My Sister’s Ass



Author’s note: I’ve long been fascinated about the dynamic between a brother and sister who have already broken the rules by having sex together. Once they cross that barrier, what’s to stop them from enjoying that thrill as often as they want? With that thought in mind, here’s my belated Valentine’s Day story. Annie and Todd are very comfortable with the limits they’ve established between each other or are they? Just a quick warning: lots of heterosexual ass-play in this story.


Annie strolled into her brother’s bedroom without bothering to knock on his closed door. Wearing shorts and t-shirt, Todd sat relaxed on his bed, propped up against the headboard with his long legs crossed at the ankles. “What’s up?” he asked never looking up from his phone.

“It’s almost dinner and Mom says you need to out the trash.” Annie sat on the edge of his bed, knowing he wouldn’t move until he good and ready. While admiring his long, bare legs, her eyes drifted to the pleasant bulge of his man-parts. She ran her fingers through the curly hair on his inner thigh that grew thicker as she moved her hand higher.

“What are you doing?” he asked, still staring at his phone and typing.

“Nothing.” She pushed up the loose pant leg of his shorts, allowing it to bunch up as she tickled his hairy leg. Annie already knew what she would find if her hand kept exploring. If she kept going, Todd’s furry legs would give away to his smoothly shaved balls and the small swatch of closely cropped pubic hair he maintained above his prick. “Are you wearing underwear?”

“You tell me.”

Shoving her hand inside the loose pant leg and caressed his bare balls. He wasn’t wearing underwear. He seldom did, but then, neither did she. Annie wore underwear to thrill, only when she knew someone else might see and appreciate her choice of panties. He felt smoother than yesterday when his balls had felt scratchy against her cheek. “Did you shave this morning?”

Todd shrugged. So what if he had? He nodded towards his open bedroom door. “You left the door open.”

“Mom’s cooking,” she said, moving past his balls and caressing his mostly flaccid prick. As she squeezed his squishy length of manhood, that began to change. His cock grew longer and fatter. She liked feeling him getting hard and wondered how long he would let her tease him until he made her stop.

“Don’t start something you’re not going to finish.”

His cock rose along the side of his pelvis. If he was naked, his cock would slowly rise until it flopped over and exposed its sensitive underside. Trapped inside his shorts with her hand caressing him, his prick rolled to the left as it sought the path of least resistance for the rest of its growth. “Mom might like the show,” she giggled, pulling her hand out of his shorts and caressing the long bulge straining against the thin, silky smooth fabric of his shorts.

“Pervert,” he muttered. “Mom would freak out.”

He was right and Annie knew it. Sex embarrassed Mom. She didn’t want to talk about it. She wouldn’t acknowledge that it had happened with her at least twice or else she would have two children. If they were watching a movie together and people got naked, Mom would always look away instead of appreciating the nudity of a Hollywood star or starlet.

“You should go downstairs naked and see how she reacts.”

Todd snorted and smiled. “We both should.”

“God, she would have a coronary right on the spot!”

“You should shut the door.”

“Why?” Annie asked, tugging at the elastic waistband of his shorts, lifting and pulling downward to expose his hard cock and lack of pubic hair. “Are you afraid Mom will wonder why it’s taking me so long to convince you to come downstairs?”

“It might happen.”

“Maybe,” Annie said, impulsively pulling his shorts off his legs. Todd didn’t fight or stop her. They knew the fat woman cooking in the kitchen would never risk the extra exercise. Instead, she would waddle to the foot of the stairs and call for them.

Annie went back to caressing his hard-on, enjoying his length and girth. Todd had a pretty cock. Maybe that was a silly way to think about a cock, but she didn’t care. His cock had an interesting bulge along its shaft, swelling fatter along its shaft as it neared his cockhead. She often wondered how that extra width might feel inside her pussy. Surely, the shape of his cock would make him feel bigger and fatter in a good way. Moving her hand back to his full feeling balls, she appreciated how smooth they felt. He had done a good job at shaving.

“Are you going out with Stacy for Valentine’s Day?”

He nodded. “Are you going to let DJ get some?”

“Probably,” she said, keeping to herself how much she wished her boyfriend would shave his junk, too. She had asked, but DJ said he would feel funny taking a shower at the gym. Todd had said that was bullshit. According to Todd, guys made it a point to avoid looking at each other’s junk. Todd always kept it real with her.

