Mrs. Wentworth At The Opera



This is actually the fourth part of the Staying with Mrs. Wentworth series. You might want to read the day one through day three parts first. This is also slow developing and maybe longer than it should be. I’m really enjoying the characters so I got a little long. I’m a new writer though so any feedback is always appreciated.

I woke up later than I intended. It was the latest I had slept at Mrs. Wentworth’s. I was starting to feel at home in my bed in the spare room. I almost didn’t remember how mad I had been when my mom made me stay there while she went away. I mean what 19 year old (almost 19) wants to be forced to be babysat or watched over by some old lady who used to be his fifth grade teacher? But I didn’t mind anymore. After all, Mrs. Wentworth was really nice and actually kind of hot for a woman her age. And actually her age wasn’t that old. She was maybe 40 which isn’t exactly old. And she treated me like an adult which after all I was. Most of the time anyway.

Other mornings she had woken me up but today I just slept through. It was already 9:30 and I was looking forward to seeing her. Actually, I was curious and nervous about what I would say but also looking forward to it. After what had happened the night before, I thought things were going to be really different. I mean she actually pretty much gave me a blowjob which changes things, doesn’t it? (See the story in Day Three of this series) I hadn’t been super sexually active in the past and it was probably technically my first blowjob. So I didn’t know the next thing to do but I was sure we’d figure that out together. I was pretty sure we were going to talk about it and just go from there.

Anyway, I got ready and got dressed pretty fast to get downstairs as soon as I could. However, on the way past her room I stopped and saw her laying in her bed. I went in and looked around not sure if I should wake her. After all it was pretty late for her to still be asleep. She woke me up at 6 the first morning and it was almost 10 today. She was sleeping and her clothes from last night were on the floor. The pajama shorts and top she had been wearing, with the addition of a few dried stains that gave me happy memories, were laying there in a pile on the floor of her usually really clean room.

I was thinking about whether she was naked under the covers and how to find out when she woke up, saw me and sat up in bed with a big smile. She wasn’t actually naked and had a blue nightgown on so I was disappointed. I guess she had changed after everything had happened last night. I smiled back and tried to figure out what to say. I guess “thanks for sucking on me” would have been a bad choice but I wanted to say thanks. While I was trying to figure it out, she saw the clock and said “10:00? Oh my goodness! I never sleep this late. Oh my sweet Stevie dear, you have to forgive me, I think Mrs. Wentworth made a big mistake last night.”

I was a little shocked and said “well, I don’t know about that.” But she shook her head and said “yes, sweetheart, I set a bad example. I had much more wine than I should have. I’m sure I didn’t do anything crazy because we didn’t go out anywhere but I don’t remember a thing that happened after the girls left and my head is aching. I’m sure I wasn’t very good company and I’m sorry.”

I didn’t know what to say. This was weird. Maybe it all just happened because she was drunk. Wow, that wasn’t what I expected but I couldn’t exactly remind her of it. Instead I just said, “No everything was fine. You know we saw a movie and we went to bed early. I didn’t even notice you were drunk. I don’t mean that you were drunk, just sleepy or whatever.”

She smiled and said “How sweet. Always the perfect gentleman. I’m so lucky to have found you. Now be a good boy and run along so I can get dressed and I’ll make us some breakfast.” So I went downstairs and did some thinking. It was like she was two different people sometimes and I was never positive which one was going to come out. Still I guess it was nice to be called a perfect gentleman. Not that she “found me.” My mom brought me over. And while she did make me feel like an adult sometimes, at other times her language was a little funny. Be a good boy and run along isn’t exactly what some guy wants a super hot woman to say. Finally it was weird that she didn’t remember the most memorable thing that had ever happened to me. Oh well.

I was downstairs making a big pot of coffee because I knew that coffee was a good thing after drinking. That’s what people said. When she came down, she was really happy to see coffee and gave me a huge hug and a big kiss before telling me “you’re just the sweetest thing taking care of me like that.” It wasn’t sexy but it made me happy. She drank some coffee and took a couple pills but seemed to recover pretty fast while she was making us eggs and bacon. So I set the table and she brought stuff over and we ate.

