been because of my size, and she was always sopping wet. I could feel her juices running out of her onto me and down my balls.

“You’ve got the tightest pussy,” I proclaimed. Her arms were wrapped around my neck; she began riding me by sliding her hips up and down.

She smiled like a proud princess, “Jess, I can see why you needed so much help pleasing this monster cock. He’s an animal! Oohhhh don’t stop, right there!”

I wasn’t sure what was going to give first: my legs or my load. My stamina was being test by this vixen in my grips, I might have met my match, I thought to myself.

“Where do I get this load?” Nikki purred into my ear before nibbling on my ear lobe. She wrapped her legs tight around me, I was in as deep as I could go, and I wasn’t going anywhere. She rocked side to side humping me inside her; the feeling was boiling my balls. I could feel her Altyazılı Porno muscles strangling my cock.

“Wherever you want it baby.”

“Should we ask your girlfriend? Ask her where you should shoot it into her cousin.” The girl was evil, wicked evil. I broke her leg hold, leaned her back a little more than we were, and began thumping her pussy with strong quick strokes. My big cock head had to be rubbing up against her g-spot, I could feel more warm wetness.

“That’s it baby, mmmmmmmmm, yes yes, right there, fuck me!!” Nikki came hard, I wanted to suck her cream as she came, but two strokes later, I blasted my load deep inside her. I saw stars as I kept shooting, she was milking me for all I was worth.

“God you sure do spoil a girl with all that,” Nikki said. I carefully brought us to the floor, me on the bottom with her still straddling me. I was still inside her. As I went soft, our mixed juices began leaking out. Nikki greedily put a finger inside herself and came back with what she was looking for.

“Taste this.” She told me, showing me her finger. I took her finger into my mouth and sucked it hungrily. The taste wasn’t totally unpleasant, I could taste a lot of her and a little of me. My tongue worked around her finger, as I watched her take my hand, guiding it down to her worked up pussy. I stuck two fingers gingerly into her, worked them around a little before bringing them out. She then brought them up to her mouth, and like she was giving me head, she began sucking my fingers like an expert.

We stayed cuddled for a few minutes after that. “I’ll walk you back to your tent.”

“You don’t have to do that, you and Thumper should rest. I have a feeling he’s going to get a work out the rest of the week.”

I insisted. “No, its dark out there, who knows who’s out there wanting to take advantage of a young hottie.”

We stepped out of the tent into the cool night air. Our campsite was quiet; most of the family was still down by the beach. “I gotta pee before I go to bed.” As we walked up to the bathrooms, my hand found her ass in the dark, it stayed there playfully. When we got to the bathrooms, a couple guys stood around by the front.

“Let’s give them a show!” She grabbed me around my waist, bringing us face to face. I met her half way as our lips found each others. Her pelvis ground into mine, I hooked a finger into her tiny shorts and pulled down just a little, exposing the top of her beautiful ass cheeks. The two guys would figure out she wasn’t wearing any underwear. She sucked my tongue aggressively before suddenly saying, “I really gotta pee now.”

I stood, embarrassed a little, to the side waiting. One of the guys looked at me a smiled. “Dude, she is smoking hot.” I nodded in agreement. The fuck was she taking so long? “We have seen her walking around with that other gorgeous piece of tail. The really tiny one with big tits.”

After what felt like 20 minutes, Nikki finally came out. She looked a little dazed; she didn’t even give the two guys staring at her a wink or nothing. She just grabbed my hand and pulled me along.

“Oh. My. God.” She said about 50 feet later.

“What?” I didn’t know what the fuck was going on with her.

“I think I just heard my mom masturbating in the bathroom.” Now it was my turn to give her a “what the fuck” face in return.

“How’d you know it was her?”

“Even if you’re moaning, you still kinda sound the same. It was definitely my mom getting herself off in there.” I didn’t say anything more, I didn’t know if Nikki was embarrassed or not, I wasn’t going to push it.

Back at my tent, I had thoughts of Nikki sleeping with us. Boy would that be fun. But Nikki had a different idea. She gave me a peck on the cheek before saying, “And do you know how I really knew it was my mom in there?”

I shook my head.

“She was moaning your name.” Devilish grin and an ass wiggle was all Nikki left me with. I’d be sleeping with a hard on.

The next morning began like most others. Except now I had images of Aunt Janet thinking of me as she got herself off. I was going to have to find a girl or use my hand before too long.

Jessica was still sleeping, with a good chance of her continuing that for a while after a long night of drinking. Most of the family was eating breakfast around the picnic tables. I saw Cara and Damon sitting off together in what looked like deep in conversation. I couldn’t get her attention to say good morning. I found Nikki waiting for me.

“Go get your trunks on. I wanna go for a swim this morning.” I eagerly went back to change. Nik was in an orange bikini, large enough for a family function, but she could make a potato sack look like lingerie.

