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I have always wonderd how it feel to be a girl from the time I was a small boy.When I was 40 I was not dating anyone so decided to fill my dream.I got into good shape still could not pass ass awoman but I ordered Some pink panties and black stockings and a black wig .I got a i love cum choker because i would watch pron and wish that was me swallowing dicks and eating cum in my mind. I was tired of walking around with this stuff on my mind one night i got in the shower and shave my legs and face very good .I got on line and put a ad out that I was cd looking to be made a bitch.I got alot of emails really fooled me.So I got one man to comere to my house late that night it was thanks giving night will never forget it..I told him how I love dirty talk and role playing very much.we had it set up where I would have a movie on when he got there.I open my door and set in the living room with my lingerie on feeling very sexy and he showed up.He came in the house and he was a blck man about 25 250 pounds looking good.He set down and told me to get up and setin front of hhim on my knees .I done as I was told he watched the movie there was a white bitch suxing this big black dick on there.He said i bet you was doing that now and I said yes I do.he told me then escort kahramanmaraş bayan ask if you can sux my big blqack dick you white whore.I really did not want to go that far .he said no dick then I said please let me sux you black cock .He told me to tell him how bad I wanted it.I was hot by that time I told him that I was a dick suxing whore that love suxing black dick he ask what I would do with his black cum I said I will swallow it down .He told me to take it out then.I was so nve ogod it pop out and it was 8 inchs with a big head I wanted it so bad I went to put it in my mouth and he said no slpa your face with first and I did then he told me to open my mouth and he layed it in my mouth god I was hot he said dont sux it bitch.I just set htere on my knees with his dick in my mouth thinking its going to happen.He was ass abput it he knew he had me over the barrl.he went over to the front door and opened it.he said if you want this dick you will show the world.I live on a very small place with folks close by.I could not stop myself I went over there on my knees and stoped right in front of his meat and put it in my mouth .What a feeling that big dick was going in and out of my mouth escort kapalı gaziantep bayan .I had always wanted that.he slowly fucked my mouth with his bick making me take a little more each time.I still had about 4 inchs take and could not.he turned me around and place the back of my head against the door and saisd you will take it now white bitch.he started back fucking my mouth again .I could not stop him I was just a diffent person.he started pushing his cock down more and more calling me very name in the world a white whore that loved black dick a cock loving bitch.when I started to gag he pushed harder and I heard pop it was all the way down.he started running it all the way down to the balls very time I was in heaven.I was grtting control of him now.I told him I told you I was a good dicking suxing whore and with very word he got faster and harder.then he ask where i wanted him to cum I told him I want to shot all your balck cum down my mouth and I will hold it to show and he could not take any more he slpaed me with his hard black didck like a big snake.he told me to look in his eyes when he cum in inmy white mouth.I locked my lips down and with very shot his dick would kaliteli gaziantep escort bayan thob then I looked at him showed it to him and swallow it all.If you want me tell the rest send me some feed back and it will get very hot when I tell you how he made me his white bitch for life. he then went and layed down on bed and said he would wake me later.he said keep you lingerie on.I layed down and when to sleep in the morning I waslaying there and i feel a dicl lay across my lips just 5hinking I am dreaming like many times before I opened my eyes and it was not a dream.his snake was hard again.I could taste his cum in my mouth from before he told sux it my snowbunny I could not stop mysel I was thinking Im am going to have to stop this before he makes me take this rod in my asspussy but I was a bitch at this time.he layed on his back and told to get him hard I was thinking it is like a steel rod now my god but it got harder with very slump of my mouth..He ask are you ready white bitch I ask for what he said your fucking bitch.I said I dont know.But I could not stop from doing what he told me to do.i was like I was a real bitch at this time.He said I know you want it I was thinking i Mmay never get this chance I said yes.I ask him just dont hurt me .He said ni will lay on my back and you fuck I put a rubber on him and put some lub on that rod and played with it just pushing down on his head more and more,he told to put it in my pussy bitch I said you are too big.he layed me down on my back I will get in there you bitch.but he mounted me and I felt just like a woman at that time

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