My Neighbor Made Me Do It Ch. 08

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My Neighbor Made Me Do It Ch. 8

by: CapnSteelBoy

…down, down, down the spiraling rabbit hole we go….


Chapter 8

bah bah bah bah! That damn alarm again! Untangling myself from my boyfriend’s embrace, I moved my hand and smacked the alarm clock off. Heaving a heavy sigh, I got up from the bed, Jamie constantly grabbing and trying to hold me close to him. It was painful to leave the warmth we had in bed together, but I had a job and he had school. We did our normal morning routine, getting showered and cleaned up. I was now administering my own enemas for my morning routine addition. Jamie did his too, the little minx.

As I was about to get dressed for the day, Jamie stopped me, and told me I had to do something else for him today. With a devilish sideways grin on his face, he moved to grab the lube and the butt plug from my nightstand. Not wanting to disappoint the source of my sexual joy last night, I complied with his demands, and got on all fours, pushing my ass out. Jamie gently stroked along my ass crack, spreading lube around my hole, before pushing his fingers in. After last nights love play, there wasn’t any resistance offered by my backdoor.

I looked back at him then, while moaning, and saw him licking and sucking on the butt plug. His grin returned as he moved it toward my butt. I got serious then, and looked forward, as he started pushing it inside me. It wasn’t small, and it started stretching me quickly. I just stared forward, my eyes forcing wide, and my mouth open in an “O”, as I breathed in and out heavily. Jamie tried to tell me to relax, but it wasn’t working.

Jamie would stop pushing, remove the plug, finger me some more, and then go back to trying. It took about three rounds of this before he must have gotten impatient, as he just pushed and didn’t let up until the spade shaped demon was forced in, stretching my ring widely, before releasing into me. Seated inside me, I was panting then, my head falling down in a short form of exhaustion.

We went our separate ways after dressing, and I went to work. I can’t truly explain how hard it was to concentrate if you’ve never had your cock caged and a butt plug in your prison purse. The torture of the butt plug stretching you, never allowing your anus to close, the feeling like its wide open and gaping, the feeling of your cock leaking constantly as it pokes against your prostate whenever you try to move and get more comfortable. All I can say is, its maddeningly difficult to do your job, even my simple data entry type work. My face was flushed the whole day, a sheen of sweat on me like I was running a fever. In a way I was, the fever of need…of getting release.

I was constantly running to the bathroom, grabbing a stall, and trying to keep my slut mouth shut from moaning, as I pulled and pushed on the plug in my ass. Precum was falling from my cage, I would grab it and lick it up. My mind was on that sexual cruise control again, not being able to control my urges and what my hands did. It was dangerous, I knew that, but just couldn’t stop myself from seeking pleasure the whole day. I was too engrossed in my own needs to care what other people saw of me, if they saw me at all really. The previous days I was constantly worried they knew something and were laughing at me, today I couldn’t care less.

Barely even noticing, but the day was over and people were starting to file out. I took the cue and left myself, rushing over to the gym. Hoping that a good workout would get my mind off sex. Entering the place, K was no where to be seen, and Jessica the receptionist looked up and saw me. I was greeted with her perfect white teeth in a wide happy smile she gave me. Jessica spoke then, “Don’t worry lover boy, K’s already inside, had a few customers today already. She told me to tell you to hurry up, tiger!”

Not needing the encouragement, I ran to the men’s room and stripped down to change. My mind still flush with arousal, I didn’t care who saw my naked, or what accessories they saw on me. I just kept myself moving forward, putting on my pink and white gym gear and rushing out to K.

When she saw me, she smiled widely as well, and greeted me with her warm embrace and a long kiss. Her hands roamed my back and my ass cheeks. I did the same, as my dick pushed hard against its prison, causing me to flinch a little.

“Oh sweetie, you look all flush and sweaty, having a tough time today, hrmm?” she queried of me, “Tonight will be a good night for you to visit I think, you look absolutely full of need, don’t you, Kenny baby?” I simply nodded stupidly to her, my mouth slightly agape, drooling like a fool.

