My Guardian Angel Pt. 01


Chapter One:

I am what I consider a rather mousy young woman. I grew up the daughter of strict Southern Baptists who constantly preached the sins of the flesh and the vanity of appearance. As a result, I was shy, introverted, had no friends – male or female – and kept pretty much to myself. Even as I grew into a teenager, I would suppress any feelings of self-worth and subject myself to the overpowering presence of my parents.

Needless to say, I was very lonely. My only acquaintances were from the Bible classes that were mandatory and, on the large they were not much different from me. Many saw their life mission as going out into the wider world to save souls.

In this, I was a misfit. For some reason, I had to believe there was more to life than this! I couldn’t imagine living the life as a missionary especially when my parents advised me, at the age of 18, that they had picked out a suitable husband for me and we were to be wed in six months just before setting out on a mission to Angola. When Jacob was invited to dinner to meet his prospective bride, I thought I would be ill; he was at least twenty years my senior and a gaunt foul smelling creature.

I suffered through the dinner and then excused myself to go to my room, ostensibly to study my Bible and pray. I needed to get away from that terrible man. As I ran up the stairs and paused to listen at the top, I heard my parents and Jacob planning the wedding and the immediate departure on the mission. My God, I thought, what am I to do?

That night, I tossed and turned but couldn’t sleep; I came to the realization around 2:00 am that my only hope was to escape from under my families control before it became worse. I bided my time for a couple of months, secreting away the few paltry dollars I made working in the mercantile store in our little town just off the main highway. Even though I could hear the noise of traffic on the freeway so close at night, it might as well as been a world away. I suppose, in fact, it was.

Finally, I made the choice one stormy night. As usual, after evening prayers, my family retired for the night by 9:30 pm. I waited for two hours until I was sure my parents were asleep and then slipped silently out the back door with my meager belongings stuffed in a pillow case (we never traveled so we had no suitcases) and $87 in my pocket. I left a note on the kitchen table simply saying goodbye and that I couldn’t live this life any longer. I told them I loved them and would be in touch when I found my way.

The wind was brisk and tore at my thin coat as I made my way to the bustling highway. Since I knew nothing of the world, I simply started to walk in a randomly chosen direction along the side of the relatively quiet road. At this hour there was little traffic and they all whizzed by without a second glance at me.

After a few miles and two hours or so (I guessed) of walking, it started to rain and I was soon shivering with the cold as I became soaked o the skin. I looked for some shelter and saw an elm tree right beside the road so I crawled as close to the trunk as possible and under the sheltering branches.

Without realizing it, my body temperature started to fall and I fell into a deep sleep – partially from exhaustion but mostly as hypothermia started to take over. I felt the blackness overpowering and then everything went blank.

Chapter Two:

The overwhelming heat awoke me; my vision was blurred so it was as if my eyes were coated with some kind of film. However, I felt cocooned in warm blankets and couldn’t move my arms or legs. I drifted in and out of consciousness several times until I heard quiet footfalls and then the settling of the mattress as someone sat beside me. I struggled to open my eyes only to hear a soft southern drawl “Easy, Cher” as a warm face cloth covered my eyes. “Try to rest some more; you had a close brush with death and need your rest” I drifted off again.

When I next regained consciousness, the room was quiet and only the light of the full moon through partially drawn sheer drapes lit my surroundings. I tried to rise only to collapse on the floor with a thud. Quickly, footsteps sounded in the hall outside bursa escort my room and the door flew open to reveal the silhouette of a tall willowy creature haloed by the light behind.

“Cher” she said in a husky voice for it was surely a woman. “You shouldn’t be trying to walk so soon. You are still very weak.”

I managed to rasp out, my throat very, very dry. “Who are you? Where am I” I was very frightened!

“You are safe, Cher. My name is Tamara Thornhill and you are safe in my home”

“How…how long have I been here? And how did I get here” I questioned, more confused than ever.

“I’ll answer the last question first. I was driving home in a huge storm and barely saw a sodden bundle of rags next to the old elm tree a few miles before I reached home. I almost didn’t stop – it was the middle of the night”. As she spoke, strong arms were lifting me back onto the comfort of the big soft bed and covering me with a warm comforter. “As to how long you have been here, well Cher, you have been tossing and turning in a near coma for almost two months now”

“Two months! Oh my God; my parents must be..” Then I recalled the circumstances under which I had left home and decided to not say any more.

“Don’t fear, darlin’. I have had my friend the doctor in to see to you several times and he reassured me that all you needed was to keep warm, rest and drink lots of fluids. I can tell you that trying to get liquids into a comatose patient is a true challenge to my nursing skills!”

