My Big Happy Family



My story began when I got engaged to Karen Ericson. My name is Robert Wood. My last name has been a source of jokes and kidding for as long as I can remember. Some guys refer to ‘morning wood’ if they have an erection when they wake up.

I have been a classmate of Karen’s in college for some time. Our friendship grew into a sexual relationship and then into love (actually) and a plan to marry after graduation. That is several years away but we want to wait until we have finished our education.

Karen lives with her mother in a large house made empty by the fact that her father died several years ago. Carol Ericson is her mother’s name, and she has been very supportive of our plans.

My living arrangement changed when I had a falling out with the two guys I shared an apartment with. Mrs. Ericson offered me the spare room in her house which was great because I could save some money toward the day when Karen and I got married.

Scandinavians are known for their open and liberal attitudes towards sex, but we were not living together in that sense, we were supposed to be more like roommates. We had our own bedrooms, but as you might expect we would find a way to have sex when it was possible. We would wait for a time when Carol was out of the house for several hours.

Our sex life began pretty much plain vanilla, but Karen became more and more adventurous. Instead of just quick vaginal intercourse she occasionally would suck me off, and to my great surprise she would swallow every mouthful of cum I gave her. She complained about the taste but she said she wanted to eat it like a raw oyster, still alive.

We watched internet porn together, and that is where she got the idea to try it anally. We watched several videos where a cute young woman took a huge cock up her asshole and got fucked until the guy blew his load in her.

She was intrigued, and soon she asked me to do it to her that way. She called it “the most natural form of birth control”. There was more to her interest than that. She was definitely aroused by the idea, and was probably fantasizing about it.

The first time we had the chance, with Carol out of the house, we found a jar of Vaseline in the medicine cabinet, and she put some on my cock, especially on the head. We knew that you are supposed to use a water-based lube, but we didn’t have any and we were not about to wait until we could get some.

It was the first time for both of us, and even with the lubrication it was a challenge to penetrate her tiny anus. It was clearly uncomfortable for her at first. I had to push hard to get the head into her, and it stretched her anus to the max. She flinched and held her hand up in a “wait” signal.

I held still until she whispered, “Give me a little more, please.”

An inch or two went in, and she held up the “wait” hand again.

We did that a couple more times, and then she said, “Just do it with that much. I don’t think I can take any more.”

Her obedient servant, I did as she asked. I was careful not to penetrate any deeper than that as I gently slid in and out.

She signaled for me to stop, and quietly said, “Can you get it a little further in?”

“Yes. Just relax. Remember how much the women in the porn videos take. You can do it.”

I pushed until there was only an inch or two remaining outside of her. I waited there, kind of teasing her, until she said, “All right. Shove it all the way in.”

I did, and when the last inch went in I noticed that her eyes crossed for a moment.

I fucked her slowly and gently, sliding in and out until I knew I was about to cum.

I pushed all the way into her and she squirmed and squealed with the deep penetration. I grunted and groaned and squirted a huge load of cum into her abdomen. She whimpered with pleasure at the sensation of my cum going into her forcefully.

After that she was hooked. She didn’t want it any other way, just in her ass.

She wanted some pillow talk after our first episode. She talked while I listened. “I never felt so close to you as I did after you gave it to me anally. It is so intimate and exciting to feel you so impossibly deep inside me.”

“We can do it again whenever my mother is out of the house, if you want to.”

As if I wouldn’t want to!

“Yes, of course.” I answered.

That began a series of episodes, and she took every bit of my cock each time. Now that she realizes it won’t harm her in any way she eagerly takes it all.

This is where the story takes a strange and interesting turn.

One afternoon Carol announced that she was going to visit a friend in a nearby suburb and would be out for a while. Of course, as soon as her car left the driveway we were on our way upstairs to Karen’s bedroom.

Our clothes practically flew off and we got on the bed, with Karen face down and me astride her. We didn’t need any lubrication now; her asshole had been permanently stretched bursa yabancı escort to accommodate my cock.

She reached back and spread her butt with both hands to welcome me. I pushed into her and began to fuck her. She went into her trance-like state of bliss while I worked my stiff cock in and out of her.

