My Favorite Student



It’s a few minutes before until I’m scheduled to tutor you. When I hear your car pull up to my house and I mentally caution myself to never let you see how much I want you. Today, I’ve planned a writing assignment to help you improve your college essay skills. But, it’s impossible to think about anything except what the spot on your neck, just below your ear, would taste like.

It’s like that with all of your subjects. You turn the pages of a math book and I see only your hands, large and strong, moving over my body. I’m staring at your hands and don’t realize that you’re watching me until it’s too late. Can you see the hunger in my eyes as I meet your gaze?

“Do you need some help with the next problem,” I ask. I can feel the heat gathering in my cheeks and I begin to shuffle the papers on the desk, arranging and then rearranging them.

“I think I’m okay for now,” you answer. “How are you doing?”

“I’m fine, why?”

“Your face is turning red. What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, it’s just warm in here,” I manage to say, walking over to open a window. As I sit back down at the desk, my hand accidentally knocks a handful of papers to the floor. We both reach down to gather them and as we stack them back onto a pile, just for a second, the tips of your fingers brush across my wrist. I shudder.

Again, gaziantep bayan escort numaraları I feel the warmth of your fingers on my wrist, now your hand is reaching for mine, our fingers slowly entwining. The room is suddenly so quiet. I can hear the blood pounding in my head. I know I have to say something, but I can not make a sound.

“I have a question,” you say quietly, lifting my hand to your mouth. “Would you let me kiss you? I’ve always wondered what it would be like.”

“Yes,” I whisper. “I want you to kiss me.”

My lips part and my breath is still as you lean across the desk to kiss me. At first, your kiss is tentative, but as I melt into your kiss, your tongue slips hungrily inside my mouth, asking, demanding more.

I stand up and take your hand, leading you down the hallway to my bedroom. My dress slips to the floor as I lean back onto the bed pulling you down beside me. I tug your shirt up over your head and kiss you. My mouth lingers at your neck for a moment, my tongue memorizing that magic spot I’ve been dreaming about. I begin moving my kisses lower and lower until my lips touch the top snap of your jeans. I quickly unsnap your jeans and pause to help you slide them off, freeing gaziantep escort bayan reklamları your hard cock for me to enjoy.

“I want to feel you inside of my mouth,” I say quickly covering your cock and balls with light kisses. “I want to taste all of you.”

I caress your balls, feeling their weight in my hands. I lick them slowly and then take them in my mouth, sucking each one until you moan and gently move my head toward your cock. I know I should tease you. I should kiss only the tip of your cock or lick quickly up the shaft, but I am so hungry for you I can’t. I bring your hard cock into my mouth as far as I can. I can feel it touching the back of my throat as I begin to suck it in a steady rhythm loving the salty sweet taste in my mouth.

“Yes, that’s what I want you to do,” you say breathlessly. “Suck it hard, just like that. Yes.”

Your hips are moving to meet the rhythm of my mouth and then eclipsing it, your breath is coming fast as you push harder and deeper into my mouth. Your cock grows even harder, thrusting fast as the first drops of cum shoot into my mouth. I want it all, my mouth never stops sucking, draining every bit of cum from your cock.

You sit up and smile, taking my face in your gaziantep escort kız telefonları hands and kissing me softly. “I want to make you happy,” you breathe into my ear. “Let me make you happy.” I kiss my reply into your mouth.

I feel your fingers gently caressing my face, now my neck and down to my breasts. My breath catches as your mouth follows the path your hands have created. Your hands, lips and tongue seem to be everywhere at once. I feel myself falling away as your hot tongue traces a line to my nipples, taking each in your mouth. As your mouth is sucking, tugging at each nipple, your hand slips deftly over my stomach and between my legs. I quickly wriggle out of my panties to make room for your hands to explore every part of me.

“Oh, yes, please, yes,” my breath is coming fast as I feel your thick fingers slip inside my pussy, feeling how hot and wet I am now. You smile to yourself, knowing that with just a few short strokes over my clit you could bring me to climax right now.

Now your mouth moves expertly between my breasts, teasing me with little kisses down my belly not stopping until I can feel your hot breath just above my pussy. Your fingers pause just for a second before they gently push aside the pink folds to see my clit, swollen and aching for your touch. My body quakes as your tongue flicks quickly across my clit again and again. I’m shaking when you finally let your tongue linger at my clit licking it, sucking it. “Oh, God! I’m going to come! You’re making me come. Yes, more, yes!” Quickly you slip three fingers inside me and begin to slide them hard in and out of my pussy as your tongue moves faster over my clit making me come in hard spasms that I want to last forever.

The End of Part One

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