Mother and Daughter



Julie sat back with a glass of Sauvignon Blanc, waiting for her mother to finish in the kitchen. When she walked in with her own glass, Julie admired Madelaine. Shorter than her daughter, she still looked magnificent. Her huge firm breasts somehow didn’t make her look out of proportion, just well proportioned. As usual, she was dressed sexily, with a low cut tee shirt and short, tight skirt.

Madelaine worked in a small town in the English Midlands, in the local NHS Hospital.

“A lovely supper as usual mum. You know I can do it for you, when you spend all day at work.”

“Oh being a Dermatologist is hardly back breaking and I like to do it, you won’t be at home much longer.”

“OK, just offering, you look sensational as usual.”

“Why thankyou, I try to look my best.”

“With that cleavage, you don’t have to try hard. Do you ever have a conversation with a male patient or colleague, when they look you in the eye?”

“I know, but it makes them feel better, when I show these puppies off a bit. You’re Dad’s the worst you know.”

“Why did you two divorce, when you’re still crazy about each other?”

“Oh it’s not just about love or desire, we just couldn’t make it work, him a senior Surgeon, me a Dermatologist, in the same hospital.

Anyway, what about you? Your going to break some hearts soon.”

“Oh Mum.”

But it was true, like her Mother, Julie was pretty, not beautiful, dark blonde, taller, large breasts too, if not as sensational as her mothers. A nice curvy Ass, long legs, if a bit muscular. They were both, just sexy, desirable and fuckable.

What does it take to be sexy, how can you define that? Well beauty is great too, but it is daunting, a bit threatening. With Julie and Madelaine, they look as if they’re up for it. If you approached them, you might get a brush off, or get lucky. For both of them, that meant very lucky indeed. You would be in for a great night, you’d never forget. Julie in fact, was still a virgin. She’d just finished her last year at school and with luck, would be off to Oxford in October, to start a medical career. Yes, not much imagination, when both parents were Doctors, but at least she should know what she was letting herself in for.

In fact, luck wasn’t part of it, she worked hard and was clever. If not Oxford, she’d get into Bristol or Southampton, both good schools as well.

“Did you have a good time at your 18th party?” Madelaine asked.

“Yes of course I did and the present was great.”

“It’s only money.”

“But it’s what I wanted Mum. Uni is so expensive and a long course. I’m still going to need a Summer job to save some money.”

“Yes, but it’s boring. What would you have as a great present, tell me?”

“No, you don’t want to know.”

“I’m pretty hard to shock love.”

“OK then, well I’d like some good sex, I’m still a virgin you know.”

“No I didn’t know in fact. What a relationship?”

“No good, mind blowing, make the earth move, fucking. I’m just like you. Sex is going to be important to me, like it is for you. Oh yes I know that you like it and why not. You and Dad too, yes I know that as well.”

“You’re right, I love sex and making your Dad happy, why not?”

“No reason and I’m sure you make him very happy. He should get married again.”

“Oh he won’t, we’re still a bit lost in each other. Others too of course, not patients, too dangerous. But colleagues, some of the junior doctors, when they look at me in that horny way. Must keep the team happy.”

“Not sure I’ve read that in the Hippocratic Oath.”

“Oh don’t be prim and po faced.

But what about you, I’m not going to get in the way of your ambition, but the pill, care against infection, all that?”

“Yes Mum, I know all That, but thank for being understanding about it.”

“Whose the victim, sorry, lucky man, boy?”

“Oh something will turn up before I leave for uni.

Now when do your refugees from the Congo turn up, how many are there?”

Madelaine worked for a charity helping refugees and there wasn’t anywhere in the world needing help more than the DRC, Democratic Republic of Congo. It was none of those things, not a republic or democratic, but a bloody hell hole, where everyone killed and raped everyone else.

“Oh there’ll be five boys, sorry men, in their early twenties, all no family left, plus a couple who consider themselves responsible for them.”

“Expect we’ll have one boy at least, as usual.”

“Yes. he’ll be here in a few days. We’ve so much room un this house, it’ll be good for us.”

Yes, no problem Mum, I’ll help out shopping cooking and things. Anything you want done tomorrow?”

“No that’s fine, all in order, thanks.”

Next morning, Julie had breakfast with her Mum, who looked great as normal. A tight white blouse with at least one too many buttons undone and a short, tight. blue skirt. She was incorrigible.

“Meeting your Dad for coffee, anything you want to ask him?”

