My Two Little Cum-Sluts Together

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My wife, Anna, stood on the balcony, the backdrop of sea and sand shimmering in the afternoon sunshine. Although it should have been her feeling nervous, or at least a little anxious, she still managed to throw me a reassuring smile.

Beside me stood Mary, Anna’s closest friend. A little overweight but with a pretty face and a winning personality, she was certainly no less interested in sex than Anna heself. In fact obsessed would have been a more accurate way of stating it, but today Mary was here to support her friend in her latest venture.

I pointed the camera at Anna and clicked off several shots. Her thigh length little black dress billowed as the warm breeze wafted about her and the mousy coloured strands of her hair gently fanned out and partially covered a heart shaped face. It would be the last photograph taken of her that day in which she was fully clothed!

“There’s still time to change your mind.” I said as we studied the picture as it appeared instantly on the digital camera. “I could just send them all home.”

Anna looked thoughtful for a moment. “No. I’m a bit apprehensive but this is something that I’ve dreamed about for so long. There’s no way I’m going to back out now.

“Right!” Mary chimed in.

Anna laughed and kissed her friend on the cheek.

“You just remember that you’re just here for Mike’s benefit. I know you’re a horny little bitch but the rest belong to me!”

The rest.

The images floated through my head. But the images were people – men – and six in all to be completely accurate. And at this point they were all sitting in our lounge in various shapes and sizes sipping cold beer and waiting. Waiting for my wife.

Anna and Mary both looked up at me expectantly.

“I guess it’s time then.” I said simply

“Yes,” Anna replied, “it’s time.”

The atmosphere in the lounge was thick with sexual energy. All the men knew why they were there and were clearly keen to get started. You could almost taste the energy and anticipation as it hung in the air.

I looked over at Anna for final confirmation that she wanted to go ahead. If we started now there would be no going back. She smiled and me and nodded her head once; a simple gesture that indicated her readiness. I watched her take a deep breath as I put some music on the CD player and then start a slow strip-tease dance.

As my wife began to undulate her body around the floor, under the intense scrutiny of so many eyes, Mary looped her arm through mine and pulled me close.

“She’s really good isn’t she?” She whispered in my ear.

I nodded. My throat was dry and my lips parched.

Anna was beginning to lose herself in the music as well as losing her clothes. Maybe it was the three shots of vodka she’d downed in twenty minutes that fortified her, or maybe just the all consuming need to complete her life-long dream – I’m not sure – but as she slowly lowered the zipper at the back of her dress and let the garment fall to the ground, I knew that I was becoming as aroused as she clearly was.

The firmly toned muscles in her thighs were kayseri escort well defined as she continued to gyrate in nothing but her underwear and the pair of black satin boots that she had bought earlier. Her hands began to roam her body and I could see the excitement clear on her face.

And then, suddenly the bra was gone. I must have turned away for a second because I didn’t see her unclasp it. But it was off now and, in true professional stripper form, was being thrown to the audience.

Anna’s hands went back to her body, now cupping and squeezing her smallish breasts and encouraging the nipples into firm points. Down and down her fingers travelled until they were at her panties. Then, with a flourish and amidst many cheers and applause, these flimsy items of underwear joined the rest of her clothes, as they lay strewn on the floor.

I looked around me. The men we had invited were clearly not shy and most of them had either removed their own clothes completely or at least unzipped. They were all stroking cocks of varying different sizes.

“Enough dancing!” Cried one young man in his twenties as he rubbed a thick looking penis. “Let’s get started with some fucking!”

Cries of approval for his idea resounded around the room and two men ushered a flushed looking Anna towards the bed.

“Let’s get comfortable, shall we?” Mary whispered again.

I sat in a chair and watched as my wife’s friend peeled off her blouse and bra letting her large tits swing free. She sat beside me and placed my hands on the hot globes as we both prepared to watch the action.

Anna was now bending over the edge of the bed, a line of excited young men stood next to her. They all sported good sized erections as they patiently awaited their turn.

“I got to take some photograph’s.” I said to Mary, reluctantly letting go of her breasts and once again picking up the camera.

Mary and I both stood and I started to snap off a few shots as the first man inserted his weapon into my wife’s shaved pussy.

Two oth the other men who were far back in the line were obviously not in the mood to wait. Flanking Anna on both sides they began to pull and tease at her pebble-like nipples as their friend began to pump himself into her body.

I could see the was that Anna’s eyes rolled up as she felt the initial penetration and, with her tits and nipples being played with it wasn’t long before her body started to shudder with an impending climax.

“Wow! The little slut is cumming already!” cried one of the men in line. “She must be really hot! I can’t wait for my go!”

Suddenly and with a deep groan, the man with his cock inside her started to cum. His body jerked and trembled as he emptied himself deep inside Anna’s body and as soon as he had finished he was promptly pulled aside my the next man in line who immediately replaced his friend’s cock with his own.

But this man was much larger than the first and I heard Anna moan deeply as she felt the full force of his weapon rammed inside her brutally. There was no finesse now just plain, raw sex. Anna was being used as little more than a receptacle for their cocks.

I took another few shots and slumped back down into my chair.

