My Type – The Garden Club Ch. 02


The Garden Club, Not My Type: Lou and Winter (part 2)

“Oh my god, I am going to miss my meeting. My editor is going to kill me. Where are my pants?” I was late; I was so late. It was 9 am; how had I slept so late? Then I heard her giggle. Looking over, I see Lou sitting in the mussed-up bed with a sheet around her, calmly drinking her coffee. “Where the hell did you get coffee?”

“Do you want coffee or your pants?” She asks with that smile that tells me if I get within arm’s reach of her, she will undoubtedly give me ‘something.’ I was frozen in place under her gaze.

Shaking my head, I focused on trying to find my pants while Lou casually sipped her coffee. I grabbed my jeans and red tank from the floor near the bed and rushed to put them on. I had to get home, get a shower, get dressed, and get to my meeting all before 10 am. As I pulled up my jeans, sans panties because lord only knew where I would find those, I noticed how tender I felt between my legs, bringing back a rush of memories. Lou fucking me hard from behind the first time. Lou holding me up against the shower with her hand between my folds. Lou waking me up with her mouth on my clit. Me returning the favor. Fuck, I needed to get my head on straight; I had to go.

I didn’t realize Lou had moved behind me until she ran her hands around my abdomen, her fingers sliding over my landing strip, finding my core heat. “Fuck, baby, you are ready for me, aren’t you? Ready for me to slide these pants back off and make you forget whatever it is you are running off to.” Lou’s fingers began to open me. I had to stop her now, or I would give in.

I quickly grabbed her wrist. “Lou, please.”

“Please, what, Winter?”

“Please stop.” I could barely breathe. “You have to stop. I have to go.”

Lou nipped at my earlobe. “Ok. I’ll let you go.” Lou slipped her hand back up to my hip, but her lips found the side of my neck. “For now.” I stood frozen in place. Lou backed away and slapped my ass to get me moving. I quickly dressed and called an Uber to promptly get home, even though I didn’t live far.

Lou sipped her coffee, wearing only a t-shirt and panties as I readied to leave. Her eyes never left me; I felt like every move I made was with her permission. She was letting me get dressed, letting me go. It was strange how much it turned me on.

The Uber arrived and honked outside. “Shit, I have to go.” I felt frantic and unsure. Lou grabbed my hand and walked me to the door, leading me to what I needed to do. She opened the door, not caring about her level of undress. As I passed by her about to say goodbye, Lou grabbed my waist and pulled me to her kissing me deeply, her other hand running through my hair and tugging lightly. I moaned into the kiss just as Lou broke the connection, turned me around, and smacked my ass, pushing me towards the car. I smiled over my shoulder at her, my cheeks flushed and my heart pounding.

Once in the car, I began to freak out, not about being late but about Lou. What were we? Just one night of fun? Would she call? Should I call her? Wait, I don’t have her number. How am I this bad at this whole thing? As we neared my home, my phone buzzed with a text.

“Hey, baby. Last night (and this morning) was fun. I can’t wait to have you under me again. Or maybe I’ll make you ride me. I would love to watch your pert little breasts bounce as you ride on top of me.” I let out a light moan, gaining the attention of the driver. I gave a small smile and jumped out of the car as it stopped at my house. I gave a quick thanks and ran for the house, still running late.

My editor, Patrick, was waiting for me as I ran up the stairs to his office. I was out of breath, but honestly, the sexual frustration was more uncomfortable than my ragged breathing. I could only text Lou back to say, “Yes.” I mean, what do I say, “Please take me.” “Make me do all of those things.” “Command me to follow your every wish.” So I settled on “Yes.” I’m an idiot. And Patrick is just staring at me.

“Would you like to take a seat, Winter? Are you ok?” He asks me. All I can say is “yes.”

Three days pass, with Lou sending me text expressing what she wants from me. But our schedules have been a bit crazy. Neither of us was planning on adding a relationship to the mix. Is that what this is “a relationship?”

I was typing out the latest sex scene between an heiress and her bodyguard when my phone buzzed. I needed to finish this last bit, but my phone buzzed again and again.

“Garden Club, Friday 8 pm.”

“Wear a skirt.”

“Hair down.”

I wanted to take back a feeling of control. I typed, “What if I have plans?”

“Cancel them.”

I smiled at her boldness, which was already making me wet. “Demanding.”

“Yes.” Was Lou’s only answer.