“Probably?” he asked. “Problems in paradise?”

Annie Porno shrugged. She made a very loose fist around his fat cock and slid her hand up and down his long shaft. “No, we’ll probably do it. I just get tired of how he always wants to fuck like that’s the only way to have sex.”

“I thought you liked fucking him.”

“I do,” she said, changing how she caressed him. Instead of stroking her brother, she ran a single finger up and down his cock and enjoyed watching his cock throb. When she lightly circled her finger around his cockhead, his cock throbbed even more. “But I like doing other stuff, too.”

“Is that why we don’t fuck?”

“Maybe.” She grabbed at his balls, cupping and gently squeezing while admiring again the reaction that created. His hard prick bobbed up and down with need. “Does it bother you that we don’t go all the way?”

“Yes and no,” he said, looking at her instead of his phone. He placed a hand on her chest, squeezing and massaging one boob and then the other. “We do everything else.”

“I like doing everything else,” she said, wishing they had more time together. If it wasn’t dinner time and if Mom wasn’t waiting, she would get naked, too. She would let him finger her pussy or go down on her. She liked how Todd ate her pussy. Once they had started fooling around, Todd had wanted to learn how to eat pussy correctly. With Annie laying naked on her bed with her legs spread wide open for her brother, he had experimented with different ways to do it. He had tried licking up and down, side-to-side, and making circles around her clitty. That had been a fun afternoon filled with orgasms and near orgasms for her. She didn’t mind when he put a finger or two inside her, that still felt safe, even when he had slipped a finger up her backdoor, too.

“I wonder if Stacey gets tired of fucking.”

“You don’t go down on her?”

“After I do, she won’t kiss me.”

“I still suck DJ.” Annie liked sucking dick. She would suck off her boyfriend more except DJ always wanted to fuck. DJ claimed he couldn’t get off from just a blowjob. Todd had once said the same thing, but Annie she had proved him wrong.

“Stacey doesn’t like going down on me,” he complained. It wasn’t the first time he had said that. “She’s too afraid I’ll cum in her mouth.”

“That’s the best part,” Annie said, leaning over and licking his shaft. “Why do it if you don’t want a mouthful of cum?” She noticed how he held and phone and guessed what he was doing.

“Why do you even bother? It’s not like you can show anyone pictures of me doing this.”

“They don’t know it’s me.”

“You dick!” she said, playfully baring her teeth as if she was going to bite his cock. Between the two of them, they had hundreds of pictures of each other. “Evie thinks you’re hot.”

“You did not show Evie pictures of me.”

“Maybe I told her it was Todd,” she said before drawing her brother’s hard cock between her lips and bobbing her head up and down a few times. That made him still harder and she liked it. “You better hurry before Mom wonders where we are.”

“Did you really show Evie pictures of me?”

Instead of answering, Annie moved between his legs and got more serious about sucking him. Todd used to try holding back, lying that he needed more than a blowjob, but that had stopped months ago. He knew she wouldn’t do more.

“Hey you two! Dinner!” Mom called from the foot of the stairs. They both jumped.

“Bitch,” Todd grumbled, rolling from beneath her. “She’s going to come upstairs.”

“I’m sorry,” Annie said with a smile on her lips and a twinkle in her eye that said the opposite. After Todd pulled on his shorts, his hard-on made a tent out of the front.

“You better finish what you started.”

“After supper, you can do me if you want.”

“Bitch,” he repeated, heading towards the door. “We’re coming,” he called as he neared the stairs.

Annie followed behind and watched how he hid his condition from Mom. As they reached the dining room table, he quickly slipped into his seat, hiding his hard-on beneath the big oak table. “Oh, Mom said you had to take out the trash, too.”

Todd glared at her. “I’ll do it after supper.”

“You’ll do it right now,” Mom said in the same no-nonsense tone she had used since on them when they were kids.

“Fine,” Todd grumbled, making sure he turned away from Mom as he stood. Mom might have missed the show of his hard-on still straining against his shorts, but Annie didn’t. Once he stepped into the kitchen, he made sure Mom couldn’t see before mooning his sister.

When he returned from his trash run, Todd was back in control of himself. Before walking back into the dining room, he pulled down the front of his shorts and flashed his mostly soft cock at his sister. Annie smiled. He wouldn’t stay soft, not for long, not once she had gotten him started.

