My Neighbour

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Long while ago this happened, my sons were pre teens, probably around the 10 – 12 mark. Summer holidays for them were always a bore for me.

We had our couple of weeks away, usually a package tour to Spain, in those days that was the cheapest and best, especially for the kids. A park, a short walk away, I used to take them there a lot during the day, they didn’t need me, but always liked to know where they were. A guy, I shall call him.. Chuck, used to hang around a lot in this park, he lived in the same street as us, was fairly well off, never seemed to work and always had a string of lovely girls going in and out of his house.

It became obvious to me that these girls were all ‘good time girls’. but hubby wouldn’t have that, said it was just because he had money and could get what he wanted.

Anyway, one day a ‘sold’ sign hung outside his house and seeing him once he said he has sold up and was moving away.

While I was in this park I noticed he was looking at me a great deal, and if I wasn’t mistaken, think he was exciting himself. We were not long back off our holiday’s and I was in a revealing bikini trying to keep my skin nice and brown while I could. Although it excited me, would be a liar if I said differently, it was still a bit spooky knowing that this handsome guy was getting himself off and he only had eyes for me, while he was at it.

Was only that the kids were around otherwise I am sure I would have let him see more, but every two minutes one of the would come up to me for something or other.

A few days later I went shopping with an old friend and we stopped off at the pub for a sandwich and a cold drink. Chuck was in there, and he was quick to buy us both a drink. Asking if he could join us, we had no qualms with that and so he pulled up a chair and being the type of guy he is, was not slow in coming forward with his cheeky chat to us both.

Stopping him in his tracks, halfway through a sentence though, I just spluttered out “Did you get off watching me the other day Chuck?” Think my friend choked on her ham sandwich, knowing the story already. Silence for once from Chuck, and there was only one answer a cocksure guy like him could come out with and he muttered “Well.. yes as it happens..”

As we were ready to go, my friend said she wanted to use the loo first, and as she went Chuck looked me in the eyes and said that he was moving in a week, and out of the ‘bird’s’ in our street I was the one he really wanted and was wondering… with that my friend returned, a cocky smile from me to Chuck, “Will see what hubby thinks about it Chuck”. I said as we were walking out the door. With hubby away on business one day I decided to go and knock on Chucks door early in the morning. “Well”, I said, “2 hours time, your place, ok?”. “OK” he answered, sorted, kids leave for school, and I take that extra half hour getting ready. We all knew of his reputation in the street and I put a packet of our condoms in my bag and off I went. His house was a dream, although it was only 11 in the morning, the curtains were drawn and the lighting set a real romantic mood. Even drinking the champagne that early was a strange feeling, but nice and with some soft music on I was soon mellowing to the fact that Chuck was going to give me a good time today and I only hope I can perform like the hundreds of woman that have probably sat in this seat.

In no rush at all, we talked and drunk for a long while and the early morning Champagne was having a weird affect on me and I was very light headed and as Chuck changed the subject from the weather to sex, I was only to willing to join in and hopefully give as much as I took, knowing that I knew things about him, and was sure he never knew such thing’s as to what I got up to.

“Were they all tart’s that used to come to your place Chuck”. “Most were Pat” he said with out aksaray escort any remorse. “Why?, your a hunk and could get what ever you want to, why go with whores?” I asked. ” I can play out my fantasies with whores can’t do that with a twenty five year old bimbo, so it is less complicated to meet a hooker” he said.

Looking around his room I ask him what type of things does he get up to with these tart’s, wondering where his ‘den’ was. I wasn’t to be disappointed either as he lead me down into a basement that had a cold atmosphere about it and with the walls all painted black there were an assortment of evil looking toys around down there. Hesitantly, I looked at him and asked what he expected from me..

Climbing, unsteadily down the steep stairs to the cool and atmospheric cellar, knowing Al is going to sexually satisfy me made my stomach twist up in anticipation and that nice feeling was already alighting the fire with in my loins.

At the bottom, with my eyes adjusting to the darkness and the strange smells of Chuck’s scented candles giving me the only light as they flickered from the walls. Then Chuck took my hand, not roughly, but held me secure and took me over to an old heavy looking table that was to be the center of his room.

Stopping me there he turned me to face him and fumbling in his pocket he produced a long black piece of silky cloth, and without speaking proceeded to wrap it around my eyes and tight now, I was suddenly blind to what was to happen that afternoon.