“No, no, just send my love and try and keep your clothes on if you can, Gaziantep Mutlu Son Escort it is a hospital.”

“Don’t be cheeky to your ageing mother, creeping into her dotage.”

“Yeh, yeh, just keep a lid on that raging libido. You look sensational as usual, by the way.”

Madelaine kissed her daughter on the head and left for work. When she finished the committee meeting at 11.30, Dan , her ex husband was in her office, waiting for her and gave her a hug.

“Get your hands off me, lecherous old man.” And she pushed him away, playfully.

“Thanks for your help at the party and for paying for it.”

“Does that get me a little reward?” He grinned. Madelaine could see the swelling in his groin.

“Can’t an honest woman get a bit of peace, when she’s divorced. You did get the letter from the court?”

But she gave a big sigh and went over to lock the office door. Dan came up behind her and gripped her breasts.

“Get your hands off my Tits you brute. I’d have thought you’d have mauled them enough when we were married. Never left me alone did you?”

“Don’t recall a complaint,” He laughed and pulled her ass against an erection.

“Alright then, sex maniac, but it’ll have to be quick, I’ve got another meeting. But as I remember, you never did last long.”

He slapped her Ass hard, as she turned to kiss him and moan into his mouth. Why did her libido always let her down? She always wanted to be fucked.

Pushing away from him, she dropped her skirt and pushed her pants down. Madelaine hated the confinement of tights and wore stockings and suspenders as normal.

Squatting down, she pulled him towards her, by his trouser belt.

“Come to momma big boy, let me give you a kiss.” She pulled his trousers down hungrily and reached into his pants, stuffing his 7 inches into her mouth, sucking and licking hungrily.

“Oh you’ve got talent woman, always said you were wasted in medicine, should have been a whore. You’d have earned a lot more.”

He pulled her to her feet and bent her over the desk. She spread herself for him and he reached between her legs, to find the familiar flaps, dripping with juice. Pushing straight in, he sighed. Oh he’d never get tired of this woman, as he started the hard pounding they both needed. Familiar muscles gripped him a she started to pant and they both came together quickly, bodies in synch.

They lay there panting for while, as he stroked her Ass.

“Now get off me rapist, before I call security.”

He pulled her up and she dropped down to lick him clean, another familiar ritual.

As they were cleaning up, she said.

“Have you asked that pretty Scrub Nurse out yet, the one you always works with, the one who thinks you’re God? She should know you like I do, she’d change her tune.

Perhaps you’d stop bothering me then. I don’t have to do this you know. I didn’t see in the divorce settlement, must put out for husband, whenever he’s feeling horny, which is all the time.”

“Oh shut up, you love it, horny bitch.” He laughed back.

“Get out of my office, or I will call security” She laughed as she started to push him to the door and kissed him.

“Just so you can take advantage of a couple of strapping young guards, you’re insatiable.” And she slapped him as he left.

Meanwhile, Julie was sunbathing around the pool at home with a girlfriend from school. She intended to have a lazy Summer, around some light work, if she could find it. Perhaps the last quiet time before she started uni. It was a strict house rule, nobody swam alone, ever. She looked great in a chaste blue bikini, that still showed off the magnificent swell of her breasts and lovely cleavage. The other girl was pretty too, but took the odd, envious glance at her friend.

They were reading and chatting aimlessly about the future, what university would be like, boys. Every so often they jumped in for a few lengths, to cool down. Then Julie ran to the house, to make salad sandwiches and bought them back with cold beers. It was a delightful time to be living, mooching around, enjoying life, as life was beginning.

The rest of the week continued in the same way. On Friday, Baptiste, the refugee boy arrived and Julie settled him in to his room, before making him lunch. They talked about him, his life, his plans. He wanted to study too, as an engineer. He was 22, black of course, quite tall and she thought, good looking. He was respectful and good company. When Madelaine came home, Julie introduced them. Like all men, he was discreetly fascinated by her breasts, to the young girl’s annoyance. Why was her mother apparently, so irresistible to all men, of all ages, every time.

Her Mother was going away for Saturday night, she often visited friends at weekends. After supper, Julie took her to one side to talk.

“What do you think of Baptiste?”

“Oh he seems a nice young man, very calm, considerate, considering his awful life. His family, younger sister, hacked to death by machetes, in front of him.”

“How awful, poor man, I didn’t know. Well forget it then.”

“Forget it then.

Forget, forget what?”


“Come on, spit it out girl?”

“It’s just, well, as a man, what do you think?”

“Oh, you’ve found a victim. Well he’s fine, but you’ve known him for 6 hours.”

