My First



I was just starting my first job after college and landed a position at the Pentagon as a program analyst. One of my coworkers was an African-American woman named Candy who was pregnant, but the father had ghosted on her. She was impossibly beautiful, 5’6″, 100 lbs. with beautiful obsidian flawless skin and straight hair. We got off to a rough start, because I was the college-educated yuppie, and she was the enlisted Air Force person who actually understood the information.

We worked closely on the same project, but I had trouble getting through the tough outer protective layer of armor she had built. As her due date approached her attitude towards me softened, as I was the only person who treated her as a person and valued her obvious expertise of the subject matter. We eventually formed a professional bond and became friends.

That all changed when she haltingly asked me to be her birth partner for her baby. I was an impossibly naïve virginal 22 year old and she was obviously reluctant to involve me in something that was the most intimate thing she would ever experience.

Over a shared lunch, she opened up. Haltingly, she asked he if I would consider being her birth coach. I was tremendously flattered, and let her know that I would consider it a privilege We began going to weekly classes, and I spent the next few weeks voraciously consuming information about my new role, and I suggested that I cook her dinner that week.

I went to the local grocer and bought the necessary provisions. I knew that pregnant women needed iron-rich meals, so I provisioned a meal of calves’ liver and onions, potatoes, and greens. I found some amazing calves’ liver, butcher-cut bacon, Vidalia onions, and brought them all to her humble on-base housing on the agreed Friday. I sliced the onions impossibly thin, and got them sautéing in olive oil until they were caramelized. I cooked off the bacon and dredged Gaziantep Saatlik Escort the liver in seasoned flour. After preparing the greens, I flash-sautéed the liver and dressed it with the onions and bacon and served it up hot. Candy was skeptical, because she always regarded liver and onions and a punch line bad meal, but she wolfed it down greedily. I didn’t think she got many home-cooked meals.

After putting the dishes away, I put on some relaxing music and told her to get on the couch. I sat down behind her with my legs around her body and began gently rubbing some cocoa butter on her belly, explaining that it would help minimize stretch marks. I coached her through some deep breathing exercises that we had been taught in the natural childbirth classes that I was taking with her as I gently rubbed the cocoa butter into her abdomen. She became totally relaxed as she melted into my lap and chest as she leaned back into me and practiced her deep cleansing breaths. Eventually, Candy began grinding into my lap as she became aroused by my ministrations. She spread her legs and pushed back into my crotch. I was trying to stay strictly professional in my role as birth coach, but the sight of this beautiful black woman getting aroused and grinding into my crotch quickly became distracting.

Eventually, all pretense of professional detachment became impossible as she grabbed my wrists and pushed my hands down into her gym shorts and directed my fingers to her alarmingly erect clitoris as her deep cleansing breaths transitioned to pants of desperation and desire. She breathlessly explained that she was in desperate need of sexual release since her boyfriend had disappeared on her and coached me to gently pinch and rub her beautiful pussy. I was hopelessly inexperienced, but she coached me on what to do and how and she was building to a powerful orgasm. I tentatively inserted one finger into her hot snatch, which was now dripping with juices. The sound of my fingers sluicing through her hot snatch was hypnotic and she began grinding against my fingers and massaging her own engorged breasts. I brought my free hand up to her chest and began cupping her ample breasts as I continued to massage her pussy and clit. I gently began teasing her engorged clitoris by rubbing it between my thumb and forefinger which sent her into paroxysms of pleasure. She quickly began to peak to a mind-blowing orgasm which lasted several minutes as I continued to work her breasts, nipples, and clit with my hands.

Once she had come down, she was practically boneless she was so relaxed. Sadly, I was anything but boneless as my 22 year-old body was reacting to this black goddess’ passionate response. She took pity on me and pivoted around, pulled my jeans down, and kneeled on the carpet facing the couch. With a wicked grin on her face, she pulled my rock-hard cock out of my boxers and licked the shaft from my balls to the glans before taking me completely into her mouth until her nose was in my pubic mound. I had never felt a more exquisite feeling of her warm, soft mouth completely enveloping my cock as she worked her tongue over my cockhead and slowly began sucking. She was an amazing cocksucker — she knew exactly what to do to turn me on. She reached underneath and began massaging my nutsack as she slurped and sucked me into her eager mouth. As my climax built, she shifted her hand south and began massaging my rectum. As I tensed for a mind-blowing orgasm, she inserted an index finger into my rectum and began gently massaging the prostate, which sent me over the top into a violent, intense orgasm as a shot 5-6 ropey shots of cum into her eager mouth.

She stayed on my cock until I was hard again (it did not take long at that age) and she said that she needed some “deep dicking.” I knew that sex posed little risk to the baby but expressed some reservations. She slipped out of her gym shorts and pivoted onto the couch with her head on the back on the couch and her knees on the cushion with her ample ass presented like a gift to me. I positioned myself behind her and guided my cock to her soaking wet snatch which was perfectly at crotch level. I pushed my head into her welcoming outer labia, running the head over her beautiful enlarged clit and lips until I was well coated with her juices. I gently pushed into her as I moaned and her vagina gripped the sides of my cock with gentle contractions. I started slowly, penetrating until my pubic bone made contact with her beautiful round ass and then withdrawing until only the head remained inside. She pressed back into me, urging me to thrust harder and deeper. The earlier blowjob allowed me a measure of stamina and I used the opportunity to revel in the pleasure of fucking her for 20 minutes without the threat of cumming too soon. Eventually, she began to breathe heavily and urged me to quicken my pace and the strength of my thrusts. I felt myself bottom out entirely as my cockhead came in contact with her cervix, which sent Candy to another level entirely. She began to orgasm violently just as I was building to my own climax. Knowing that the risk of pregnancy was obviously off the table added an extra measure of excitement to my fantasy. As we came together in a shuddering, mutual orgasm, I felt something else entirely as her water unexpectedly broke drenching me and the couch in pints of briny amniotic fluid just as she and I had a powerful, mutual orgasm and I shot a huge load into her drenched vagina.

Once we had our breathing under control, we cleaned up and I drove her to Walter Reed ER where she had a healthy baby boy. We never hooked up again, but I will always treasure my first sexual experience with this African-American goddess. I heard that she gave her son my given name as his middle name in honor of our brief liaison. I will never forget you, Candy.

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