My Luke



This is my first work all constructive comments are most welcome, but please be gentle with me.

It was a strange start to our affair, Luke being only 24 and me a 44 year old woman, who should probably know better, I didn’t know whether to be ashamed of myself or flattered.

We met on a dubious dating site, he looking for an older woman, me looking for some fun, as being a single mum of one, all of my friends had long since married, and as a single 44 year old you don’t get invited out that much to your friends houses or out to dinner with them, even though you may be of the cuddly variety of lady, you are still considered a threat. So therefore the only avenue that seemed appropriate to meet new friends or in my case a new man was the wonderful age of internet dating.

Luke found me first e-mailing me, saying how much he liked my profile and my cleavage picture seemed to have caught his eye, I am well blessed I’ll admit, 42E firm creamy breasts, with pinkish but slightly cinnamon covered nipples that raised to bullet point when licked. We e-mailed back and forth for a short time, exchanged mobile numbers, talked briefly, got on well, and then made a date to meet the following week, as we were both looking for the same thing, not relationship based but a friendship that had shall we say, additional extras, we decided that meeting for drinks with an option for some adult play fun was the best idea for us.

The night arrived for meeting and we met at the designated car park point outside of the hotel, however, unfortunately Luke had not booked a room, and rather sheepishly explained that he could not afford it at the moment, and did not have any cash for a drink. Set on the back foot for a moment, I stopped to take stock and I took a good look at him, he was nearly six feet tall, dark haired, wearing glasses, muscular for a 24 year old and well proportioned from what I could make out under the clothing, and I found myself getting a little hot under the collar as my eyes dropped and saw a very prominent, highly promising bulge in his jeans, now that definitely had me thinking of many possible scenario’s, positions and Oh God! I want to be fucked, by him, now, getting my legs open as wide as possible for a dirty, lustful, animal fucking, no waiting just taking. My shaven bare pussy was throbbing and moistening with need. Wanted his cock badly, I had already started to breathe a little heavy.

I was snapped out of my reverie as Luke suggested that we take our cars to a deserted lane about 10 minutes away, I was blushing as I agreed, he knew I wanted it, and made no bones about telling me, he whispered in my ear “I saw you checking out my cock, I can tell you want it, and I’m going to give it to you, but not before I’ve teased you, finger fucked you, and eaten you out until you cum on my tongue, I want to lap up and swallow your juices, because I bet you taste really sweet”. I bowed my head as I swallowed hard and gasped the word “Please”.

Now being 44 it had been a long time since I had gone necking down a country lane, I definitely wasn’t expecting it, and neither was I dressed for it, six inch stiletto heels, evening trousers and a very thin black blouse are not the things that one would normally wear for a session in the nearest farmer’s field!

Feeling slightly nervous, I got in my car and followed Luke’s to the lay by he had suggested down a very dark deserted single track road, a small turning off of the main road. I found that I remembered and knew the road well; sometimes a woman can be a little relieved by the experiences of a miss spent youth.

The lay by had a large turning to the side of gaziantep ateşli escort bayan it where tractors turned to get into the field and had a high wild grown hedge either side, his car was pulled in almost to the fields edge, I pulled my car in but left it to the side, not to the edge. I locked up and went to join him at the front of his car.

I managed to trip just before I got to him thankfully he caught me, before I landed in an ungainly heap in the field. He pulled me close, and whispered in my ear that he had been wanting to get his hands on me for the last half an hour, I looked up, and could just about make out his facial features in the dark, and with that he bent his head and kissed me passionately, I responded back, it had been so long since I had a man kiss me, automatically my nipples stiffened bullet hard in my black lace under wired bra, and I felt a slight gush as my shaven pussy moistened with my juice, he kissed me harder, I responded my tongue parrying with his, his hands were on my arse, moulding my arse cheeks with the palms and fingers, I moaned appreciatively into his mouth, mine were doing the same to his.

