My Wicked Ways Ch. 14-17

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“So, this is quite the big, happy family, I see,” the cruise director, a sultry Asian woman in what looked to be her early forties, smiled as she saw us walk onto the cruise ship.

“I’ll say,” Rachel laughed, winking at our hostess in a surprisingly risqué manner … I assumed that it was only playful, of course.

I didn’t really get a good look at our director right then, as Shelby kept groping me and Katrina provided her own share of distractions by dropping things and finding excuses to bend over and show off the toned muscles of her buns. I only saw the back view for much of the time and it was impressive enough in its own way. What I saw of her front was also pleasing, but it wasn’t up close because Rachel, who had booked the cruise, seemed to monopolize her attention. It wasn’t intentional, or at least I didn’t think so, but it was frustrating that they interacted more as if Rachel were our travel agent rather than just the person who reserved the suites.

I should have known, of course, that Rachel was up to something, and sure enough, she was. I was totally exhausted and badly needed a rest, so I didn’t object when the ladies and gentlemen went out for a little recreation. Most of the women were pregnant, so they wouldn’t drink, and we were exclusive to others by mutual assent, so I naturally viewed it as simply innocent rest and recreation. The guys might have gone for some beers or tennis, while the ladies might have wanted to lounge and enjoy the view of the ocean as well as the smell of the salt air. I took a quick shower and jumped naked into bed.

However, while I rested, I felt a body slip into bed next to me. It was a clearly feminine one and it seemed to be familiar enough with and to me for me not to worry about it. Perhaps one of the ladies had been lonely or seasick and needed to recover, I thought sleepily, not thinking much of it. When I awoke half an hour later, I felt kisses following the length of my spine. Again, I didn’t protest, just relaxed and enjoyed the evident affection of whichever lady it was.

My cock hardened as the lips and tongue reached my tailbone, after which soft female hands spread my cheeks, and began kissing, rimming, and sucking my ass. Before long, they moved on to my taint, licking and loving their way to my balls. When the mysterious woman started playing with my balls in her mouth, I shivered for a second, especially once one hand started stroking my cock and a finger slipped into my asshole.

Now that my dick was stiff as could be, the same pair of lips enveloped my cock and began feverishly pleasing me with their owner’s mouth and tongue. When another, more masculine pair of hands separated my buns and something cold was eased into my sphincter, followed by what was clearly a nice, hard cock.

Meanwhile, the soft, feminine mouth was replaced by what could only be a very warm and wet pussy engulfing while its possessor planted constant kisses on my face and lips. Before I knew it, I was balls deep inside that sweet twat and the man was just as far inside me. He began actively fucking my butt and I reacted instinctively by driving hard within the woman. It was quite the vigorous threesome, and I was now quite awake, though it was dim inside the room.

Only then did I notice that the woman pleasuring me was not of my harem. I panicked for a moment, but she put a finger to my lips and winked at me. I realized the lady in question was Asian, too, and it dawned on me that she was the cruise director. She buried her head in my chest and began lovingly kissing it, too. At the same time, I felt my hips bucking even harder as the man behind me thrust more furiously. I naturally wondered if he was of my harem or not, but at this point it was too late to resist. I was too far gone in the act and I figured that I would have to explain the incident later. I wasn’t going to lie to my spouses, after all.

Suddenly, I felt a pulsation of the cock buried in my asshole, followed by a release of hot, thick cum inside me. A limp dick slipped out of my butt, just as I pumped my own seed within my rather amorous hostess. The reaction was pure electricity, as the woman began clinging to me and even digging into my flesh with her nails. It was painful for a moment, but still flattering as I now knew that she came right after me.

Just then, the light came on and I sat up to see Rachel and the others in my harem grinning at me. In a sort of playful jealousy, she wagged a finger to scold me, but quickly lowered it and slipped it inside her wet cunt to flavor it before licking it clean. Ninve was a little blunter, as she pulled me up for a very passionate kiss. I returned it with gusto, relieved that none of my harem held my escapade against me.