She smacked my ass then and we got to work. More of the usual workouts for me, toning my legs and ass, with high rep work on my arms and back. She was going on and on about lean muscle and stuff. I barely heard any of it, my haze never really breaking during all antalya escort this. During several of the leg workouts, the plug would start coming out of my asshole, and then I would pop upright and it would spring back inside me. I’m certain that the fabric of my panties kept it in without it flying out of me. Each time it did this, I would yelp or moan in pleasure. It was intense. The front of my little shorts were wet with my excitement, and K saw all of it.

After we finished, K told me to go straight to her place for dinner and fun. I was ecstatic to do whatever she asked in this state, hoping she would unlock me and give me release. Again I flew through my post workout locker room routine, without giving a shit about what the others saw. I showered without a care of how I looked, without caring of my cage being exposed, and possibly my plug when I was cleaning up around there.

I’m sure Mr. BC was around, and I’m sure he said something, but I just didn’t have time or enough brain capacity left to care. I rushed through changing and getting out to my car, barely registering Jessica’s goodbye. Speeding home I broke all kinds of traffic laws. I just couldn’t wait!

Before I could even knock on K’s door, she swung it open and I rushed inside. I immediately began stripping down to my panties, my hands flying out to feel her body, to pull her in to make out with. I wanted to please her, to make her happy, so she would please me. K was having none of it, and she pushed me away, her strong body having no issue fending off my little form.

She fed me some bland tasting stuff and had it herself as well. Telling me how healthy it was, and how she could already see my body shedding weight from the calorie deficit we created. Whatever, I didn’t care, I just had to have release! She finally had me clean up after, and then she pulled me close for making out. I was putty in her hands again, loving it all, all the attention, all the smooth curves of her toned body.

K stopped me again before I could go to far, telling me it was time to try on some outfits for her. She said if I did this and she liked it, I would get release. I didn’t need anymore encouragement than that, practically pulling her back to her bedroom. She just giggled at my attempts to control her, as she then pushed me down the hall that much faster.

It went on for a painfully long time, about an hour, her pulling out an outfit, a dress, a woman’s power suit, whatever. I put them all on willingly, and proudly walked back and forth in front of her. I would stick my hips out, push my butt out, having a slutty and sultry look as much as possible. About half way through, she stopped me and did a 10 minute makeup job on my face to help out. I let her do whatever, as I craved that release.

After it finally ended, she just started stripping me down, pulling my panties down and fondling my caged penis. I moaned like a bitch in heat, any touch being electric to me. She pushed me down on the bed and performed an incredibly sexy striptease for me. I was dying inside my cage, I couldn’t handle all this. When she was down to nothing except the chain around her neck, I saw then the key to my freedom hanging there. She teased me, asking if that’s what I wanted, needed, etc. She would dangle it back and forth around her neck, and finally pulled the key over her head. I pleaded with my mistress to release me, begging her for release. K just laughed and giggled, calling me a slut and a whore.

When she moved down then to finally let me go, she pushed my legs up as her head got close to my cage. I heard her gasp in surprise, as she said, “What’s this Kenny? You dirty little sissy slut! You plugged yourself! I thought, well, was hoping you would want to fuck me in my pussy…but I see you like your ass fucked more!” She giggled and laughed, pushing and pulling my plug, calling me more names, smacking my cage and my face when I tried to deny it.

She hung the key back around her neck, and I wailed in frustration, crying tears of terror that I wouldn’t get to fuck her. K walked over to her nightstand and attached a belt and leg device, that held a large rubber cock onto it. She had a strap on, realizing then, and also knowing where that was going. Her laughter never stopped, and she moved up the bed and simply smacked my face with the long fake cock, before pushing it into my mouth.

“Make it nice and wet, because its all the lube you’re going to get, my little faggot,” she chided at me, making me feel small and inferior as usual. She would smack my face as her fake cock pistoned in and out. She would pull devilishly hard on my nipples, trying to tear them from my body, I feared. Eventually she had enough of that humiliation, as then her hands pulled my legs up above my abdomen. Swiftly she yanked my plug out, its girth pushing my ring to painful extents on its retreat from inside me. Before even allowing me to recover from that discomfort, she pushed her rubber cock inside of me, going balls deep in one fell swoop.