Mary was in front of me immediately; kneeling on the floor between my legs and feverishly pulling at my belt buckle and zipper. I was already hard and, as she pulled my cock out of my pants, she immediately placed the turgid weapon into the valley between her big tits.

Mary knows me well and is well aware how much I love to fuck her titties. She is much bigger in this department than my wife and during the many threesome’s that we regularly enjoy, a session rarely passes without her enveloping my tool between those sweet, heavy globes of womanly flesh. As she continued to warp her tits around my shaft she bent her head down and lovingly licked my cock-head every time it popped out of her deep cleavage.

I was in complete heaven as I slowly pumped my cock between Mary’s breasts. Kneeling as she was it was also easy for me to look over her head and keep an eye on the action on the bed.

Anna had now been arranged on her back and lying on the top of the bed. Her legs were well spread and a longhaired, slightly older man was between her legs with two fingers sliding easily in and out of her shaved cunt. Her head was back and a second man stood above her while he fed the entire length of his cock into her willing mouth.

It seemed that Anna was now enjoying an almost continuous orgasm as the men continued to use her. The man finger-fucking her quickly rmoved his fingers and I just had time to see him suck them dry before plunging his cock straight into Anna’s well used pussy and begin to fuck her furiously. It took only a few minutes before he withdrew and shot large wads of cum over her belly.

But Anna was still to be given no rest. While continuing to suck and lick at the cock that was being forced into her mouth, the spent man between her legs was quickly replaced by another. This guy had a long, thin cock but none the less hard for all that.

“Let’s see how she likes it up the ass!” he laughed as her pulled my wife’s legs further open and hiked her ankles up onto his shoulders.

I watched from my seated position as Anna’s face contorted. The thin cock was being fed inch by inch into her ass and she was clearly enjoying every second. The man fucking her mouth stopped for a moment. I could see him start to quiver slightly and the his knees buckled. His fingers gripped Anna’s tits firmly and he let out a long, guttural cry that resounded deep in his chest. Anna gasped as the cock exited her mouth and was then rewarded with several large jets of thick sperm that hit her square in the face.

Mary was now sucking my own erection deep into her mouth and throat and I knew that it wouldn’t be very long before I would blow my own load. She obviously sensed this and I sighed deeply as her fingers slid under my balls and a single digit snaked into my ass.

I was gasping for air and very close to cumming as I looked up and saw the man that had been butt-fucking Anna start to shake. His hips thrust forward and Anna’s body lifted to meet his thrusts as he ejaculated thickly into her anal passage.

I couldn’t hold back any longer. Mary’s finger was deep in my butt and her throat was contracting around my rapidly swelling shaft. She knew that I was about to blow and slipped my tool out of her mouth and back between her warm enveloping breasts. It took just a couple of quick thrusts between those magnificent tits before my cum was gushing out into the valley of her cleavage.

I looked back at my prone wife as my cock began to wilt between Mary’s breasts.

“Wow! That looked really hot!” She said excitedly.

“Not as hot as the view of you!” I laughed tring to get some air back into my straining lungs. I could see that there were still two men who hadn’t cum yet.

“And it doesn’t look like you’re completely finished yet.” I continued. “Those two guys look like they’re about to burst!”

Anna looked up at the to men as they both rubbed their hard cocks.

“Oh good!” She cooed excitedly. “I need more cum in my mouth! Do it guys!”

The last two men were quite obviously more than happy to oblige and started jerking faster as they pointed their tools towards Anna’s mouth and face.

Mary and I both looked at Anna’s exhausted body.

“Wow!” Mary breathed. “She looks so fucked!”

Anna’s cunt and ass were clearly on display; open and abused.

“She has been!” I replied with a laugh. “And by the look of those two guys she’s about to get a load more!”

As if on cue, the two jerking cocks suddenly erupted almost simultaneously. They flanked Anna on both sides of her head and within seconds her face and hair were awash with sticky white semen. Anna’s moth opened wide as she attempted to catch as much of the precious fluid as possible but there was so much of it; dribbling over her chin breasts and matting her tussled hair.

I was happily snapping away more photographs of my drenched wife. I could hardly wait until we Mary Anna and I could all sit down together and look at them. God, I thought, we were going to have such a fuck session when that happened!

The sweet stench of sex was heavy in the air and I noticed, with some surprise, that a couple of the younger men who had cum earlier were again teasing their weapons back to a second erection. I knew at that point that Anna, and probably Mary too, were in for more excitement. I too was keen to get my erection back – I wanted to fuck my wife and experience her body after she had been used so much.

“One final picture!” I said getting up and fiddling with the camera. “Just one more and then we can all go again. Okay ladies?”

Anna and Mary smiled and nodded their eager approval. They moved to the centre of the room and both posed for me.

The men, all in various different stages of erection, milled around as I took the photograph. Mary’s arm encircled my cum-drenched wife and they both smiled as the camera clicked.

“Just for prosperity!” I said laughing.

Mary, to the sound of cheers of approval, was already hiking up her skirt to reveal her very wet vagina. She was ready to start again.

Ah, I thought with a smile, my two little cum-sluts together!

The End

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