I moved my lips away from his and started to kiss my way down his neck, my hands now under his shirt, caressing his chest, then moving down to the waistband of his jeans, I undid them, and pushed them down with his underwear past his hips, being careful, of a very long, thick hard cock, at least 8 inches, that was waiting there just for me, as I pushed them down I sunk down on my haunches, bopping as it were at his feet, I cam eye to eye with it, such a pretty cock, I took it in my hand god I wanted it, he was so thick my fingers just about met around the girth of him, I contented myself for the time being, enclosing his thick shaft in my hand and rubbing up and down, bringing my tongue into play, I circled the head several times and then taking care that my teeth were sheathed with my lips I took as much of his length into my mouth as far as I could go down my throat, and began sucking back and forth in a regular rhythm, playing with his balls with my right hand and squeezing his arse cheek with my left.

I kept sucking for a while then playing my tongue up and down his shaft and round the head, and flicking his banjo string before taking him down my throat again, his head was thrown back enjoying every moment of what I was doing to him, he was moaning faintly, I stopped sucking and started kissing my way up his torso, keeping that lovely big thick cock in my hand.

Standing up, pressed together, me holding Luke’s cock, we kissed again, his hands then went on a journey, I had dressed for the evening, but had omitted my knickers, as I love to go commando, but also had other things in mind. His hands were now kneading my arse cheeks inside my trousers again, he mentioned how cheeky and sexy he thought it was that I had gone knickerless for him, one of his hands now moving to caress my thigh, I moved my legs apart, and rested my arse on the bonnet of his car, he moved with me, his hand now questing to get between my thighs, he moved his palm over my shaven mound, his fingers separating the lips of my very slippery pussy, he could not stop himself from saying “my god you are wet” as he rubbed on my clit, eliciting a loud moan of pleasure from me, he then slipped two fingers in, rubbing hard, making me gasp and moan louder, my pussy creaming for him as he thrust them mercilessly in and out of my slippery wet hole, I could feel the pleasure building between my legs and the coiled snake of my orgasm building, he thrust his fingers in bakımlı escort gaziantep harder, I found myself grinding my soaking pussy down on them and against his palm as hard as possible, dying for release, I could hear the squelch of my juices as he kept thrusting, and the animal noises I was making, two more thrusts and my pussy gave in to the punishment it was being given, “oh god I’m cumming” I gasped, as my pussy went into spasm on his hand, gripping his fingers in waves, my cum sliding down his fingers, he pulled his hand away, and licked my juice from his fingers, “mmmmm, you needed that, didn’t you lady” he said. “And I was right, you taste really sweet, here you try”, he put his fingers in my mouth, I suckled greedily.

My trousers were now off of my ankles, my legs splayed wide over the front of his car, he unbuttoned my blouse and unfastened my bra, my creamy white breasts bouncing free, his head bent down to catch a bullet hard nipple in his mouth, obviously he wasn’t finished with me yet! I gasped as he suckled first on the nipple of one breast then over to the other, his cock was pressing into my mound, he started to move, rubbing his cock over my mound, then shifting down slightly, my thick pussy lips parted naturally for him and he continued the back and forth motion, his cock now rubbing close to my throbbing clit, whilst never stopping the attention to my smooth creamy breasts illuminated in the moonlight, he let the head of his cock rest at my very moist slippery entrance, teasing me, but he wasn’t going to give it to me yet. He moved away, and bent down to come to eye level with my pussy, he pushed me back on the bonnet so that he could gain better access to my goodies, he kissed down my thigh and took one thick lip into his mouth and suckled, my juice trickled out of my wet wanting hole leaving a small trail down my flesh toward my arse, he kissed the top of my mound and over to the other lip and sucked lazily, my legs were now as far apart as I could get them and I had lifted them up, so that my lover could get to all my folds and juices, he took me by surprise as he darted his tongue in and split open the inner lips of my pussy, making me gasp with pleasure, lathing his tongue up and down, lapping up the juice I had already spilled for him he held my pouting pussy lips open and found what he was searching for, the jewel that is my clit, never stopping he licked up and down, then alternatively sucking gently on it, it throbbed appreciatively at the attention, he made his tongue into a hard dart, concentrating the pressure of his tongue just inside the hood of my clit, making me shake with need, he brought two fingers into play inside my now soaking pussy, making me cry out and beg for him not to stop, I was getting wetter and wetter if that was possible, I pulled my legs back and pushed my dripping pussy further into his face, he dove his tongue deep inside me lapping and drinking up my juice, as I frantically came rubbing my wet pussy over his face, crying out my release into the night air, he got up my juices dripping from his chin and kissed me so I could taste myself on his lips.

