My First Massage


My daughter gave me a special birthday present last year. I guess I’d been complaining to her a lot about how stressed out I’d been with my job, so she gave me a gift certificate for a massage. When I opened the card and saw what it was, I gave Erin a big hug and thanked her.

“Mom, this girl is fantastic.” Erin told me. “You have to go to her house — she doesn’t have a place, in like a strip mall, or anything. But, my friend Jenny — you know Jenny — told me about her and I’ve been to Karen quite a few times and her massage makes me feel so much better … it’s just amazing. I really hope you like it.”

My daughter’s enthusiasm had me convinced, even though I’d never had a massage before. So, I called and made an appointment for the following Tuesday afternoon. I scheduled as late in the day as I could so I wouldn’t have to leave work too early. Thankfully, we have ‘flex hours’ at the office and I put in so much OT (without getting paid for it) that I didn’t feel at all guilty amount knocking off an hour early.

Tuesday came and I arrived at Karen’s house in ‘suburbia.’ I rang the bell and was met at the door by a petit young woman who looked to be a few years older than my daughter. She was very pretty with very straight dark hair which reminded me of my own hair in my ‘hippie’ days. She wore a very utilitarian sweat suit, or workout suit – or something like that – with a belt around her very slender waist that had a little pouch containing a couple bottles with pump tops.

“Hi, I’m Karen. You must be Erin’s mom. Please, come in.” The girl said, and she extended her hand.

“Yes, I’m Linda … pleased to meet you.” I said and shook her hand. She had a strong grip; more like a man’s. I stepped into the large entry way of her home.

“Well, I can sure see where Erin got her good looks.” Karen said. “I’ve got my table set up right through here.” She indicated a doorway just off the foyer.

“Why thank you.” I said, acknowledging her nice compliment as she led me into a room which was very dark.

Heavy drapes covered the only window and admitted almost no light from the outside, even thought it was a bright sunny day. There was minimal furniture; a couple low tables in the corners, a side table with bottles of lotions on it; and a massage table in the middle of the room. Karen had placed scented candles all around the room; they were all lit and gave the room a warm and intimate ambiance, and the aroma was lovely, too — it reminded me of jasmine with overtones of some sort of spice. There was a CD player on the floor under the side table with soft soothing sounds emanating from it … not exactly music really, though I could hear pan pipes, or something similar, playing softly in the background. But the dominant sound was of falling rain. Behind the steady ‘hiss’ of of a rain shower, there was a distinct pitter patter of rain dripping on a tin roof, as well as, that of drops splattering in puddles — it reminded me of rainy summer days as a child when our family spent vacations at our cabin in the woods. Karen also had wall hangings all over the room that made it seem as if you’d been transported to a museum of ancient Aztec or Mayan art. The room, overall, was a delight and very cozy.

“Oh Karen, this is so nice … I just love it.” I said, quite sincerely, as I looked all around the room and took it in.

“Oh thanks. I firmly believe that a nice relaxing atmosphere is essential — I come in here to meditate, too.” She said. “Now, Linda, you can hang your cloths on these hooks on the back of the door, here. If you want to leave your underwear on, that’s up to you, though a bra makes it fairly difficult to massage your back; but it’s your choice. When you’re ready, you can lie on the table — face down to start – there’s a large towel on the table to cover yourself with. I’ll give you a few minutes and then I’ll be in.”

“OK.” I said.

She left and pulled the door closed. I removed my shoes and reached around behind my back to unzip my dress; I removed it, and hung it from the hook Karen had indicated. I wore no pantyhose since it was summer. I unclasped my bra and hung it on a hook, as well; I hesitated about my panties, then, thought ‘what the hell, she’s a professional’ and I took them off too. Before I climbed onto the table, I looked down at my naked body in the soft dim candlelight and thought I didn’t look all that bad for a girl my age. My tummy was pretty flat and my breasts – though not really huge like a Playboy model’s – were quite respectable and suffered only a little from the effects of too many years exposure … to gravity. I couldn’t see my bottom but I gave it a little squeeze with my fingers and felt how nice and tight it was from the many hours suffered at the gym.

All in all, not bad for an old babe, I thought to myself.

