My Seven Day Plan – Night 2



Samantha woke up just before the alarm clock started to scream next to her, she leaned over and switched it off. Lying back, she turned over to face Robert, and smiled to herself, pleased with her achievement last night and still feeling contented and delighted that all went better than planned. Tonight was going to be very different, as she had planned on doing something that was going to take her right out of her comfort zone; something that she had never done before. She leaned over and kissed Robert on his forehead, whispering, “Good Morning sweetie, time to rise and shine”. Robert opened his eyes slowly and looked at Samantha. “Well, how is my Call Girl this morning?” Samantha moved closer to Robert and replied, “Better than you can imagine!” They got out of bed, dressed for work and met in the kitchen for coffee. Whilst having coffee Robert informed Samantha that he would be out of town on Wednesday night, as he had to attend a managers meeting in the city. She acknowledged what he had said and thought about it for a moment and smiled to herself, she knew exactly what she was going to do on night three. Robert suggested that they go out for dinner that night; Samantha agreed and thought it would work out perfectly with the evening she had planned. After they finished their coffee, they said their both farewells and left for work. Work was busier than usual, as Samantha had to have three different reports completed, before she left work for the day. Robert called her just after lunch and suggested that they meet at their favorite rokettube pasta restaurant, at about 7 p.m, as he had quite a lot to prepare for his trip away. Samantha was happy with this arrangement as she still had a lot to do before she was finished for the day. She managed to complete all three reports and ended up leaving work half an hour later than usual. She rushed home and had a quick bath to freshen up. Her attire for the evening was; a black lacy g-string, a pair of sheer black stay-ups with the lace tops, her lacy black bra that fastened in the front, black stilettos and her emerald green wrap around dress. All these articles of clothing she chosen had to be easy for her to disrobe without any assistance required from Robert. Samantha was going to stimulate Robert visually. As this was something Samantha had never done before, she decided to pour herself a glass of wine before leaving to join Robert at the restaurant, as she felt that this might help her relax and maybe loosen some of her inhibitions. She arrived just after seven to find Robert already there, sitting at their favorite table. Robert stood up as Samantha approached and pulled her chair out for her, at the same time remarking on how gorgeous she looked. She thanked him and as she sat down asked him how his day had been. They both chatted about their day’s events, the night prior and how great it had been. They enjoyed their dinner over a few glasses of wine, which had already helped Samantha relax, and she actually looked forward to going asyalı porno home and laying on her “home entertainment” for Robert. They arrived home together and as they entered the house, Samantha took Robert’s hands in hers and took him upstairs to their bedroom. The music was already playing, as Samantha had switched it onto replay prior to leaving for the restaurant. She guided him to the chair, which was in the corner of the room, slowly undressed him fully and told him to make himself comfortable. She then went to light the scented candles that she had placed in various places in the bedroom so that there would be just enough light for Robert to see his very own “home show”! Robert looked bewildered, not too sure as to where he fitted in at this stage, or what was going on as he sat and watched Samantha walk around to the end of the bed and start to sway her hips to the music. Unbeknown to Robert, Samantha was about to unleash a completely new side of herself to him. Facing Robert she continued to sway to the music as she started to undress, pulling the ties to her dress, and opening up to reveal what was underneath. Robert let out a pleasurable moan as her dress slid off her shoulders onto the carpet below. Her hands slowly caressed her body, from her hips down to her waistline and up to her bra. Her fingers easily unhooked the clasps to reveal her perfectly rounded breasts and well-kept, slim body. She seductively moved her right hand to her left shoulder and hooked her bra strap with her azeri porno fingers, pulling the strap over her shoulder and letting it slide down to her elbow. Without conscious decision, she cupped her right breast with her emotions now taking over. Teasingly she started fingering her nipple; her thumb and forefinger pinching the erect bud to an even more splendorous hardenss. “You are absolutely amazing!”” Robert sighed as his hand eased onto his erection. Samantha looked up at Robert and noticed that he had his right hand around his shaft, which aroused Samantha even more. Robert was relishing in the sight before him of Samantha half-naked in front of him and touching herself. Releasing her brassiere from her arms with her fingers and seductively extending her arm, Samantha dropped it to the floor. She moved her hands slowly back to her breasts and fondled them, letting out short murmurs of pleasure as her body started to tingle with the most wonderful sensation from her feet up. She turned around and climbed onto the bed. Lying on her back, she positioned herself so that Robert could enjoy the view. She drew her legs up as she lifted her arse and removed her g-string, which she seductively pulled off her raised legs and let fall. She lowered her legs so that her feet were up against her arse, and spreading them wide, she exposed herself for Robert to drink in the sight she was revealing to him. It was clear to her that Robert took great pleasure from this as his moans of pleasure reassured her of her demonstration. Samantha moved both her hands down to her inner thighs and slowly moved the fingers of her left hand to her mound where her fingers reached her hard and aroused clitoris, and started to rub it gently, enjoying the sensations that were starting to tingle all over her.

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