Alone, I was searching for his hand to comfort me, but all I could feel was the feeling of someone staring at me. Chuck said his first words to me at this point, asking whether I was feeling excited, “I was,” I told him. Then, knowing where he was now I felt his hands touching my waist and both of them now exploring my body feeling my excited tits and running his hands down my body as if he was looking at my figure as it slimmed in at my waist and rose out as his hands rested on my hips “Beautiful Pat”, he whispered in a somewhat nervous voice now.

His hands, carrying on down and I felt his face close to my body now as his fingers were tracing patterns on my sheer black stockings. “Does that feel nice Pat?” he again whispered. “Is that a nice dress you have on Pat, or can I buy you a nice new one.” He asked. Puzzled, I answered,” it is only a run of the meal thing, yes, you can buy me a new one if you want to.” Then I felt my dress being tugged on, and suddenly I heard the ripping sound of my dress. Suddenly I felt the coldness of the room close in on my already over hot body. It must have ripped from top to bottom as I could feel the now useless cloth hanging either side of my now almost naked body.

“Lovely tits Pat,” Chuck said and his strong rough hands were fondling them, first one and then the other. “Has anybody ever told you that you have lovely nipples Pat”, he said. Squeezing roughly at the now erect strawberries. Exciting me, but with a small degree of pain, I just said “Yes Chuck they have”. “Has anybody ever fondled them like this Pat”, understanding the game now, I simply said “No Chuck, they haven’t”. “Is it nice Pat?” He said, his voice now becoming more demanding. “Feels lovely sir”, I said. “That’s nice Pat, yes sir.. that’s nice”.

Suddenly again I was left alone and a minute must have passed until I heard the unmistakable purring of a vibrator being turned on, “Is that a toy sir,” I asked. Without an answer I felt the buzzing coming closer and with expectation’s, my groin tensed to receive the pleasure also. He lightly put it on my bare mid-drift and sending my muscles into ecstasy he slowly lowered it downwards and going between my black lacy panties and my skin I felt the vibrations tickling my now excited pussy region. “Fuck me with it sir”, I begged, “let me wrap my juices around the long, strong shaft, please sir”, still playing his game.

“Pat, I knew you were an ‘horny tart, showing off as you walked down the street but had no idea I had been missing this for all this time”, he said as I squirmed feeling the toy pulsing vibration’s into my inner self.

“Come and lay down Pat,” Chuck said helping me on the hard wooden table. Positioning me so that my legs are swinging free at the end of the table, Al said that he wanted to tie my hands, “Oh yes please sir”, I begged and laying both hands out fully, felt as Chuck slowly tie the cord around my wrists. I felt very horny, yet very vulnerable as again I was left alone in the darkness. Then I felt Chuck’s hands both around my ankles and he was lifting them up in the air. “Can I do this Pat! he asked. “Yes please sir, I am all yours today” I told him. Then feeling some cord hanging from the ceiling I felt each ankle intertwine within the rope, and suddenly I was laying alone, my legs outstretched and raised, no doubt my lips of my open pussy apart and waiting for the welcome advances from Chuck.

“Come and fuck me sir, let me feel your hunk of meat inside me, please sir”. Not answering, I felt warm liquid dripping onto my body, “It’s only oil Pat.” I heard as he reassured me. Then I felt his hands oily now, massaging the oils into me and making me purr with pleasure and gasp with delight as his fingers search out my inner self. “Fuck me their sir, fuck me now” I tease, knowing that his hardness is not going there for a long while.

Again the loneliness, as Chuck stands off me again, but it wasn’t to be for long as I felt the palms of his hands rest firmly under my buttocks. It seemed ages, but was probably micro seconds, when I felt his shaven cheeks run the length of my inner thighs. feeling his lips gently kiss on his way to planting a kiss right inside my open love lips. I gasp, I scream out loud and feeling his tongue darting in and exploring my wet inside’s, all of a sudden the eroticism of the day over takes me and I scream out my first orgasm, Ohhhh, I scream, pleaseeeee, with no escape from Chuck, I am feeling wave after wave of pleasure pulsating through me and Chuck is only getting more and more pace up as I feel his now extra long tongue probing into me and licking my clit which I could sense must be ready to explode now. Still screaming out my excitement, I feel he now starts to ease down and his tongue was now replaced with gentle licking and kissing of my very wet and oily love hole.

Silence again, the odd trace of a leather string was sliding over my body making my body arc as it was sliding over nerve ends that were all heightened by my excitement I was still feeling.

