Mrs. Adams

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18-year-old John knocked cautiously on Mrs. Adams’ door. He was nervous about talking to the older woman. He loved to watch her from a distance but this was something else entirely. He wasn’t even sure what possessed him to do it. Sure he had a good excuse. Her yard needed to be mowed and since her son, who was a couple years older than John, had left for college she didn’t have anyone to do it for her. Would she buy that though? That he had just stopped by to see if she needed him to mow the grass? When what he really wanted was to get a close up look at those magnificent tits of hers. John had been fantasizing about them for years.

Yeah he had seen Jenny from next-door sunbathing without her top on but hers weren’t the same as Mrs. Adams’. Jenny’s were small and almost hard. Mrs. Adams had HUGE breasts. Just guessing he would say they had to be at least 44DD. Of course he had no real experience to base his guess on. Other than catching a peek at Jenny with some of his buddies he really didn’t have any kind of “sexual” knowledge. All he did know was that he thought about Mrs. Adams and her beautiful breasts A LOT. He would daydream about burying his face between those gorgeous orbs while he stroked his hard cock. He would kill for a chance to feel their soft skin against his cheeks as he pulled his raging hard-on. He was getting hard just thinking of it. He almost jumped out of his skin when Mrs. Adams opened the door.

“I’m sorry,” she purred. “I didn’t mean to startle you. What can I do for you?” She was wearing one of her halter-tops that barely seemed to contain her womanly charms. John could hardly take his eyes off them to answer her.

“I-I-I’m J-J-John Miller from down the street.” John was so nervous. How could he stutter and look so childish in front of this worldly woman? “I-I-I was wondering if you would like me to mow your yard.” John was ready to run. Here she was right in front of him and he couldn’t even talk.

“Oh, yeah, John. I’ve seen you around. I could use a nice strong boy like you to mow my yard. How much would you charge me?” Her voice sounded like honey dripping from her lips. His cock throbbed inside his jeans. Sweat was running down his forehead. Was it really that hot out here?

“Oh I wasn’t thinking of charging you. I just thought that since you’re all alone now you could use some help.” John was blurting the words out. If he talked fast maybe she wouldn’t notice how nervous he was.

“Don’t be silly,” she said as she took his hand. “Come inside and we’ll talk about it over a nice cold glass of lemonade.” John followed her blindly. He didn’t even hear her words as they walked into the house and she sat him down on the sofa. His eyes were in a direct line with those melons of his dreams as she bent over to ask him what he wanted to drink. “John?” “John?” Mrs. Adams reached out and stroked his cheek. With one hand on her knee and the other reaching up to stroke his check John could almost see right inside her blouse. He could see the flesh of those golden mammaries. He realized he saw no tan line. Did Mrs. Adams lay out topless to sun??!! John would have to find out. “JOHN!?” Mrs. Adams said again louder.

“Huh!? Oh sorry. I guess I was daydreaming.”

“About what?” Mrs. Adams asked him with a devilish ağrı escort grin on her face. Was it John’s imagination or did she shake her tits at him as she stood up?

John’s face turned a deep crimson as he answered. “Uh, uh, uh nothing much really,” he stammered trying to look her in the eye. It was impossible. Her tits were calling out to him. He wanted, no make that NEEDED, to see them. Feel them. Taste them.

“Would you like some lemonade?” Mrs. Adams was saying as she headed towards the kitchen.

“T-That would be great,” John answered, suddenly aware that his mouth was very dry. John sat on his hands as the lemonade and those beautiful breasts came back into the living room. He hoped Mrs. Adams couldn’t see how hard his cock was. He wanted desperately to take it out and stroke it but he couldn’t let Mrs. Adams see him do something like that. What would she think of him if she knew what he thought of her?

Mrs. Adams leaned over to set the tray with the lemonade on it on the coffee table in front of John. As he reached for his glass, John’s hand brushed against the fabric of her top. His cock twitched in his jeans. He sat back on the couch in a flash. Hopefully she won’t have noticed. Was it him or did she moan just then? John tipped the glass up and drained it of the lemonade.

“My!! You were thirsty,” Mrs. Adams said as she took his glass to refill it. John watched her tits as they swayed inside the tight fitting top. He could make out the outline of her nipples as she sat his glass down. Mrs. Adams sat next to him on the couch. Her hand settled on his leg just above his knee. “Now John, lets talk about what it will cost me to have you mow my yard.”

“Honest, M-M-Mrs. Adams. I really d-d-don’t expect any money for mowing the yard.”

“Who was talking about money?” she said as her hand slid up further on his thigh. John’s throat seemed like it was closing off, it was so dry. His palms were sweating. His cock was so hard it hurt. If she kept this up he would surely shoot off in his jeans.

“I’m not sure what you m-m-mean, Mrs. Adams.”

“Oh please. Call me Cecilia. No sense in being so formal. I think you and I are going to be good friends,” she said as she squeezed his leg. John jumped up off the couch and turned to face Mrs. Adams. One more touch like that and he would blow his load.

“I was just thinking of mowing your yard Mrs. I mean Cecilia.”

“Are you sure that’s ALL you were thinking of, John?”

“Of course. W-W-What else COULD I be thinking of? Was there something else you needed to have taken care of around here?”

“As a matter of fact there is,” she said as she rose to stand next to John. “I’m sure you know my husband has been dead for a long time now and a woman my age needs attention now and again,” she purred in his ear.

“W-W-What do you mean?” He stammered.

“Oh come on now Johnny. You’re a big boy. I saw how you were looking at my tits. You’d like to see them for real wouldn’t you? Maybe even touch them?”