Things were going great, but then I noticed something out of the corner of my eye. I turned and looked at the door, and there stood Carol watching us.

I stopped with my cock half-way up Karen’s asshole and tried to decide what to do. I was just about to pull out and try to explain, when Carol put her finger to her lips and shook her head, clearly communicating “Shush. Don’t say a word.” She obviously wanted me to continue, and Karen would have no idea because her eyes were closed.

Karen wondered why I paused, and murmured “Please keep fucking me. Don’t stop until you cum in me.”

What else could I do? I resumed sliding my hard-on in and out of her pink asshole. Carol’s eyes were glued to my cock, watching it appear and disappear in her daughter.

It didn’t take much longer, and I made some animal sounds as I spurted jism into Karen’s stomach.

Karen has become addicted to my cum, she told me she actually has a craving for it. With each spurt she reacted with “yes”, so it was like “Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes!”

When I was completely empty I looked at Carol standing at the doorway, and she gave me a bemused smile. Then she was gone.

Of course, I couldn’t say anything to Karen, and for the next few days we all just tried to act normal. Carol and I acted as if nothing had happened. I hoped it would just be forgotten. I was wrong.

One Saturday Karen announced that she was going to the Mall where several sales were taking place. She said, “Don’t expect me back for several hours.”

When she was gone for 15 or 20 minutes, Carol found me in my room. I was lounging on the bed, and she sat on the chair by the bedside.

“I need to talk to you. We need to discuss what I saw you doing to my daughter.”

Oh no, here it comes. She will call me a disgusting pervert and tell me to move out and stop seeing her daughter. But she surprised me and did not go there.

“Is that the way you always do it?”

I mumbled yes, most of the time.

“Is it uncomfortable for her?”

“It was at first but not now. She loves it”

I immediately had second thoughts about saying she loved it. It made her seem like a slut and I waited for Mrs. Ericson to go ballistic. She didn’t.

“Your penis is unusually large, especially in length. But you got it all the way in her.”

So, this is where she will begin to chew me out. I just remained silent.

“How long is it? Have you ever measured it?”

So now I had to admit that I had done that, silly as it was.

“A little over eight and a half inches.”

“And I believe you did ejaculate in her, didn’t you?”

I whispered yes.

“By the way she reacted I could tell that she felt it, and liked it, didn’t she?”

I got a little angry and said, “Mrs. Ericson, this is very embarrassing. Please stop.”

We were both silent for a few moments, and then she looked away from me and blushed. I had no idea what would come next.

In a quiet tone of voice, she said, “Would you be willing to do it to me that way?”

I would not have been more surprised if she threw a bucket of cold water in my face. I didn’t know what to say, so I said nothing.

“Ever since I watched you push your long penis up my daughter’s rectum I have not been able to think about anything else. I had dreams about it that woke me up in the middle of the night in a hot sweat.”

Nothing but silence from me.

“Don’t you understand? I have been visualizing and imagining what it would be like to have your lovely penis up my ass! I want it more than anything I have ever wanted. Please say you will.”

I still said nothing, because I had no idea what to say.

“So, I guess you are not willing then.”

“Oh no, not at all Mrs. Ericson, I would be honored!”

Honored? What a stupid thing to say. But her look of relief wiped away my clumsy comment.

“Please call me Carol. If you are going to do something that intimate to me we should be on a first name basis.”

Searching for something to say, I blurted out “When would you like to do this?”

Without hesitation she replied, “Now is a good time for me. What about you? Karen won’t be back for some time.” She was flushed and fidgeting, obviously nervous. But she had to overcome her nerves to get what she needed and wanted so badly.

This seemed so unreal to me that I was having a serious brain-cramp.

Finally, I meekly replied “OK.”

She stood up and began to undress. I took the hint and did the same. Carol is very attractive and her body is in wonderful shape. You would bursa sınırsız escort never guess that she is in her late forties. I guess it is those Scandinavian genes.

