My Sister’s Roommate and My Sister


Group Sex

My sister Terry and I have always been close growing up we were the only two kids and we did a lot of family travel and vacations. Modesty was never a thing in our family. I was around 17 and my sister was 19 before we started to cover ourselves up heading in and out of the bathroom.

My sister was the attractive pretty girl growing up. Long brown hair, with an hour glass figure. I on the other hand was quiet and shy. My sister was always giving me advice on girls. I started to fill out when I was 19 and started to attract the girls.

My sister convinced me to go to the same college as her. First day on campus my sister came to visit me at my dorm room with her roommate Chris.

Chris was from Alaska. She had shoulder length blonde hair, high cheek bones, blue eyes, thin and a nice set of C cup boobs. I could hardly talk I was tongue tied seeing this good looking roommate of my sister.

We chatted a bit and they left while I finished unpacking.

An hour goes bye and I get a call from my sister and she says, “Chris thinks you are cute and wants a date with you.”

“Really? She is gorgeous.” I reply. “Ask her if she would like to go out for a drink tonight.” I told my sister.

I could hear my sister call for Chris and Chris yell back to her. Terry said, “My brother wants to know if you want to go out for drinks tonight.”

Chris replied, “Sure have him pick me up at 8.”

It was set, I had my first college date with an older woman!

I had a thing for older women as I lost my virginity to an older woman who lived two doors down from me (see my story on losing my V card).

I picked Chris up at 8 that night and she looked great. Added some fresh makeup, curled her hair a bit and had some great smelling perfume on. She gave me a hug when she met me at the door.

That hug set the tone for the night as I could feel her firm C cup breast press against my chest. I could swear I felt her nipples were hard against my chest. I gave her a quick kiss on the cheek. We said goodbye to my sister and headed to my car.

As we walked to the car Chris took my hand into her hand. I felt very comfortable as if we had been dating for months.

The night club wasn’t far from their house. We arrived in minutes and the place was starting to fill up. I got her screw driver and I got a rum and coke while she found us a table.

We sat and visited for awhile and got to know each other over drinks. Then a song came on that was begging for us to dance too.

We danced a couple of songs and then the song Sail On by the Commodores came on. A nice slow song. We danced to the song holding each other. My hand slid down to her waist and pulled her gently into me. My cock was half hard and her pussy pushed into it. She didn’t back away but slowly started to grind on me getting me harder. We kissed several times during the song.

The song ended and Chris looked down and could see my bulge. She whispered in my ear “Maybe we should go back to my place and take care of that.”

I smiled and said, “Lead the way.”

During our short ride home Chris was kissing my neck and ear while her hand ran up and down my thigh feeling my hard cock.

Once inside the house I was glad my sister was in her room not wanting her to see me with the bulge in my pants. We headed straight to Chris’s room.

Once the door closed we started to kiss passionately and removed each other clothes while kissing. It wasn’t long and we were both naked. I hit the jack pot with Chris. She had long slender silky smooth legs. Her pussy had a small patch of blonde hair. Firm tight ass. Her breast were just the right size and her nipples were hard and begging to be licked.

We got altıparmak escort on the bed and my lips went right to her nipples. She moaned deeply as I sucked and nibbled on them. One hand moved down to her pussy. I gently rubbed her clit before inserting a finger. She was already wet.

My cock was ready to explode and I didn’t want to wait any longer. I moved my cock between her legs and Chris eagerly guided me inside her hot wet pussy.

Chris said, “Fuck you are big. My pussy feels completely filled.”

I couldn’t help but to start pumping her hard and fast right away. I was like on a Chris high and needed to cum inside her as fast as possible.

Chris was very vocal. She kept saying, “Fuck me, god you feel good. God yes, fuck me hard light that. I am going to cum.”

It was only a few minutes and I shot my hot load deep inside her. I wasn’t done. My lust for her was strong and I was still hard and she did not cum yet. I lifted up her legs and put them over my shoulders and continued to pound her deeper and harder. Chris begged me to give it to her harder.

It wasn’t long and Chris came hard with her body shaking at the end of my cock. I didn’t want to stop and kept going looking to pop my nut a second time. Chris didn’t mind as she recovered while I fucked her. Chris was getting close to her second orgasm and I could feel mine coming.