I gasped out loud, as all the air in my lungs was pushed from my body by her intrusion. It didn’t hurt, and it kind of felt good, but she went so deep so quickly it surprised my body. She finally started a rhythm of fucking after that. I was pushing back onto her fake cock as much as possible, rubbing the ring of my asshole around it, feeling as much of it run across me as possible. I would moan like a girl as it would nudge and pass across my prostate, causing my penis to leak out more of its juices.

“I was going to teach you how to fuck like a champion, but instead, it appears you wanted all along to learn how to be fucked like a whore,” she said, laughing between words as she was getting breathless. “I’ll make you love cock in your boy pussy, slut. I’m not going to just make you gay, I’m going to make you into a cock hungry cum slut, just like your little boyfriend Jamie!” My face twisted in confusion, I didn’t think she knew about Jamie. I was embarrassed to think that my hot girlfriend knew now that I had been doing gay things with Jamie. Some form of shame spread across my face, as she grinned down at me triumphantly.

K started picking up her pace, sneering down at me to say, “yes, I knew about your little boyfriend you dirty boi! I can’t believe you would cheat on me! Look at my body, look how perfect I am. It could have all been yours, but no! You just had to have cock, didn’t you faggot?” I answered in the only way my mind could think, saying “yes mistress” over and over to her.

I didn’t even notice, but at some point during the pounding of my newly exercised boi pussy, K had pulled the key from around her neck and was unlocking my cage. My eyes flew open and I started screaming “Yes!” over and over again, followed by several “thank you mistress” pleas. Just as the cage was pulled from my cock, K pulled herself out of my asshole. I wailed in pleasure and pain, feeling my butt hole refusing to close.

She pulled me up to her then, kissing me deeply, before having me lay on my back, and her pulling my legs up above my head, dragging my lower half with it, until my dick was pointing straight down at my face. It was not a comfortable position, and K stood behind me then and pushed my legs apart as she pointed her plastic appendage at my gaping boi pussy, entering again with no fanfare. She was doing squats above me, her fit thigh muscles flexing as she went, her hand finding my penis as she started jacking it down at my face.

I knew what was coming, as the thoughts of how depraved I was now, flooded my mind. I was doing anything to cum, without a care for the consequences to my body or my psyche. The thought of my whore nature drove me to the edge, as I moaned out loud, mouth agape, as my dick spasmed and first shot a blast of creamy cum directly on my face, and followed by just a stream of mostly clear liquid just pouring out of my dick directly into my mouth. I wanted to drown in cum, I thought to myself. The feeling of euphoria flooding every inch of my body as I shook and bucked uncontrollably from the orgasm. K just kept driving the cock into me, over and over again, making me ride it through my orgasm.

Finally coming down from this, I again was completely spent and just lay there on the bed with no energy to move. My breath coming back to a normal pace only after some time. I just lay there, staring off into space. My mind would try and come to terms with things, but everything was just so fuzzy up there, so empty, I couldn’t coherently think about anything. I didn’t want to care about things, to stress about things, I wanted a life of bliss and pleasure like I’ve been having with Jamie and K. I wanted to be everything they said I was, because that brought me those two things. There wasn’t anything to think about, to justify, to stress about. Cum, cock, and ass pussy were my new realities, were my new joys.

Getting up slowly, and trying to clean myself up some, I started getting dressed. K was in the shower and I wanted to leave before she came back. Not that I was avoiding her, I just wanted to escape getting put back in a chastity cage. I didn’t like it, even though it freed me of internal strife against these changes to my sexual appetites. Well, I guess I didn’t hate it. Maybe I could get used to it some more, I was thinking when the water stopped in the bathroom.

Still being somewhat fuzzy headed, and not decisive, I didn’t move fast enough. K waltzed into the bedroom naked, drying herself off with her towel. She smiled I at my stupid look and said, “oh, almost forgot to lock you back up, eh tiger? Don’t worry, we’ll get you back in a cage that suits the new you better!” She went to her closet and messed around with some shoe boxes and other things, before returning with a plastic cage this time. It was pink and looked smaller, but whatever, I thought it was cute. I stood there for her as she knelt in front of me, not to give me a blowjob I would have begged for a week ago, but to be placed back into a penis prison. Reminding me of my new place in the world.

