Much Love Forever. M. Pt. 02



Never in my life had I been so shocked and dismayed, not so much with having been discovered, but moreso with Star’s frank acceptance of what she had seen. I glanced at Chelle, and my psyche snapped along a jagged edge. She seemed surprised, sure, but more in the manner of a child caught picking through a stolen box of chocolates.

I quickly reached for something to cover us with, and just as quickly realized how foolish that would look — who knew how long Star had been watching? I decided to try to salvage some cool from the situation. “You two know each other?” I said, with a weak laugh. The two women DID look a little sheepish, but I detected no shame in either.

“Star honey,” Chelle began. “Jack and I, uh, we . . . “

“Oh Mother, I’m sorry, really.” Star cut her off. “I didn’t mean to walk in on you. I woke up and heard you guys, and I was still a little dazy and hot, so I . . . ” There WAS something here a little awkward for mother and daughter, although much less peculiar than it was for me.

I rolled slightly off Chelle and to one side. Star came to the other side of the bed and sat next to her mother, and the two hugged and began with some quiet, female commiseration. As a gesture of companionship, I gently rubbed Chelle’s belly, in as non-sexual way as I could — more idly comforting than anything.

“Should I leave?” I said. “I really could use a shower. I hadn’t expected visitors, and . . . “

“No Jack, it’s all right,” Chelle said with calm assurance.

“Oh, I think I will,” I said. “Really, I’m fine with all this — I mean, we can . . . ” I’d made mud out of all this, so I stood quickly, found a clean towel in a pile on a chair, and walked to the bathroom. I let the water run to just short of cold, stepped in, and pulled the curtain. I took a short shower, then dried off and wrapped the towel around my waist.

To my surprise, the two women were still as I had left them. I half figured they’d be gone, or at least dressed and ready for a quick good-bye. But Chelle still lay on her back, naked, and Star, still in her robe and swimsuit, sat by her mother’s shoulder. Both looked very composed, even relaxed. Seen this way, Chelle looked more familiar to me than before, and Star looked very much like a younger version of her mother.

My initial shock had passed, and curiosity took over. “Can I ask you a question?” I said, to Chelle or Star, or to both. Both shrugged and nodded. “Has something like this” — I waved my hand in a sweep as if taking in the room — “ever happened to you before?” Both women hesitated, and Chelle spoke first.

“A few times,” she said. She gave a little smile of feminine embarrassment. “You know,” she looked at Star, “at first I thought it was an accident, when she was like 14 or so. She was so wrinkled up that time that it took me about six hours of girl talk to bring her back straight. But by the time she was in high school, I started to wonder.”

Chelle stopped, as if to try to hold bursa otele gelen escort something she shouldn’t give to a stranger. Star broke the spell by standing and fluffing out her wind-blown hair. “Mr. Jack, I’m real sorry, again. You can have your place back.” The girl smiled. “I’ll leave you guys alone.”

Chelle glanced at Star, then looked at me and held out her arms to me. I slid back onto the bed with her, and we both lay there, fully naked. “Mmmm, Jack. You smell soapy and sweet,” Chelle said. I looked at Star to gauge her feeling and again saw a very pretty young woman, a bright garden flower. She gave me a quizzical look in return and seemed to pause and linger.

“Mother,” she began. “I hope you don’t mind if I . . . ” And, completing my amazement, she put her hand on my dick, began to tug it and turn it as if examining it. I looked at Star, I looked at Chelle, and I did not detect either encouragement or objection. So, this was how it was going to be . . .

* * *

Star’s tugs and tickles turned to gentle strokes as my dick hardened in her hand. I looked at Chelle, who seemed still restful and spent, and gave her a long, reassuring kiss. Star paused in her work on me and stood to slide out of her terry robe, then her suit top, then the bottom. So here was lovely Star, bright and glowing, showing what she could give. It was so quick, clean and natural.

Putting my hand behind Star’s neck, I drew her down to the bed, and she curled next to her mother, her hand again working my hard penis.

“This is nice, Mother,” the girl said. “I’m jealous.” Chelle laughed lightly. I moved my mouth to Chelle’s breast and drew the nipple in between my lips, flicking it with my tongue, snapping at it with my teeth. I cupped the breast with both hands and continued to kiss the nipple. I felt her body tense slightly, and she gave up a moan, so I moved my hand to her pussy and began to tease at the soft fur.

I began to relax as the physical sensations took hold. Chelle spread her legs slightly as I pushed my hand into her crotch, stroking her slit with one finger, stopping at her clit on the up-stroke, tickling it between my finger and thumb. She moaned again. Star moved to kiss her mother’s ear and neck, then to lick at her other nipple. Her hand joined mine at her mother’s pussy, and we twined our fingers, untwining them, seeking the buttons and folds of Chelle’s sweet cunt. Chelle began to groan aloud, and Star kissed her mother’s mouth to muffle her.

So I moved my hand to Star’s pussy. She let out a sigh and raised a knee to let me have a good grope. As she continued to finger and stroke Chelle’s pussy. I forced a finger into Star’s cunt and felt it slide in easily, feeling the wet, silky warmth in the darkness of her hole. I placed my thumb on Star’s clit, and she too began to exclaim and moan. My god, I needed another set of hands . . .

