My Brother My Lover Ch. 06

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Mom and I visited the doctor to get my birth control because she was worried about me and my brother, Bobby, spending a lot of time together.

In fact mom had caught us playing around sexually and knew that two sex starved teenagers would certainly explore each other more when we were alone.

Since she worked and there was no dad or other adult around she felt we would surely try more things, experimenting and finally trying to fuck.

She was most likely correct. Bobby and I had done a lot of things and the next logical step would be to fuck each other.

The doctor gave me a full examined, which I still didn’t know why I had to have a complete physical, just to get the birth control. Maybe the doctor just liked looking at the body of a 19 year old girl who was fully grown and mature sexually.

All I know is he spent a great deal of time examining my breasts and nipples with his hands. And, when he got to my vagina he really took his time. With my legs up in the stirrups and my back arched and my pussy opened wide he used his fingers and tools to probe me again and again.

By the time he was done with me I was horny as hell and needed to finish myself off and cum. But, I would have to wait until I got home and alone to do it.

I received my prescription and Mom asked if he had any I could have now before we visited the drug story. Doc gave me a 30 day supply in a round container.

Then we headed home after dropping off the prescription at the drug store. I would pick it up tomorrow.

When we got home mom insisted I take the first pill from the container immediately. We were both told by the doctor that I had to take them for 7 to 10 days before it would be safe to have sex.

Mom told me to be sure I waited the full 10 days if I was going to have sex. I told her I would be sure to wait. But, she told me that she would insure I took a pill everyday in the morning before she left for work.

By now I was pretty sure that my brother was going to be my first lover. But, then I was thinking that if Bobby got the rubbers mom told him to buy, maybe I could do it with him sooner than 10 days from today.

So the next day, Tuesday, and we were all in the kitchen. Mom dressed for work, me sitting at the kitchen table in my nightie and robe on, and Bobby watching as I took the second pill. It was summer and both Bobby and I had off from school.

Mom kissed us both goodbye and took me into the living room and gave me a come to Jesus meeting about sex with my brother. I was not under any circumstances to mess around with him. Then she left.

I walked back into the kitchen and sat down to finish my breakfast. Bobby stood up and walked around the table towards me. He stood behind me and started to rub my neck and shoulders as I sat there drinking my juice.

I knew what he wanted and actually if the truth be known, I did too. But I told him that mom told me we can’t fool around. But that didn’t stop Bobby. He worked on my neck and shoulders rubbing them and making me feel good.

The fist couple of times he tried to run hands ran down the front of my robe I stopped him. But I didn’t get up. He kept rubbing my shoulders and asking me if I liked what we did the other day before mom caught us. Of course I told him I did. I bent my head back and smiled up at him.

As I looked into my brother’s eyes, his hands went down the front of my robe and then down under it. This time I didn’t stop him. I let him cup my breasts and started to play with them. God he felt so good touching me and pinching my nipples.

I didn’t know if it was the doctor touching me and inserting things into my pussy during the examination earlier or that my brother just knew how to work me up so fast. But, either way I was in heat.

I was sure I was smoking between my legs, my pussy felt like it was on fire. I was sure Bobby could smell me already. I wanted him to touch me, I actually need him to touch me, I hungered for the touch. I had been thinking about it the second mom gave me the pill.

God I love how his hands cover my tits and squeezed them as he play with them. My nipples harden and poked out against the palms of his hands. It felt so damn good having my breasts massaged and played with.

I bent my head back again and told him: “We can’t fuck! We can play Bobby but you’ll have to wait a week or so before we can actually do it. Promise me you won’t do fuck me.”

He smiled as I lay my head back against his belly and just let him love my tits. In about two or three minutes after mom’s car had left the driveway, my brother had my breasts out of my robe and over the top of my nightie and was loving them with his hands. My hands were between my legs rubbing my pussy like a I was fucking crazy! My nightie was up around my belly and I knew Bobby could see my pussy and my fingers working on it. I really needed to cum.

I just let him enjoy my tits because he was making me feel good. As I looked up at his face I could see the pure lust Escort bayan in his eyes. as he looked directly between my open thighs masturbating myself.

Again he told me how beautiful my breasts and body were and how he loved to make the nipples get so hard and red and long.