I lifted the towel and climbed on the table and lay with my head resting on the padded open thingy at one end; and then I draped the towel, as best I could, bursa escort over my bottom. I lay there a couple minutes just listening to the soothing sound of rain falling and the deep breathy sound of whatever that instrument was that was playing in the background.

“Already?” Karen said as she came into the darkened room.

“Uh huh.” I replied.

First thing, Karen arranged the towel so it only covered my bottom, then she put some fragrant lotion on her hands and began. She started on my upper back and neck area.

“Is this your first time?” She said softly. “Are there any areas you’d like me to give special attention? You know … any aches or sore muscles?”

“Well yes, this is my first massage. And I guess my legs could use a little extra work, I just started a cycling class at the gym and my thighs have been sore the past couple days.”

“OK, we’ll see if we take care of that for you.” She said, and then she went to work.

It felt wonderful. I could feel the tension releasing as her magic fingers pressed and manipulated and squeezed. I wondered why I hadn’t ever tried a massage before and vowed to myself that I would become a regular devotee of Karen’s in the future.

She worked on my arms and fingers and head, even my scalp, then she did my back and shoulders, and finally, she got to my legs and my sore thighs. I felt relief from the soreness immediately. As she massaged my upper legs I felt both hands pressing and sliding up the back of my thigh right up to my bottom, and then her hands would separate and go down the sides of my leg to my knee, and then she repeated the process. As Karen’s fingers slid from the top of my thigh to the sides, her one hand was pressing my inner thigh and I realized I was getting a little tingle in my groin, perhaps because she was so close to those intimate parts. Though I also noticed she seemed to be taking care not to actually touch my private area, except that her hands a few times did go up very high on my bottom and manipulated the muscles of my bum and that felt really good. But that too, gave me a bit of a thrill.

She continued working on my thighs a fairly long time. Of course, I had told her they needed extra attention; but as she worked the sore muscles, I kept getting sensations between my legs of increasing intensity each time she reached the top of my thigh and slide her hand inside my leg.

She switched to my other leg and repeated the same process as with the first leg. The tingling and delightful sensations between my legs intensified even more. I knew I was getting wet there and I desperately hoped Karen didn’t notice — that would have been so embarrassing. I could feel that the towel was still in place protecting my modesty.

Maybe, I thought, my mild excitement was because my body so relaxed from Karen’s magic hands and my mind so dreamy from the ambience of her lovely room and the soothing music. I didn’t know. I’d never been turned on by a woman before. Never even thought about a woman that way, nor was I thinking about Karen ‘like that’ as she continued to work on my other thigh. I just knew I was getting a little turned-on. I was even starting to shift my hips around a little trying to discreetly exert some pressure on my mound because of the tingling in my “little nub.”

“OK, its time to turn over. Take your time.” Karen said very softly. I felt her lift the towel slightly so it wouldn’t get twisted around me as I rolled over.

“Scooch down a little so I can remove the head rest, OK?” She instructed.

“Uh huh.” And I scooched.

Karen began on my neck and the tops of my shoulders and then even massaged my face. I was relieved that she wasn’t doing my thighs again and hoped my excitement would subside in due time. She did my arms again; the muscles in the front this time. Then she shifted to my chest and I was impressed how she managed to avoid placing her hands directly on my bare breasts, but still was able to work the muscles around and between them. Of course, her hands and fingers ended up very close and I felt my breasts moving around as her hands drew up my sides pressing muscles along the way and pressing into the sides of my breasts a little bit. But at least it did not excite me as her working on my thighs had done, so I breathed a little sigh of relief. I did open my eyes briefly — I’d kept them closed the whole time up until then — and I noticed that my nipples appeared to be rock hard and distended more than I could ever remember. Oh well, I thought, I’m sure she’s seen lots of women’s nipples in her line of work. So I closed my eyes again and relaxed and enjoyed the soft sounds and delightful fragrances and the exquisite sensations as my body continued to be pampered.

Karen moved down to my tummy and at one point did something with her arms and elbows that felt like I’d been placed in a dough kneading machine. It felt nice, but it felt a little weird, too. Then she started on my legs again — the fronts bursa escort bayan this time. She did my feet and toes and I couldn’t believe how good that felt — I had sensations in my head and scalp and shivers and chills that ran through me as she manipulated my feet and toes.