“You ok Pat”, Chuck asks, “Yes sir” I say, still my breathing was very erratic and the coldness of the room was chilling the wetness of my juices, that were not only around my pussy, but I could feel they had dribbled out and my ass was also feeling the cold liquid.

Silence again and wondering what was to happen next, I feel Chuck getting up onto the table as our bodies touched I felt his warm nakedness against me and smelt his masculinity close to my face as the first thing that touched my face was his semi erect cock, brushing over my face and my mouth opening, eager to except his tasty member. Chuck was bending over my body now, I could feel his hair tickling my stomach as he guided his now erect cock into my mouth. In this position I was unable to take it the way I would have loved but with his hand around the base of it, I was still able to taste his manhood and feel it tighten and tense in my mouth. Chuck breathing heavily now, takes his hard member out of my mouth.

“Oh Pat,! he says, you suck cock nicely”. “It’s only my masters cock that I love and cherish sir and so desperately want to please”. I say, reaching my head up of the table and my outstretched tongue manages to lick one of sir’s hanging balls.! OHHhhh you bitch, am on the verge of coming and you do that Pat”, he says . With my tongue now making circular movements I beg him,” give me your lovely cock sir, quench my thirst for me and fill my mouth with your sweet nectar”.

He was squatting above me now, I was running out of things to say, and he had hold of my hair pushing me down onto the hard wooden table. Still holding on to his hard tool, I could see it twitching now and knew he wanted to come so badly, the end of his man hood was wet with his nectar and some of it was leaking out and sending a trail downwards,” let me lick that off for you sir” I begged. Then a scream of abuse from him and I knew my talking had done the trick, he aimed his lovely tool downwards and I was able to take it fully into my mouth, sucking on it greedily now and knowing my master wanted to please me with his come I sucked and sucked as hard as I could and my tempo rose to a maximum as screams from him produced wave after wave of his sweet love juice and I was a greedy cow, lapping up all he would give to me. After a while I saw his spent weapon exit from my warm mouth, hanging close above me and now the hardness gone, but although still sticking out straight I was able to lick the underneath length of him and as my tongue reached the tip of him it danced as if I was hitting a nerve.

Still in that position, I heard the sudden purr of the vibrator and squirmed as he traced the movements of my body, the vibrations dancing on my nipples, causing them to send messages to my inner self and a sigh from me brought a response from the silent Chuck.

“That nice bitch,” he said, I sighed with pleasure, ” yes sir, it is stoking up my feeling’s in my wet pussy,” with that I felt the purring go down and the vibrations were now shaking my whole body as the starting point was aimed directly on my swollen clit.

“Ohhhh sir,” I muttered, then a groan from me and I was shaking my hips trying to get the toy away from me as I was reaching yet another orgasm,!Oh sir,” I was shouting out, “Fuck me with it sir, fuck me..” Doing as I say and giving my clit the rest it desperately needed as I felt the buzzing sliding effortlessly into my open and waiting love tunnel.

As you pulled it out a slurping noise occurred and knowing then my cunt hole was full of my liquid I screamed for him to fuck me with it, and with it deep inside me, more shouting and screaming told him that I was having yet another orgasm.!Fuck me Chuck… Fuck me..” I begged,!AHhhh Chuck! he protested!, “sorry.. sir”, just fuck me now, I need my fluids to caress your love toy.

With our toy still purring deep inside me, he got off and with in no time I felt the toy slide out of me quickly to be replaced by the real thing. Deep inside me, he leave’s it there and shout’s “Is this what you want bitch”. “OH yes sir, your cock is so nice inside me sir, fuck me hard, fuck me..” He start to ride his cock in me, the noise of the juices were overwhelming and I could feel droplets of his sweat rain down on my body. “Is that nice Pat, am I the best ride you have ever had,” he shouts. “OH yes sir” I scream, “just keep on fucking me”. Words seemed to fail us from then on, Chuck was squeezing hold of my boobs and riding me deep and quickly, numbness had over taken me and I was being pushed and pulled on the wooden table and after a long while, I feel his muscles in his body start to tighten and just the breathing now is drowning out the noise of us getting off together. Suddenly a scream from Chuck and he pushes himself as deep as possible into me and a gasp from us both probably, as we both feel Chuck coming again and still he had the power there to make me feel his nectar inside me as it mixed with the gallons that I had produced.

Laughing now, his sweat still dripping off his body as we lay in a heap on the table, but needing to go now, ime was getting on and there was still a matter of my torn dress to attend to..

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