Mrs Lansdowne Next Door. Pt. 03

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Hanne seemed pleased to see me on Wednesday morning. I arrived at 8am sharp, and she was already dressed in her gym kit.

“I’m off to a zumba class at the gym, I’m just waiting for Becky to arrive, she’s giving me a lift.”

Now that really got me fully awake. Becky was one half of the couple that Hanne and Andy ‘swung’ with. Hanne’s revelations about her and Andy’s lifestyle intrigued me, in fact it made me horny.

“You help yourself to tea or coffee Billy, we should be back about 11am.”

As she spoke, the doorbell rang, and when Hanne opened it, Becky greeted her with a very long kiss, full on the lips, and boy, I was wishing it was me!

Becky was a dark haired, slim, olive skinned beauty, wearing a tight, pale blue and white leotard. Her nipples were clearly visible, and she must have seen me gawping, because her eyes lit up.

“Ahhh! so this is your young man! Billy isn’t it? What a handsome young man, you lucky woman Hanne, to have found such a useful neighbour.”

In a couple of steps she came right up to me, almost touching, thrusting her body forwards until her perfume assaulted my nostrils. Her face was just inches from mine, when all she said was, “Mmmmmm, yes, I see exactly what you meant.”

“Stop it Becky, you’re awful. Take no notice Billy, Becky is a man eater, and devours young men particularly…c’mon, or we’ll be late for our class!”

Stepping away, Hanne ushered her out of the door, but with a backward look, Becky said, “See you later Billy,” and winked.

“Stop it, GO!” I heard Hanne say again, as she slammed the door shut.

It took me a few minutes to gather my thoughts and get into work mode, but I managed to pick up where I’d left off on the Monday. I made good progress until I heard the sound of voices, and both Hanne and Becky returning.

“You ok?” Hanne shouted up the stairs, “do you want a coffee, or have you had one?”

“No, I haven’t,” I shouted back, “Yes please.”

Five minutes later I was called downstairs. Becky was seated at the breakfast bar, already sipping her mug of coffee, and Hanne handed me mine, and was leaning up against one of the worktops.

“A good zumba class?” I asked politely.

“Great,” replied Hanne, “It’s always a bit of a laugh, when I go with Becky, she seems to manage to upset a few of the others.”

Both women laughed.

“How are you getting on with the decorating Billy,” Becky was smiling that smile,” If you’re any good, me and Ray have got some work for you.”

“I’ll let you look at it later,” I replied, “I hope it’s good enough, I’m after any work I can get.”

“We’ll be up later to inspect,” Hanne added.

I’d soon finished my coffee, and as I went to return upstairs, Hanne said, “I’ll make us all sandwiches for lunch, we’ll probably take a shower first, but just ignore us, I’ll call you about one o’clock.”

By then I’d finished all of the preparation, and I was doing the ceiling.

As I was using the extended roller on the ceiling, I heard the women coming upstairs, giggling about something. I soon heard the sound of the shower on the other side of the wall, and again my mind played with the idea of the two women being naked just a few feet away.

I dismissed the thought, and I wished I’d brought an old radio with me to distract me from my fantasies.

The giggling in the next room sounded infectious, the sound of the shower didn’t allow me to hear any of their conversations, but when the chat, and the giggling stopped, I assumed that they were just getting on with showering.

Moments later I was frozen to the spot.

Above the sound of the gushing water I heard the briefest, softest sound of a voice. It wasn’t speaking, it was like a groan. And then it was louder.

Surely not, but there was no mistake, it was a sound of pleasure, of one of them perhaps masturbating in the shower?

And then came a second moan, a different voice this time. It seemed they were in the shower together.

I stood right up against the wall, I had an empty jam jar for cleaning brushes, so I put it to the plaster.

There followed an incredible ten minutes with the sounds of the two women bringing each other off. There were murmurs, there were gasps, there were moans, there were groans. When one of them started cumming, I didn’t need the jam jar, you could hear it all clearly, throughout the house. There was a cry of ecstasy, closely followed by a scream from the other.

I suddenly realised my heart was thumping, I was breathing quickly, indeed, my cock was quite hard.

After a few minutes the shower stopped, and there was a soft murmur of conversation, which then became giggling once more. However hard I tried, it was difficult to get back to my painting.

I did manage to finish painting the ceiling before I heard, “Billy, lunch is ready.”

We were to have our sandwiches in the lounge, Hanne covered my chair with an old blanket because of my working clothes. Becky sat with a smug look on her face, and I found it difficult to avoid looking at her legs, as she now wore a short adana escort dress. Hanne had her shorts and t-shirt back on, and she too had a distinct glow in her face.