I fell back against the downy pillow as Tamara lit some candles around the room. I could see it was a very feminine room with lots of pastels and frills. Compared with what I had grown up knowing, it looked like something from a fairy tale – not that I grew up on those. As I checked my surroundings, I took a moment to glance shyly at my guardian angel. I would have guessed her age at late twenties to early thirties, slim, fairly plain in facial features but with piercing grey eyes with what looked like flecks of gold in the candle light. Her crowning glory was a thick mane of flaming red hair that was tied in a French braid that twisted thickly all the way down her back and over her firm rounded bum.

I felt a strange comfort accompanied by a weird feeling that I shouldn’t be staring so overtly at her. As if sensing my eyes upon her, she glanced over her shoulder and smiled saying “Do you like what you see, Cher?

I blushed and stammered out my apologies for my rudeness. I was so embarrassed, I began to sob uncontrollably and she sat down beside me and cradled me in her arms as she rocked me against her soft chest. I suddenly felt so protected and warm that I threw my arms about her waist and thanked her over and over again for saving me. She would have nothing of my apologies and instead, she held me at arm’s length and admonished me saying “We’ll just forget about the past and let’s see if we can get you into a warm bath to soak while I make us some dinner.

With a sudden realization, I cried out “Mrs. Thornhill! Is this your bedroom I have to sleeping in all this time? Oh ma’am, I’m so sorry! How terrible of me to put you out. I’ll leave right now!”

“First of all, Cher, yes it is my room and I have been sleeping very comfortably in my guest room right next door so I hear you if you needed me. And second, you are going nowhere until you are better and that means until I say so. Finally, please call me Tami or if you must, Tamara. Now lay there while I get that hot bath ready for you and I will come and help you get into it”

I watched her as she moved so gracefully out the door and lay there wondering why I was feeling so tingly and warm all of a sudden. This had to be more than just a feeling of being safe and cared for the first time in my life. Or didn’t it?

Chapter Three:

As I lay there listening to the sounds of running water down the hall, I ran my hands over my body and, for the first time, realized that I was wearing a soft, cozy nightgown. I had never owned such a luxury in my life and with that thought came the one that it must have been Tamara who undressed me. No one had seen me naked since I was 5 years bursa ucuz escort old since my parents taught me the naked body is a sin so there were no mirrors in our house (vanity and all that!). Even I didn’t know what I looked like but always felt self-conscious even around my cousins who looked so different on the rare occasions our family got together. They, at least, were raised under less strict rules than I and could wear somewhat brighter clothing and their mother, my aunt, would curl their hair for special occasions.

But back to the problem of my own body – how embarrassed I felt to have been exposed to Tamara’s beautiful eyes. Her body was so perfect and mine surely faded into nothing in comparison.

Just as I was running my hands over the soft material of the nightgown, Tamara returned to the room and lifted the covers off me; I cringed a bit in embarrassment as she had changed into a short silk gown and I could see the delicate curve of her small breast as she leaned down to help me to my feet.

“What is wrong, Cher? You look as if I am going to bite you!” she asked with a soft smile.

“Why do you always call me Cher?”

“Well, I was raised in New Orleans in the French Quarter. My father was a minor city politico while mama was a very expensive whore.” She saw my look of shock and the throaty laugh caught me off guard (although the movement of her unfettered breasts under the silk did not). “Don’t be shocked, Cher. It was all quite respectable in its day. Papa married his whore and they still live happily in their little home in Biloxi. As to how I talk, southern drawl and all, Cher, that is my Creole mama coming through. Now enough questions; take my hand and put your arm around my waist so I can help you to the bath”

As my arm wrapped around her slim waist, I felt strangely affected by the closeness of her, my guardian angel. The warmth of her skin oozed through the thin silk and her arm under mine in support allowed her hand to brush softly across my breast. I suddenly felt a warm liquidy feeling in my centre that I had never experienced before. I was still in wonder as we entered the large bathroom filled with lit scented candles and as the center piece a huge claw footed bathtub filled with steaming water and sparkling bubbles.

“OK, Cher. Off with the nightgown and crawl into the tub. I will help you get settled and wash your back and then you can finish bathing yourself and soak while I make us some food.”

Embarrassed I stood, waiting for her to leave. She only laughed and approaching me, said “My love. While you have been sleeping in my bed, did you think I would leave you unwashed for two months? I have bathed you every day and given you a clean nightgown each time. You have a lovely body and should be proud to show it”

I turned red with shame as I explained my background and that I had never seen myself naked in my life and I was taught that nudity is a mortal sin.