I was already spent and shriveled, and it still took some manipulation by K to get the enclosure over my head and shaft. Sure the ring went on quickly enough as she pulled my balls through the ring with speed and dexterity, but smooshing the head and crinkling the shaft like an accordion into the cage took some time. Eventually she got the enclosure lock hole to line up with the ring holes, and slipped the long lock device into and through both. This wasn’t a padlock, it was inside the pink plastic of the ring and cage, making the whole assembly smooth and silent, no padlock clatter. I remember thinking to myself, Hey, that’s pretty fucken’ smart! Dude must be a millionaire! Silly, I know, but it was a good idea.

With her work done, K shoo’d me out of her apartment quickly after getting dressed. I imagine she was having a real man over that could fuck her pussy into oblivion with his big cock. Something, I told myself, I clearly wasn’t built for anymore…or possibly in the first place. I got a little depressed thinking I wouldn’t ever get to fuck K’s pussy, but it didn’t last long as thoughts of the amount of pleasure I have been experiencing reminded me it was not all bad, not really bad at all, for me anymore.

I thought about calling Jamie, but remembered K saying she knew about him, and that made me think Jamie was setting me up, so I didn’t text him, or return his texts. I just went home, got on the computer, and googled all kinds of stuff. I was trying to learn more about why a guy would climax from anal penetration. I had looked it up before to understand the prostate better, but now I was trying to find the most efficient ways of making this happen. How to do it alone, with girls, with boys, etc.

The constant talk about all this gay stuff had me back in gear, and my penis was trying to move even 1mm in its new ultra tight confinements. It wasn’t doing, as this pink cage was smaller than before, and there was no breathing room whatsoever. I rubbed my balls that were pushed out through the ring and to each side by the cage. It felt nice to stroke the smooth and taut skin of my balls, as the cage pushed them and the sack out obscenely. The pink plastic, shaped slightly like the head of my penis resting right between the two globes.

My hands explored below my balls too, the perineum area as I learned it to be called. I would push and rub the area, and then move lower, pulling and pushing on my plug, trying to bring myself pleasure. It worked, but only so much. I would run my finger over the slit in my cage and catch whatever precum I could, before jamming my fingers in my mouth to suck them clean. The thought of how whorish I was being really drove me wild. The lack of ability to find that same place that Jamie and K had shown me drove me to frustration.

In my horny and frustrated state, I started getting stupid. I would scroll through porn videos, watching guys or trans girls, do violent and terrible things to smooth little traps like myself. I kept saying how that’s what I wanted, even though something inside me screamed no. It didn’t matter, I wasn’t listening to my brain, I was listening to my carnal need for more release, for maximum pleasure.

The next thing I did was something I thought I would regret after, but the whole feeling of taboo drove me to do it. I was so turned on, this felt like the one thing I should never do, which made me want to do it all the more. That taboo feeling is a miracle, the thought that something so wrong is just so damn right. So I did it, I grabbed Mr. BC’s stupid business card, and I emailed him. I didn’t say much, just simply, “Please, I need to reach the next level. Help me. – Kenny Gym Caged” It was pretty dumb sounding, I had thought, but frankly, it wasn’t any dumber sounding that Mr. BC’s card is to begin with!

That amazing feeling of doing something so wrong had me groping all over myself in double time. I was tearing at my nipples like K had done, I was probing my backside with the plug, I was pulling on my balls…just a frantic mess of pleasure seeking.

The reply email came amazingly fast, as I peered an eye at my computer screen during my self pleasure cruise, and saw Mr. BC’s reply. I scrambled to sit upright and read it. Slamming the left mouse button to open the email, I lost all my sexual high then reading it. Simply put and short just like my email, Mr. BC’s response was concise and to the point. He simply responded with, “no”. No punctuation, no capitalization, just two letters.

What the actual fuck is with this guy? I thought to myself, feeling indignation. He has been creeping on me for all this time, constantly telling me to email him, doing gay shit in front of me non stop, and he says fucking ‘no’ to me?? Well, fuck him! I ran off to the bathroom and started getting ready for bed, face red with anger and mind filled with thoughts of somehow revenging these feelings back at Mr. BC somehow.

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