Soon, she had moved up my legs and she started to work on the front of my right thigh. As soon as her hands and fingers approached the apex of my legs I started to notice those feelings again. As before, she was careful not to actually touch my private place, but each time her hands got close my state of arousal increased. The level of excitation was far greater than when she’d done the backs of my thighs. As with the back side, her hands went up under the towel and she worked on muscles high on the sides of my hips and some around the front too, but when her hands slid down she avoided getting too close to my “womanhood.” That is, until I squirmed abruptly and her fingers lightly touched my pussy lips. It wasn’t her fault, really.

“Oh! I am so sorry!” She exclaimed, but still in a very soft voice.

“That’s OK. It felt good actually.” I blurted out. “I have to confess, I’ve really been getting turned-on as you’ve been doing my thighs.”

“Well, that does happen every so often. I can quit if you like.” She offered.

“Oh no! Please don’t stop.” I said, sounding almost desperate.

She gave me a little knowing smile as she resumed her work on my thigh. Only now as her fingers neared my private areas they seemed to encroach a bit more each time until finally her fingers brushed my pussy lips near my clit and I felt an electric charge surge through my lower extremities.

I moaned.

“Am I getting the right spot?” She whispered.

“Oh yes … perfect.” I said breathlessly.

On the next pass of her hand her finger tips ran up my pussy lips and actually passed over my clit and my hips jerked up involuntarily pressing her fingers into my clit which was on fire.

“Oh gaaaawd!” I sighed as my breathing started coming in short little gasps.

Her fingers lingered around my clit, teasing me. She dipped her fingers into the crease of my lips below my clit and they came away wet and slippery from my copious secretions. She inserted her fingers in my crease again, except, instead of removing them again she moved them up my slick groove until she found my clit again and she slowly rubbed me there.

“Oh yes … yes! Please don’t stop … please.” I begged her. I spread my legs as far as I could without them falling off the sides of the narrow table.

My tummy was quivering and my hips were jerking into Karen’s fingers. Hot chills radiated out from my pussy and all though my body. Muscles inside my pussy were involuntarily pulsing rhythmically. I felt another hand on my thigh and it moved quickly up and her fingers probed me and found my opening. A finger, maybe two, penetrated me and slid up into the slippery wet folds of me. The fingers explored and found sensitive places that made me gasp and made my hips undulate and sent fire through me. Then I felt Karen’s fingers on my clit disappear.

“Don’t stop!” As I spoke, I felt a warm wetness on my clit that started to flick rapidly over my hyper-sensitive swollen nub.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaoooooooooooh …” I screamed, as quietly as I could, as I came. But she didn’t stop after pushing me over the edge.

When I recovered somewhat I opened my eyes and saw her bending over the table with her head between my legs as she continued to generate exquisite sensations with her tongue and mouth. She started sucking my clit into her mouth. Her pretty bottom was facing me and I reached out and placed my hand on it and felt her tight buns as she licked and sucked my pussy. I reached up and tugged her sweatpants down over her hips as far as I could to expose her luscious tush.

“Oh gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawd! Oh oh oh oh oh oh … aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!” I came again.

When I regained some sense of reality again, I reached over and placed my hand on Karen’s thigh and moved my fingers up her soft flesh until I felt her warm wet panties. Her hips twisted and squirmed at my touch, which elated me — I wanted to give her some small measure of the pleasure she was giving me. I worked my fingers under the elastic of her panties and found her slippery wet slit. In seconds, I had my fingers inside her, moving them slowly in and out. I managed to work my thumb up and find her clit. As I worked my fingers in and out of her tight pussy, my thumb ran back and forth over her hard little clit.

“Oh fuck!” She yelped.

“Do you like that Karen?” I said as I continued to fuck her with my hand. “Can you cum for me honey, can you?”

“Oh yes! Yes … just keep going … oh yes … like that … oh oh geeeeeeeez …” She said, struggling to speak.

I increased the pace and jerked my fingers in and out of her faster … and faster … bursa merkez escort then, it was her turn to scream.

“Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeck …” It was so high and shrill, I thought glassware might shatter.

I slowed my pace and delicately stroked her velvety wet insides with my fingers. As I did so, I was amazed how good it felt touching her so intimately even though she was another woman and I had never entertained any such notions before.

