Movie Night



“Are you two still awake over there? My dad looked over to the couch my sister and I were on. Each of us leaned against opposite armrests, trying to pay attention to the corny movie my parents had chosen for family flick night.

“Yeah, dad. This movie is so awesome,” I said sarcastically, glancing toward Hailey, who didn’t say anything. “Can’t say the same for this one, though!”

I tugged the blanket we were sharing and playfully kicked her knee to wake her. She groaned without opening her eyes as her leg flopped onto the floor. She was lightly snoring, so I pulled out my phone to take a funny video to embarrass her with later. She always passed out during movies, and always denied that she snores, which the rest of us enjoyed teasing her about. I panned the room with my camera to show the rest of us watching the movie before pointing the camera at her. I was going to make a funny caption and post it on Snapchat to embarrass her playfully. The room was partially illuminated by a few lamps, and I zoomed in on her face. I chuckled to myself as I focused on her wide open mouth as she emitted a nasally hissing sound and whimpering snores. I zoomed back out, making sure to show how awkward she looked sprawled on the sofa.

As I watched the video again, thinking of how to caption it, I noticed something unexpected. It was hard to make out in the dim light, but her shorts had ridden up so when her leg fell off to the side, she was left significantly exposed. Was she even wearing panties? I was pretty sure I was looking at her bare crotch on video!

I changed my camera to picture mode and made sure the flash was on. I pointed the camera back at her, zoomed in, and snapped a couple shots. I got her face in a couple and took a couple close up shots. My cock stirred in my pants as I examined the photos. I was looking at my little sister’s uncovered pussy in 4k resolution. Her plump lips parted just enough to expose her darker inner folds protruding slightly. I was rock hard.

I went to the original video and put a black and white filter on it with the caption “Sleeping Beauty.” I sent the snap to my dad and to Hailey. It was difficult to see much of anything with the filter, but I still got a notification my dad replayed the snap. He didn’t say anything about it, however. After the movie, I covered Hailey back up with the blanket before my parents went off to bed and I went to my room. Before I got kahramanmaraş escort there, though, I quietly went into my sister’s room and quickly found what I was looking for: a white semi-translucent lace thong on top of her bed. I shoved it in my pocket and slipped out of her room and into mine.

I emailed the pictures to myself and opened the images on my computer, adjusting the lighting until I was staring at a set of photos of my sleeping sister fully exposed. I was relatively surprised she was completely bald without even stubble from shaving it appeared.

I’d always thought I preferred a trimmed, but still carpeted mound on a woman, but I’d never seen such an enticing sight. I wondered who she was waxing her pussy for and felt equally jealous and turned on imagining some lucky guy burying his face in her gash. I sniffed her worn panties and stroked myself, but held back before I came. I couldn’t help myself. I tiptoed back to the couch where she now snored deeply and gently removed the blanket. She didn’t budge at all as I carefully pulled her shorts even further aside. Her button down pajama top was loosely bunched up, allowing me to undo the top four buttons and pull it apart. Her left arm was laid back over her head and her right hand was at her side, also hanging off the sofa.

With careful maneuvering, I opened her top and her right breast was revealed completely. A half dollar sized areola a couple shades darker than my own was capped with an eraser size nipple that i wanted to touch so badly. I restrained myself because I didn’t want her to wake up from me touching such a sensitive spot. Instead, I gently lifted her arm up and placed it on her body. Her hand lay above her crotch. Ever so slowly i positioned her hand so her middle finger was touching the top of her slit, giving the appearance she was rubbing her clit as she lay there with her mouth agape and perky tits and bald pussy showing.

I took more pictures before retreating to my bedroom with the remote. Through the door crack I turned on the TV and cranked the volume to startle her. She awoke abruptly, looking genuinely confused as she glanced around to see she was alone. I expected her to get up right away but instead she leaned back and through the darkness I could see her left leg drape over the back of the couch. Her head popped up and looked around the room kahramanmaraş escort bayan once again before she lay back. Soon I could hear her breathing heavily and saw her arm moving rhythmically. I couldn’t believe it!