I closed my eyes and enjoyed the pleasure my brother was giving me and I was giving myself. Finally he said: “Stand up for me sis and come sit on my lap.”

I tried to sit sideways with my legs over each of his. But he stopped me and had me sit so my legs were spread wide over his and my ass was sitting on his thighs as I faced him.

Bobby told me this way in this position we could kiss and gave each other access to the other’s body. Bobby showed me that he could play with my pussy and suck my nipples at the same time while I played with his cock jerking him off.

We didn’t rush and we weren’t in any hurry because we actually had all day. He worked my pussy and clit with his hand and fingers, while his mouth sucked my nipples, going from one to the other and back to the first one again. I held his head pushing as much tit into him mouth as I could get. It was so damn hot and my pussy was leaking.

And, as he did me I moved my hands down his body and was now holding his hard thick cock shaft, sticking out the opening of his shorts, slowly stroking it with my hands.

My brother wasn’t huge like in the stories you read where the guy had a huge 12 inch cock. No, but I could put my hands one over the other and jerk the shaft with the cock head still over the top of my second hand. Bobby had a very nice cock.

I could cup his balls too and I did, playing with them and feel their roundness and how heavy they were. in my hand. I would gently lift them and hold them while I rubbed just under the head and squeeze the cock making my brother moan.

We kissed and kissed and shared tongues as we worked to make each other feel good. With my tits out for Bobby’s mouth he sucked them and I knew I would have some marks later. He was so worked up seeing me like this he couldn’t help it. At least that’s what he told me. I think he just like marking me. I guess it’s a guy thing.

Well anyway, after a long while of working on each other’s bodies, Bobby told me he wanted to do oral again. I slid off his thighs and knelt in front of him as he spread his legs wide. I undid his shorts completely now and he lifted up as I pulled them down to his feet. Again I guess it’s a guy thing but his cock stuck out like a pole right in my face! I could smell his musk.

As his shorts came off his big cock jumped out at me. It always made me smile every time I saw his cock jump and bob up and down as hard as it can get. I slowly stroked it and rubbed it as I smiled up at him and took the head into my mouth. As I began to suck him, he moaned and held my head.

Using what I had learned from him teaching me about what felt good and best I worked his cock and made him moan out a few time. As I stroked and sucked on it I could feel it throbbing in my hand and mouth.

Meanwhile I used my other hand to finger fuck my wet dripping pussy. “God I can’t wait to feel this big cock in my pussy and have my brother fuck me.” I said to myself.

It didn’t take long before both of our bodies were releasing our sexual musk. It filled our noses and the kitchen. “Oh God sis,you are so damn good at this now. I’m going to cum! Jesus I can’t hold back. Suck me please!” My brother was almost crying out the words.

I smiled up at him with my mouth full of his cock and knowing how good I was making him feel. Again his cock was throbbing, jumping and moving with each motion of my hand or mouth. I sucked and he thrust up trying to put all of his dick into my mouth. I used my hand to make sure he didn’t choke me.

Finally I felt the cock head get hotter and his shaft actually got even thicker and harder as the first shot of his warm wet thick cum hit the back of my throat. Then another and another and Bobby was cumming hard. I love my brother so much!

He filled my mouth twice and I drank it down. Delicious!!

He held my head and moaned and moaned as his cock pumped his cum into my mouth. I cupped his big balls and gently rolled them around as I pushed down on the base of his cock shaft making the skin around the head as tight and as sensitive as it could get. I sucked hard taking the last few drops from his body. He thrust one last time as I kept his cock head in my mouth sucking.

And then he was done. His cock slowly started to deflate. He slide down in the chair and his head was thrown back. Bobby’s eyes were closed and he had a big grin on his face. I released his cock and stood up. I bent over him and kissed him hard shoving my tongue deep into his mouth. I wanted him to taste his own cum. But, he didn’t seem to care.

As we continued to kiss and share tongues, my brother reached up and cupped both my hanging tits and he squeezed them. He pulled the nipples a little and told me how good I had Bayan escort made him feel. I feed him my tits and he sucked like a baby on them. Man did that feel good.

With my breasts hanging down free and open to him now he had full access and his mouth covered my nipples. “SUCK”, I told him as I shoved as much of my tit into his mouth as I could.