“How’s the work going Billy?” Hanne asked, we’ll come up and have a look later on.

“Yes, I hope we didn’t distract you earlier?” Becky was smiling, with a knowing look towards Hanne.

“Stop it Becky, you’re embarrassing him.” Hanne could clearly see me going red, and avoiding eye contact.

But Becky was loving the awkwardness that she was creating.

When I eventually looked up, Becky had one more trick to really throw me. As she saw me look across, she very slowly uncrossed her legs, then crossed them the other way, revealing that she wore no panties.

I almost felt trapped by these two women, but then Hanne offered me a way out.

“I guess you’ve got to get back to work,” she said, “Becky’s leaving soon!” That was said with the heavy accent on ‘leaving.’

“Yes, but I must see his handiwork before I go.”

Becky wasn’t going to leave before she had wrung the last drop of embarrassment out of the situation.

The two women followed me upstairs to the second bedroom to inspect my work.

“Great stuff,” Becky said, “I’ll be asking Ray if he can have a word with you about doing our spare room,” adding with effect, “that’s if you are brave enough to come to us!”

“Stop it, he won’t come if you scare him off.”

Both of them laughed as they went back downstairs and left me to it.

By Thursday morning I was ready to undercoat the woodwork in the room, and again turned up bright and early.

Hanne was obviously running late because she shouted out, “just get on with it,” and she added that she was just going to shower and get dressed.

“I’ll make you coffee when I’m done.”

Again the sound of gushing water on the other side of the wall made me slightly horny, but I shut my mind to it, and some time after it stopped I heard Hanne going downstairs, and the coffee machine grind into action.

“Ready,” she shouted, “it’s in the lounge.”

When I’d washed my hands in the bathroom, and descended the stairs, Hanne was sitting on the sofa, dressed in a bright, floral print dress, open at the neck, and just above the knee, showing her superb legs.

Patting the blanket on the seat beside her, and pointing to the mug of coffee on the table in front of her, she said, “Come and sit here, we can have a chat, and I’ve found some old photos which might amuse you.”

I sat down, took a sip of my coffee, and Hanne shuffled through half a dozen photos in her hand.

“I was tidying up last night and look, this is me in 1981 or 82 at uni in Leeds, don’t laugh at the outfit!”

As she leaned in to show me, her body was up against mine. The photo showed how ravishing she was at around my age.

“Wow, you look fantastic.”

“Look at this one, it’s me in a bikini, on holiday in Spain with my parents.”

“Phew!” I blew a breath through pursed lips, “you look so sexy in that one!”

Hanne giggled, and as she showed me a third photo, and as she leaned further in, her elbow pressed down into my lap. It was inevitable that she felt my semi hard cock.

Nothing was said as she seemed to press harder.

“This one is of me at my sisters wedding, I’m the bridesmaid on the left.”

My cock was now getting harder, and when she said, “Billy, you’re being a naughty boy now, aren’t you?” I took her wrist, and lifted her arm away.

“Mrs Higgins,” I said with a certain amount of formality, “Hanne, I mean, I can’t seem to help it, it must be your perfume.”

It was a pretty pathetic excuse, and Hanne scoffed, “Fuck, Billy, I hope it’s more than just my smell!”

Turning towards me slightly, she released herself from my fingers and put her hand down directly on my cock, and squeezed it gently.

“Now I know you fancy me!”

I gasped, and managed to say, “Oh my god, yes.”

“You heard me, and Becky earlier on didn’t you? Well we’ve been having fun together for a few years now, did that turn you on?”

I was still squirming awkwardly, “Yes, it made me quite horny.”

“Would it shock you if I told you Andy and Ray sometimes ‘get it on’ together when we all meet up?”

“You told me, the other day that Andy was bi, so no.”

“I’m going to ask you something, you can say no if you don’t want to.”

I really didn’t know what was coming.

“Andy wants to watch you fuck me.”

As Hanne whispered that, her face was close enough to feel her breath, and both hands were slowly undoing my zip.

“Oh fuck Hanne, this is unfair…”

Just as I paused, her fingers flipped my cock out from my boxers, and one hand closed around it.

“Wow, Billy, I didn’t realise… it’s very big.”

Suddenly feeling a surge of ambition, and lust, I said, “He wants to see this inside you?”

“Yes, but you’ve got to agree, and want to do it.”

Then she lowered her head, and I felt the soft, wet, warmth of her mouth close around the head.

The room was silent, but for my gasps, my quiet moans, and occasional wet, sucking sounds.

