My Regular Bud Joe Ch. 03

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This is a true story and part of a journey exploring my Bi side. This is one of many. I hope you enjoy or can relate.

Our meets became a regular thing meeting once to three times a month. He would suck me off to completion and I would make him cum 3 times each time we met. We usually met in the late afternoon as he took off work early and we could get 2-3 hours alone together.

One time after I came from a business lunch with many drinks, we met that afternoon. He started but sucking my cock from the side as I faced him and grabbed my ass cheeks and kept pulling me deep in his mouth. He kept that up for 10 minutes till I came hard and laid back.

As often the routine, I could not wait to get his cock in my mouth. I got between his legs and looking up started licking his balls. First the one and then the other, softly bathing each one in my mouth while watching his cock grow hard and starting to throb. I would slowly lick up his cock and flick my tongue under the head and watch his cock twitch from the stimulation.

I continued teasing him this way as I wanted it to last and make him cum hard. His cock was dripping pre-cum as he was hoping I would just pop him in my mouth. I licked up the shaft again and this time swirled my tongue around the head and over his pee slit licking all the pre-cum off.

He was throbbing so bad I had to take his head in my mouth and lick the tip. He was moaning at this point. Without any warning I took him deep in my mouth and applied pressure with my lips while drawing my mouth mersin escort back up letting my tongue run along the underside of his cock on the way up. He was leaking so bad and I wanted him to release at this point. I started bobbing my head over the top 3″ pretty fast while rubbing his swollen balls. Every 4th or 5th time I would go all the way down and he would moan loudly.

I kept this up for 5 minutes when he warned me, he was going to cum. From experience, I know he cums a lot and this seemed like it was going to be a huge load. I felt his cock expand and swallowed him to the back of my throat just as he shot his load straight down my throat. I felt the first 3 jets of cum go straight down and brought my mouth up about halfway so I could feel his hot cum and enjoy his taste. After his cock subsided, I moved up to his head while squeezing and pulling his skin up to lick the drops of cum that dribbled out.

I kept his cock in my mouth just letting it stay there as I felt him go soft in my mouth. I waited for his breathing to normalize and after 5 minutes I lightly held him in my mouth and just mouthed my tongue around. He started to get hard in my mouth which is so exciting to feel and I kept it up until he was fully hard and throbbing once again.

I proceeded to give him a slow and mouth only blowjob while caressing his balls till I was rewarded with another load to taste and swallow. At this point he needed a break and I wanted a glass of wine. Remember, I came from a business lunch where I was having a few which leads me to what happened next.

After he freshened up and drank a water, I finished my wine and he laid on the bed in his usual spot. I crawled between his legs and started to lick his balls and slowly stroked his cock which made him get hard in my fist. I kept stroking while licking his balls till he started to leak pre-cum so I took him in my mouth. I slowly worked his cock up and down my mouth hitting the back of my throat on the down stroke.

I was getting so horny and my cock was leaking pre-cum as well. Between the alcohol and the cock in my mouth I was super horny, and my inhibitions removed. I lifted my mouth of his cock and asked, “I don’t want to ruin a good thing, but would you want to try putting your cock in my ass?”. Before I tell you his reply, I have experimented with vibes and dildo play before in my ass but never thought I would try a real cock. I even have my SUB rim me often and she even had a small strap on she used briefly on me as she did not know what she was doing. (I have other stories about how we met and what adventures we had).

Back to Joe. He said, “Hell yes”. He explained his wife would never let him do it and he would love to give it a go. I took him in my mouth again and when he was supper hard, I moved up his body and positioned myself over him to drop down on his cock. It seemed every time I tried, he was a little bendy and soft. I took him in my mouth again and when I felt he was good, we tried again. Same result. He explained we should have tried this the 1st or 2nd time as he was a little worn out. I always made him cum 3 times but thinking back, he was usually softer the 3rd time.

He suggested we stand up and I bend over the bed while he stroked himself against my puckered asshole and when he was hard, he would start to put it in. Sounded like a great idea. What a surprise I was in for. He was jerking his cock up and down with the head pressed up against my pink hole which was making me hard. When he said he was ready, I asked him to just get the head in and while I was saying it, he impaled me all the way till his balls slapped mine.

It was burning pain and I asked him to wait till I the pain subsided which it did a little and I told him to go slow. He started going in and out and at some point, I think because of the alcohol and the excitement I briefly lost consciousness. I realized that must have happened as I felt him plunging into me with deep strokes slapping his hips up against my ass. I had a pool of cum or pre-cum under my cock which got me hot and told him I wanted him to cum deep in my ass. That was all it took, and he grabbed my hips and went balls deep and held it as I felt his hot cum shoot in my ass. He pulled slightly out and slammed against me to shoot again deep in me. We held still for a few minutes till his cock slipped out of my well fucked ass.

We were both spent, and I said I would want to try again next time with no alcohol and plenty of lube and foreplay. He said anytime I wanted to, he would love to. Unfortunately, this was our last meeting as he was transferred and had moved.

I would love to try it again with the right person.

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