Mrs. Taylor’s Excellent Adventures Ch. 03



Mrs. Taylor woke up feeling refreshed and well. Previously, she’d had a few problems sleeping after some of her earliest encounters but her then boyfriend, now husband, helped her deal with that. She got out of bed, used the bathroom and wondered down to the kitchen.

Mrs. Taylor felt slightly uneasy about her night with Michelle. The girl was almost completely willing. ‘Probably wanted it all’ was her thought, ‘even the anal strap-on stuff’. However, it had been fun, but not quite the type of fun she had been looking for. Not enough fear or coercion, at least not enough real fear. Michelle’s protests were perhaps just part of her game.

‘No’, she thought. At the end, she was in serious pain and was likely frightened out of her wits. She closed her eyes and saw once again Michelle’s gorgeous body restrained and open…vulnerable. Then she pictured herself behind her, anally raping her with the vaginal dildo attached to her strap-on. She could almost feel the pleasure as the base of the strap-on worked her clit while she rode that girl’s ass. She gave herself a quick vulva fondle and sighed.

She had some breakfast with some tea, read a bit of the morning paper and thought about her day. Her husband wasn’t expected back for two days, possibly longer. For some reason her exploits over the previous evening had left her hungry for more. She knew that it was the seduction, betrayal and abuse that she craved more than simple sex. Her husband had taught her that there was little point in having vanilla sex when there were so many other flavours to try.

What to do…what to do. Everything around the house was up to date. No specific chores need doing. Even the lawns looked good. A mystery tour, now that sounded good,’ she thought. ‘That’s it, a mystery tour with no real plans. Pack a few things; get in the car and drive. No fancy outfits, no diabolical schemes, just a day or two in the countryside.’

After her morning shower, she got dressed in a ‘school mom’ outfit; plain summer blouse and shorts, tennis shoes and a touch of simple make up, topped off with some inexpensive looking earrings and a necklace. Her last touch was a plain wedding band.

Packing a small suitcase with a conservative two piece bathing suit, some lingerie, more ‘school mom’ clothes and only a minimum of sexual extras, she was ready.

She had never been to the area to her west. It was summer camp and cottage country. In other words, it was boring. But she often set herself a challenge. She tossed her few things in the car and was off. An hour later she was reasonably lost but unconcerned. She was passing lakes, small communities, the odd farm and even a few tractors on the road. She simply kept on going where the road took her and ended up in a small holiday town on yet another lake. She cruised around and saw lots of families at the beach, groups of teenagers just hanging around and generally not much. ‘Perfect,’ she thought. ‘Girl, if you can roll someone here, you can do it anywhere.’

Driving away from the beach she entered a well kept neighbourhood of older houses and saw a sign advertising a bed and breakfast. ‘Now there’s a challenge,’ she thought. ‘Hotel rooms make things easy. This will be interesting.’

She pulled up and got out. Knocking on the door, it was opened by an older woman who smiled and said “Hello”.

“Do you have a room available?’ asked Mrs. Taylor. “I was literally just passing by and saw your sign.”

The elderly woman smiled and said, “Yes, I only have the one room for guests and it’s available. How many nights are you planning on staying?”

Mrs. Taylor wasn’t sure, so she said, “Two.”

“Lovely,” replied the lady. Let’s get you checked in.”

It was a pretty place. The house was older but immaculately maintained. Her room, with its own entrance was well furnished, spotlessly clean and smelled of the fresh cut flowers in a vase on a table. The owner seemed pleased to accept cash, while Mrs. Taylor signed in using a false identity. The woman smiled and pointing at Mrs. Taylor’s wedding band, asked, “You’re here by yourself?”

“Yes,” was her previously made up explanation. “My husband is serving overseas and the house is getting painted. I just had to get away from the fumes.”

The owner gave an understanding smile. “Well, if there’s anything you need, just ask. Breakfast is served at eight and if you want to sleep in, that’s okay. I can always make you something later. The beach is two blocks away. Feel free to take a beach towel if you want. I have to go out for the rest of the day, but I’ll be back about nine this evening.”

Mrs. Taylor thanked the woman and was left alone. The beach was a good place to start looking. She got out of her clothes, into the bathing suit and put back on the blouse and shorts. Pocketing the key and taking a beach towel, she was on her way.

The beach was filled with families on holiday, groups of teens and a few people by themselves. There was a lifeguard up on a tower. He looked Bycasino to be about sixteen. ‘Good looking guy’ she thought. She stopped at a concession and got a cold drink. A young girl, perhaps sixteen again, took her money. ‘Beautiful girl’ she thought, ‘but she’s working’.