Lou didn’t text me the rest of the day or on Friday like she had been every other day this week. If I didn’t have the text to reflect on, I would have felt like it was all a dream. It would have been only a dream if the memories whatsapp escort of Lou didn’t make me so wet that concentrating on finishing this chapter was nearly impossible.

Friday evening, I dressed in my tight white cotton tank top that had tiny stars all over it and my short light aqua blue ruffled skirt. The matching satin baby blue bra and panty set I wore were soft against my skin, but the panties being a thong, exposed my bare cheeks well. As requested, I left my hair down with just a light curl making my ends just graze my tanned shoulders. I was out the door with a pair of small wedges slipped on.

When I arrived at The Garden Club, I spotted Lou immediately. She was talking to Gail at the bar, along with another woman, Sarah, I think. Lou turned on her barstool to look at me. Her smile grew. It was welcoming but with a hint of her predatory side showing through. Lou turned to say something to Gail and Sarah, who both looked up to smile knowingly at me.

Lou approached me and took me in her arms for a hug. She swept my hair behind my ears, whispering, “Gorgeous, simply gorgeous” against the shell of my ear.

Lou pulled me quickly from my blushing as she moved towards the dance floor. “Come on, let’s dance.”

“Oh, I don’t dance.”

Lou looked over her shoulder, “You do now.”

I tried to pull back, but Lou locked me in her arms, swaying both of us with the music. Her hands were on my hips to move me in the rhythm we were finding. I found myself lost in the moment, feeling Lou’s body against mine and smelling her soft sandalwood scent. I didn’t even notice the music changing; song after song, we moved to the music. Lou’s hands roamed my body like her own personal playground. Lou squeezed and toyed with me.

“Go take them off,” Lou whispered with her hand pressing at my hips.

“Go take what off?”

Lou gave me a chastising look. “Your panties.”

I was sure I was in shock for a moment; no one had ever asked me to remove my panties, especially not in public. And not in that husky, sexy voice that Lou had perfected. “You want me to go take off my panties? Now?”

“Now.” Was all Lou said back, then twisted me towards the bathrooms and lightly swatted my ass. I lurched forward but glanced over my shoulder to see Lou giving me a ‘go on’ motion, “go on do as I say” was more of her meaning.

I stood in the bathroom for a bit. Was I really going to take off my panties while wearing a short skirt in public? Before my brain could even answer the question, my body was answering by moving into a stall, reaching up for my panties, and sliding them down my legs. Once they were off, I felt the cool air on my pussy. I was already wet. I was already a goner.

The new problem was, where do I put my panties? This outfit doesn’t have pockets, and I stuffed my ID and credit card in my bra for the night. Well, I guess that’s a plan. If being on the smaller side in the boob department had one benefit, it was being able to use my bra like a spare purse.

I washed my hands and stepped out to the hallway to be greeted by Lou.

“I was wondering if you were going to come back out.” She eyed my hands, clearly noticing the lack of panties dangling from my fingers. Lou held her hand out. I just stared at her, confused. “Your panties, please.”

“You want my panties.”

“I guess I wasn’t clear about what you should do with them after you took them off. Yes, Winter, I want your panties.”

I glanced back and forth to ensure no one heard, as Lou was not whispering. Also, I made sure no one was looking as I took my panties out of my bra and handed them over.

“Powder blue.” Lou held my panties up, examining them.

“I think they’re more of a baby blue,” I tell her. “Now, can I have them back?”

Lou answered by pushing the blue fabric into her pocket and pulling me back towards the dance floor. I knew there was a chance my ass cheeks were showing before. Now I was sure the whole bar could see my pussy. But when Lou took me back into her arms and began to grind our hips together, my cares about who could see my pussy faded, and all I could think about was the woman rubbing against me.

Lou owned my body for a few more songs and a few drinks. The rubber band inside my core tightened. I was so turned on that I could feel my wetness ready to leak down my thighs. Just one touch and I would go off like a rocket, bursting into orgasm.

“What’s wrong?” Lou asked, her hazel eyes darkening.

“Nothing. I think I just need a minute,” I said breathlessly. Lou walked me to the bar, her hand on my lower back. We settled at a barstool at the end, where Lou leaned on the bar allowing me to sit. My skirt barely provided protection between the wood of the barstool and my soaked seam.

“Gail, can we get a few waters and a refill?” Gail nodded, poured ice into glasses, then shook up a refreshing drink with strawberries and lemonade. I honestly don’t even ask anymore; I just trust istanbul escort bayan Gail to know. And I am surprisingly never disappointed.

