My Kind of Overtime!



It was Saturday morning, and I was working. I didn’t mind so much because I could get a lot done when so few people were around. Most of the lights were off (standard for weekends), and the 80 or so people in my department were absent from their cubicles. I could see that as I stood up to hit the Coke machine for another caffeine fix. Not entirely empty, though, as I heard the faint sounds of someone else’s keyboard clicking away.As I headed to the pop machine, I saw a small desk light on down the last aisle. “I think that’s where Karen sits”, I mused as I fed the electronic Coke representative. Her image rose unbidden to my mind’s eye. An intelligent and attractive woman, she was about 5’6” or so with a slim build, shoulder length dark blonde hair, and pretty eyes that always seemed to smile out at me from behind her glasses. We attended several meetings together on a regular basis, and I always seemed to be thinking of her and stealing quick looks and glances at her. A couple of times I thought I caught her looking back, but it was likely wishful thinking. Besides, we were married (and not to each other.) Oh well.I retrieved my drink, and decided to cinsel bilgiler drop by her desk and say “Hi” to her. She had a quick wit, and we shared the same humor. She was fun to talk to. “Hey Karen”, I said as I plopped down in the “visitor chair” all of our cubes had. She looked up and smiled, her face outlined a bit by the little desk lamp she had on. “They got you working too?” she asked back. We exchanged idle chit-chat for a few minutes. As we did, my eyes kept straying down to her breasts. Normally I can control myself, but not this time. I noticed her nipples were poking up against her button down shirt. She wasn’t wearing a bra today. Each time my eyes returned from their holiday, I noticed her eyes never left mine. And was that a slight smile?She broke me out of my mental reveries by asking me to check something out on her PC. “I can explain it better if you run the PC and I direct you where to go” she said. So she got up and I sat in her chair. She stood just to the left of me. As she did this, I noticed her breasts were eye level to me. She began walking me through the steps on her PC, and cinsellik bilgileri I had to back up several times as I was a little distracted. I clicked on the wrong image, and she leaned over to grab the mouse and show me which one to select. As she did, her breasts came firmly in contact with the side of my face. Her right breast rubbed against my face, confirming the “erect nipple” theory. “What do you think of that?” she asked, pulling away a moment later. I wasn’t sure if she meant the computer thing or her breasts, but I replied I liked them fine. What she said next surprised me, though pleasantly. “I’ve seen the way you look at me during work, in meetings. Do you think I’m pretty?” I replied that I thought she was beautiful. “I like that you always seem to have your eyes on me. Being married as long as I have been, you want to know that you are still attractive to other men too” she said. Her voice lowered a little, and she continued “I’ve fantasized about being touched by you. One day after a meeting the feeling was so intense I actually went to a basement bathroom and masturbated.” Being cinsellik hakkında bilgiler so close to her and hearing those words was almost too much for me. The thought of Karen in a bathroom, hands in her panties, stroking her wet pussy and thinking of ME (and during work, too!) made me want her and now.I turned the chair so that I was facing her. She perched on the edge of her desk, then leaned over and kissed me, her tongue flashing into my mouth like a solar flare. She started to unbutton her shirt as we kissed, and I took that over. She worked on my shirt as I opened hers up, my hands roaming over her exposed breasts, thumbs rubbing lightly over her nipples. I kissed them then, running my tongue in fast circles over and around her nipples. We kissed again, tongue dancing against tongue in a version of “mouth twister”. Her hands were rubbing my nipples now, and I sent my hands down on a mission to open up the possibilities residing in her jeans. As I did, she pulled away from our kiss and started sucking on my nipples. I could feel them hardening and it felt great. By this time I had unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans. I noticed that her hands had been busy with mine too, and my jeans had been pried open. “Lift up a little bit” I asked her. As she did, I slid her jeans down from her hips and onto the floor. I then began to kiss my way up her inner thigh and heard her breathing quicken. I kissed my way up to her panties, pausing for a “brief” moment at the growing wet spot that had appeared.

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