My Birthday Present

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Every bloody year, I mean, every bloody year. OK, so it’s only once a year but why can’t we, for once, give it a rest.

It all comes down to the fact that I share a birthday with my great grandmother. Every year, without fail, we go down for a visit and to celebrate our joint birthdays. OK, when I was young it was fine but, now that I’m eighteen travelling for hour upon hour to visit some senile old bat who hardly recognises who I am is a real pisser. We used to go out and do exciting things but nowadays it’s a trip to the park to feed the ducks. And guess who has to push the wheelchair.

Then it’s back to the home of the living dead, some god awful decrepit mansion, stinking of stale urine and full of senile old biddies. There we have to sit around eating tea and cakes and talking about how well she’s doing.

And the icing on the cake, the four hour drive back home. Mum and dad up front, Sandy and I in the back.

Sandy is my sister, two years older than me and off to uni come September. Her real name is Alexandra but she hates it and shortened it to Sandy some years back. She’s not bad for an older sister and, although we fight like cat and dog most of the time she’s also my best friend, the one I go to when I’m in trouble, the one who really understands me. In some ways we’re complete opposites. Whereas I’m a bit shy with the girls she’s lively and vivacious and always has guys hanging around her like bees around the honey pot.

What’s more, I know for a fact she’s just as reluctant as I am to come on these jaunts. One of her many admirers had asked her out to a party but dad put his foot down. “After all,” as he put it, “this may be your last chance to see your great grandmother. She’s not getting any younger.”

So, yeah, neither of us on the back seat were exactly delighted with the day.

As with every other year we stopped off at Corley Services which is, as dad never fails to point out, almost exactly half way home. This meant that, by the time we had finished our over-priced and completely inedible motorway meal it was getting dark. That didn’t bother me. I can still play my PSP quite happily without needing the lights on. Sandy, on the other hand, said she wanted to try and get some sleep so she dug out the picnic blanket from the boot and curled up on the back seat underneath it.

At first she was tucked up into the corner. She kicked off her shoes, put her feet up on the seat and was resting them on my lap. I told her in no uncertain terms that this was bugging me but she just wiggled her toes and gave me a look. She couldn’t get comfortable which meant there was quite a bit of wriggling about and she ended up inadvertently kicking me in the balls; not hard to hurt but enough to make me lose a life and I told her to cut it out. In response she told me that I was such a big lump nowadays that the only way she could get comfy was to lay along the seat with her head on my lap.

Why not? It didn’t bother me. In fact it was rather nice. She Escort bayan had to scrunch up a bit but she shuffled round and curled up across the back seat with her head resting on her folded arms which were resting along my thigh. She insisted that the pockets of my cargo shorts were uncomfortable so she pushed them out of the way. This made the cuffs of my shorts ride up to about mid thigh. She gave me a little smile and I smiled back. Yeah, sis, that’s fine by me.

All the way along the M6 Toll road she just lay like that while I got on with my game and mum and dad sat in the front listening to the radio. It was only when we were back on the M6 proper and there were no more street lights that things began to change. She was lying with her lower arm along my thigh, her elbow round about my knee and her hand… well, her hand had been tucked up into her other arm but she slipped it free and now it lay directly between my thighs.

Directly between my thighs. I felt her stroking the cloth of my cargo shorts only millimetres from my balls. I wondered if she knew what she was doing, whether she knew what effect this was having on me or whether she was just fidgeting about as she tried to get to sleep. It was rather disturbing, having her hand so close, even if my shorts were in the way.

And then I found out she definitely did know what she was doing. With a deft little movement she shifted her hand so that it tucked it inside the cuff of my shorts and lay along my thigh. Sandy! What the fuck! You’ve got your hand inside my shorts! Her fingers were still millimetres from my balls but, this time, there were no shorts in between. And, just to make sure there was no mistaking her intentions, her hand moved higher so that the tips of her fingers were now tucked inside the legs of my boxers. I couldn’t help but give a little grunt of surprise.

“Are you OK in the back there?”

“I’m fine, mum.”

“Well, don’t grunt, there’s a dear. It’s not nice.”

“Sorry mum.”

And I was sorry for, as soon as I had grunted, Sandy’s hand had slipped back out of my shorts and everything was just as innocent as before. It was just brother and sister getting comfortable in the back of the car. I’d blown it, whatever it was. With a quiet sigh I turned back to my game.

But a few minutes later it turned out that maybe I hadn’t blown it after all. Once again I felt Sandy’s hand start on its journey, slipping under my shorts, reaching up, up, travelling along the inside of my thigh. This time, despite the delicious tingly sensations as her hand crept north, I kept my lip firmly buttoned. I didn’t want to risk another interruption.

Sandy was in no hurry but she knew exactly where she was going and, after plenty of tease and tickle, the tips of her fingers reached my balls. It was tight, my shorts weren’t that baggy and it was a bit awkward getting past my boxers, but she had found enough room to get far enough up to gently stroke the underside of my balls. Oh yes! Oh, Sandy! Bayan escort This was the first time anyone outside of the medical profession had touched me there since like forever. I knew I ought to have been shocked, I knew that I ought to have been put off by the fact that this was my sister feeling me up but my prick had other ideas. It was quickly becoming harder than it had ever been and that felt so good that I didn’t give a damn.

