My Sister, Home for the Summer



My sister was only about one year older than me, but for as long as I can remember she always liked to boss me around.

It was the summer when I had just finished high school and she was back from her first year at university.

My parents’ room was on the other side of the house, so I had got used to being the only person using the bathroom, and was in the habit of not bothering to lock the door, and sometimes even leaving it open.

One evening I in my pyjama pants, standing at the wash basin brushing my teeth, when I heard someone behind me.

I half turned, and saw that it was my sister.

“Oh, I didn’t think anyone was in here,” she said.

She was wearing a white t-shirt with a pair of light cotton shorts, and my eyes were immediately drawn to the shape of her tits, the nipples clearly visible through the fabric of her top.

Even though she was my sister, I started to get aroused, and in another moment my swollen cock had slipped out of the gaping fly of my cotton pants.

Just as my eyes had been drawn to her tits, so she gazed at my staff, as it briskly pulled itself fully erect.

I had a feeling that I shouldn’t have been looking at her like that, and that I should have turned away from her, but because bursa escort she had not reacted in shock, or even tried not to look at my arousal, I stood still, aware that all the while I was still exposing my cock to her.

I heard her catch her breath, then she made as if to leave. I turned back to the sink, trying , with some difficulty, to tuck myself back into my pants but then she hesitated. She shut the door, and leant against it.

I looked over my shoulder at her, aware that my cock was still far from under my control.

She looked across the small room at me.

Then, her gaze falling rather absent-mindedly onto the floor, she started to say, “I never realized…”. Her sentence faded away airily.

I turned to face her again, this time fully aware that I would be exposing myself to her. Once again I felt the material of my pants slide away as my cock pushed itself out into the space between us.

She looked at me, paused, and then, with a tiny gesture towards my erection, she said “I want to watch you stroking it.”

I didn’t move; didn’t know what to think or do. I felt suddenly shy. I wasn’t quite sure I had heard right.

It was quiet for a moment. The sight of her body in those skimpy bursa escort bayan night clothes made her instruction hard to resist.

I moved my hand slowly down, and wrapped it around my hard-on. She gave a small nod of approval.

I started to move my fist very slowly up and down the shaft. It felt strange; I had done it so much by myself, but now that my sister was watching it felt very odd.

I knew I didn’t want to lose control; didn’t want to make myself look ridiculous in front of her. God knows how dumb I might look to her getting all excited, and then, I didn’t want the embarrassment of shooting my cum everywhere and making a sticky mess over everything.

She watched my movements closely, and, still leaning against the door, I saw her slip her hand down the waistband of her little shorts.

I’m sure my mouth must have fallen open as I watched, incredulous, as she started to finger herself, all the while her eyes never straying from what I was doing. My hand must have slowed, because, rather breathlessly she commanded me, with a shake of her head, “Don’t stop.”

I didn’t dare grip my rod at all tightly. I did not want to come for sure. Not just for fear of making a mess or making bursa escort kız a fool of myself, but because I didn’t want to break this magical spell.

My sister slid away from the door, guiding herself along the wall by hanging onto the towel rods with her her left hand, while her right hand kept at its task. she found her way towards the bathtub and perched herself on the edge. By now her breathing was heavier, and she seemed to be reaching a point of no return.

“Come here,” she told me, gesturing excitedly with her free hand.

“Come here,” she said again. “Come and suck on my tit”. She lifted one side of her shirt, exposing her soft round breast, the nipple a delicate pink.

I dropped to one knee beside her and touched my lips to her body. I could feel her soft skin against my face as I took her hard nipple into my mouth.

Immediately her movements quickened, and and her breathing became noiser, more excited.

She started to to shake, and I felt her hand on the back of my head making sure my mouth kept at what it was doing.

“Oh, God,” she muttered, “Oh fuck.”

Then, suddenly very loudly, “Fuck, Jesus, Fuck,” as her body shuddered and shook.

As her body settled down, her movements slowed, and I felt the pressure lessen on the back of my head. I lifted my face away from her, sitting back on my haunches.

She glanced down at my cock with a complete lack of interest, then, with a loud sigh, she pushed herself up from the bathtub, and in one moment, without another word, she was gone from the room.

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