It was usually morning when she asked me embarrassing questions so I jumped in first to avoid them. “Um, Mrs. Wentworth, are you on gaziantep escort ilanları vacation or do you have to go to work soon? I mean I hope you aren’t staying home because of me. After all, I’m an adult and don’t really even need supervision. I don’t want to be the one making you not go in.”

She smiled again and leaned across and squeezed my hand and told me “you’re such a sweetie-pie to think of that. Please don’t worry, honey. I don’t have a job.” I looked surprised and she quickly explained. “Darling, I did teach for a few years but I think you were in my very last class. The late Mr. Wentworth didn’t live very long but he did make a lot of money. When he went, he didn’t have any family, just little old me. I finished out that school year and I haven’t needed to work since. I’m glad because it gives me so much more time to spend with my dear, sweet Stevie.”

That explained a lot. I didn’t ask how much exactly she was worth but I guessed that her dead husband had made a lot of money because she seemed pretty loaded and had a big house and a real expensive car.

“Now, enough about that, Stevie. I have to ask something important.” That made me nervous. “Sweetheart, I want to ask you to do something for me, well with me really. A lot of men, I guess a lot of people I should say, don’t like to do it but I think you should experience it and you might even like it. I know I will like it and I think you will like it. In fact, I’m pretty sure you will, a giving young man like you. And I can walk you through it all because you won’t be familiar with doing it and obviously I am very familiar. But it would make me happy if you and I can do it together. That will be fun won’t it?”

I was pretty sure I knew what she about to say and I wanted to play it cool. So I waited while she continued. “After our pretty little date at the restaurant and how nice it was, I thought you might be willing to try this. I know it will be fun for both of us. I’m a little embarrassed to tell you but I’ve been thinking about it and looking forward to showing you since before you came here to our house.”

She smiled at me and actually I had a huge erection under the table. I was all set to crawl under the table right there if she was ready. Maybe she wasn’t really a completely different person in the morning. I guess she really did remember too and this was the next step. It only seemed fair like the obvious thing after last night. “Sure, I’d be happy to do anything for you, Mrs. Wentworth,” I said. She was very surprised and very excited I said yes. I can’t believe I would ever say no even if it wasn’t something I had dreamed of doing or tasting. It was partly a fantasy, obviously, and partly an awesome sexual experience I had thought a lot about in the past. I think I’d have done anything for her right then. I knew I really liked her even that quickly and I just got a kick out of seeing her happy.

She stood up and pulled me to my feet. Obviously doing stuff under the kitchen table wasn’t exactly classy. It wasn’t how a classy lady like her would start her first time with me. She hugged me even though I was pretty hard right then. I’m pretty sure she didn’t mind a huge tent in my shorts this morning because we were actually talking about more advanced things. Considering what we were about to do, it was fine to be really worked up.

“Now I need to figure out what to wear. This is a special occasion. And we need to decide what to put you in too. I want us both to look just right.” I never thought a lot about clothes. At least my clothes. I noticed everything she wore and all the details of her underwear and her shoes and her dresses. I had spent a lot of nights staring at catalogs and the real thing was better. But I never thought what I wore mattered a lot. But why not, right? I know I was definitely extra turned on when she wore the right stuff so it made sense that she might want me to wear something special because we were talking about her getting turned on. I was okay with that. I just didn’t know if she meant funky underwear or we were talking costumes or something kinkier.

But whatever it was, I was up for it. “Mrs. Wentworth, whatever you want is okay with me. Anything at all.” She giggled and playfully swatted me on the butt. “Careful what you say young man, ha ha, I just might test you.” And she laughed like she told a joke. “Okay, darling, now obviously I’ll dress up from head to toe. I always do. For you, I don’t think we need a tuxedo. A lot of men wore business suits last time I was at the opera so we’ll work with that.”

I’m sure I looked really puzzled because she stared at me and I mumbled “did you say opera?” She looked and laughed and said “didn’t I say that before? That’s so funny, Stevie. What did you think? You didn’t think I just meant some boring movie, did you?” Well, I didn’t tell her what I thought but I did turn red and said “No I didn’t really know. I mean I wasn’t completely sure. And, well, I’ve never been to the opera.”

She gaziantep escort kadın hooked our arms together and led me up the stairs side by side up to her bedroom. “I won’t waste our time on silly movies. I really think you’ll have fun with me at the opera and I know we talked about how you don’t have a lot of experiences.” We had talked about that but usually she meant it in a sex way but I guess not always. “And I know I’m your teacher right now. I want to give you more experience so we can have another fun date night. Maybe not exactly the same as the last time though, right honey?”