No problem, the beach was full of young people. She spread out her towel close to two groups of teens and made a bit of a show about taking off her outer clothes and applying sunscreen. She did manage to turn more than a few of the younger boys’ heads. Smiling, she lay down and let the sun and sand warm her.

She almost dozed off. Then, feeling quite warm on her front, she turned over and undoing her top, let the straps fall to the sides and then lay on her tummy. She listened to the sounds of children playing, music from several boom boxes and the general chatter. At least two of the closer boys were interested in the fact that her top was undone. Just barely audible, she heard, “Maybe we should pour some water on her back and make her jump.”

“You do it, then.”

“No. You do it. It’s your idea.”


“As if you aren’t!”

Mrs. Taylor was amused. The thought of giving the young boys a thrill was exciting. ‘Just do it’ she thought. But they didn’t. ‘Well, I’ll just have to improvise’, she mused. Pretending a mosquito had landed on her back, she reached behind to swat it, lifting up a bit and exposing her breast on one side. Then she resettled as if nothing had happened.

Again, a barely audible reaction was heard. “Shit! Did you see that?”

“Of course I did, numb nuts.”

“Please, lady, do it again.”

“For Christ sake, keep your voice down!”

“Shut up yourself!”

Mrs. Taylor was almost giggling at their adolescent behaviour. She hadn’t really gotten a good look at the boys and wondered how old they might be. Reaching back, she did up the top and sat up. Moving to face the lake, she took a few sips of her drink and just gazed around, trying to look like she was unaware of the boy’s attention. With her sunglasses on she could look out of the corner of her eyes without being obvious.

They were below her, closer to the water and looked to be about twelve or thirteen, well into puberty but still kids. She reapplied sunscreen unnecessarily but it made for an excuse to touch her self. She needlessly applied some under her top, acting like she was oblivious to the world. Then she worked some into her thighs, spreading her legs to do so. Then she stood up and did the back of her legs and again went under her suit, massaging her own ass. She could see their eyes glued to her body. Then she sat down, one leg out, one knee up and trying to look as sexy as possible, took a few more sips. The boys were smiling at each other like they were sharing a secret. She glanced at them like she had just seen them and gave a simple smile. Her mind was working up a plan.

Knowing the boys weren’t going anywhere as long as she was performing, she finished her drink. Looking at the empty bottle with a slight frown, she got up and stretched, then rolled her shoulders as if stiff, getting her breasts thrust out several times. Then she walked to the concession, with a bit of extra movement to her hips. Coming back with another drink, she bent over to put it down, giving the boys a peek down her top. Then standing up straight, she adjusted her bathing suit, sat down with her legs parted and knees up.

Her covered pussy was at eye level for the boys and from behind her sunglasses, she could see them staring. The suit wasn’t very revealing at all but she did have a good camel toe on display. Again, she glanced right at them and smiled. They both looked away pretended not to be interested. Good, she thought. They are interested. ‘Now, how to get them talking?’ she wondered. ‘The easy way always worked.’

She looked at them again, and gave them the ‘come here’ gesture. They looked at each other, and then back at her. One of them pointed to himself with a questioning look on his face. She nodded ‘yes’ and they slowly got up and came over, looking very uncertain.

“Sit down,” she said, smiling, and they did. “Are you two from around here?”

They nodded ‘yes’ and that got them talking. She chatted with them, asking their names, asking about the town, the lake and a few things to get them relaxed. She told them she was staying at the Emerald Lake B&B.

“You mean at old lady Carter’s place?” one of the asked. “She’s weird.”

Mrs. Taylor looked puzzled and asked, “What do you mean?”

The boy, who’s name was Bobby, said, “She…sometimes gets…a little too friendly with people.”

The other boy, Derrick, said, “Some of the guys in town say she’s…” He paused and blushed.

“She’s what?” asked Mrs. Taylor, her face keeping a simple and sincere smile. “You can tell me. I certainly won’t pass it on.”

Derrick said,” Promise?” and Mrs. Taylor nodded ‘yes’. “Well, a guy I know told me she once…talked Bycasino giriş him into her place and…showed him…you know…her…”

Mrs. Taylor said nothing and just kept looking interested. Derrick blushed again and said, “She showed him her…breasts and her…privates.”

Mrs. Taylor feigned surprise and raised her eyebrows. “She did that? She showed him her body like that?”