Hanne slipped onto her knees between my thighs, and began to tease my cock with the most gentle, delicate, blow job one could imagine.

Her movements were slow, her mouth was soft, her tongue flicked, licked, and moved around and around, both up and down and back and forth. The sucking was almost imperceptible, she used not only her mouth, but her lips as well.

I still don’t know how long she continued, time seemed to stop still.

She knew exactly when I was nearly there, and she slowed, teasing, waiting for the imminent climax to subside.

She heard me telling her, “I’m going to cum,” and so her mouth relented, her head became still, my breathing began to slow.

From being on the edge of exploding, I tried to regain my composure. Hanne’s mouth still gripped me, but was perfectly still. For at least a minute there was silence, no movement, and I tried to freeze my thoughts.

Whether Hanne sensed I was calm again, I’m not sure, but my cock felt her tongue slowly rotate completely around it. She heard me moan once again, and she appeared to decide the waiting game was over.

Still very gently, but with expertise, she ran the tip of her tongue under the groove of my cock, then sucking the head, and gradually going down, taking it deeply against the back of her mouth.

“Oh god, I can’t hold on now Hanne, you’re going to make me cum.”

Just completely holding the top few inches in her mouth, she felt me start to ejaculate. My cock erupted, time and time again, as she calmly seemed to swallow it all. Finally as my groaning ceased, and my cock stopped pumping, Hanne slowly raised her head slightly, and squeezing the end of my cock, licked the last few drops of semen, which were oozing from the tip.

“Oh fuck, Hanne, I can hardly speak.”

“Don’t try to, just think about the idea of fucking me when you get back to work.”

And that’s what I did. The idea of having Hanne’s husband as an audience to us having sex, was a strange one. I’d seen porn clips of it happening, and I’d never really thought about the motivation.

Hanne stayed downstairs for the rest of the afternoon, nothing was said, until just before I went home.

“I’ve spoken to Andy, I told him about earlier, and I told him I’d asked you.”

“Fuck, what did he say when you told him what we did?”

“It excited him, he wanted to know your answer to his proposition. I told him you were thinking about it.”

On the spur of the moment I said, “Yes, I’ll do it, but I’m not sure when and how, if he’s away all week, and my mum is at home all weekend.”

The dilemma solved itself that evening. Mum told me that she was going out on Saturday, she’d been invited to a dinner party with someone from work, which meant that I could tell Andy and Hanne I could come round in the evening without any hassle from mum asking too many questions.

On Friday morning Hanne greeted me with a cup of coffee. She was already dressed for the gym, and was waiting for Becky to arrive.

I told her the good news about Saturday evening, if that was ok with her and Andy. In fact she texted him immediately, and the reply came back with an enthusiastic ‘Great!’

Becky arrived minutes later, and straight away began her sarcasm and flirting. I was glad to get on with my work once they’d gone, as I’d planned to complete it all that day.

All went well, and both the women didn’t reappear until early afternoon, an unplanned diversion to the shops had involved lunch as well.

By that time I was done, and I was cleaning up.

“DON’T TOUCH!” I shouted, when they both came upstairs to inspect my work.

“Mmmmmmm, nice work Billy,” Becky said, “you certainly have a nice touch.”

As she said it, she nudged Hanne, and giggled.

“It looks good,” Hanne added, “I’m sure Andy will be pleased.”

“I hope he’s pleased tomorrow evening.” Becky was at her worst.

“Shut up, I told you not to say anything, you promised!”

There was a silent pause, before Becky added, “I’m jealous, maybe it will be my turn soon.”

She was looking directly at me, with one of her ‘looks’ that meant ‘I want you.’

Hanne pushed Becky back downstairs, and let me finish clearing up. I heard Becky shout up to say ‘goodbye’ and within another half an hour I was done.

“Well we’ll see you tomorrow evening Billy,” Hanne came up close and gripped my shoulders. She whispered, “We will take it slow, no rush, and remember, I want you.”

I left with my cock stiffening, and an anticipation of the Saturday evening to come.

I got a couple of texts from Hanne the next morning, just to reassure me, and confirm the time for me to arrive.

8pm arrived.

I was as nervous as a kitten when I rang the doorbell. Andy answered it, as though I’d just popped round for a chat.

“Come on in Billy. I’m very impressed with the bedroom, you’ve done a brilliant job, I’ve got the cash over here.”

He passed me a small brown envelope, which I pocketed in my jacket before hanging it up.

“What are you gonna have to drink? Hanne’s taking her time getting ready, she’ll be down soon.”

“Just a beer thanks Mr Higgins,” I replied, wondering briefly why I was being so formal when I was just about to fuck his wife.