I said that I couldn’t think about any part of the last date I didn’t like. She sat me on the edge of her bed and smiled “Oh, I love that you’re such a perfect gentleman so you didn’t mention that bitchy girl who annoyed us. You’re so right not to even think about her, the obnoxious little tramp, or that part of that night.” I could feel Mrs. Wentworth getting angry again. It was cool that she got so angry when someone was obnoxious toward me. Then she paused and calmed down and went on with a smile, “We were just two people having a nice meal and a quiet evening together and coming home to our house. I love that about you darling.” With that she opened her closet door and disappeared inside while I sat on the bed.

I heard her making noises and opening and closing drawers and humming. The she said, “where are you sweetie? Come here.” I walked just in the door. I hadn’t been in her closet before. It was big and had lots of clothes hanging all over it and two pretty big dressers in it too. And shoes everywhere.

But she was smiling at me and holding something in her hand for me. It turned out to be two tickets. I don’t know exactly what I thought she was going to show me. She read it out. It was La something at the Grand Opera House. Italian, it turns out and it starred someone named Sofia something who I guess I was supposed to know. “Isn’t it exciting, Stephen? I can’t imagine anything better for your first time and La Belle Sofia is stunning. We’re so lucky! I ordered the tickets weeks ago.”

She was so excited about it, it made me excited too. I mean opera sounded like the last think I’d ever want to do but she loved it so why not give it a try? And she had the tickets for weeks. That was weird because I don’t think my mom even decided to bring me over until a few days before I got there. But I guess Mrs. Wentworth was just glad now she had someone to use that extra ticket.

She shooed me out and said “I’m not going to show you my gown early. It will be a fun surprise and I’ll pick out the right things for you too. Now let’s go back down.”

We walked downstairs and went in the living room and she pulled out her phone while I crashed on a chair nearby. “We almost forgot to call your mom to check on her, Stevie hun. I’ll talk first and then you can say hello to your mommy.” I hated it when she talked that way but what can I do. The I guess Mom answered and they started talking, “Hi sleepyhead, it’s me….Oh, we’ve been up for hours we probably got up at 6 or 7…are you being a good girl….no Stephen’s in the other room, he can’t hear us,” and she made a face and a shhhhh noise at me. So I tried to be quiet.

“Yes, he’s been a real sweetheart, very helpful….no we haven’t done much, mostly quiet nights. I had some old friends for tea yesterday….of course he wasn’t in the way, he was very helpful….yes he was, very. He was like a very skilled waiter….I’m sure he might have been a little bored but he didn’t show it….maybe I’ll take him to a movie one night…of course and he helped drive me when I went shopping yesterday too…yes, very boring but he took care of the packages..he’s a dear and if you aren’t careful I just might keep him….ha ha….how’s is your conference?” I noticed Mrs. Wentworth said the word conference with a little smile.

“Of course I know that, all business….yes, I’m sure it’s very grueling….conferences in Las Vegas are always very difficult…I don’t mean anything by that…I hope you did manage to squeeze in some fun…..oh that sounds nice, a lot of you?….oh did you? That’s interesting….Nothing at all, you’re being paranoid….oh i’ll want to hear all the details later….what? what was that noise?…I know I heard something or maybe someone….I thought you were in your room…Oh is that what it is? Well, I hope the air conditioning wasn’t banging like that all night…I’m not implying anything but I know how these conferences are….yes…oh well let me get him, he’s in the other room.”

She motioned to me to wait for a second or two then handed me the phone. She said loudly “here Stevie, it’s your mommy, come say hi.” I hated it when she talked like that but I picked up the phone and said “hi, mom, what’s up?” Mom wasn’t real talkative and actually sounded out of breath a little. I guess she just woke up. She said, “I’m fine honey. I want you to be good for Doris.” The she paused for a few seconds. gaziantep escort kızlar “Yes, please be very good. I don’t want to hear about any, oh wait a second.” There was a short pause and it sounded like she dropped the phone or something. Then she said quickly, “I don’t want to hear about any trouble. Now be good and I’ll see in a few days probably. I have to go. Bye.” And then it was over. Something came up and mom signed off fast I guess.