As we waited for our drinks, Lou rubbed her hand from the top of my knee to the hem of my shirt, which was north of mid-thigh. With each movement, she seemed to push the fabric a bit higher, leaving little place for it to go and nearly exposing the Y of my hips and thighs. Lou bent slightly, sucking lightly on my neck. I could feel my pulse against her tongue. I shivered and could feel Lou smile against my skin.

“Nothing, huh?” Lou questioned me. Gail set down our drinks, and I quickly downed half the water before, in a much more ladylike manner, grabbing my cocktail to sip.

Lou ran her fingers up and down again. “You sure nothing’s wrong, Winter.” She says my name like I am the embodiment of a precious snowflake. “Because I was thinking that if my fingers drifted over your clit ever so lightly, you would orgasm, drenching this barstool.” Her fingers drifted towards my center now.

“Please,” I whispered, grabbing onto Lou’s wrist to stop her.

“Please, what? You want to cum on my fingers right here?” Lou pressed her fingers deeper into my thigh.

“No,” I eked out. “Please take me home. I need you to fuck me.”

“Finish your drink, Winter.” Lou motioned to my drink still in my other hand. “Gail, can I get our ticket, please?”

“Sure thing,” Gail responded quickly and handed over the bill in moments. Gail smiled at me and winked at Lou as she returned to serving other customers.

Lou dropped a few bills on the bar, taking my drink to sit atop them. “Let’s head home.” I heard the control in Lou’s voice as she helped me to my feet. We grabbed a cab to Lou’s green door. It was only a few minutes, but Lou never stopped touching me. Her arm around my shoulder, her lips on my neck, her fingers on my legs. I was winding tighter and tighter with each touch.

At the steps, Lou pressed my bare ass against the brick of the stoop. The sting of the rough surface nearly sent me over the edge. Lou moved her hand to the hem of my shirt, slowly lifting the fabric. I stopped her again. “Inside,” I begged, my voice dripping with need.

“Here first. Then we will go inside.” Her hand moved between my thighs as she said the words slowly.

“I can’t.” My voice strangled. Lou’s body was blocking me from anyone on the street. We would just look like two women in the throes of a hot goodnight kiss if anyone walked by this late. My hand was again wrapped around Lou’s wrist, but I gave no resistance. I feel her fingers graze against my outer lips. I was only upright because Lou’s knee nestled between my legs, and her body was pressing into me.

“That’s it, baby, let go. Let me feel you drench my fingers.” Lou drifted her fingers over my clit. The next pass giving me just a bit more pressure.

“Please.” I moaned softly.

“Please what, Winter?” Lou’s voice was husky in my ear, telling me she was just as wound up.

“Please make me cum.” I was gasping for air. The rubber band inside of me pulled tight. Lou moved her finger around my soaked and swollen clit. She went to move her hand away, but I pulled her back to me, pressing her hard against my center.

“You want it, baby? Right here.” Her hand pulled back, still touching me without the pressure I craved.

Desperate, I begged, “Yes, please, Lou. Please.” With that, Lou pushed two fingers inside me and rubbed my clit with her thumb. I came undone, my pussy gripping onto her fingers. I let out a near scream that Lou covered with her mouth on mine, her tongue darting into my mouth as she slowly fucked my pussy with her hand. My hips thrust back against her hand, not wanting this orgasm to end. Lou held me up with her other arm and her leg still between mine. She moved her fingers out of me, leaving me wanting more, feeling empty, and needing her in me again. I let out a soft mew.

“Don’t worry; there is more to come,” Lou said, kissing my lips and smoothing the front of my skirt back down before turning to open the door. I was barely standing on my wobbly legs. “Water? Something to drink?” I shake my head at her, unable to form words. I stand there as Lou grabs two bottles of water from the fridge. “For later,” she tells me, smiling. Lou then leads me into the living room.

“Aren’t we going to the bedroom?” I certainly sound desperate.

“Why?” Lou raises her brow in question.

“To… you know… continue what you started.” I manage to stammer out.

“Oh, I plan to continue.” She clicks on the fireplace as she walks me to an oversized couch, setting the water bottles on the side table.

As I am sitting, my hands go to Lou’s waist. “Too many clothes.”

Lou pulls her shirt up over her head. Leaving her in a deep green bra that makes her eyes shift to an emerald color. My hands go to the button of her tight black pants. She stops me. With her hands on my wrists, she looks me in the eyes, “I am going özbek escort to take off my pants, but I want you stripped down to only that sexy little skirt. Then I’ll spread my legs for you and let you taste me before I fuck you. Understood?”