Derrick, now encouraged went on. “Oh yeah, and he said she…touched him…you know…on his…privates. And he said she…gave him a…BJ. Of course, he could have made it all up.”

Bobby looked at his friend and said, “No he didn’t. Other guys have said things like that too. My brother said she let his friend Andrew have real sex and everything. He said that ever since old man Carter died, she’s…well…giving it away.”

Mrs. Taylor looked a bit sceptical. “Are you sure? Rumours have a way of getting around.”

Bobby looked at her with his eyes wide open. “I think its true, and half the town does as well.”

She looked at them and asked, “Have either of you ever been over at her place? Has she let you have what she’s…giving away?”

Derrick blushed deeply. Bobby just smiled and said, “No, but if she wants to, I’d go along.”

“No you wouldn’t,” said Derrick.

“Shut up, numb nuts. I would so. Just because you’re a little boy doesn’t mean I am.” Mrs. Taylor smiled inwardly at their posturing.

Derrick squared his shoulders and said, “How do you know I haven’t…already?”

Now Bobby laughed at his friend. “Right! Karen Price tried to get into your pants and you wouldn’t let her.”

Derrick blushed again. “Karen Price is a liar. She’s the one that chickened out, not me.”

Bobby looked like he was trying not to burst out laughing. “She didn’t chicken out on me, numb nuts.”

Derrick blushed again at the insult and the implied message that his friend had bested him in the case of the girl. “Karen Price is a little…”

Bobby gloated, “Yes, she’s a little slut. Not that it did you any good. In fact, I’m going to her place later. Want to come along and see how it’s done?” Derrick reddened and said nothing.

“I thought so,” said Bobby. “You don’t even have the balls to watch.”

Mrs. Taylor took advantage of her opportunity. “Bobby, you don’t have to act this way. You’re being rude. In fact, maybe you should leave now.”

The thoughts in Bobby’s head, getting together with Karen and maybe even getting lucky, made him agreeable. “No problem,” he said. He got up, gathered his things and started to walk away, then turned and said, “See you later, numb nuts. I’ve got a date with Karen. She can’t get enough!” He thrust out his hips in a gesture of fucking.

Derrick looked very unhappy. Mrs. Taylor suspected he had a crush on Karen and dreaded the thought of his so called friend touching her. “He’s really not a very nice guy, is he?” she said.

Derrick paused, and then said, “He’s not bad. But he thinks he knows everything. He doesn’t.”

“Well,” started Mrs. Taylor, “a lot of boys your age are full of talk. It doesn’t mean they know anything you don’t.”

Derrick looked thoughtful. “Bobby likes to talk all right. Maybe I should be going now, too. It’s been nice talking to you.”

Mrs. Taylor smiled at the boy. “Derrick, I think you should talk to Karen. I think you two should…get to know each other a little better.”

Derrick thought a moment and asked,” What do you mean?”

“Well,” she said, “if Karen really did try to…get into your pants…” Derrick blushed again. “Then maybe you should think about…letting her.” She gave the boy a gentle smile. “Go and see her right now…before Booby…see what happens.” Derrick looked at her hopefully.

“Really?…I mean serious…should I?”

“Yes, Derrick. Seriously…do it…do it now.”

He got up with a new look of confidence in his eyes and nodded his head up and down. “Thanks, lady. I’m going to do just that.” And then with a big grin on his face he walked away.

Mrs. Taylor smiled to herself. ‘The kid’s got to start sometime, why not now?’ she thought and then her thoughts turned to lunch. That got her thinking about the beautiful young girl at the concession stand. She had been wearing a simple tee shirt that hugged her adolescent body and her bra had done little to conceal the two little buds of nipple that Mrs. Taylor had focused on. The shirt was tucked into tight fitting shorts that curved beautifully over an athletically firm ass that had the tingles starting deep in Mrs. Taylor’s pelvis.

Flawless legs, blonde hair in a ponytail and a face that probably made all the guys limp made for an altogether sensuously erotic sight. ‘If it wasn’t such a small town’…Mrs. Taylor let her mind imagine that young vision of delight on top of her in a hot, sweaty, wet and luscious sixty-nine, the girls mouth driving waves of sublime sensation from her clitoris straight to her soul. She saw the girl’s Bycasino güncel giriş incredible ass right in front of her eyes as she lapped at her vaginal wetness and ran her hands all over the globes of her ass, then back to the young clit that was firm and so close to sending the girl for the fifth time.