In the silence of the night, I distinctly heard the faint sound of Hailey’s wetness as she played with herself. Her leg flailed as she increased speed fingering herself. A minute later her body went limp and I heard her exhale in satisfaction before sitting up. I ducked into my room, hearing her footsteps as she went to her bedroom.

My phone notification alerted me that she also replayed the snap from earlier. Then I received a message from her.

“How many people did you send that to? My bad. That movie sucked!”

“I sent it to everyone. Why?”

“Um…can you delete it please?”

“Why, sis? It’s just a joke!”

I heard a knock at my door.

“Come in.”

Hailey came in and I flipped on my lamp and patted my bed. “What’s up?”

She sat down nervously. “Did you send that to dad?”


“Oh my god…you can see up my shorts. Has he opened it?”

“I think so. Sorry I didn’t realize. Plus, I wouldn’t worry about a blurry panty flash, sis. And I made it black and white.”

“I’m not wearing panties, dumbass! I watched the video. It shows my you know what.” She was red with embarrassment.

“Hailey, don’t worry about it. I didn’t send any of the embarrassing videos to anyone. I’m not a complete jerk.”

“Wait, what do you mean?”

I chuckled.

“Well, it seemed like you were having some good dreams a little later.”

“What are you talking about?”

I motioned for her to sit against the headboard beside me.

“Don’t be embarrassed, sis. I’m the only one who saw the little show you put on.”

She stared me in the eyes before looking down to my phone as I opened the set of pictures of her bare pussy, exposed boobs, and what appeared to be her touching herself.

“Oh my god!” She covered her mouth.

My cock fidgeted and tented my thin pajamas so the outline was clearly visible, the head of my penis inching toward the opening in my fly.

I placed my hand on her thigh. “I promise I won’t show anyone.”

“Please delete them! Please!”

My head poked through my fly, and I made no attempt to cover myself. “They’re super hot, Hailey. escort kahramanmaraş I want to keep them. How about we make a deal?”

“What deal?”

I adjusted my pants so my entire 7″ rock hard dick was showing and snapped a couple pictures. My cock, face, and her face were all in the frame. I sent her the pictures. My hand slid further up her thigh and looked her in the eyes.

“Now we’re even.”

“Did you see me finger myself?” She asked with a shaky voice.

“Not really. But I could hear you.”

My hand began stroking my cock. “You can watch me. I’m so turned on right now.”

I flipped back to the close up of her perfect pussy and slid my pants off. She just stared.

“If you weren’t my sister I would tongue you until you were numb. I’d nibble your clit and make you tremble.”

“Oh my god,” she whispered.

My hand slid further up until i felt the warmth of her sex. I gently traced up and down her wet slit.

I guided her hand to my throbbing dick and she grasped around my girth. My finger poked between her folds and into her soaking vagina. She closed her eyes and leaned her head back. I took the invitation and got on my knees to pull her shorts completely off. I buried my face between her legs as she lifted them up and squeezed my head between her thighs. My hands grabbed under her ass, and I licked up and down her tight slit, nibbling her nub before licking all the way to her bum, sliding one then two fingers inside her cunt. After two minutes she began to shake and as I massaged the top of her pussy with my middle finger she buckled and covered my face in an explosive squirting orgasm.

I’d never been more horny as I lined myself up and guided my cock inside her aching pussy, pounding deep as she struggled not to scream out. She pushed me away and crawled on top of me as I lay back and took my cock in her mouth facing away from me. I went back to eating her out from behind, focusing a bit more on her tight ass. I pushed my finger inside up to the second knuckle, lubricated with her excretions.

She repositioned on top of me and rode my cock as I fingered her ass, bouncing aggressively. I pushed her up so she was on all fours and took her from behind for a few minutes, now sliding a second finger in her ass as she moaned into a pillow. As I pulled out and rubbed more juice on her ass she looked back at me.

“Do it.”

“Do what?”

I wanted to hear her say it.

“Fuck me in the ass, big brother!”

I guided myself inside slowly until she took my whole length and fucked her until I was about to come. I pulled out and flipped her over and came violently in ropes all over her stomach, tits, and face.

I looked down at her gaping pussy, perfect boobs, and flushed face.

“Best movie night ever!”

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