“Mum, he’s not a victim, I’m suggesting giving him a great opportunity. I’m not suggesting marriage, a relationship.”

“And I’m sure he’ll be forever grateful for British hospitality. On a practical note, condoms please. I’m sure he’s very respectable, but Congo is alive with HIV, OK?”

“Yes, OK mum.”

“Well enjoy yourself, I’m sure he will, lucky guy.”

Late next morning, Madelaine packed her small car and drove off, winking at her daughter. She was a member of a small select club of well off, fellow hedonists. The plan was to get to a large, secluded, country house about 80 miles away. She was to be the star attraction that night. When she arrived, the husband and wife owners, greeted her with a hug.

“Madelaine how are you? Feeling strong I hope, you are going to be in demand. Looking gorgeous as usual. I swear those Tits get bigger every time I see them. Now come in for lunch.”

After lunch, she went to her room, stripped off and put on a robe. Leaving the back of the house, she went to the pool, dropped the robe and dived naked into the pool. After a long, cooling swim, she jumped out and her hostess Anne, introduced to three new male arrivals.

“Adam, Paul, you know Madeline, but Andrew, I think you don’t.”

The latter shook her hand.

“Anne you don’t exaggerate, she’s stunning, what a body.”

With that, Andrew pulled her into an embrace and ran his hands over her Ass, up to her breasts. Grabbing her right breast, he started sucking hard and nibbling her nipple.

“Well good afternoon to you too,” Madelaine said, as she pushed her hand between them and grabbed his cock through his chinos.

“Mmmm she said, it is good to meet you, really. Now I must go and rest, get some beauty sleep, before this evening.

Back at home, Julie and Baptiste met at Breakfast.

“Plans for today?” She asked.

“Oh I might meet up with my friends and you?”

“I’ll read, sunbathe, swim.”

“Careful swimming alone.”

“You sound like my mother.” But secretly Julie hoped her sunbathing might keep him home, to watch her. She intended to make it worth his while. When she’d finished clearing up and getting ready for the pool, Julie crept upstairs and confirmed he was still there. He had a great view of the pool from there.

Returning downstairs, she went out of the house to the pool. Dropping her robe, Julie stood with her back to the house, quite naked, then knelt down and lent forward, to check the water. An enchanting view, she hoped. Jumping up, she dove into the water, to swim 20 quick lengths. When she got out, Julie spent sometime facing the house, drying herself, before lying down with a book.

If that didn’t get him downstairs, there was nothing else to be done, that would maintain her self respect. Fifteen minutes later, she heard his footsteps. When close by, he said,

“Oh sorry, I didn’t know, no costume, I’ll leave.”

As if, “Don’t worry it’s fine, I’m pretty respectable, join me.”

She was lying face down, if that counted as respectable. Baptiste lay down beside her, in swimming trunks, unable to avoid looking. She did look, well, fantastic. Quite big, but firm buttocks and muscular legs, both the result of middle distance running. resting on her elbows to read, the side of her breast was easy to see. But no, this was artless, innocent, she couldn’t mean anything by her display.

“Sorry if I’m disturbing you, I don’t usually wear a costume, the garden isn’t overlooked.” And she smiled.

“Oh no, please, you look wonderful, I mean I can’t see.” He was flustered.

“Wonderful, why thankyou, I think I’m too muscular, but thanks.”

“No, your, well, beautiful.”

“Beautiful, no but thankyou anyway.”

He lay gazing at her, unable to stop, unsure what to do, knowing what he was desperate to do, so he did it. Baptiste gently ran his hand down her back, onto her buttocks, then his finger between the buttocks, past her anus. Resting his hand, when she didn’t object, he ran his fingers between her thighs and felt the moisture. She twitched and he pulled away.

“No please, that feels so nice. Nobody has ever, well you know. It’s just so, well, it makes me tingle.”

He put his hand back and she spread her thighs a little. When he gently pushed a first finger inside, Julie moaned.

“Oooh, that’s, I didn’t know it would feel so, well I don’t know.”

“But I shouldn’t, I’m a guest, it insults your Mother.”

“Nonsense, you’re in England, I’m afraid English girls can be shameless, just grab what they want.”

“You want?”

“Mmmm,” she moaned a yes.

“Let me turn over.” And she did, before he could speak, she grabbed his hand, putting it on her breast.

“Oh my, don’t stop please.” He was squeezing and rubbing her nipple.