Chris said, “Tell me when you are about to cum.”

I told her, “I am close now.”

Chris started to rub her clit while I pounded her. I started to cum and she rubbed her clit harder and faster so we both had our orgasm together.

I let her legs fall off my shoulders and I collapsed on top of her with my cock still inside her as it continued to pump the rest of my cum inside her.

We lay there for awhile then we started to kiss. My kisses wondered to her neck then her breast. From there I wondered down her body kissing and licking until I got to her freshly fucked pussy. I licked, sucked and nibbled just her clit.

Chris began to moan and then said, “I want to suck your big cock.”

I didn’t want to stop as I was enjoying her wet pussy so I switched to 69 position. My cock at this point was almost deflated but it wasn’t long with her oral skills and I was fully erect. She came while I was sucking on her clit but I kept going. Now I was licking her pussy. I felt myself release a little cum in her mouth.

Chris said, “I want you to fuck me again.”

I said, “Get up out of bed.”

I walked her over to her study desk by the window. I had her bend over the desk and I slid my cock into her abused wet pussy.

I fucked her slow for awhile in this position before I started to pick up the tempo. She came again but I was not even close. I continued to fuck her harder and faster. Again she started to moan and talk loudly how good it felt. The sweat was dripping from both of us. I was getting close to my orgasm. I reached up and took a hold of her lovely hanging breast and pumped as hard and fast as I could. I finally exploded into her one final time.

We stumbled back on to the bed. We lay there breathing heavy totally exhausted.

After we recovered Chris said, “You better get dressed and go now. I don’t want your sister knowing we slept together.”

I joked with her saying, “I didn’t fall asleep!”

With that I got dressed and we shared a nice good night kiss before I left for my dorm room.

Next day:

Terry says, “So Chris you had a good time with your brother?”

Chris replied, “Yes we had some drinks and your brother is a good dancer.”

Terry replied, “By the sounds I heard last night there was a lot more than dancing bursa anal yapan escort going on.”

Chris blushed and said, “You heard us?”

Terry “Yes I did, our rooms are right next to each other you know. These walls are exactly sound proof.”

Chris “I am so embarrassed. But not to embarrass you but your brother is an amazing fuck.”

Terry laughed and said, “Well he spent all of last summer fucking two neighbor ladies. They taught him a lot apparently.”

Chris “How do you know this?”

Terry “He told me. We are close and don’t keep secrets.”

Two weeks later:

My sister calls me and tells me she is having a party at her house and I should come.

I ask, “Will Chris be there? I have not seen her since our date.”

Terry replied, “You probably wore her out (laughing). But yes she will be there. But don’t get your hopes up as she invited a guy she has had her eyes on.”

I get to the party and my sister greats me at the door with a rum and coke.

I say, “Nice service sis.”

Terry replied, “No problem, your my favorite brother, well also my only brother!”

It didn’t take long before I ran into Chris hanging all over some guy. I do have to admit he wasn’t bad looking at least.

Chris came up to me and said, “Hey Brian, glad you could make it. How come you didn’t call me?”

I told her, “Been busy with new classes and getting used to the campus life. I will call you sometime soon.”

With that she said “Okay” and went back to her latest attraction.

This kind of put me in a bad mood and started to drink a lot. It was only 11 p.m. and the party was going strong but I was too drunk to drink anymore and to drive home.

I went to my sister and told her, “I need to lie down.”

My sister said, “You can use my bedroom.”

With that I went to her room and fell asleep in her bed.

I have no idea what time it was when my sister came into her room and climbed into the bed with me. It was no big deal because we slept a lot together on family trips. But I woke up as she got into bed.

I said, “Sorry for taking up so much bed and scooted over to give her more room.”

We were laying there when we could hear Chris in the room next to us having sex with the new guy.

I said to my sister, “Sounds like Chris is having fun.”

Terry replied, “Not as much fun as she was having with you. Jesus, I had to put my pillow over my head to muffle you guys out.”

