My Best Friend Stacie Ch. 03




**Everyone in this story is 18 or older**


Currently I’m about half a block away from Stacie’s house. I keep looking down at my phone rereading the text message she sent me. I shouldn’t be this nervous. I mean it’s just sex right? Just for the experience. That’s the only reason we’re doing this.

I’m finally standing in front of Stacie’s house. There are two cars in her driveway so it’s best to assume that her parents are at home. That could cause problems because Stacie can’t keep quiet. I’m still standing in front of her house just thinking about how much she has been there for me all my life.

I take a deep breathe and look up. I see Stacie looking at me through the kitchen window smiling and waving. She does the “come here” motion with her hands so I walk up the door. Stacie opens the door and I’m immediately greeted with a warm hug.

“Stacie! Who’d you just let in!” I hear her mom yell from upstairs.

“It’s just Kyle, Mom!” Stacie replies as me lets me go.

“Hey, Kyle! How are you, sweetie.” Stacie’s mom says coming down the stairs to greet me.

“I”m fine Mrs. Scott. Just finishing up the last days of high school.” I reply casually.

“Look at you two! My babies are all grown up!” She says hugging us both at the same. “Don’t forget each other when you both go away to college.” She says in a worried tone.

“Don’t worry. I could never forget Stacie.” I say smiling at Stacie.

“I could never forget Kyle either. He’s annoyed me my entire god damn life.” Stacie says jokingly.

“Language! What did I tell you Stacie! A Lady must have a clean mouth.” Mrs. Scott instructs.

“Sorry, Mom. It totally won’t happen again. I’m gonna start my nun training first thing tomorrow morning.” Stacie says sarcastically. “Me and Kyle have something we gotta finish in my room.” Stacie says slyly.

“What could you have left to do this close to the end of the school year?” Mrs. Scott replies concerned.

“Uhhh…It’s a personal project. You wouldn’t care. Let’s go Kyle.” Stacie says grabbing my hand and pulling me upstairs.

Stacie pulls me in her room and closes the door behind her. She lets out a sign and locks the door. I look around and see stuff in here that wasn’t here before. I see unlit candles around the room, new softer bed sheets and a bottle of wine with two glasses next to it.

“What’s with the wine Stacie.” I ask.

“You know. To like, loosen us up.” She says as she turns on some music.

Slow sweet acoustic music fills the room. Stacie gently grabs both of my hands and sits down on the floor by her bed. I follow along with her and sit down also. She grabs the wine bottle and two glasses and puts them Gaziantep Fetiş Escort between us. She fumbles around with the bottle opener unsuccessfully getting the cap off.

“Sorry. I’ve never done this before.” Stacie says in a soft shy voice.

“It’s okay. I’ll do it.” I say pulling the bottle and bottle opener away from her.

I’ve never drank alcohol but I have opened up enough bottles for my uncle to know how to do this and come off as experienced. I pop open the bottle and quickly pour us two glasses. I pick mine up and Stacie picks up hers.

“Cheers” we both as and then we clank our glasses together. We both take our first sip of alcohol, set the glasses down and look at each other.

“I mean. I guess it tastes okay.” I say looking down at my hands.

“I know right! I was expecting to be blown away but it’s just okay. People don’t really drink it for the taste though.” Stacie says taking another sip.

I take another sip and set my glass down. I feel the urge in me to take initiative and make the first move. I pull in and kiss her. She is caught off guard but quickly goes along with it. This time we are gentle. I feel her lips move on mine and bring my right hand down to her waist. I slide my hand down the front of her pants but she stops me.

“W-wait, Kyle. Can we just…can we just save that until later. ” She says finishing all the wine in her glass.

“Yeah, sure.” I say looking down thinking I did something wrong.

“It’s okay. Don’t worry, hun. I definitely want to have sex. I just want to build up to it…ya know?” Stacie says nervously.

“Okay…for the the experience?” I ask.

“Yeah, experience…yeah.” Stacie replies softly.

She pulls me in for another kiss. Her lips gently wrestle with mine while our hands feel all over each other. She crawls into my lap and continues kissing me. I slide my hands down from her waist to her ass. She kisses down my neck and shoulder and back up to my ear.

“I need more wine.” She whispers and then kisses my ear.

I grab the wine bottle and our wine glasses and pour them with her still in my lap wresting her head on my shoulder. I hand her a glass and take a sip from mine. I think I’m starting to feel the effects. She takes a few sips and resumes kissing me.

She leans back off of me and pulls her shirt off. She then starts undoing her bra and while she does that I pull my shirt off in one swift motion. She pulls her bra off and throws it on her bed. I cup both her breasts with my hand and start kissing her again.

She gets out of my lap and sits next to me leaning against her bed.

“Can we talk?” Stacie asks.

“Yeah. What about?” I say worried.

