My First Date


My hands are either side of the full length mirror. I’m leaning into it, looking at my reflection in yet another hotel room.

I notice my flushed cheeks, eyes wide. My dark bob is tucked behind my ears. Another internet date kissing my neck, her beautiful hands moving over the top of my leather dress, gently squeezing my huge tits.

My hourglass middle aged body, is tightly compact within my leather dress. The short skirt is hanging mid thigh and black leather boots are tight to my knees.

Her kisses sensual and adventurous. Her long brunette hair keeps falling onto my shoulder. Her ruby red lips gently stick to the skin of my neck.

I’m feeling aroused and the heat between my legs is boiling over. Her left hand finds her way up my thick smooth thigh, it lightly grazes my arse cheek as she searches for the band of my thong.

She fumbles my knicker top half way down my fat arse. She drops to her knees behind me, her right hand grabs my pants and she pulls them down to my knees.

I see the light reflect from her supertight latex covered knee. Her red nails visible from her peep toe ankle boots.

A hand drops down my right leg appreciating my smooth femininity sending goosebumps across my skin.

The pleasure is increasing the pulsating in my nether regions. My exposed fanny is swelling in the coolness of the room.

Her damp tongue delicately traces the crack of my arse. She firmly strokes my creamy thigh, my cunt leaks and she brings her fingers back up to my wet patch. She probes and teases my slit, I’m easy, it’s hers and I’m going to give up whatever she wants.

“Stay there, I’ll be quick!” she huskily whispers. “Don’t move from that spot. I’m watching.” She reiterates.

I hear her small travel case open. She takes something out, and I hear something tighten and the click of a plastic buckle.

I’ve not been on date with a woman before. As it was my first date, we were going for a drink and a meal together in the hotel. We rus escort shared the cost of a room, to stay together.

It appears we both fuck on our first date. Actually, I’ve given myself up before our date. If you match with me, you’ll likely get to fuck me.

I try to see her in the mirror, I want to see what she’s doing. Her leopard print top, is loose fitting and long, she’s slim and very attractive.

I can just about see her rolling a condom up the shaft of the strapon. It’s big.

Within no time at all she’s back behind me. Her hands grab my waist, she pulls me back a little and forces my hips forward and my arse out.

The skirt of my dress is flipped up exposing my round bottom. The tip of the shaft hits bulls eye as she opens my arse cheeks. I gasp, she knows what she’s doing.

I’m slightly lower now in the mirror from her repositioning me. I can see her concentrating on the strapon at my arse, her eyes flick up and catch me watching her. She smiles, I smile back.

“Fuck!” I say in surprise and shock. I wasn’t expecting her to push it in like that. She’d wanted to see my surprise as she entered me.

Her mouth opened. She knew what she was doing, she got a thrill from that one action.

Staring at her, she moves the shaft slowly into my channel. I’m waiting for it to stop its motion. Finally, it must be all the way in. We don’t break our stare. The feeling of her watching me, and simultaneously holding it in place is mesmerising, after a second or two she starts the withdraw.

Moving my hand from the mirror, I want to rub my clit.

“Stay!” She orders.

I look at her confused. She stops the manoeuvre within my arse.

“Hand!” She nods at the mirror. She looks serious, standing there behind me in full control. I hadn’t expected this. I like it.

My hand moves back into place and the motion resumes. It feels tight against the wall of my poor hole. I thought it was going to come out, but just before it does, its rammed home.

I let out an uncontrolled moan. She’s smiling at me, or is she smiling at herself. She’s slowly withdrawing again, then drives home.

“Fuck!” I breathe louder.

Slowly she withdraws, then back up me fast and forcefully. The pace is quickening, I’m pushed closer into the mirror, the heels of my boots lift from the floor and I’m up on my toes with each of her pushes.

The pace quickens, I watch in the mirror, is she getting off on me or her? Is she looking at me or herself? She catches me watching her, her eyes flicker from my eyes to the plastic schlong beginning to pummel arse.

I see a sign of disdain on her face.

“You vile bitch. You dirty cow. You’ve soiled my cock.” She snarls and curls her top lip.

“Sorry.” I murmur confused. Is she angry, she seems cross? I’m dripping down my leg and losing my senses.

I’ve not been spoken to like this before. Her hand crisply spanks my big white cheek. It stings and tingles.

“The fucking state of this. You utter slag.” Her words and my sore stretched hole hurt. I’m revelling in this treatment of me. I’m thoroughly degraded. I want to explore this more, its caught me off-guard.

“I’m taking this for free, you give yourself freely to all the girls you meet don’t you?” She rams me, I feel my guts churning and getting internally ravaged.

My arse passes wind on the next withdrawal. I’m embarrassed. I liked this girl, and I’m doing this in front of her before dinner. I’m older than her and I should know better. This is her first impression of me. I want the ground to open up. Strangely I like feeling like this in front of her.

I’m 38, I consider myself a lady. I’m a professional woman. I’ve raised two well mannered teenagers. Here I am being arse fucked and passing wind. This isn’t me at all.

She laughs at me, she laughs out loud. My pussy wants some relief. I’m moaning, and ukraynalı escort I’m excruciating. I move my hand.

“No!” She yells.

I leave my hand where it is. My twat is wet. My arse is greasy and loose. The arse fucking is hard, and not pretty.

She is fucking me truly to oblivion. My arse will not recover from this.

Harder she continues, my knees start buckling. One hand of hers is on my hip pulling me onto her.

She is very close with her other arm around me keeping me up. The fucking is intense and my head is spinning. My head drops and I stare at the floor.

The room echos with a loud thwack. She slaps my arse.

“Come for me babe.” She says calmly, thrusting harder. Each time I think she’s going her hardest, she finds another gear.

I cry out a long moan and lean into the mirror. I come like a train. She slows before coming to a stop.

“Good girl. You did good.” She states.

My face is sweaty and red. I feel the cock sloppily pull from my arse. It feels as though my entrails have fallen out. I turn and look at her exhausted.

I’m rewarded with a kiss and a beautiful smile.

“Come on, pants up, we’ve got a date to go on.”

I look at her disbelieving. I’m knackered. My cunt is buzzing, it’s wanting to be finished off. I watch as she she pulls the johnny from her toy. The toy is then removed from her waist and discarded. Lifting her top, she uses a tissue to wipe her tight, sexy, shiny trousers down.

“Finish me off, please.” I plead.

“Not yet, when we get back.” Her demonic eyes are imploring me to pull myself together.

“Can I clean up at least? I think I smell and don’t feel comfortable.” I look at her, trying to work the game out.

“You can clean yourself up…” she looks at me. Testing me.

I smile and start going to the bathroom.

“…but I won’t fuck you again. Or, you pull your pants up, and we go on our date, get back and carry on.” She finishes the sentence with a seductive smile.

“Fuck it, no-one knows me here.” I bend over and tug my pants up.

I hold my hand out and smile, she smiles and takes it.

“Good girl.” She takes my hand and we leave the room to go on my first public date with a woman.

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