Laughing with that wonderful throaty sound, she took my hand and walked me into the closest bedroom, which, from the scented air, I could tell was the room where she had been sleeping. Against the wall stood a huge mirror on a brass stand and Tam stood me before it. Moving behind me, she reached down and grasped the hem of my gown and whisked it over my head. I squeezed my eyes shut so I wouldn’t have to see; bad enough that she could see my shameful body.

I heard a rustle behind me and then heard her voice in my ear. “Open your eyes, Cher and see how beautiful you are. Beside you, I am nothing!”

Chapter Four:

Slowly my eyes opened and I gasped. Reflected in the mirror were two naked women and my breath was taken from me as I gazed at the glorious body standing beside me. She was only slightly taller than I with a voluptuous figure with small breasts tipped with pink nubs and crinkly darker pink circles around them. I had to be educated later that I was admiring her nipples and aureoles. Her tummy was slightly rounded and, as my eyes traveled a little lower, I noted the small reddish thatch of curly hair at the juncture of her legs. A splash of reddish freckles spread across bursa elit escort her breasts and the bridge of her nose.

“Oh, Tami! You are so beautiful!” I gushed, never having seen anything to compare her to. Somehow though, I just knew that this was a truly gorgeous woman.

“Enough of me, Cher! Look at yourself – your body is so beautiful, it makes me want to cry”

I tore my eyes from her reflection and turned a critical eye upon myself. My brown hair – usually unkempt – was brushed to a gleaming sheen thanks to Tami’s care. My face was narrow but not unpleasant I suppose although I did like the slight upturn of my small nose and the bright blue eyes that returned my gaze. My lips were full and slightly pouty but when I smiled tentatively, I could see gleaming white teeth hidden inside. I had little reason to smile in my old life (dare I consider this a new one?) so this was a new experience for me. The smile seemed to transform my face.

As my eyes traveled nervously lower in the mirror, I was surprised to see a pair of perky conical breasts with upturned nipples of a rosy red. As I admired them, I felt and saw them appear to grow a little longer and more pronounced. Tami must have seen the look of alarm pass over my face as my hands flew to cover myself.

“Cher; that is a perfectly normal reaction to either cooler air or some other stimulation such as becoming excited or aroused sexually. There is no sin; in fact, it is God’s gift to men and women that allows them to enjoy each other. If there is any question in your mind, here” taking my hand in her small one, ‘”feel mine”

As I watched as if in a trance, Tami lifted my hand to her breast and brushed it softly across the warm flesh. It was so warm and silky until my fingers met her nipple. I tried to pull my hand away – this was all wrong yet it felt so right – as I could feel the hot hardening of her nipple under my hand. I didn’t even notice her own hand stealing over my right breast until it was cupped gently in her hand and her thumb brushed over my nipple. I cried out in shock and pleasure as feelings I would never imagined coursed through my body.

As soon as it started, it was over and I felt a strange sense of loss. Following her direction, I continued to examine my body in the cheval mirror following the lines of my flat tummy and down to a full bush of hair at the top of my slim legs. I had to admit that perhaps I wasn’t so mousy after all. In my excitement, I turned and fiercely hugged Tami close to my body thanking her tearfully for helping me to see myself as I am for the first time. I felt free!

Then, chagrined, I quickly untangled my arms from around her neck and backed away from that feel of her firm breasts against my own. As she smiled at me, she assured me that it was her pleasure, both the help and the hug! Then she directed me back to the steaming tub and took my hand while I stepped in. I settled with a contented sigh into the neck deep water as Tami knelt beside the tub. Urging me to sit up, she took a soft cloth and after soaping it with a fragrant bar, started to wash my back. As she reached lower, her breasts swayed against my shoulder and I felt that heat in my loins again. I turned towards her angelic face – now so close to mine – and fazed into those mesmerizing eyes.

I felt drawn closer and closer until I felt the soft butterfly light kiss of her lips on mine. It felt like a jolt of electricity passed through my body and I jumped nervously away.

“I am sorry, Cher; I have wanted to do that since I first laid you in my bed. Please forgive me for frightening you. I wouldn’t hurt you no matter what. I should leave now so you can soak”

As she started to stand, I reached out a soapy hand and asked meekly “What if I don’t want you to leave me? What if I asked you to join me here and help wash me?”

She smiled and was soon seated behind me in the large tub as some of the water splashed over the sides. The tub was wide enough for her to wrap her long slim legs around my waist and to pull me against her chest. I could feel her firm nipples pressing against my back as I laid my head on her shoulder. Her lips found my ear and as she caressed my breasts in soapy circled, she whispered “You frighten me, Cher; my feelings for you are scaring me and I don’t want to lose you”

With a trembling breath, I responded as I turned my face to hers, “Kiss me again and we will see, my loving Guardian Angel” be continued

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