John couldn’t even breathe let alone answer. Was Mrs. Adams really offering to show him her tits? How had she known his ulterior motive for coming over? He just stood stock-still and watched as Cecilia pulled the halter-top off over her head. Her beautiful tits swung into plain view. She scooped them up one in each hand and started to tweak the nipples as she watched Johnny’s reaction. “Do you like them Johnny?”

“Y-Y-Yes ma’am,” was all he could squeak out.

“Would you like to touch them?” John just swallowed hard and raised his hand. Cecilia stepped back. “Oh no you don’t. I showed you mine, now you show me yours.”

John just looked at her confused so she went on, “I showed you my tits like you wanted now you show me your dick because I want to see it.”

John was mortified. Mrs. Adams wanted to see his dick. He couldn’t show her. It was so hard it was throbbing. He didn’t want her to know what she did to him. “Come on Johnny. Don’t be shy. I’ve seen a dick before. I just want to see what you have to offer a lady.” She took a step closer and rubbed her tits together almost in John’s face. If he wanted to touch the object of his fantasies he would have to undo his fly. His fingers trembled as he reached for the zipper.

Cecilia pulled one of her huge tits to her lips and sucked the nipple inside. John thought his cock was going to explode. He reached inside and took it out. Surely Mrs. Adams wouldn’t notice if he just squeezed it a bit.

“MMMMMMMMMM!! What a nice young cock Johnny!!?? So long and hard,” she purred. “Is it always this hard when you think of my tits?”

“Yes,” he said dreamily. “I mean NO! I don’t think of your tits often. I don’t think of them at all,” he stammered.

“Now Johnny. You’re hurting my feelings. Are you telling me you NEVER think of my beautiful tits when you are stroking your nice young cock?” she pouted.

“Well I guess I have thought of them now and again,” he admitted as he continued to squeeze his swollen member. It felt good now that it was out of the confines of his pants.

“And what do you think about when you think of them,” she asked.

“I think how nice it would be to feel their soft skin against my cheek,” John confessed and then blushed even deeper red than when he was on the porch.

“Something like this,” she said as she stepped closer and slid one of her soft breasts against his face.

“MMMMMMMMM,” John moaned as he started to actively stroke his aching cock.

Cecilia stepped back saying, “I take it you liked that.”

“OH YES!” John replied emphatically.

“Do you always stroke like that when you think of these?” she said bouncing them enticingly before him.

John blushed again but couldn’t take his eyes off those beautiful breasts. His hand was moving with gradually increasing speed. He just nodded as the sight before him transfixed his eyes. He was in heaven. He would do anything she asked at this point as long as she didn’t take away his new toy.

“So how often DO you think of my tits and stroke your young cock, Johnny?”

“MMMMMMMM. All the time,” John confessed. No use in lying about it now. It was obvious that he got excited at the mere thought of her giant tits.

“Why don’t you strip off your clothes? It will make what I want easier.” John obliged as quickly as he could. He didn’t care what she wanted as long as it involved those magnificent boobs of hers.

“That’s a good boy. Now come here,” she said wagging her finger at him invitingly. John came closer and she handed her tits to him. He took one in each hand and just looked at them longingly. He couldn’t believe he was standing her with Mrs. Adams’, Cecilia’s, tits in his hand. They were so great. Just as soft as he thought they would be. For a moment he even forgot she was still there. It was just him and those breasts. She startled him again when she spoke.

“Would you like to taste them?” John didn’t answer. He just lowered his head and licked the soft flesh. He was in a daze. His tongue couldn’t get enough. When he had licked them over and over he bent down and ever so gently took a nipple between his lips. It’s hard to say who moaned louder, Cecilia or John. “MMMMMMM. What a good boy!!” Cecilia moaned as her fingers wrapped around John’s hair. “That feels so good but I have something else in mind,” she said as she pulled herself from his teenaged grasp.

Cecilia sat on the couch, massaging her own tits. She pulled on the nipples as she looked up at John over them. “Show me how you masturbate when you think of these,” she said shaking them in his direction. John’s hand went to his cock of its own free will. He was staring at those tits shaking before him as he pulled at his hard-on. It was his every fantasy come true. He didn’t even care that she was watching him jerk off. He just wanted those tits. “What are you thinking, Johnny?”

” I am thinking about your tits. I am thinking about how it would feel to slide my dick between them.” The flow of blood to his enraged cock was making John braver. He wanted to fuck those beautiful tits.

“Come over here young man. Stand between my legs.” John stepped between Cecilia’s legs as she scooted forward on the couch. She arched her back to make her tits stand out for him. She brought them to either side of his young, swollen cock and wrapped it in the warmth of those mounds of flesh. John just stood there for a moment reveling in the feel of his cock buried in heaven. Cecilia leaned forward and took the tip of his cock in her mouth. John instinctively rocked forward to force it deeper. His cock was sliding down her throat and between her tits. The moisture from her blowjob was making his cock slide easier through her cleavage. Cecilia threw her head back and watched John’s face as he fucked her tits harder and faster. A man his age wouldn’t last long she knew and she wanted to see his face when he came.

John grabbed Cecilia’s shoulders for leverage and gave it everything he had. His cock was flying through her valley. He watched in awe each time it slid out and then disappeared deep again. He could feel his cum boiling in his balls. He wanted to watch it spray out all over those tits of his dreams. It wasn’t long and he got his wish. Every muscle in his body tightened then exploded as he shot his load across those soft tits. Shot after shot landed on target. When he was done he pulled back and watched as Cecilia’s tongue snaked out and tasted his cum.

Looking up at him from her cum-spattered tits she asked, “Will that cover mowing the yard?”

John giggled. “For that Mrs. Adams, I’ll mow your yard EVERY day.”

“Cecilia,” she reminded him. “I don’t think my yard will need mowed EVERY day but I’m sure I can find some thing else for you to help me with.” She winked at him and shook her tits. His cock was already responding. It was going to be a GREAT summer!!

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