Mom had once read an article about the value of eating dinner as a family without the TV and ever since, Todd Altyazılı porno and Annie were expected to be home for dinner. Back in high school, Todd’s basketball practice often meant a late dinner during the winter months. Thankfully, the community college didn’t have a basketball team. Sundays were even more important. You could do lots of things, but you never missed Sunday dinner. “DJ wants to take to me dinner on Valentine’s Day,” Annie announced, letting Mom know she wouldn’t be home for dinner.

The older woman nodded before looking at Todd. “Yeah, I’ll probably do the same thing with Stacey,” he admitted. Mom sighed, but nodded. She hated eating alone.

“After supper, can you help me with my homework?” Annie asked her brother. They both knew that was code for: Let’s go upstairs and fool around. “College math is so much harder than high school math.”

“I guess,” Todd said, playing the role of reluctant big brother so well that Mom actually smiled.

“You’re a good brother,” Mom said, patting his hand.

“You owe me,” he told his sister.

Todd sat in the living room with Mom while Annie did the dishes. Though it was a houseful of adults, they still had chores. Mom always cooked, because that’s what Moms did. Annie always had to do dishes. During the winter months, Todd got away with being the trashman and minor chores, but during the spring and summer, he had to mow the grass.

“You ready?” Annie asked her brother. She stood near the foot of the stairs, behind Mom’s big easy chair. While doing the dishes, she had taken off her bra and shoved it in her pocket. She pulled off her shirt and shook her boobs at him, grinning madly at the wide-eyed look Todd gave her. Mom was a short, tubby woman. Her head didn’t rise above the back of her wing backed chair. Annie pulled off her shorts, too. Naked, she carried her clothes with her as she mounted the stairs.

“Are you going to help your sister or not?” Mom asked Todd.

“I guess,” he said, acting as if it was a pain in the ass. As soon as he moved past Mom, he began grabbing at the front of his shorts as he followed his naked sister to her room. “I can’t believe you,” he whispered.

She giggled as she flopped into the middle of her bed. She was horny as hell and it felt good being naked. Teasing and sucking on her brother before dinner had wound her up. Cupping her bare pussy, she let a finger slip between her puffy lips. “Ready for dessert?”

“Are you?” he asked, pulling off his shorts and fondling his hard cock.

“Me first,” she insisted, rubbing her clit.

“Aw man,” he complained. “That’s not fair.”

“You can finger my butt if you want.”

“Really?” he asked, moving between her legs.

Annie nodded. It had only been a couple months since she had allowed Todd to start touching her butt. Sure, he had tried before, but for a long time that had felt like they were going too far, so she wouldn’t let him do it. Now, it felt really sexy to feel his finger wiggling inside her backside while he licked her pussy.

“Maybe I should start there,” he said, grabbing her behind the knees, pushing her knees towards her chest, and rolling her into a ball.

When he pressed his tongue against her puckered backside, she squealed. “That’s so nasty!”

“You love it,” he said, poking at that tight opening.

“It’s gross.”

“You’re gross,” he said, putting a finger against her butt and gently pressing the tip inside her ass while moving his mouth to her wet pussy.

“Do you do that to Stacey?”

“Stacey loves it.”


“I’m going to fuck her up the ass for Valentine’s Day.”

“Bullshit,” she said, feeling a surge of excitement, Was it because of his tongue on her clit, his finger in her butt, or because she believed him? She stared down at him and saw the twinkle in his eye. “Are you really going to do that?”

“She said we would.”

“No way,” Annie said, though she believed him. She had more questions but they had to wait a moment while she wrestled with the thrill she felt from his tongue focused on her clit. Damn, Todd was good at going down her. He had learned well.

“She wants it bad,” he said, working his finger deeper inside her ass. “She’s been practicing.”

“What’s that mean?”

“Fingers,” he said, before lashing his tongue in a tight circle around her clit. “Toys,” he added, focusing again on her clit with laser like precision. “Cucumbers.”

“No way,” Annie gasped as she imagined Stacey shoving a cucumber up her ass. Todd’s attention on her clit felt too intense and she gave up trying to talk. Instead, she ran her fingers through his hair, a sign that he shouldn’t stop what he was doing. She was almost there. He kept his tongue on her aching clit and it felt wonderful. But he had a finger up butt, too. Deep, too. Deep and moving in and out as if it was a narrow dick fucking her ass. Biting back a moan, she shivered and came hard.