She put her hand down his costume and it was his turn to groan, before he threw it off himself. She rubbed and stroked an erection for the first time, as he lay back, in heaven. Suddenly he groaned and she felt the fluid leaking between her fingers.

“Oh my,” So pleased at her power over him.

“I’m sorry, should not have, sorry.”

“No, No, it’s fine, really.”

They helped each other up and he gripped her to him, grasping her Ass, then kissed her hard. The buttocks felt so full, but the muscles were hard. Julie loved his groin pressing against hers and tried rolling her breasts over his chest.

Separating, they both jumped in the pool and swam. When they got out, she noted he was stiffening again and grasped his Cock, which quickly became erect. Pulling Baptiste over to the towel, she reached down for a condom and handed it to him, shyly. Grinning, he ripped it open and slid it on, she noted how it was done.

Julie lay down and pulled him down on top of her, his head to her breasts, to nuzzle and lick.

“They’re so beautiful.”

“No they’re too big.”

“How can they be too big, silly?” Then he sucked hard at her nipple and she gasped.

Desperate now, Julie spread her thighs and pulled him between them, helping to position him. Baptiste pushed gently, aware she was a virgin. Too slowly for her, she reached for his buttocks and pulled hard, letting out a joyous screech.

“Sorry, sorry,” He whispered.

“It feels wonderful, so please you know, move in and out.”

He did, first gently, then a little deeper and harder, till she came quickly.

“Oh I didn’t know, it’s.” Then she gripped his head and kissed him.

“Yes, yes, don’t stop, ever,” As she swiftly rose to a second orgasm. Vaginal tightening pushed him over the edge. She’s got muscles there he thought, as she gripped him hard.

They collapsed laughing and panting in each others arms.

“I didn’t know it was so wonderful, for me and to see your pleasure. To know I made you so happy.

Have you, you know before?”

“Yes, in the camps, but for warmth and human contact, no pleasure really. But this.”

“It was good for you too?”

“Don’t be silly, you know it was wonderful and the first time for you, such a beautiful women. what a privilege to be the first.”

“You charmer, bet you say that to all the girls.” And slapped him playfully.

“It was so good too, to get it done, you know, first time. It felt, I didn’t know , not what I was expecting, but in a very good way.

I’ll get some coffee and cake, got to keep your strength up. You are going to be very busy till you go.”

With that, she got up and ran to the house, whilst Baptiste watched her swaying buttocks, entranced. When she came back, they just chatted, relaxed now.

“You can move to my room,” She suggested.

“No, no, that would be very insulting to your mother.”

“Oh she’s OK, but if that’s what you want, I’m going to keep you very busy, when she’s working. Not a word to anyone, needless to say, especially your friends, OK?”

“Yes of course, obviously.”

“Well I’ve got stuff to do in town. I’ll see you when I get back, be prepared.”

She left to dress and he stayed by the pool, deep in thought.

Meanwhile, back at the house party, Madelaine felt a hand stroking her Ass.

“Don’t know who that is, but don’t stop, Mmmm.”

“It’s me hon, you want to think about getting ready?” It was her hostess.

“OK, no peace for the wicked.” And she got up to run a bath.

“Madelaine, your girl must be finishing school. Where does she want to go to Uni?”

“Oh medicine at Oxford, if she can.”

“Must be a smart girl.”

“Oh yes, smarter than me or her Dad. Now leave me in peace, Ill be down soon.”

When she jumped out, Madeline creamed her skin, threw on some perfume and a transparent white shift dress, nothing else. On reaching the reception room, she took a glass of champagne and moved around, hugging the guests, who took full advantage of her undress, both sexes.

There was a pleasant buffet supper, that Madeline dug into, whilst chatting. Then came the urgent pulling at her elbow, as one of the ladies pushed her to her knees in front of an elderly husband, to suck on his wrinkled prick. He came quickly in her mouth and she smiled sweetly, before standing and moving on.

To be honest, this was all becoming repetitive and tedious, the same people, the same joyless sex, what for? Her own daughter had a better idea, follow your own desires, not obey someone else’s. She would not come again and that was that. Meanwhile, she performed her duties.

Back home. Julie and Baptiste were lying naked in each others arms, in front of the TV. They watched only half heartedly, wrapped up in each other instead. She learned of his awful life in Congo and he of Julie’s school and ambitions. She got up and prepared them both a simple supper of Spaghetti, with prawns and tomatoes.

They washed up and went to bed early, perhaps their only night together, when Madelaine was not at home. Making slow lazy love to each other, twice more before falling asleep.

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