Turning around, I saw that Max was the man in bed who had been behind me and now he seemed ready for a taste of his own medicine, as the director grabbed a strap-on dildo and lubed his ass for a good pegging. When she entered it, beylikdüzü escort he grunted slightly, but began moving his hips with enthusiasm for the act. Rachel surprised me then by slipping her tongue inside the woman’s twat to taste it and really getting into the act. She gladly cleaned up my spunk and then slipped it to the woman in question in a snowball kiss.

This was followed by the biggest surprise, when I looked at the lady’s ass and noticed a very familiar tattoo. It consisted of the words, “This Ass is the Private Property of Mark Schumacher.” I felt my cock, which hadn’t fully softened after fucking this stranger, grow hard again, especially once Rachel lubed up my cock and her new partner’s asshole.

“Remember Stephanie? She remembers you. Her ass definitely remembers your cock. High time that you and she kissed and made up, don’t you think?” Rachel laughed as I eased my dick into her former roommate’s butt.

“So, that’s what was up!” I laughed while I could still think straight, before the sheer delight of sodomy took over.

“Yep. We figured, what the hell, what was one more? Especially after she learned that it was you and begged me to let her join the harem. So, how about it? One more lovely lady for the family, one who adores you and has mooned for you, if you’ll pardon the expression, for years past,” my sister confessed, “not mad are you, baby brother?”

“Mad? God, no! It’s just been years and I didn’t get a good look at her face earlier,” I grunted as I fucked Stephanie hard in the ass, enjoying how she still reveled in my cock there … as if twenty years or so hadn’t happened.

“Yeah, that was sorta necessary in order to spring the trap. You fell into it rather neatly. You naturally assumed that someone familiar and confident enough in bed with you was already part of the harem. It didn’t occur to you that it might be an old flame, because you underestimated your effect on Stephanie and thought that she had moved on with her life. So did she for a while, but the moment she saw the chance to reunite with you, she grabbed it with both hands. She was married for a while, but I’ll let her explain that,” Rachel laughed at the little trick that she pulled on me … such a sister in her own kinky, incestuous way.

Right then, Stephanie came from the “feel-do” function of the strap-on, followed by Max from the impact on his prostate of her vigorous push afterward, and then I spilled another load in her bottom. I could tell that she also came from something else, but that was her role to explain, as I wasn’t in her head. I was, in fact, a bit stunned that she held onto her interest in me all this time. Whatever it was, she came faster than expected and her eagerness prompted both Max and me to cum when we did.

As I washed off my dick, Stephanie walked behind me in the vanity section and put her arms around my waist to make clear that she fully intended to stay with me. That was fine with me, though it was a surprise to add yet another woman to the mix. I figured that Rachel was right, however. One more at this stage wouldn’t be that much of a change. Still, we had to cut things off from here. I was only human, after all. I had limits to even my libido and my ability to show affection.

“So, you were married for a while?” I asked Stephanie, curious about her time between me and, well … me.

“I was for a time. Honestly tried to make it work. It wasn’t fair to him, though. He wasn’t a bad guy. I just belonged to you and nothing could change that. I’ve belonged to you since that night in college. I fought it and tried to pretend otherwise, didn’t want to admit that it was more than lust. Some of it was that I wanted Rachel, too, and that scared me, though at times I still pushed for both of you. That didn’t work, either. I didn’t understand why I needed you so much, but I did. I was torn between seeking out what I liked and desired on the one hand, and running away from the full consequences of what was sure to follow. The incest part scared me in particular. I badly wanted to see her and you make love as well as enjoy each of you. I would push for it one minute and feel relief whenever she would pull back.

“I met Andrew toward the end of college and started dating him seriously as he went into medical school. I took on the cruise work to pay the bills, but it proved to be my niche, and my Communications degree actually proved useful. I married him and put him through med, but after he took on the residency and we saw little of each other, I realized how little I felt his absence. We had no kids yet, so I ended it neatly and he took it pretty well, probably due to simply being able to distract himself with so much work. More and more, I realized how much I missed you.

“So, I took a dramatic step. I began contacting Rachel again, though she wasn’t ready yet for anything between us. I also legally changed my name again, from Minh to Schumacher. People looked bolu escort at me funny about that, but I didn’t care. I decided that I was going to be yours as soon as I could, and when you almost literally dropped into my lap through Rachel seeking a cruise, I went for it, big time. So, how about it? Want to keep a Vietnamese vixen with a serious anal kink? One that she learned from you, by the way,” Stephanie pleaded with me.