We went down to the beach and sat in the sand, the cool morning water tickling our feet and legs. We began to talk, about anything that came up. Our lives, our jobs, our past lovers; nothing was off limits with us now. The only thing that didn’t come up was her mom.

“So how Brazzers did you and Cara begin?”

I retold her about the night Jessica had let her sister watch us have sex. How she’d shown Cara my thick cock and how Cara had gotten herself off. “She’s tougher to get off than some others.”

“She doesn’t seem to have a problem with Thumper.”

I told her that was why Jessica wanted me to fuck her sister, because I was big enough to get Cara off. I told her how Damon was on the smaller side and couldn’t hit her spot.

“What were they fighting about this morning?” I asked.

“I ran into Cara in the bathroom,” Nikki said looking out over the water. “Apparently when they tried having sex last night, she was too…ummm…loose, shall we say.”

I looked at her dumbfounded. “What? You can’t guess who might have done that, can you?” she said smiling at me. “Yeah I guess Damon couldn’t get off, it was a mess she said.”

The entire time we’d been by the lake, we sat close together. Our bodies touched occasionally, Nikki would leave her hand on my arm, or I’d stroke her milky thigh.

We watched loons swim by, the beach was completely empty, really peaceful. If I had a cup of coffee, the moment would have been perfect.

“Why did Jessica ever name that monster ‘Mister Thumper’?”

I thought about my answer before I replied. “I guess one night after we’d had a lot of sex she said that my penis made her pussy thump. The next day she introduced herself to Mr Thumper and then blew me.”

Nikki tossed her head back and laughed. “I couldn’t have thought of a better name for this thing.” Her hand went to me and began rubbing it. “I couldn’t imagine having to take care of this thing by myself either. I’d need some help.”

She snaked me out and sucked me hard. Nikki lay in front of me just like she’d been the first time she’d given me head on the beach. I untied her top and pulled it off; I wanted to play with her boobs.

“You are a breast man,” she said licking my cockhead. “I can’t wait to see Cara’s big mounds bouncing while you pound her.”

“Oh god, you’re amazing at that,” I said weakly. “Did you like eating out Jessica?”

Nikki popped me out of her mouth. She stroked me while she grinned. “It was okay, but I don’t know if I’d want to do that regularly.” She continued running her tongue over my cock, concentrating on the crack on the backside of my mushroom head. She stroked my shaft, her eyes never leaving mine.

“Do you think I’m a slut?” she asked. Oh Christ, her mouth was like truth serum, I could not lie.

“I think you want people to think that about you, but I doubt it.” With that answer she drove down, taking me entirely in her mouth.

Suddenly Aunt Janet’s voice boomed behind us. “Nikki? Are you down here?” Nikki’s head perked up, I looked behind me, not seeing anyone. Nikki wrangled her top and got it on, I tried hiding my engorged cock in deeper water.

Around the final bend, from behind some bushes, out walked Nikki’s mom. “Your dad wants to know what you need from town. He figured you should probably ride along so he doesn’t pick up the wrong things.”

Nikki gave me pouty lips before answering. “Okay Mom. Later Tony.” I waved goodbye, suddenly wishing the cold water would break my stiffness.

With Nikki gone, I expected Janet to follow her back. She was wearing a one piece and was carrying a book; she was looking for some sun. “How’s the water, Tony?”

“Cold,” my meek reply was.

“Mind if I sit with you for a while?” I shook my head; it was public water after all.

“I hope I wasn’t to bold last night, when we were playing bean bag toss,” she looked at me. “My competitive nature got a hold of me.”

I shrugged, modesty wasn’t in the cards today. “Girls tell me I got a nice ass. Why shouldn’t you enjoy it too?” Janet leaned her head back and laughed. The ice was forever broken between us.

We sat talking in the water for some time. The conversations not dissimilar to the ones I’d just had had with her daughter, sans the dirty ones of course.

“Seems you and Nikki have been hitting it off,” Janet said looking at me. “I figured with the age gap, you guys wouldn’t have much in common.” Nikki was 19 or 20 and I was almost 30.

I looked at Janet and smiled. For the first time I noticed the cold water was getting to her. Janet’s nipples stuck out through her swimsuit material for all to see. And by the looks of them, they could almost challenge Jessica’s for length.

A few minutes later Janet declared she was going to get some sun. When she stood out of the water, she used my shoulder to push herself up. She left her hand there a bit too long before removing it. The water saturated material of her one piece clung to her wide hips and ass. The bottom of her one piece was riding up into her ass, successfully showing me her divide. Janet’s ass had to be just like Nikki’s, I thought.

“Tony, can you put on some sun screen on my back please?” Janet asked. “It’s super weak, I just don’t want to burn.”

She lay in a chaise on her stomach, eyes closed. I came out of the water, my cock almost flaccid, and walked towards her. Suddenly her eyes opened, taking in my half naked body. They never left me until I was on the side of her.

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