Then as they both started squirming, clutching and tightening, two orgasms built as one until they were calling out in unison…the girl’s creamy milky cum flowing into Mrs. Taylor’s waiting mouth. Then they were cuddled together, hot, wet bodies pressed together, breasts against breasts, mouths locked and souls entwined.

Mrs. Taylor came back with a startle. Her hand was at her vulva and she had been masturbating there on the beach. In seconds she was laughing to herself and she sat up, looking around. If any one had seen her open pleasuring, no one seemed to be letting her know. ‘Small town,’ she thought. ‘If this had happen at the beach back at my favourite adult resort, some guy would be banging me by now. Oh well, I came here to be challenged.’

She got up, slipped her clothes back on, shook out her towel and headed back to the B+B. The mental image of herself and that girl soon had her walking by the concession. A young guy was chatting her up and she seemed indifferent. ‘That’s right, girl. You can be choosy.’ Mrs. Taylor was tempted to eavesdrop so she walked towards the concession and stood back as if waiting to be served.

“Come on, Becky, you know you want to go out with me.”

The girl was looking annoyed. “If I did, I’d say yes. I don’t.”

“Yes you do. You just don’t know it yet. It’ll be fun.”

“Yeah, like Janice had fun. You’re a creep, Greg, now leave me alone. I’m busy,” glancing past the guy to look at Mrs. Taylor.

Greg turned back, gave Mrs. Taylor a sour look and went back to hitting on Becky. “She can wait. I’m first and I’m not leaving until you say yes.”

Becky rolled her eyes and said in a low voice, “Get lost. I know you and I’d rather not. Leave me alone.”

“You know babe, I love girls who play hard to get. They’re always so much more fun.” With that he turned again and gave Mrs. Taylor a lecherous looking over, then a sneer. “You’ll come around, baby. Your type always does,” and with that he gave Mrs. Taylor a last dirty look and walked off.

The girl looked relieved as Mrs. Taylor walked up to the counter. “What can I get for you?” she asked in a somewhat shaken voice.

Mrs. Taylor asked, “Who is that guy? He was really giving you a hard time.”

The girl said, “It’s okay. He’s just a creep. High school dropout, bad boy around town who likes to….” She paused and went back to being the concession worker. “Can I help you?”

Mrs. Taylor was already hatching a plot. “Yes, but…this guy…I couldn’t help overhear you say something about…Janice wasn’t it…”

The girl looked very unhappy at the mention of that name. “Really…I shouldn’t talk about it…I mean…I don’t know for sure…”

Mrs. Taylor was all ears. “No, please. Go ahead. That guy was really rude to you. What happened?”

The girl was quiet for a moment and then said in a sad voice, “Well, Janice, she’s not really a friend, but I know her…we go to school…well, she went out with Greg. He’s older than us…and she…she said that he…” Her voice trailed off and she looked down.

Mrs. Taylor gave her a sympathetic look and said, “Go on. You can talk about it. I’m just visiting. This won’t go anywhere.”

The girl looked a bit more assured and finally said, “Well, Janice told her friend…that Greg…well, he almost raped her. He forced her…and she didn’t want to…and…”

Mrs. Taylor put her hand out and the girl took it across the counter. “The police were involved and…well…it was just her word against his…and the police said they really couldn’t do anything…she had been drinking and…”

Mrs. Taylor looked at the girl with concerned eyes. “You said that he…almost raped her…what did you mean?”

Becky just clenched her teeth, obviously angry at the memory, then said, “He forced her to give him…oral…he just…pushed it in…to her mouth…and wouldn’t let her stop…Janice said she was crying and he was laughing….”

“Oh, that poor girl,” said Mrs. Taylor, with false sincerity. ‘It could have been so much worse’ she thought to herself, ‘and so much more fun for Greg.’

Becky was getting misty eyed, and then a look of concern filled her face. “Don’t tell anyone I said this. He’s…he’s got a temper and…I don’t want him to know…”

“Don’t worry dear, I won’t tell anyone. Are you…afraid of him?”

The look on her face gave the answer before she did, “I’ve heard that…he can get really mean…especially if he’s been drinking…which he does a lot.”

“How old is he? He doesn’t look old enough to buy alcohol.” Mrs. Taylor was hoping for the right answer and she got it. “No, he’s eighteen, but he always seems to have lots of the stuff around. I hear he has a bootlegger to get it for him. His family’s rich. He thinks he can have anything he wants…including me…but he can’t”

“Well…Becky isn’t it…just stay away from him. He really sounds like trouble.”

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