“Hell, yeah!” I answered as I gave her a serious lip lock that left no doubt of my attitude about it all.

“So, why the hostility before?” I then probed, truly puzzled by that.

“Oh, yes, that. I’ll be frank. At first, it was because I didn’t realize that Rachel had two brothers. She mostly talked about Hershel, so when you showed up, I thought that you were him. Naturally, I resented what I thought was a horrible brother to my sweet roomie. Then I learned that you were her younger brother, but I assumed at first that you were just as bad, probably because you came across as hostile to me. To be fair, that was probably due to my earlier animosity, wasn’t it?” Stephanie covered her face with amused embarrassment.

“Well, yeah. Not sure what Rachel thought, though,” I recalled.

“That you both were being stubborn and pigheaded, but I loved both of you, anyway,” Rachel admitted as she kissed both of us.

Just then, my neck and back felt tender kisses and I heard Ninve say to me, “You might not be pigheaded anymore, but you have an excellent sausage.”

That made everyone present crack up with laughter.

“He does indeed. Which brings us to the next phase. Stephanie had just been dumped by her boyfriend and she was lonely, not to mention horny. I suggested you to her. She was leery, but she jumped at it given enough persuasion. I kind of hoped that you and she would hit it off and you would then be off-limits to me. You would be safe and so would I.

“It didn’t quite happen the way that I planned, but I have something else to confess now. Stephanie and I sort of did something one time while really hammered and you were our victim. We started out somewhat joking about incest and a threesome, but she and I ended up sucking and later riding your cock while you slept off your own bender. We were drunk, but you were drunker. We pretended to black out, too, just as you did, so you’d never suspect a thing, but it turned both of us on. Stephanie just wanted it more openly, even though she feared it as well. Both of us felt a conflict over the desire for a ménage a trois and we could tell that Mark wanted both of us as well,” Rachel informed us, much to my shock.

“You … and she, did that? I had no fucking idea! Damn! No wonder I woke up more sated that morning than usual. It wasn’t just the hangover, but rather that I was serviced in such a way. Damn, I knew that things were a little freer between us in college than our parents would have approved, still, that we actually did that … did you use protection?” I asked, truly surprised, as were the others.

“Nope. I wanted my brother’s cock bareback inside me at last. I was just drunk enough to dare it at last. I seriously cut back on my drinking after that, of course. The lesbian angle was the most uncomfortable part, of course, for me. Still, it was a bullshit deal. Stephanie was right all along. By the point, she had gone from hating you to craving you. In fact, after that first night with you, she glowed in a way that I never saw before. I’m sure that you noticed,” Rachel confessed to me.

“Yeah, she started that evening very snide and snappy. By the time that she was relaxed enough to fuck me, her attitude softened a bit, but after that first encounter or so, she was very different. She wouldn’t let me get up for nothing. Kept bringing me things instead, finding excuses to keep me in her bed. I had to sneak out finally to get out of the apartment and didn’t manage to bring everything along in the process. After that, she turned cold to me for a while, and then turned up the heat, back and forth. Teased me one day, pushed me aside the next. It was frustrating, confusing, and reason enough to give up. The most disturbing incident was when she had just become steady with Andrew and later that evening sat on my lap in full view of Rachel and started to make out with me. I pushed her off and reminded her that she had a boyfriend. I will never forget what she said to me that night,” I recalled again after so long.

“I said that ‘he’s lucky that you don’t want me.’ Why didn’t you take that as the clear signal that I preferred you to him, even then?” Stephanie pouted as she now sat on my lap again.

“I just took it to mean that he was lucky that I wouldn’t go behind his back and screw his woman that way, that if given a chance, you’d cheat on him with me,” I explained.

“Well, I guess that I should have been clearer. I suppose that I assumed that you understood on some level how much power that you had over bursa escort me, still have, in fact. Then again, you were a young man barely out of high school. Your inexperience in some ways showed itself in your lack of awareness of my lingering obsession with you as the one that got away. In a way, it’s hard to tell if it would have been a good thing or not if you and I had gotten it on that time. I was highly fertile and I knew it. If you had fucked me that night, you would be a father right now.