“About…about us.” She says looking away from me. “We were both gonna go to Ohio State after high school. That’s always been the plan and we even both got accepted. But you also got accepted at NYU and I know the only sent an application because that’s where Karen’s going. That’s okay but-” I cut Stacie off.

“I told you, Stacie. I’m over Karen.” I say confidently.

“But how? You love Karen. You don’t just get over years of love in a day.” Stacie says with disbelief.

“Well I did.” I say looking into Stacie’s eyes.

“Wait…you don’t…no. You’re not supposed to like me! You’re my best friend.” She says putting a pillow over her exposed breasts.

“I never said I did, Stacie.” I reply calmly. She let’s out a sigh and puts the pillow back on her bed.

“But I do love you.” I say with no hint of nervousness in my voice.

Stacie looks at me checking my expressions to see if I really mean it. Her cheeks are an adorable red. She looks away from me and tears start falling from her eyes.

“You’re not supposed to love me. We’re supposed to be best friends forever and you’re supposed to be with Karen and I’m supposed to be with…somebody I guess. Just not you, Kyle!.” She says wiping tears away.

“Why is this so wrong, Stacie.” I say moving closer to her. “Who knows me better than you know me? Who cares about me more than you care? You’re all I want.” I say with my hand on her shoulder.

She leans in and hugs me.

“You’re right. You’re so right. But what if we break up, Kyle? We couldn’t just go back to being friends. You’re the most important person in my life. I don’t want to fuck it all up because we’re both horny.” She says still hugging me.

“It’s not that, Stacie. I really do love you. For the first time in years I haven’t thought about Karen in a day. It’s not just because you made me cum. It’s because of you. I love YOU.” I say more confidently than I have ever said anything.

Stacie crawls back into my lap and kisses my neck.

“You really mean that.” She whispers in my ear.

“Damn right.” I say.

I slip my hands down her pants and feel her wet pussy. She lets out a loud moan and quickly covers her mouth. I slowly rub her clit in a circular motion as I kiss her neck. She moans and sways her hips around in my lap. I stick my middle finger inside her and feel her tight walls hold onto me.

She breaths heavy and slow looking at me. I take my hand out of her panties and jeans and we both stand up and get on her bed. We both take our pants and underwear off as quick as we can. Stacie craws up to the pillow and lays down flat.

I crawl on top of her and feel my cock rubbing against her wet lips. She gently kisses me one more time and lays back down. I grab my cock and angle it at her tight entrance. I look up at her and she nods her head. I begin to push forward and get the tip in.

“You know”. She gasps in my ear as I slowly slide further into her. “This is my first time too-uhhhgggg.” She says as I fully penetrate her pussy.

I lay there not moving. We both breath heavy and just enjoy the moment. I am inside my best friend right now and it feels amazing. Her pussy is tight and contracts around my cock. I feel so much moisture. I look down and kiss her passionately.

I slowly start to push my hips back and forth. With every motion she pulls me in tighter with her arms and moans. I start to up my pace and really begin to fuck her.

“Fuck! Kyle! Fuck!!” She shouts muffling herself through a pillow. “Oh God, Kyle! I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum already! Oh God!” She shouts.

I feel her pussy tighten up around me. I groan and put a hand over her mouth because surly her parents would hear. I keep fucking her fast and hard. Stacie is panting and moaning. I look down at her and see her smiling with tears in her eyes.

“What’s wrong.” I say stopping my motion.

“Nothing, babe. I’m just…I’m so happy. So happy that I’m crying. I’ve never felt like this.” She says looking up at me. It’s as if she’s glowing right now.

“Now don’t stop, Kyle. Keep going, fuck!” She moans as I slowly start to get back to my original pace.

I feel her walls tighten around my cock again which triggers me.

“I’m gonna cum. What should I do!” I say about to pull out.

“I said I’m on the pill!” She says locking her legs around my waist and pulling me in with her arms. “Cum inside me! Please fill me with cum!” she moans.

I moan low and pump my cock in and out of her. Cum shoots out of me as I feel her cum on my dick again. This is the best orgasm I’ve ever had in my life. I finally stop cumming and lay down on her with my dick still inside her pussy. She wraps her arms around me and we stay in that position for the next fifteen minutes. I don’t ever want this feeling to end.

Finally I pull out of her and roll to the side. She lays on her side looking at me with a big grin. I look at her entire naked gorgeous body up and down. I see her perfect tits. Her athletic body and her cum soaked pussy. The fact that it’s my cum makes it all the better.

Suddenly I hear a knock on the door.

“Stacie! Kyle! Dinner is ready. Be down in five!” Mrs. Scott shouts.

“We will mom! Please tell me you made something normal for Kyle’s sake!” Stacie shouts back with a giggle.

“Hey!” Mrs. Scott shouts in a angry tone.

“You always make good food Mrs. Scott!” I say back through the door.

“See! Kyle appreciates my cooking!” She says walking away.

We both break out laughing and start cleaning up and getting dressed.

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