As if to mirror my thoughts, he laughed, “Call me Andy please Billy, after all you are going to fuck my wife tonight!”

I tried not to smile too broadly.

“Look, I know you and Hanne have discussed this, but we haven’t, and I thought you ought to know it’s something I’ve wanted. Let me explain.”

Andy gestured for me to sit on the sofa.

“You know we have been ‘swinging’ for a few years now, and Ray and Becky are our regular friends. I see Hanne with Ray often, but I’ve always wanted to watch a young guy with her, then you happened along, and we seized the chance…bit of a fantasy I know.”

I sheepishly answered, “It’s all a bit new to me, but this year off is turning out to be a bit of an adventure.”

With that we heard Hanne coming downstairs.

I saw Andy’s face briefly smile, before I turned to see an incredibly sexy Hanne standing in the doorway. Her hair seemed to glisten, her make up was immaculate, her eyes bright beneath dark eyelashes, and her lips, plump with a rich pink lipstick.

She was wearing a body hugging maroon dress, cut low, with a bra that produced an exquisite cleavage.

“Do I pass muster?” she smiled, and twirled around, wiggling her perfectly shaped ass provocatively.

“Wow, Mrs Higgins…I mean Hanne! you look stunning.”

“Where’s my wine Andy, you have to look after me with this handsome young man waiting to pounce?”

“He’s not going to pounce, I’m sure,” Andy handed her a glass of Sauvignon, “we’re in no rush.”

As Hanne sat down on the sofa next to me, I inhaled the expensive perfume that wafted towards me. Her thighs brushed against mine briefly, before she settled back amongst the cushions.

As she sipped her wine I could feel her studying me. It felt exciting, and I kept sneaking a peek at her legs, her cleavage.

Strangely we made small talk, and had another drink, and then there seemed to come a moment when we all went quiet for just a few seconds.

Hanne shifted her body so that her knees touched my thigh, she placed her hand gently on my shoulder, closest to her, and took the beer from my hand and placed it on the table.

We looked at each other, and Hanne raised her eyebrows. Smiling she leaned in and kissed me softly.

“I hope you want me as much as I want you Billy.”

As I answered, I was tasting Hanne’s lipstick, a new experience for me.

“I want you, yes.”

Hanne’s hand reached down to feel my cock beneath my trousers, my hand gently cupped her breast, her soft flesh pushed upwards by the oddly harsh feeling of the wire support.

The kissing was wonderful, and her fingers were arousing me, while my fingers travelled from her breast to the smooth, but firm skin, between her thighs. As my hand pressed against her flesh, she parted her legs, inviting me to go further.

My cock stiffened quickly as my fingers continued up her thighs.

Hanne’s lips pulled away from mine, and I felt her breath exhale with a gasp, as my fingers found her naked pussy. No panties.

“Billy, take my dress off.”

We both struggled to our feet, and turning her back, it allowed me to unzip her dress, and it slipped to the floor leaving her, oddly, in just her bra. Quickly I unclasped it and she turned back to face me. She looked stunningly sexy, but was now in a hurry to get me undressed too.

As I unbuttoned my shirt, Hanne was unbuckling my belt, and unzipping my fly. I managed to dislodge my slip-on shoes, and clumsily somehow, I disentangled myself from the trousers and boxers, which were now around my ankles.

From the corner of my eye, I saw Andy intently staring, as he massaged his cock under his trousers.

Hanne sank back down on the sofa, legs akimbo, and I knelt down on the floor, pushing my face between her thighs.

“Oh my gosh, Billy…oh yes…mmmmmmmm.”

My tongue lapped its way inside her pussy, savouring her juices, but when my tongue lapped over her clit her whole body leapt upwards.

“Fuck, fuck Billy…Jesus…oh my god.”

With that reaction I was never going to stop until I’d made her cum, and that’s what happened. Slowly and steadily, I used my tongue to sensitise her little bud, and as it became harder, and more prominent I sucked it, and sucked it some more.

Suddenly a mixture of cries, and words that I didn’t understand, which Hanne shouted in German, were filling the room as she came.

As her body subsided, I raised myself up, until my lips were able to reach to kiss hers. My cock was absolutely rigid and was hard up against the lower part of the sofa. Hanne’s voice was calm now, but she wanted me inside her.

“Fuck me now Billy, please.”

I lifted Hanne’s hips further onto the sofa, and getting up from the floor, I now knelt between her thighs on the sofa. It was easy now to just slide inside her, but she knew I was bigger than Andy, and said, “Slowly, take it easy Billy.”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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