She is curvier than her daughter which makes sense, but she does not have an ounce of fat on her. Her legs are beautiful and her slightly ample hips give way to a firm, tight waist. Her breasts are fuller than Karen’s, but very nicely shaped.

She stood before me completely naked, and I soon was too. How did I get this lucky? My ever-ready cock was as stiff as a board and Carol took notice of that.

She asked politely “May I touch it?”

I nodded my head, and she grasped it and began to expertly stroke it. She reached lower and fondled my hairy ball-sack.

“Can I put it in my mouth for a while?”

“Yes, but not for long or you will have a lot to swallow. Or do you want it that way?”

She blushed, but forced herself to say, “No. I would like to know what your cum tastes like, but some other time. I want it up my ass. But I want to make sure it is hard enough.”

I think it was, but I went along with her. She took my cock in her mouth while she held my balls affectionately. She has no doubt sucked a few cocks because she knew what she was doing. I felt the urge to gag her with a geyser of cum, but I struggled against that.

She stopped just in time.

She said, “I suppose we do not need a lot of foreplay for this. Can we just begin?”

She climbed on my bed and assumed the same position as Karen does, face down with eyes closed.

I straddled her and she spread her butt for me, just like her daughter does. Karen’s asshole is just a pink hole, but Carol’s was not quite as pristine. There was a little fringe of hair around it, and some darker brown skin. Her butt is a little larger than Karen’s, but very silky smooth and soft. I had an overpowering desire to just shove my cock into it.

I put the tip of my cock against the hole, and then I thought about the Vaseline. Too late now, just go for it. I was wet from her mouth and maybe that would be enough.

It was surprising to me that at her age she was still an anal virgin, but that was all the more exciting for me. I pushed and prodded but it would not go in.

“Push harder!” She still wants to be in charge.

OK, I thought, you asked for it. I gave a strong push and shoved the head in past the tight entrance.

“ow, Ow, OW!” was her response.

“Do you want me to stop?”

Her asshole must have been screaming at her to stop, but she fought back against the message it was sending, and told it to shut up and get used to it. Her Libido was in control now and that part of her personality wanted my cock in her asshole. The rest of her body would have to obey and accept it.

“No. I want you to put it all the way into me, but slowly, please.”

Once again, I thought, OK, you asked for it.

“Just relax and let it slide in.”

The tight ring of muscle at the entrance was gripping my cock like a rubber band, but the head was past that and I knew the rest of it would go in.

I pushed in to her a fraction of an inch at a time, and she did not object.

When the last inch or so went into her she made a strange, guttural sound, as if she was being impaled.

Just like her daughter, she went into a state of complete surrender and acquiescence. I fucked her slowly and carefully because her asshole was so tight. The seminal fluid that oozes out of a cock when you are aroused began to provide some lubrication.

Here I was fucking a woman old enough to be my mother and her asshole felt like she was twenty-something. Why didn’t her husband ever cornhole her? Why didn’t she ask him to? We will never know.

Carol’s cunt was dripping wet, and it opened and closed as my cock slid in and out of her asshole. The musky fragrance of a mature woman’s cunt filled the room. The fragrance from Karen’s cunt is like a fresh bouquet of flowers, but Carol’s is more like a freshly opened can of Tuna.

I murmured that I was about to cum, and she said, “God yes, way in me, please!”

I followed her instructions and I came so hard I almost passed out.

She didn’t say Yes like her daughter did, she said Oh.

“Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh!” as the warm semen gushed into her.

I collapsed on her and tried to catch my breath.

“She said, “Wait a minute, I need to finish too.”

She reached between her legs and masturbated to an intense orgasm.

After what seemed like an hour but was probably 5 or 10 minutes I got off her and lay at her side.

“Thank you for doing that for me. And thank you for the precious gift of your living sperm.”

Like mother, like daughter, they say.

“I could feel the tip of your penis way up in my belly. I loved it. At first, I was afraid it might injure me in some way, and then I would have the embarrassment görükle escort of explaining to some ER doctor how my anus got ripped open. But that didn’t happen. I guess there is more elasticity there than I realized, even at my age.”

