My Best Friend’s Father



All persons in this story are eighteen years of age or older.


My best friend, Emma had done it again. She promised that this time it would be a girl’s night only, but she lied. After convincing me to go out with her, we planned to go back to her house and have a girly sleep over. But as usual she met a guy and left me in the lurch.

Normally I would have gone home, but I had left my car and some of my belongings at her house. Like a true tart, she gave me her house key and told me stay at hers while she went back to some guys flat. She knew I was angry, what was I supposed to say to her father?

Emma’s father, Jack was a lovely man. His wife, her mother, had died tragically young. Despite dealing with his own problems he had to put up with a lot of shit from Emma. She selfishly didn’t have a care in the world at times.

As I climbed out of the taxi cab and paid the fare, I noticed the lounge light was still on. I hoped that Jack had just forgotten to turn it off before he went to bed, I couldn’t handle facing him without Emma.

Before I could put the key into the lock, the door opened.

“Hi Sophie, come in, come in,” he said, looking puzzled. “Where is Emma? Actually, I think I’d rather not know.” He giggled.

I was a little bit shocked at the way he giggled as I entered the house. I thought any man would be horrified at the thought of his daughter staying out with strange men. But then I guess she had done it enough times.

“She’s a wildcat isn’t she?” he said. “Would you like a drink, Sophie?”

“Yeah, why not, thank you.” I said. I sat down on the sofa feeling more relaxed about the situation. He gave me a glass of wine and sat down beside me.

“Why do you put up with her shit, Jack?” I said. “I know she is my friend but you don’t deserve what she puts you through.”

He looked at me with unwavering eyes and smiled.

“The death of her mother hit us hard,” he said softly. “She is just trying to be independent.”

I took a sip from my drink, trying to act unaware of the way he was looking at me.

“You gaziantep bayan escortları didn’t get lucky then?” he asked.

“I don’t really do that sort of thing.” I answered, shrugging my shoulders.

“I wish Emma would be a bit more like you,” he sighed. “I guess what happened to her mother scared her into living life in the fast lane.”

I felt sorry for him as I watched his head drop. “I’m sorry about your wife.” I said.

“It’s ok, Sophie. It was a long time ago,” he said. “Anyway, you’re looking very beautiful this evening. I’d have thought you’d be fighting the boys off in that outfit.”

His comment made me blush. “Thank you, Jack,” I said. “That’s very sweet of you.”

“I like your dress,” he said, putting a hand on my thigh. “Do you mind? I love the feel of expensive fabric.”

His touch caused my body to tense up, and I could only watch as the hem of my black baby doll dress moved up my leg, revealing the soft flesh of my thigh. This was my best friend’s dad, and he was too old for my taste, but the way he looked and smiled at me was hypnotising.

“What about Emma?” I asked, dropping my head and looking at his hand.

He grabbed my chin and lifted my head up to face him. “Don’t worry about Emma.” His fingers were gentle on my face, and I couldn’t turn away. His hand tightened on my thigh, and moved slowly upwards, taking my dress with it, up towards my hip and baring more and more of my leg.

Despite the warm feeling that was running through me, I couldn’t stop thinking how wrong this was. “You’re so beautiful, Sophie.”

I blushed again and relaxed a little as he let go of my face. My dress was now all the way up to my hips, revealing my black thong. He left the dress there, and let his hand wander further on.

Shock waves went through me as his hand went under the dress, over my stomach, across my hips, and then back again.

“That’s it,” he said. “Just relax, you’re so hot, Sophie.”

He was right; my body was burning up with lust and desire. gaziantep eskort bayan I didn’t want to think about Emma any more. She was the one that had left me alone for a cheap one night stand.

I went to open my mouth, but he prevented me from speaking by leaning over and kissing me. I could feel my body responding to his every touch, the insides of my pussy were warming up as moisture leaked into my thong.

Then, he lifted me across his lap, shifting himself so that I was straddling him. Hr ran his hands up and down my sides, underneath the dress, and I gasped, waiting for the moment when he would touch my breasts.

I hadn’t worn a bra with this dress, and I could feel my nipples becoming hard against the soft material, level with his face. I had never felt so horny in my life, and I couldn’t stop now, no matter whose father was touching me.

I was done being seduced; I wanted him to know I was his. As his hands were busy underneath my dress, undoing his pants, I brought my hands up to my breasts and started to caress them through the dress.

I gave him a naughty smile and started to gyrate on his knee. The excitement was causing me to breathe quickly as I worked my hands faster and rougher. I wanted to yank down my dress and thrust my breasts into his face but instead, I forced myself to release my breasts from my tight grip.

I grabbed the back of the sofa, resting my arms on either side of his shoulders, and pulled myself up so that I was raised a couple of inches above his cock. My breasts were now right in his face. I hooked my fingers under the thin straps of my dress and slid them down my arms, pulling the dress down over my breasts. Flinging my arms free, I heard him moan as the black dress fell down my body and settled around my waist.

His eyes opened wide as he looked down at my inviting cleavage. He moved his hands up and grabbed my bare breasts before pulling me towards him, and burying his head between my breasts.

I grasped the back of the sofa and threw my head back as he gaziantep bayan eskort licked and sucked on my breasts. He made me feel so horny as he flicked his tongue across one stiff nipple, then across the other. My pussy was tingling and my knees were going weak. I grabbed his head and rammed it deeper into my cleavage.

I could feel the long, thick shape of his cock across his lap as I lowered myself onto him.

“Fuck, is that thing real?” I gasped.

He didn’t take his head from between my breasts to answer me; he didn’t even acknowledge me as I reached down between my legs and took hold of his throbbing cock. I took it in both hands and began to stroke them up and down his impressive length.

I then raised myself up, pulled my thong to the side and placed the leaking tip of his cock against my pussy lips. I was forced to groan out loud as I rubbed it against my hot clit. But I couldn’t tease him any longer; I needed to be filled by a rock hard cock, his rock hard cock.

I began to slowly edge his cock into my soaking wet hole. I could feel my pussy lips stretching as I fed his cock into my body, inch by glorious inch. Continuing to lower myself, I wondered how much I would be able to take as I felt myself expanding to accommodate him.

He sat there, hands on my hips, watching and sucking my breasts as the bounced and brushed against his face.

“So easy,” he murmured. “When you’re pussy is nice and wet.”

I reached the base of his cock and slowly exhaled a deep breath. His cock continued to swell inside me, and I had no choice but to move. But as I raised myself off it, every inch of his fat cock rubbed against every inch of my aching pussy, so I had an uncontrollable urge to slam back down on him.

Every time I slammed down onto him I felt the end of his cock stretching deep inside my womb. I couldn’t believe I could take the thing as it filled me over and over again. I focused my eyes on his cock as I tried, with each thrust of my hips, to lift my pussy higher. With just the tip of his cock inside me, I slammed down once more. Slamming, bouncing, dancing, you name it and I was doing it on his cock as he gave me more and more pleasure.

Then, he pushed back against the sofa and tensed himself, and then looking me straight in the eyes he pumped his hot cum inside me, finally causing my own shattering climax.

I collapsed onto him, my legs spread out on either side of him, and my breasts smothering him.

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