Mrs. Wentworth was frowning but didn’t say anything and didn’t seem to want to talk about Mom. That was fine with me. My mom annoyed me sometimes. I said, “I guess it’s going well.” Mrs. Wentworth sighed and said “I’m sure your mom has everything in hand. Enough about her though. We’re going to want to relax for a while, have a late lunch and then get ready. It’s a long drive and we need to be there by 6 at the latest.”

We ate and did some things around the house but it was pretty early when Mrs. Wentworth went up to get ready and told me not to wait too long either. I had a quick shower, shaved, and got ready. I wasn’t sure what to wear but I noticed she had laid clothes out on my bed. All of it was very dressy and there was even a pair of boxers. Not the new tight things she got me before but they were new boxer briefs. I guess you wear new underwear to the opera (joke). Anyway, it was actually a new suit. My gray one was nice, I thought, but this was a little dressier. It was dark without a lot of pattern but there was just a little. The tie was very bright with lots of purple but it looked very sharp. I got dressed then I went downstairs. Of course I was ready a long time before she was.

Finally, Mrs. Wentworth came downstairs. Wow. I mean, I admit I like loooking at a mature lady all dressed up. In fact, I liked Mrs. Wentworth in almost anything but she was something else tonight. I thought I looked sharp but she was amazing. The dress had lace and sheer parts at the top but it wasn’t slutty at all. It was very fancy. The long flowing bottom half was shiny and almost to the floor but you could see it was cut a lot of the way up so she could walk easier. Her legs showed when she walked through the slit but it wasn’t at all cheap looking. She looked like a million bucks. I just stared.

She smiled as she came down, hair done, a lot of makeup, a total knockout. “Good evening, sir, are you my date for the opera this evening?”

I said, “um, yeah.” But then I caught myself and bowed a little (I thought that was what I was supposed to do) and said “Yes, I am, Mrs. Wentworth. Are you ready for an evening at the opera?”

She held her hand out and let me escort her to the car. It was very formal but she seemed real happy with it. I held the door and let her in the passanger side. She wanted me to drive again which I was happy to do because her car is awesome. While I let her get in the seat and waited to close the door, I may have noticed that her slit skirt sometimes showed off more leg than she meant to. I didn’t mean to stare but I had to wait until she got in.

While I drove she reached over and patted my leg and told me “you’re a wonderful pupil and you’re learning very well to be a perfect gentleman. I just know you’ll love tonight’s performance. Opera can be so exciting.” I admit I was expecting opera to be terrible but I liked how happy she was and I wasn’t complaining about her patting my leg. I liked that part even if her hand wasn’t really near anything good.

It was a long drive and I couldn’t really see her legs in the car. She told me a lot about opera and what we were going to see and why Italian was a romantic language and perfect for opera and how very lucky I was to get to hear this Sofia who wasn’t Italian but was born for the part. She was very excited so I tried to be happy too but wasn’t expecting to like it really.

She directed me to a valet parking downtown but across the street from the Opera House. Opera houses apparently don’t have parking lots so you take what you can get. This was connected by a walkway. We got out. Mrs. Wentworth said a few words, got a ticket, gave it to me, and took my arm in hers and walked me to an escalator, up and across and into the Opera House lobby. Then she handed me the two tickets subtly and I handed them to a usher who bowed, smiled and directed us without words to a red carpeted stairs.

It was actually pretty elegant and we walked up to a bigger lobby with bars and lots of people, all of them dressed as well as we were or better. Well not better than Mrs. Wentworth but some guys were dressier than me. She told me to wait for a moment then she walked to a bar and came back with two tall skinny glasses with bubbling champagne. She handed me one and said “Stephen, one always has champagne at the opera.” It was pretty cool.

She held my arm tight while we drank. I liked champagne and we said a few words to people who would walk by and smile. One oily guy in a white bow tie came up and starting talking and eying Mrs. Wentworth too much. He was a weasel but older than me by a lot and older than her by a lot too. When he touched Mrs. Wentworth’s arm, I glared at him but he didn’t get the message. When he touched her arm again, I thought it was a lot too much like putting a move on her. I grabbed his arm and didn’t let go. When he looked at me, I just stared. I’m not a super intimidating guy but with some oily opera guy I am. He started to say something but just left.

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