I nod my head in agreement. I couldn’t think anymore. I didn’t need to with Lou telling me what to do next. Lou removed my panties from her pocket, threw them on the couch, and then allowed me to unbutton and pull off her pants. She stands with her pussy at eye level with me. Her panties match her bra, except a darkened spot gives away her arousal. I place my hands on Lou’s hips and move my mouth toward her lace-clad pussy. I can smell her sweet, seductive heat and feel my core getting wetter with every inhale. As I try to pull Lou forward, she steps back.

“Skirt only.” She says, staring down at me with a wicked grin.

I grab the hem of my tank top and slowly pull the cotton fabric over my head, tossing it to the floor. Then I reach behind to undo the satin bra and allow the straps to fall from my shoulders. Before the cups of the bra fall from my breast, I hear Lou breathe in sharply, clearly excited to see my perky tits as if it was for the first time. My bra was discarded to the floor with my top, leaving me in just the short aqua blue skirt, still certainly showing my ass.

I slipped from the couch to my knees in front of Lou, moving my mouth back to her center. I dug my fingers into her hips this time to ensure she wouldn’t move away from me. I was craving her pussy, desperate to taste her. I kissed down her flat belly to the edge of her panties. I glanced up, which was all I needed to do for Lou to moan again and push her hips towards me.

I didn’t need any more permission and started to kiss her over her panties, teasing while licking the fabric softly. I was denying her any real friction, just as she had denied me. But Lou was in control. To remind me of this, she grabbed my hair and tilted my head slightly up to her face.

“Enough playing, Winter. Lick me.”

I nearly came at her words alone. I tightened my thighs and core to try to get some relief, but it wasn’t enough. I slipped Lou’s panties down her legs, caressing all the way down and back up. I slid my hands to grasp her upper thighs and spread her pussy lips just enough for the room’s cool air to touch her clit.

“Fuck, Winter. Stop playing. Stop teasing me.”

I hummed at her need and softly slipped my tongue between her folds. I felt Lou’s legs tremble slightly. This was my sign to continue on my path. Squeezing her thighs, I pressed my tongue hard against her clit, then sucked on her swollen bud before flicking it just a bit, then easing back. Lou’s hand now held my mouth to her, guiding me to where she wanted me as her hips began to flex against my face. Lou began to drive harder against my tongue. I slipped two fingers inside her, feeling her instantly grip me and pull me deep.

“Yes, Winter. Fuck. Yes. Keep going. That’s it, baby.” Lou murmured as she began to fuck my face harder. Her juices were running down my chin. I hummed against her as I sucked her clit into my mouth. As I fucked my fingers in and out of her harder and harder, Lou’s body went rigid, and she rushed out words so fast I couldn’t follow. Lou came hard against my face, gripping my fingers inside her and grabbing my head to hold my tongue against her while she rode out her climax.

I slowed my movement, slowly lapping her up and tickling her g-spot until Lou moved my face away from her core and sat back onto the couch. “You know where my strap-on is, Winter. Go get it.” The huskiness of her voice told me she was drowning in her pleasure, but her voice was still commanding. As I got up from the floor and turned around, Lou slapped me hard on the ass, leaving a red handprint and goosebumps.

I quickly returned with the strap-on and handed it to Lou, awaiting her next direction. She took my hand and pulled me down on top of her. Our nipples grazed each other as I settled each of my knees at her hips. I tilt my head back in the thrill of this touch. Lou moved her hand between my spread legs and gently rubbed up and down my soaking slit. I wanted more, again. But she wasn’t giving it to me. I tried to move my hips against her hand, but Lou stopped her movement each time. She toyed with me while sucking on my nipples. Each suck was a little harder than the last, and a slight nip was added, driving me to beg for the second, third, or fourth time tonight.

“Please, Lou, I need you to fuck me. I need you inside of me.” I knew I was whining, and I didn’t care. I was pushing my hips into her roaming hand. Lou’s other hand was squeezing my breast and pinching my nipple. She was working me over, moving her mouth from my breast to my collarbone, neck, and earlobe. She was nipping, sucking, and moaning. Meanwhile, all I could do was beg for more from her. She played with me, taking me to the edge and then pulling away.

Suddenly her hand was gone from my slit. I growled at her, not caring how dramatically desperate I was acting. Lou shimmied her body a little bit, leaning us both forward and back. I wasn’t sure what she was doing until I saw her cock strapped on and ready when I looked down between our hips. She really was going to make me ride her.

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