Just laying there listening to them I started to get aroused. I was thinking maybe I should go in and have a 3 some with Chris. Between still be a bit drunk and horny I didn’t realize my cock had slipped out the opening in the front of my boxers and was lightly pressed against the butt of my sister.

I started to think how horny I was and how I would love to be fucking Chris right now and my hips started to move ever so slightly and my cock was poking my sister a bit each time.

It seemed as if on purpose she moved a bit closer and higher so now my cock was below her ass cheek and rubbing her crotch.

I laid there like that not moving my hips for fear of what she would think. But my head of my cock kept swelling up and twitching and rubbing against her. She had to feel that I thought.

Then her hips started to gently row in the bed. My cock slid a little deeper between her thighs. I started to push a little deeper. She didn’t say a word; she just started to rotate her hips more.

This went on for awhile to the point we both knew for sure what was going on. By that time my pelvis was against her ass and my cock was poking its tip out the other side of her thighs. bursa bayan escort I could feel her hot pussy pressing against the top of my cock.

Terry put her hand down and pressed her fingers against the underside of my cock holding it tight against her pussy. I slid my hand up the front of her shirt and took her D cup breast into my hand and started to massage them.

We both were getting excited and I was pumping my hips and her pussy was drenching my cock. I felt the pressure building up in me and in a couple of hard thrust I shot a big load of hot cum in my sisters hand.

She took the cum and wiped it all over my balls. I was still hard and Terry had not cum yet. I slid my free hand under her and onto her breast. I then moved my other hand down to her clit. Christ, she had a big clit.

Putting my fingers on both sides of her clit I started to rub it. She helped rub her clit by holding my cock against it as I pumped my hips into her. It wasn’t long and she started to shake and moan.

Then in a high pitch voice she said, “Oh fuck I am coming.”

We laid there for awhile then my sister said, “What did we just do? That was so wrong.”

I replied, “I know, but damn it felt good.”

As I was talking I could feel the head of my cock slide about an inch into her wet pussy. She said nothing, so I pushed a little further into her.

Terry said, “Fuck Chris was not joking you have a big cock.” The she pushed back a bit harder taking half my cock into her wet pussy. I took both her breast into my hands and pulled her body in tight to mine and entered her deep. I started to thrust a bit but I was uncomfortable with the position.

I pulled out and said, “Get up, I am going to fuck you like I fucked Chris.”

We could barely hear Chris at this point. Their rooms were set up similar and I had my sister bend over her desk by the window.

I spread her legs apart then got down on my knees and started to lick her pussy from behind.

Terry clutched the edge of the desk tight and said, “Jesus that feels good.”

I fingered, licked, sucked her pussy and rimmed her ass a bit. When she was close to coming I got up and guided my hard dick into her. As I slowly began to fuck her she pulled open a drawer on the desk and reached in the back and pulled out a small vibrator.

Terry turned it on then looked back at me and said, “Stick this in my ass.”

It slid in easily and every time I would thrust it would go in then come back out a bit. I grabbed her hips and started to pump hard and deep. We fucked like this for about 15 minutes and we both were on the edge of having an orgasm.

Terry looked back at me and said, “I want to feel your cum in me. Come in my please.”

With that I launched into full speed hard deep fucking. Not sure if it was a brother sister thing but we both has a shaking orgasm at the same time.

I pulled out and I could hear my cum and her love juices dripping onto the floor.

We moved back to the bed and she cuddled up into my arms.

Terry said, “Did you learn all this shit from our neighbor Candy?”

I told her, “Yes most of it. She was a good teacher.” We then drifted off to sleep.

I wake up at 5:45 a.m. to my sister sucking my cock and I am already hard.

She stops long enough to say, “I owe you this since you ate my pussy last night.”

I wasn’t going to complain or stop her. Her oral skills were pretty good. Not much teasing of the balls or cock. Mostly a good hand job with the end of my cock in her mouth. But she took her time to make it last. It took a bit but I finally came in her mouth. She didn’t swallow but let it run down the sides of my cock.

My sister decided I better get going so her roommates didn’t see me leaving her room. After I left Chris came into her room.

Chris asked, “Sound like you had a good time last night. Who were you with?”

My sister replied, “I will never tell, but he was very special and very good.”

Thus started a new special relationship with my sister.

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