Of course, as my prick got hard, it got tangled up in my boxers and I had to reach down and rearrange things. Sandy took the opportunity to push her hand a little farther and, when we settled down again she had her thumb and forefinger around the base of my prick and, with the rest of her hand, she was cuddling my balls. It was all a bit tight, a bit awkward, but slowly, sensuously, she started to wank me off.

And, for the next twenty miles or so, that was all she did. All! That’s some enormous ‘all’, but with the best will in the world I was never going to come like that. Her fingers felt wonderful but they were at the wrong end, so to speak. I had never felt anything that was simultaneously so delicious and so frustrating. The rest of my prick was crying out for attention. In desperation I reached down and slipped my hand under the waist band of my shorts but, as soon as I did so, Sandy stopped. OK, I get the message. My job is to sit back and enjoy the ride.

After what seemed like forever, or maybe nothing like long enough, Sandy suddenly stopped and removed her hand completely. Is that it? Fun time over and done with? She looked up at me and, in the half light, I saw her wink.

She made a big fuss about wanting to get more comfortable and, as part of this, she grabbed the blanket and pulled it over her head, completely covering herself. Mum and dad weren’t watching but, had they been, all they would have seen was Sandy, cocooned in the blanket, curled up on the back seat, resting against her brother.

I, on the other hand, knew differently. Under cover of the blanket her busy fingers were now working away at the waistband of my shorts. First she undid the button and then she pulled the zipper down. There was a little surreptitious tugging as she pulled my shorts down so that she could reach in, unbutton the fly of my boxers, slip her fingers inside and pull out my prick.

Oh, Sandy! Oh, bliss! If she only knew how good it felt to have her fingers wrapped around me!

She couldn’t move much but she didn’t need to. She just massaged me with her fingers in a sort of milking motion, pulling my foreskin back and forth across my glans. I wondered if she knew how close I was to losing it, how close I was to simply squirting my load, right there, right then and not caring a damn about having to explain to mum and dad why my shorts were in such a mess.

But I guess she knew what she was doing because she seemed able to keep me right on the edge. Every time I got close she would slow down a bit until I wasn’t quite Escort so close any more. What is more, it was clear she wanted to be in control. I couldn’t help but flex my hips, giving a little thrust but, as soon as I did so, she dropped my prick and just lay there. It was only when I was completely still again that she went back to what she was doing.

And then I could feel myself starting to come. This time, even if she slowed down, I was going to pop my cork. God I was close, so very very close. All it needed was the slightest thing, the slightest, tiniest, teensy, weensy thing like…..

Like her tongue licking the top of my glans, like her lips around my sensitive tip, like her taking me deep into her mouth, like her….

I felt my whole body go into spasm. I wanted to scream out loud as I pumped and pumped and pumped what felt like gallons of spunk into my sister’s waiting mouth. Never, ever, ever had anything felt as good as that moment. Oh, I’d wanked often enough before but that had nothing on this, this ecstasy.

“Are you OK in the back there, Ben?”

“I’m fine, mum, just fine.” I fought to keep my voice normal.

“There’s an awful lot of grunting coming from the back seat.”

“Sorry, this game’s a bit exciting.”

“Well, settle down or you’ll wake your sister.”

“Sorry, mum.”

As the car glided on through the evening traffic I sat back and let everything subside. For ages I just sat there feeling like the king of everything. Sandy too, didn’t move. She still had her hand around me and was gently kissing and licking the tip. Oh, yes, oh, yes, oh thrice yes!

It wasn’t long before I started to get hard again. I mean, tell me a man who wouldn’t with a gorgeous woman kissing and licking the end of his penis. However we ran out of time. We had got to Thelwall Viaduct and there was street lighting again. After one last kiss, Sandy tucked my prick back inside my boxers and, between us, we did up my shorts. After that it was as if it had never happened. For the rest of the journey we were just brother and sister, curled up together in the back of the car, waiting to get home.

And then, at last, we were home. Dad parked up on the driveway and he and mum got out and went inside leaving Sandy and myself to bring the bags in. I wasn’t sure how to play it, whether to play it cool or acknowledge what had happened. but I need not have bothered. We were round the back of the car and out of sight of the house when Sandy grabbed me, pinned me to the car grabbed my hand and pulled it up under the short skirt that she wore.

“Do you know what that is?” She asked as she rubbed herself against my hand.


“That’s the sodden panties of a hot and horny woman. You weren’t the only one turned on back there. You owe me one orgasm, baby brother.”

“But Sandy…. Mum…. Dad…. We’ve got to go inside or they’ll wonder what we’re up to.”

“Yeah, but they’re out tomorrow night, aren’t they. I might just be able to wait until then. Do we have a date?”

“We have a date,” I replied

“Happy birthday, little brother. How does it feel to be a man at last?” And with that she let go of my hand, gabbed one of the bags and made her way inside.

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