I tried to lighten things up with some humor, so I said, “The ER doctor would probably call you later for a date. He would be so turned on he might even ask you for a blowjob right there in the examining room.”

That got a chuckle out of her, and I said, “Are we ever going to do this again, or was it one and done?”

Carol replied, “I want to do it again. And again. And again. And again. Please.”

So now everything has changed, for the better but we needed to keep this to ourselves.

Life was like a farcical comedy. I had to wait until Carol left the house to fuck Karen, and then wait for Karen to leave the house to fuck Carol.

I was able to keep up the juggling act, until one day when Karen left, saying she would be back in time for dinner.

Carol quickly took advantage of the situation, and practically led me by my cock to her bedroom for a change of venue.

We stripped off our clothes and in a heartbeat my hard cock was all the way up her ass.

I was methodically fucking her in a workmanlike way when once again I noticed something in the corner of my eye.

Standing in the doorway was Karen, with a mischievous smile on her face. Just like her mother, she put her index linger to her lips and gave me the “Shhh, be quiet” look.

Karen’s eyes were fixed on my cock as it was being swallowed by her mother’s light brown asshole. If it was possible to suck with her asshole she would have drawn it into her. She clamped and pulled on it and eagerly begged for what she calls my “precious gift”.

Being observed by sweet young Karen was a huge turn-on, and I couldn’t hold back.

I pushed every fraction of an inch of my rock-hard cock into her and blew my load. I don’t know if it is my youth or if it is that this turns me on so much, but I always produce a large volume of cum. Both women have mentioned it, in a complimentary way.

I waited patiently while Carol got herself off in her expert way, and then pulled out and sat up on the edge of the bed.

Carol looked at Karen and winked, and they both giggled. It didn’t seem like I had been caught at something that was taboo. They were like co-conspirators enjoying what they had created.

I began to understand that this had all been a charade.

Every time one of them left the house they made a point of saying they would be gone a long time. That was a signal that cleared the way for the other one.

Clearly, they had worked this out so they could take turns with me. I wondered if they kept a schedule somewhere or just mentally kept track. I felt used, but in a nice way.

They didn’t have to manipulate me in that way, I would have gladly taken turns with them. They could even watch if they wanted to.

Karen joined us on the bed, and said “He really got it far up in you Mom, didn’t he? And you felt him cum, didn’t you?”

“Yes, I have learned to take it all with no problem. The first time it hurt a little, but Robert has loosened me up, just like he did you. I guess we are both open for business.”

“I never dreamt I could take that much that way. But when I saw Robert do it to you I just had to find out what it would be like. You two are going to be very happy.”

“You have not seen as many men naked as I have, so you probably think Robert is just an OK guy. Let me tell you, he is a lot more than just OK. I have never seen a penis as beautiful as his. It is more than just long. It is perfectly straight, just thick enough, with the head always exposed. The head is not simply a big round ball, it has kind of a point to it. I am sure that helps it go in. Robert will definitely make you happy.”

It was wonderful to hear a mother and daughter talk to each other so openly and plainly about sex.

“No, Mom. We are all going to be very happy. One big happy family. Even if Robert and I move out, he can still come to visit you once or twice a week. And if it is alright with you, I may come along some of the time to watch.”

“OK, I agree. On one condition; that I can watch the two of you once in a while. It is still amazing to me that you can take his entire eight and a half inches up your cute little butt. After you are married you might want to ask Robert to fuck you in the vagina occasionally. I would like to have grandchildren.”

“And for you, Robert. Since we now have plenty of time and opportunity to do whatever we want, can I suck you off next? Karen says your cum is delicious and she can’t get enough of it. Well, truthfully, she said it has an unpleasant taste but she still can’t get enough of it. She told me she would drink a tall glass full of it.”

Karen said, “Oh Mom! You are exaggerating. You have an amazing way with words. Can I watch when you suck his cock?”

I chimed in with “You both are amazing as far as I am concerned. My cock doesn’t belong to me any longer, it belongs to the two of you, share and share alike. I love you both. You two work out the schedule and I will do as you say.”

There is a heaven on earth.

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