My Best Neighbor

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My name is Anil and currently working in Europe. I want to tell you very good experience happened to me when I was in Indore, India. You see I went to School that was only for boys.It was not possible for me to have any interaction with member of opposite sex.I was starved of interaction with members of opposite sex.

One day I just had exam and was tired and horny… so I went to my nearest Cigarette booth and there he have magazines with “nude” chicks so I got even hornier. I asked Cigarette Shop Owner to let me borrow magazine and I will return it next day promise. He agreed and I took it home on my bed and began masturbating.

My dick was very big and fat and I was proud of it.

One family stayed in my neighbor hood which had one Husband, A wife and the family had no Children .The Woman was around 34 years old and her Husband was nearly 10 to 15 years older than her .Her name is Kamala. Her Husband worked in Delhi and she was good friend of my mother.

But in my teens I was just lusting her body and always I was thinking of screwing her but I didn’t get any private moment to do that but on one lucky occasion I Father and mother were going to be out of station for nearly fifteen days to attend a marriage of our relative at Hyderabad and since my school didn’t permit me to have such abrupt vacation I was to stay alone but since I knew nothing about cooking and other domestic chores my hatay escort mother requested Kamala to take care about my food and other domestic chores.

I was happy that now at least I was going to have my lusting chance

Kamala’s husband came home only two times in a month because he worked in Delhi so I didn’t see him much. My neighboring lady was very pretty with a nice ass and tits that looked so juicy that I got horny around her. That night she came to my room and said that dinner was ready, I Said ok and asked her to sit down and I just changed my shirt in front of her to tease her.

She had just got out of shower and was wearing white shalwar kamiz. She was so sexy that I had seen her green bra inside. Her breasts were perfect and juicy for sex-craved person like me. My neighbor Kamala was very much innocent and it was me the who was lusting her body

One day I purpose fully skipped the lunch and she just came to my room to ask me to finish take my lunch and it was my ploy to just get closer to her wonderful body

She came and saw me with the Pornographic magazine and she just got angry and was about to scold me. But I calmed her and said that there is nothing to worry about it and hearing this word she just sat next to me. I show her pictures of nice boobs and she had no look at them but looked at my dick instead.

This made me very horny and I ask her what is she thinking about. She said that she didn’t know that mine was so big. Then I asked her if she could feel it I knew it was time.

She then began to glide hand on my dick then removed it quickly but I told her to continue doing it because my dick was getting longer due her action and I was horny. I asked her about shower and she smiled and said it is none of my business.

She was pretty and gorgeous and then she asked me what I say about her boobs being very round and She then asked me if I want to see it so I said yes and she started to remove her Kamiz (Part of Shalwar a typical dress worn by women in India) but I said I would do it for her.

She had a big stomach but so did I but her tits were better. I began to unclip her bra and she also started to get horny and said its good that her husband is not here.

I told her if she wanted it and she said lets try so I took off her shalwar (a typical dress worn by women in India) and there were no underwear and she had hairy pussy that was not shaved.

This made my dick swell and I got on top of her. She was very experienced and knew what to do. She grabbed my back and scratched it. I then started licking her juicy tits and I felt very much excited. I was fucking my neighbor whom I was always lusting

We had fun and then she asked to do it in her asshole and I agreed but I demanded that she should suck my dick and she hesitated but on bit of persuasion she agreed so I put my mouth in her pussy and my dick in her mouth we got in 69 positions.

She had trouble putting my dick into her mouth because it was so big. But finally dick got in. We did this for about 15 minutes and then I buttfucked her. It was so much fun.

I had to look at the magazine and said see that one guy loading his cum in mouth of girl and asked my neighbor and she said we should try. So she opened her mouth and I cum inside her then she said YES, Anil, GIVE ME MORE loudly… she very young 34 years only and energetic charming and full of desire for sex.

Then she heard milkman calling her so she got worried and was very wet. Her cunt was very hairy and wet and mouth dripping with cum. I helped her to get cloths on and she went to the milkman to get delivery of milk.

After that we have dinner and she said food don’t taste good better than my dick. I laughed then she wiggled it some more and I got horny again but she said enough for one night. She saves more for later. She told me not to get horny because of fear of her husband catching her.

I did her about twice a day till my father and Mom arrived. Till next 15 days. At night I just used to sleep with her in her martial bed robe in place replacing her hubby

After arrival back of my Father and Mother we made some adjustments but our relations continued and there was something special that I will write in next part.

Waiting for your comments before posting second part.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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