“The fact that I was putting Andrew off that night with that very reason and he accepted it, whereas I was eager to have your baby and only your principles kept your dick in your pants should have told me everything that I needed to know. I should have gotten up, broken up with Andrew, and then came back to plead with you for your seed. It’s not too late, however. In fact, I took my last birth control pill today. I have no intention of taking another if you and I are going to be lovers, as it seems. Just a fair warning, baby. I will soon be very fertile. If you keep fucking me during the cruise, you will impregnate me!” Stephanie informed me, causing my cock to stir again.

“Did I do that?” she laughed as she knelt and began sucking my cock straight from her own ass.

“You know that you did, honey. Just remember not that I can’t neglect my others, either. It’s our honeymoon cruise, though now it includes you as part of the harem,” I grinned as she sucked me back to complete firmness.

“Oh, don’t worry, babe. There’s no danger that we’d allow you to neglect us. You’re gonna be one popular stud around here, but then you knew that. I’m not sure that you’ll get out of bed very much at all, if we have our way. Maybe only when your dick is too sore for fucking,” Sandra chimed in, playing with my hair as she leaned just enough to sniff my neck.

“Even then, he has an ass,” Max chuckled.

Everyone burst into laughter right then, including me.

“Not to mention his mouth and his tongue,” Ana observed.

“That, too,” I laughed as I agreed with her.

I got the distinct feeling at that point that I would be given the full treatment that Stephanie gave me before, but on steroids. I might have trouble walking for a while, let alone doing much else besides sex. The horny looks on the faces of my now twenty partners spoke volumes and I realized that the XIX on my wedding band was to be replaced with a XX. Then again, that was always a lucky number for me.

I did occasionally venture out during the honeymoon and do things like play tennis or miniature golf, as well as have a beer, but that was only on breaks between my conjugal duties … then again, duty was rarely as sweet as during that cruise. From what I recall of the oral parts, it was a delicious duty indeed.

Once again, I woke up as the object of someone’s lust, not that I minded in the slightest. After all, I often got hard in my sleep and there was no good reason to deprive others of the use of that. I had more or less tacitly agreed to let my harem use my body during my slumber. After all, I didn’t always wake up from being so treated, and even when I did, as now, there were far worse ways to do so. In this case, it was Ana and Teresa, the former with her cunt right above my face, riding it for all it was worth. The latter was busy bouncing up and down on my cock, while flashes from a camera indicated that someone wanted to preserve the memory of hot, sweaty carnality.

When Ana came, which was only a matter of time given the highly charged sexual energy in the room, Teresa then let go and allowed herself to cum as well, both rather loud as they climaxed. My morning wood was at its stiffest and I could no longer hold off. I could tell that she had been fucking me for possibly as long as an hour, given how hard I was. I shot my load far inside Teresa and I sensed her cumming yet again just from the realization that I had spilled within her … plus I felt her tighten up on me as she came.

“Oh, fuck me! Damn it, Mark, that was sexy as hell!” Jannat exclaimed as she took the last pic.

“Yeah, no kidding. I got his jizz leaking down my thighs. Anyone game to lick me clean?” Teresa giggled.

Heather dove right in and began licking Teresa’s sweet skin between her ass and her knees, cleaning up any evidence of my release. Just then, Stephanie wheeled in breakfast herself and Ninve and Sandra brought mine directly to me as a team. I started to stand up, but my two Assyrian princesses pushed back onto the bed and actually fed me my first breakfast of the cruise themselves. When I say that, I should stipulate that they did so by hand, disdaining the use of silverware. Instead, the lovelies, who were now nearly in their eighth month of pregnancy each, had me literally eating out of their hands. Every time that I tried to do something for myself, they stopped me and did it for me, each time kissing some part of my flesh and quietening my protests with a finger to my lips.

“This is about us serving you, baby. You give so much to us. Why shouldn’t we give back to you?” Ninve assured me.

“Yeah, what she said. You’re the man that we love and the father of our children, after all,” Sandra observed.

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