I was rubbing my pussy as he nursed on my breasts. Finally Bobby looked up into my eyes. I guess he could see the need or lust in them because he said: “Your turn Mary. You do want to cum don’t you?”

I stood up and smiled looking down at him. Fully nude now, my robe and nightie lay on the floor. Bobby just looked at me and told me how beautiful I was.

Then he stood up. He lifted me up and sat my ass on the kitchen table and told me to just lay back. As I lay there he placed my feet on the table too. Then he looked down and spread my thighs wide. Bobby smiled and licked his lips. “Beautiful”, was all he said.

Bobby pulled the chair up to the table and sat right between my open thighs. He pulled my ass to the edge of the table and lifted my legs over his shoulders.

Then he began to kiss up one of my open thighs and down the other before he reached my pussy and stopped. He licked it and I arched up and immediately began to enjoy the feeling of his mouth on my wet throbbing pussy.

My brother licked and sucked and rubbed and played with my upper most thighs and pussy. He spread my outer lips and rubbed his hands all over my cunt and ass.

“Play with your tits Mary”, he said. And I did, pinching the nipples and trying to suck on one. It was just an inch to short.

He stopped licking me for a few seconds and when I looked up from the table and down between my open legs I saw him looking at my ass. He smiled and kissed it. My brother said: “You had a great ass too sis.”

I said: “Shut up and lick me. I need to cum badly.”

Bobby moved closer and in towards my open legs and placed his face right on my pussy. His mouth over the slit and his tongue began to fuck my hole. “OH yes Bobby! Suck me! Lick me baby! Lick me I need to cum so badly!” I told him.

And lick me he did. Using his mouth to cover my entire pussy slit now he sucked it all into his mouth. The feeling was wonderful. Then he began to slip his tongue as deep as he could into my love hole and he began to fuck me with it. I could feel it moving in and out, in and out, again, and again, again.

I arched up and Bobby used his index finger to rub my ass hole and then I felt him pushed it in a little, maybe an inch or so. I cried out this time from the wonderful feeling he was giving me. I lay there humping and pushing against his finger and mouth as he worked on me that way for while.

Then he changed his method and used his fingers on his other hand to fuck my pussy hole too. As his index finger went into my ass, the fingers on his other hand rubbed and worked on my pussy. In and out he worked them. It was amazing!! My entire body was being stimulated, it felt like it would explode.

Bobby was either fucking my ass or fucking my pussy with his long fingers and I was trying to fuck them all.

I lost count of my orgasms but they were back to back to back or maybe just one very long one. When I didn’t think it could feel any better, Bobby used his mouth to suck my clit as he used his fingers to pull back and spread my clit hood.

Pulling the hood back exposed all of my hard red clit, and he began to suck on it. I screamed with pleasure as I lifted my ass up off the table and humped and humped and humped against his mouth sucking my clit and his two fingers fucking my hole. I was fucking his hands like a dog in heat. I was.

A wave of joy and intense pleasure swept over my entire body. It felt like where ever my brother touched me made me cum.

Finally he lifted up and moved up my body kissing and licking me as he went. He kissed my pelvis and then my belly and then my chest sucking my nipples one at a time. Finally he was on top of me.

I could feel his face in my neck kissing and licking it. His breath was on my nipples too. When he came up to kiss my lips I could feel his chest hair tickling my tits and nipples. I could feel his belly against my belly, his pelvis against my pelvis. And, yes, I could feel his cock, which was hard again.

It stuck straight out and I could feel it touching me directly between my pussy lips. The tip of my brother’s cock was directly facing my open pussy hole touching it. It was hard and pointing right at my vagina opening.

“Oh God what was he going to do?” I wondered,. Was he going to thrust and shove that big dick into me?

With my legs spread wide around him I could feel the tip of my brother’s cock head rubbing against my open hole. All my brother had to do was push a little, just a little, and his hard cock head would enter my love hole. I could feel the head pushing gently and sort of spreading open the outer lips of my vagina. That’s how close his Escort cock was to entering my cunt. That’s how close he was to fucking me.