“Karen … I … I, ah … I want to taste you …” I said, my voice quivering with excitement and tinged with a little fear of the unknown. I’d never done anything like this with a woman, but I could think of nothing I wanted to do more at that moment.

“Oh yes … I would really love that …” She said and her voice quivered too, though in her case, I think it was from the tremendous orgasm she’d just had.

Karen stood up and pulled her top over her head — she wore no bra and her breasts were pert and delightfully proportioned to her petite frame. She pulled her panties down and her sweatpants and stepped out of them.

“How do you want me?” She asked.

“Could you sort of lie on top of me … then you could still play me while I taste your … your ah …”

“My cunt, honey.” She said and giggled.

“Yes … your cunt … I want to taste and lick your sweet cunt.” That word – that nasty word I’d never used before in my life – titillated me; it made me feel incredibly naughty … nasty even, and I was loving it!

Karen somehow got up onto the narrow table and straddled my head, and then she lowered her hips slowly to me. I watched the pink folds of her beautiful cunt (yes, cunt cunt cunt) come closer and closer to my lips until her flesh became a blur as my eyes refused to focus because she was so close. Then I felt her warm flesh pressing lightly against my lips and I took in the pungent fragrance of her sweet musk. I kissed the folds of her cunt flesh and extended my tongue and pressed it between her pussy lips. She tasted salty and I felt a hard lump of flesh inside the folds. I licked up and out of her crease and realized I was too high for her clit. I moved lower and licked again and felt my tongue rasp over the tiny tip of her swollen nub. That it was the right place became apparent when her hips jerked and twisted on my face. I had to reach around and grasp her ass checks to keep her pressed to me as I started to flick my tongue back and forth over her engorged little bud.

As I started to work in earnest on her clit, I felt my own cunt on fire from her mouth as she began sucking and licking my own cunt and clit. My clit was so sensitive that I came again quickly and thrashed under Karen’s mouth. My sounds of ecstasy were muffled by Karen’s cunt pressed to my mouth. After a brief lapse, I resumed trying to bring Karen to that special womanly place that we go and which is totally indescribable, but which, every woman who has ever climaxed, knows and adores.

I felt Karen tense, her tummy muscles contracted, her ass went rigid and her thighs squeezed my head until I thought it would burst but I did not relent. I stroked her clit with my tongue faster and faster until I heard that ear piercing screech again and felt Karen’s cunt attempting to fuck my face as her hips started bucking up and down on my head. I tried to keep stimulating Karen’s clit but there was no way I could maintain the connection as she was thrashing about so violently.

“Oh fuck … that was so … oh so fucking good … oh thank you Linda.” She said after a while. She climbed off me and stood next to the table, but she had to hold on … her legs were still quivering.

“Did you like it? I mean, licking my cunt honey, did you enjoy that?”

“Oh gawd yes. It was the first time I ever …” I started to explain I’d never been with another woman before.

“You’re kidding! You never … I mean, with a woman …”

“No.” I said kind of shyly.

Karen leaned over me and kissed me … on the mouth. Like you’d kiss a guy, with intense passion; and I responded in kind. Soon our tongues were twisting together and exploring each other’s mouths. It was the most passionate kiss I’d ever experienced. When we finished, Karen spoke again.

“Oh I can’t believe you’re a virgin. Well, you know what I mean. Listen honey, you’ve got me so worked up, there’s something else I’d like to do with you … if it’s alright with you.” She said, mysteriously.

“Uh … sure, I guess.”

She knelt on the floor and pulled a gym bag out from underneath the side table and unzipped it.

“This is something … uh, well, uh … I have just a couple of very special clients that we sometimes do what you and I just did — in fact, Erin … your daughter, is one of them. Gawd … I hope she doesn’t kill me for telling you.” Karen said, and as she spoke she pulled an incredibly long object that looked like two large lifelike penises jointed together in the middle.

“I really hope you want to do this with me.” Karen said.

“Uh … what do you do with that?” I said, starring at it, then it hit me. It was a dildo for both of us and connected so … so we could fuck each other. Cool, I thought.

“Oh, now I get it.” And I gave Karen a big smile.

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