I couldn’t stop I wanted more, I plunged my tongue into his mouth, I pulled on his hips to bring his cock in line with my pussy. He leaned back slightly and spread my knees looking down moved his hand up inserting two fingers he finger fucked me lightly just for a minute or two, just enough to drive me a little more crazy.

He pulled me down and turned me around so that my back was to him and bent me over the bonnet of the car, face down, nudging my legs apart with gaziantep bayan escort his knees until I was spread wide for him, his hands kneading my breasts, then moving one down to thrust his fingers inside my dripping pussy, I ground down on his fingers again desperate for more release I moaned for more, “please Luke, give it to me, give me more, I want you, please fuck me, please!”

He asked if I was on the pill, I replied yes. He shifted his weight behind me and I could feel the head of his cock nudging open my pouting pussy lips and entering just a few centimeters, thank god he had made me cum a couple of times as his cock was so thick, I could feel him stretch the entrance to my tunnel,teasing me for a few moments making me moan, he was asking me “You sure you want this big hard cock I have for you?”, I begged for him to give it to me hard, he laughed and teased the head further around my slick entrance, my juice coating the head of this big thick cock, I was so horny and panting for it, I thought I was going to be teased some more but he took my breath away with one huge thrust, filling my pussy with his cock until he was fully encased, balls deep right in my hot wet tunnel, “Aaaaaahhhhhh God Yes, Yes, Yes!!”, I howled as he left it there, not moving for a moment so I could feel the length and girth of him resting inside me.

I moaned appreciatively he started to thrust, slowly at first so my pussy could get used to his girth, I whimpered and backed up on him, I was more than ready for a good hard fucking, I begged out loud “please Luke, more, fuck me hard, make me cum on your big thick hard cock, I need it”, he put his hand underneath me to squeeze my breast, and play with my bullet hard nipple with one hand, and pressing down on my hip with the other, he worked up speed, doing me hard and fast now, I could feel and hear the slap of his balls against me as he thrust hard and the soaking squelching sounds my hot wet pussy was making as my creamy juices coated his shaft, with each thrust I backed up to meet him, I was loving every fucking minute, I was whimpering with pure pleasure and I could feel the onslaught of my orgasm beginning.

It was like being on a big dipper, I felt my stomach flip, I began to pant, and then the feeling overtook me, like an all over body sneeze that radiated from my pleasure center, I moaned and yelled in rhythm to his thrusting “ah, ah, ah,” yes, yes, YES! as I climbed the orgasm ladder my pussy was going into spasm on his cock, gripping the shaft and head in rhythmic pulses, a slew of my cum juices were dripping down his shaft, this sent him into a frenzy of fucking me harder, gasps, moans, groans, escaped his lips, as he told me he was about to fill me with his hot creamy load. God I wanted it, “yes, yes, fill me up, give it to me!” I begged.

Down to the vinegar strokes, he was wincing and gave a load groan and one last thrust, banging his big thick cock home, getting it balls deep into my soaking wet hole that was so ready for it, he pumped his load hard into me, I felt the throb of his cock, a jet of cum hit the back wall of my pussy, I backed on to him hard on receiving it loving the feel of the warmth of his cum spreading inside me “mmmmmmmm oh yes baby, get it all in there”, I threw my head up and groaned loudly as he painted my slick pussy walls with the rest of his hot creamy load, I milked his cock with my pussy so I got it all, he let go of the final remnants of his seed deep inside me with a groan of satisfaction.

We stopped in that position for a few moments both of us catching our breath, his cock was becoming flaccid now, and our combined juices were leaking slowly from my ravaged pussy, he pulled the remaining length out of me, turned me around, pulled me up and kissed me, we got dressed.

We walked back to our cars, chatting briefly on the way, both agreeing that we had really enjoyed each other, and we both said that it would be a shame for something that works so well for both of us not to be repeated; we agreed to keep in touch and make another date soon.

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