Or, all I had to do was lift up a little. Lifting my ass up only one or two inches and I could capture my brother’s beautiful hard cock head inside my pussy hole. All I could think of was should I do it? Just lift my ass up a little and I would feel his beautiful cock go inside my very hot very wet very, very aching pussy hole.

I knew once he felt the head of his cock go into my body, Bobby would push more of his big cock into me and I would feel it moving deeper and deeper into my body. And when that happened we would begin to fuck!

If he was inside me neither of us would be able to stop. It would be impossible. Once he as inside my pussy tunnel it would be to late. Fuck! Could I do it? Fuck! Did I want to do it? Fuck! Should I do it?

I looked up into my brother’s dark eyes and saw that we was waiting for me to give him some type of sigh that would tell him I wanted him to push that big dick into my body and take me. All I had to do was smile or shake my head yes, or moan up to him, or, lift my hips up and Bobby would thrust his cock into my hole.

I knew he wanted to fuck me, he had told me that a million times. And he knew I wanted to be fucked, I told him that a million times too. And, yet neither of us did anything but feel the other’s sex rubbing against each other. Can you imagine how we both felt at this second? Can you imagine the passion, the lust, the need in both of us?

Bobby very slowly rubbed the very tip of his cock head around my opening teasing me and almost yelling for me to say: “DO IT! Put that big cock in me and give me what I want, what I need. DO IT NOW BOBBY! FUCK ME!!”

I moved my hips just a little, very slowly, as I teased him back working my vagina opening around his cock head making him know how badly I wanted him. And yet without asking me or me telling him to fuck me, he didn’t, we didn’t.

We stayed like that for a while. I closed my eyes and felt the head of his cock now push a little more into my hole. It didn’t go all the way in exactly, it was just at the opening but I was so open and the head was holding my pussy lips wide open.

Bobby’s cock was touching the pink insides of my hole now. He was even deeper than before. There was nothing to stop Bobby from pushing his dick into my cunt. Nothing!!

I whispered: “We can’t baby! I’m not protected. Please don’t.”

And, he didn’t do it. He smiled down at me and then got off of me. His cock was so hard it looked like it hurt. He took my hands and pulled me up. We walked towards his room.

He sat on the bed and patted the seat next to him. I sat down next to him and watched as Bobby open the dresser and reached iniside.

When he pulled his hand out he was holding two things. A long dildo and a pack of rubbers. He smiled and handed them to me. He said: “It up to you sis. You decide. If you want me to fuck you take one out and put it on my cock. If you want me to use the toy, open your legs and place it at the entrance of your hole.”

I looked down as saw his hard throbbing cock sticking up in the air. It looked so big and hard and my brother looked in such need of relief. I wet my lips and used my teeth to rip open the pack of rubbers. I dropped the toy on the bed.

Bobby laid back and watched as I slipped the condom over the head of his cock. It felt huge! He smiled and told me that this was his fantasy for 3 years. I smiled down at him and his hard cock. God it looked so damn big.

When I had the condom on his cock he took me in his arms and we began to make love. He lay there with me under him now and again the tip of his hard cock was touching my pussy. He smiled down into my eyes and said: “If you want me to fuck you Mary use your fingers and open your pussy for me.”

I reached between us and separated the folds of my pussy as Bobby guide his cock head towards my wet throbbing hole. He pushed and I arched up and we both felt the head enter my body. God it felt amazing!

As we worked together, me arching up and him pushing down, it only took a few seconds before Bobby was fully inside me and his balls were resting against my ass. He lifted up on he elbows and looked into my face. I smiled at him and softly said: “Fuck me baby! Fuck me like we both want it.”

He wrapped his arms around my thighs and lifted my legs over my head my knees pressed against my tits. Then he pulled his cock out a little and pushed back in. He did that again and again and again stretching me more each time.

We were working together and Bobby was now fucking me fully. Hard and long smooth strokes felt like nothing else ever felt inside my pussy.

Again and again I reached a full climax, again and again I held him digging my finger nails into his shoulders. I shuttered and closed my eyes as my brother gave me the first fucking of my life.

We were really going at it now. Over and over he slammed down into my cunt filling me and making me arch my hips up as I began to thrust my cunt against his cock. Slamming down into me the mattress pushed back lifting us up again! Bobby slammed down and the mattress pushed us up! It was heaven!!

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