“Admit it, you like it, too,” he said, pulling Brazzers back and smiling down at her while he kept fucking her ass. “It feels good, doesn’t it?”

“Stop it,” she said, meaning how he teased her, because his finger did feel good.

“Blow me,” he said, laying down next to her and pulling on his hard, excited cock. He snaked a hand beneath her shoulders and pulled her upwards. She moved with him, letting him shove her head towards his hard cock. “Suck it.”

Annie wrapped her lips around her brother’s hard cock and began sucking him. She didn’t mess around. She wanted his cock inside her mouth. Part of her wanted his mouth inside her pussy, too, but she ignored that urge. That was too much. That would be going too far. Instead, she focused her effort on making him orgasm and earning a mouthful of his hot, creamy cum. She swirled her tongue around his swollen cockhead before focusing on the more important parts.

They had started with teasing each other, just messing around and daring each other to flash their naughty bits. That had led to daring each other to get naked. It had felt funny getting naked in front of her brother when they first started doing it. Funny, because it had felt naughty, wrong, and as if it didn’t really matter. They could never be boyfriend and girlfriend. They could never do anything for real, so messing around with Todd had felt innocent, too.

Even when they had started to masturbate in front of each other, it had felt more innocent than dirty or wrong. And, in a weird way, it had felt good, too. She never had to worry about Todd dumping her for someone else. Even if they stopped messing around together, they would still be brother and sister. Todd had to love her because she was family, even if he didn’t like her or was mad at her, he had to still pretend to love her.

He had asked to lick her long before she had offered to suck him. He had said he wanted to practice so he could be better at doing it with his girlfriend. So, she had let him do it and it had felt really good. Even better after she had given him some tips about licking higher between her pussy lips so he was touching her clit more often. Then, he had gotten really good at doing it and he had seemed to like doing it, too.

She had always made him get naked, too, because she liked seeing him naked and hard. One day, he had asked if she would touch him. That hadn’t felt like too much. She still liked touching him. She liked jerking off him and it felt good knowing she was good at doing it, too. Later, it had been her idea to go down on him because she really liked sucking dick. She liked feeling a man getting off in her mouth.

Annie knew she could tell Todd anything. After they had started going down on each other, she had put that to the test. She told him about sucking off a guy from work just because she wanted to suck some dick. Joey hadn’t been dating material, but he sure liked getting his dick sucked in the parking lot and he would let Annie do it anytime she wanted to do it. Todd never judged her, not even when she told him about the time she had sucked off four different guys over two days: Joey, her boyfriend, DJ (who wasn’t yet her boyfriend), and Todd. That had been a good week.

She focused on getting Todd off as quickly as she could. She wanted him to cum. She wanted to taste his spunk on her tongue. She wanted to feel his warm cock throbbing and hear the soft little moans he always made when he got off. She wanted to feel his balls pulled tight against his crotch as they pumped out his salty treat. She wanted to see the relaxed, amazed look that always appeared on Todd’s face after she sucked him off. It took less than five minutes.

“Fuck you’re good at that,” he said, pulling her on top of him and hugging her close. He kissed the top of her head as he held her close. She liked the feel of his still hard cock against her thigh. Sometimes, when they were snuggling like this, she wanted to feel his cock elsewhere, too. Sometimes, she wondered if it would be okay for him to put just the tip inside of her, maybe as deep as that bulge in the middle of his cock so she could feel how big he felt. That would be nice, except she didn’t want to fuck him. Todd was still her brother and they shouldn’t go all the way because that would be wrong.

“Has Stacey really been practicing?”

“She really likes what I just did to you,” he said, caressing Annie’s bare ass. It felt good. Sometimes, snuggling with Todd felt too intimate, almost as if they were boyfriend/girlfriend. “And she told me she wants to try that on Valentine’s Day. That’s supposed to be my present.”

“Have you ever done it before?” she asked. He shook his head. “But you want to?”

“Um, yeah,” he said in that “Are you stupid?” tone siblings can deploy so easily with each other. “I think it’s hot for a girl to want that.”

“I like your finger back there,” she said. “Have you done more than one finger with Stacey?”

He stretched his long arm farther down her back, moved between her ass cheeks and lightly caressed her butt. “Do you let DJ finger you back here?”

“A couple times,” she admitted. “But only when he goes down on me and he doesn’t do that a lot.” It felt funny letting him touch her butt like that. “And just the tip, nothing more.”

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