“Jack, please,” Chelle panted. “Please put it in escort bayan me again. I need to feel it inside me.” She spread her legs and raised her knees, presenting her cunt to me. I twisted myself between her legs and lifted her ankles over my shoulders, then plunged my dick into Chelle’s juicy hole, all the way in at once. I held it there, in her bottomless cunt, as she wiggled her hips and gripped me with tight ripples of her muscles. I began to pull it out and push it in, slowly.

“Ohhh god, Jack,” Chelle moaned, throwing her hips at me so as to make milking motions around my cock. “God this is so wonderful.”

“Yes baby,” I groaned. “You can’t know how wonderful it is. You are so beautiful and hot.” And then another surprise, the feel of Star’s lips and tongue on my balls, tonguing my shaft on its out-stroke, and moving to tease Chelle’s pussy — back and forth, over and over. She slipped my nuts, one then the other, into her mouth, sucking them lightly, and she reached awkwardly to grip my ass and force me into her mother’s womb.

That was it; I had to have some of that. As if by some unspoken cue, we untangled ourselves and rearranged ourselves, with a few giggles and gasps and “over heres” and “this ways”, and we ended with me atop Star’s lovely young body and Chelle lowering her pussy to her daughter’s open mouth.

I pushed Star’s legs apart, mounted her, and pushed my dick into her. She gave out a groan, followed by a sequence of panted gasps as I pushed it in a little at a time. I could feel her tight pussy adjusting to me, stretching for me, as I eased my cock all the way inside her.

Star, meanwhile, stuck out her tongue as Chelle fit herself onto the girl’s face. She commenced grinding as Star hummed and moaned, then groaned as I raised the rpm of my stroking in and out of her pussy. Chelle raised a bit and locked her brown eyes into mine, then her eyes closed in pleasure, and she held her mouth open for a deep kiss from me.

I kissed her mouth hard and drove hard into Star’s pretty pussy, Star’s moans now muffled by her mother’s cunt. I could feel Chelle’s hot breath through the kiss, the pace of her arousal rising in sounds from deep in her throat. “Star, darling, oh my baby girl,” she cried. “God this is sooo good.” Chelle’s cries rose in pitch as her orgasm built deep inside her; she writhed and struggled. I put my hands on her breasts and squeezed them hard and kissed her hard again, and she came, came again, in a series of breathy groans and sharp cries.

That seemed to be all Star needed as well. As Chelle collapsed onto the younger woman’s body, I drove into Star with increasing power. I could feel her pussy tensing and clenching as she rose toward climax, and it came with a sudden rush that made her scream, loud enough to be heard outside.

And that certainly was all I needed, especially when Chelle put a hand between my legs, fingering at my ass hole, pressing hard on the taint, and mudanya escort stroking my nut sack. This was too much; with a couple more hard, brutal strokes, I cut loose inside Star’s pussy with what felt to me like Niagara Falls, firing shot after shot of cream into her tight young hole.

Never, ever, had I cum so hard or felt so spent. Almost literally, every ounce of being in my body had emptied into this beautiful young baby. Still inside Star’s pussy, I twisted off to one side so as not to over-weight the pile. I threw my arms around Chelle’s waist and kissed quietly at her lower back and her ass.

Chelle was the first to speak. “My god, what a great team we are,” she said. “Jack, you owe me a load of cum now. You up for it?”

I laughed. “Jeez, honey, give me a little time. You and Star are wearing me out as it is. And Star, baby?”


“You are fantastic.”

* * *

When I’d recovered enough to stand, I told the ladies I needed some nourishment, and I asked them if they wanted anything.

“I’ll split a ham sandwich with you,” Chelle said. “I’m not really hungry, thanks,” Star answered.

“Now Evening Star,” Chelle said in a mock deep south drawl. “You know a young lady has to keep up her stren’th.”

Star giggled. “You have any chocolate?” she asked. “I could like destroy some Reese’s Cups.”

“Don’t think so dear. I might have some chocolate syrup. I can put it in some milk for you.”

Star laughed again. “Imagine how the world would change if a man’s cum was the only source of chocolate.”

I went to the kitchen and made two ham sandwiches, one of which I cut in two. I poured two glasses of milk, and I stirred chocolate syrup into the one for Star. “Chelle,” I called back. “I forgot to ask if you wanted something to drink.”

“Just bring me the rest of that riesling, Jack,” Chelle said. “And a glass of water, if it’s no trouble.”

“Other than needing a tray, no.”

I carried a baking pan with the sandwiches, milk and water back to the bedroom, then went to the front room to retrieve the half-full wine bottle and Chelle’s glass. All delivered, we ate and drank. “Be sure and give the boy a nice tip, dear,” Chelle said to her daughter. And they giggled.

Star finished her milk, and then, as if finishing her thought, came to me as I sat in the chair and knelt between my legs. She placed her hands on my hips, her elbows on my knees, and began to suck at my soft dick. Somewhat surprisingly, it began to grow again in her warm mouth. She brushed her hair out of her face. “I want some chocolate,” she said, looking at me and grinning.

“Sorry darling. This one’s mine,” Chelle said, mock-seriously. Star continued sucking me. My dick continued to grow. “Jack,” Chelle insisted. “Get your ass over here.” I raised Star by the shoulders and stood, holding her close to me. Pressing tight together, I felt her sweet young breasts crushed against my chest, her arms wrapped under my arms and around my back. I pulled her ass tight to me and gave her a long kiss.

“Kids,” Chelle said. “Class is in session. Take your places immediately.” Star turned her face to her mother and stuck out her tongue. I crawled onto the bed next to Chelle, and Star followed, nestling in behind me.

* * *

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